WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #45

Picks Of The Week:

  • Louisiana‘s goth/darkwave/dark electronic/industrial solo project Anonymous Hands “Just a body” from 2-track single “Decay”

Chunky industrial hitting percussive stabs, relentless ominously buzzing turbulent basslines, woeful synths, and sick vocal treatments perfectly adorn the track with a dark, raw, and sleazy old-school industrial vibe.

  • South London ambient/drone/breakbeat/drum & bass/jungle-dub producer Mallard “Dragees” from the cassette album “Balancing” via Jungle Gym Records label.

The new album by UK producer Mallard, deftly exploring the space between dub, ambient, and drum & bass, is an unfolding trip through subdued broken beats, deep gauzy swells of synth, blissful atmospheric drifts, hypnotic dub-tinged jungle rhythms with such distinctive allure and immersive charm to it that makes it worth discovering.

  • Swedish experimental/ambient producer MOTIONFIELD “Signals 4” from “Signals” album on UK’s Neotantra

As soothing and caressing, as they are arcane and hypnotizing, waves of aural pleasure create spacious and harmonic soundscapes of organic cosmic beauty that warmly lull and embrace in semiconscious oblivion of sensory abandonment, instilling profoundly meditative suggestions of rarefied and sheer bliss. Mesmeric ambient prowess from the Swedish producer.

  • Swedish dark ambient/industrial/drone/experimental new project of Raison d’être‘s Peter Andersson, aka Atomine Elektrine “Epicylic Gearing” from the upcoming “The Antikythera Mechanism” vinyl album on Winter-Light
  • London, UK ambient/electronic/dark/chillstep/futuregarage producer VACANT “Runaway” from upcoming album “Belong”                                                                                                                                                         
  • Italian ambient/IDM/dub/electronic duo of Claudia Broccoli (Chloé) and Roberto Rossi (Rob), aka Le Chateau Rouge “Dreaming About You” title track from the upcoming EP on Systolic
  • Düsseldorf based German dark electro krautrock/synthpop/new wave joint project of Ralf Beck (part of the duo Nalin & Kane) and Sebastian Lee Philipp ( part of the Berlin-based electro-wave