WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – NOVEMBER #45 – 22

  • Odilon’s Grip‘s Edgy Electronic Beats – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL on Artefactor Radio [November 2022]               

 London-based, German-native selector deftly spans a two-hour special Halloween set of EBM, techno, industrial, Dark Disco, Synth Wave, and everything dark ‘n’ gloomy you’d expect from the sweatiest murky corners of the dance spectrum. new music from RENDERED, Man 2.0, ARPATRONIC, Figure Section, Alen Skanner, NNHMN, Alpha Sect, General Dynamics, nullstrahler, Nghtly, Black Light Odyssey, M/A/T, and Flux, classics from portion control and Die Form, and many others… Check for Odilon’s Mixcloud page here.                 

  • Adelaide, Australia experimental /IDM /downtempo /psych /cult electronica duo Cailan Burns and Jason Sweeney (Panoptique Electrical, Simpático, Par Avion, Other People’s Children), AKA Pretty Boy Crossover – “Echo Fourteen” from the album “Echoes In The Sound Mirror” upcoming on Nice Music                   

Cult abstract and atmospheric electronica Australian duo Pretty Boy Crossover are back with their first new material in 15 years, amid IDM, Glitch leanings and space-like quality, that pulse, ebb and flow somewhere in an aural cloudy maze of both hypnotizing and uncanny synthetic sounds, cozy bouncy rhythms, and emotional-ridden melodies. Glitch rolls-charged leaping and thudding hypnotic rhythmic patterns, ominous buzzing swells, glaring melancholic synth resonances, wind through fluctuating streams of expanding hazy wistful frequencies and disturbing yet tantalizing fascinations of distant universes. A welcome return.

  • Austrian experimental /ambient /IDM /braindance /drum&bass /leftfield /electronic composer & producer (Num Num, Low Profile Society…) and Toytronic Records / Tonträger Tapes label founder, Martin Haidinger, aka GIMMIK “Modulated Youth” (unreleased) from the upcoming n5MD label‘s vinyl 12″ reissue (+ 4 bonus tracks) of the 2015 EP “News From The Past” originally released on Toytronic label.

Austrian longstanding electronic explorer Martin Haidinger, returns under his Gimmik alias with an expanded edition of his 2005 EP, “News From The Past”, originally issued on his co-founded Toytronic imprint, previewed by a multilayered unreleased track that juxtaposes esoteric radiant echoing celestial ambiance, pulsating humming and echoing resonances, and a bass-swelled, crispy and urgent drum & bass roller, to equally delight your aural senses and trigger your lazy body.

  • Italian acid /breakbeat /psych /electro /downtempo /experimental production duo Alessio Costantino and Marco Segato AKA NARVALOS “Do What Thou Wilt FEAT. TLXCO” from the upcoming cassette album “DHIKR” on SONS OF TRADERS RECORDS

Italian experimental production duo with an off-kilter, surreal, downtempo acidic trip stumbling through syncopated, Eno/Byrne-like groovy funky rhythm patterns, ringing acid flutters, droning sweeping synths, and menacing distorted esoteric vocals, making for mind-bending listening daze.

  • Stroud, UK ambient /experimental /electro-acoustic /piano musician Andrew Heath “Eurydice” from the upcoming album “Short Stories” on Disco Gecko Recordings
  • UK ambient /dreampop /post-rock /guitar project of Ben Holton (epic45, My Autumn Empire), AKA Birds In The Brickwork “January (Brittle Hope Remains)” from the album “Twelve Months / Volume Two” on Wayside & Woodland Recordings
  • Brussels based ambient /drone /electro-acoustic sound artist Baptiste Martin AKA Les Halles “As Above, So Below” from the cassette album “Eight Fantasies” on Trona
  • Berlin based ambient /modern classical /melodic techno artist Ryan Davis “Altitudes” from the upcoming album “Through The Mirror Glass” on Reflections
  • German ambient /drone /techno DJ, producer, and founder of Affin label, JOACHIM SPIETH “Terrain 5” from the album “Terrain” on Affin
  • Lyon, France ambient /drone /deep techno /electronic producer The Unknown Psychologist “What Happens Behind (Original Mix)” from the album “The Flavor of Quarks” on KVLTÖ Records
  • St. Petersburg/Los Angeles ambient /drone /analog synth collaboration between electronic producer Vladimir Karpov and Jungle Gym exec Caleb Draves, aka X.Y.R. / Dravier “Ancient Coral” 7″ single on JUNGLE GYM Records
  • German lo-fi /ambient /dungeon synth producer Forgotten Ghost “Relic” from “Of Heirs and Serpents” EP   
  • French experimental /kraut /psych /post-punk duo Armelle and Olivier Demeaux, aka HEIMAT “Tu Miedo (TOULOSE LOW TRAX REMIX)” off upcoming album “Remixes” on Teenage Menopause Rds
  • Radiohead – “Everything In Its Right Place (Xila Edit)”
  • Italian electronic maestro from Rome, RODION “Dimensione Terrore” from “Night of the Creeps / Dimensione Terrore” Halloween 7″ single via Bordello A Parigi
  • French psych /house /techno /electronic producer Sebastien Bouchet AKA Sebastopol – “Flag Attack” from V/A “One Night Stands 3” compilation on La Belle Records
  • Vienna‘s leftfield /industrial /new beat /wave /electro producer and Neubau label co-founder Florian Stöffelbauer, aka HEAP “False Hope” from “False Hope” EP [Isla]                                                                 
  • Spanish minimal synth /coldwave /dark electro /synthpop act from Lloret Del Mal, Synths Versus Me “So Far (New Mix 2022)” [ORACULO RECORDS 2022]
  • Berlin based synthwave project Paura Diamante “Vampires (WLDV Remix)” from “Tango Fatal” EP
  • Greece-born EBM /Industrial /Wave /Electro /Techno /DJ and producer Alex π and founder of Pi Electronics label as well as co-founder of Modal Analysis imprint, 3.14 “Martyr” from his forthcoming cassette EP “Sticks over Carrots (Archives 20162021, Part I)” [Tripalium Corp]                                                                                   
  • Berlin/UK industrial techno /EBM new project of Sarin & Qual AKA General Dynamics “Cargo 200” from the debut album “Weaponize Your Dreams” on X-IMG
  • Berlin-based industrial /EBM /synth-punk duo, Unhuman & Petra Flurr “Altar” from “Disintegration” EP 10″ lathe cut upcoming on OSM tapes
  • French Industrial Body Music project of Timothée Gainet (aka Poison Point), aka IV HORSEMEN ”The Redeemer” from “Parade Nocturne” album on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • Berlin-based industrial /acid /EBM /techno DJ-producer Maedon – “Relentless” from V/A “PHASES 001” EP on Amsterdam’s Phases Records
  • Brussels-based industrial /EBM /techno DJ-producer Radical G – “4Ever” from V/A ” Deviate VA005″ EP [DEVIATE Records]
  • Chicago-based industrial /EBM /electro musician Beau Wanzer “The Table Scrap” from the Split 12″ EP “Dysfunctional Psychotic Release & Sonic Reprogramming Purposes Only” with Hieroglyphic Being via Natural Science
  • Stockholm-based new beat /body music /industrial /techno duo of Martin Thomasson and Johan Skugge, AKA Harlem – “VIPER CALL” off upcoming V/A “Anatomy Vol. 3” third and final compilation of Anatomy series [Body Musick]
  • German industrial /EBM /dark electronics producer Hendrick Grothe from Leipzig, Blac Kolor “Haka” from the EP “Roots” 12″ on ant-zen
  • London/Berlin based breakbeat /hypnotic techno Rome-native collaboration Flaminia & VSK “Elysian” off upcoming “47032” EP on Tommy Four Seven’s 47 label
  • Greek EBM /industrial /techno /dark electronics project SECOND TENSION “Tau kitus” off the EP “The Third Soma” on Persephonic Sirens
  • Industrial /techno producer Stradella – “Stabbed In The Palazza” from V/A “Port De Voix” compilation on Public Sex Regime
  • Berlin-based Industrial /Techno duo Schwefelgelb “Das Ist Wellness” from “Whirlpool-Gedanken” EP upcoming on their own label n-PLEX
  • Turin-based synthwave /dark techno producer MATTEO TURA “Ambition” the second single off the upcoming EP “DOBERMANN”
  • Hamburg-born EBM /acid /electro /techno producer-DJ Helena Hauff ‘Touching Plastic’ off ‘Living With Ladybirds’ EP 12″ due on 11th November via fabric Originals
  • Tbilisi, Georgia heavy industrial techno producer Giorgi Kolbaia, aka Downwell “Relative Strangers” from the EP “Relative Strangers” on Persephonic Sirens
  • Toledo, Spain electronic /dark disco producer and Banshees label boss, Israel Padilla – “Ma Mort Et Ta Liberte (Skelesys Remix)” off “Control De Vidrios” album [Banshees Records]                                                                  
  • Belfast kraut /post-punk /Afro /electro /house DJs Aaron Black & Timmy Stewart AKA Black Bones meet Rimini‘s Duca Bianco label, “T-2017” from “DB12 011″ edit EP 12”                                                                              
  • Early 80s Spanish new wave /synthpop duo Lineas Aereas – “Landschaften (WLDV Edit)” [1983]
  • ItaloSiberian house /disco /wave /electro experimental sound performing art project of Shanghai based artists Eugenio Altieri & Lena Kilina, AKA Slushat Diru – “Priscilla Wagner” from V/A “Sailor Of Wrong Era Volume Three” on Slow Motion Records
  • Russian techno /acid /EBM /electro DJ-producer from Kaliningrad, MUZIKALIST “Muzikalist” from the album “HC 019” on his own Hypnotic Connection
  • San Francisco tribal /techno /house /breaks /bass /electronic producer RITCHRD “Octagon” from the EP “130140” on No BIAS
  • North London dub disco /house /acid /electro duo Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell AKA Idjut Boys “Gas On Tap” from “Portion Out Of Control” EP 12″ on Noid
  • Melbourne IDM /acid /electro producer Reppi T. Lizrd, aka Reptant “Syncussion Concussion” from “Halls Of Perception” EP on TRUST
  • Dublin, Ireland IDM /ambient /techno /electro producer Splitradix “New Ireland Digital” from “Synthesizing Your Future” EP 12″ upcoming on Central Processing Unit
  • San Francisco ghetto /techno /house /breakbeat /electro producer User Delusion – “Baila Trance” from the upcoming 7″ single “Baila Trance / I’m The One” on No BIAS
  • FrenchSwiss retro /Italo disco /wave /indie dance veterans LuLúxpo – “Nostalgia (Damon Jee Remix)” [Paradise Children]
  • Italian acid /psych /indie dance duo gizA djs – “Acid Morning (AFFKT Remix)” off “Analog Takeoff” EP [SINCOPAT]
  • London based retro /house /indie dance /synthwave /Italo disco DJ-producer Louis De Tomaso – “Malfunction” [Exploited Club]
  • Belgian cosmic disco /synth wave /indie dance producers Dimitri Andreas and Spacid, AKA Marching Machines “Guardian (Silicodisco & Alvaro Cabana Balearic Trance Remix)” from “Northway 00110” EP on Rotten City Records
  • DJ Rolando A.K.A The Aztec Mystic – Jaguar (COBLE Edit)
  • South Korea based ambient /IDM /breakbeat /dub /downtempo /electronic producer mcthfg “Diaphone” off the album “To Be Remade We Must Decay” via Dubmission
  • Glaswegian experimental /psych /leftfield /electronic brother duo Rickie and Jamie McNeill, AKA Cru Servers “In Luted Plaque Water” from upcoming LP+7″ “EEL” on 12th Isle
  • Portland, OR cosmic /ambient folk artist Ann Annie “By Morning” title track from the album “By Morning”
  • Portland, OR ambient /ethereal /electronic artist (half of Mint Julep), Hollie Kenniff “Shifting Winds” from upcoming LP “We All Have Places That We Miss” on Western Vinyl.
  • South Wales electronic /ambient /drone /experimental project of sound artist Matt Ridgway, aka GAFAEL “Folds of Coloured Silk” from the upcoming cassette album “Serpentine” on Noir Age
  • French Alps-based, English ambient /drone /field recordings acoustic guitarist & multi-instrumentalist Andy Cartwright, aka Seabuckthorn “Jagged Horizon” from “Of No Such Place” album upcoming on LAAPS
  • UK/Japan ambient /drone /field recordings /abstract /electro-acoustic collaboration Andrew Heath & Seigo Aoyama – “Drift Analysis” from “North by North East” album on Shimmering Moods Records
  • US based ambient /drone /electro-acoustic sound artist Todd Gautreau AKA Tapes and Topographies “Diffraction” from the album “floating world – reflections on 36 views of newland island” in collaboration with London-based mixed-media artist Jonathan S Hooper on Whitelabrecs
  • St. Petersburg/Los Angeles ambient /drone /analog synth collaboration between Vladimir Karpov and Jungle Gym exec Caleb Draves, X.Y.R. / Dravier “Ancient Coral” ltd. 7″ single on JUNGLE GYM Records
  • Norwegian ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /dub /electronic project of Kristiansund‘s producer Helge Tømmervåg, AKA Mind over MIDI “Magnetonband” from “The Magnetonband Recordings” album on Slow Tone Collages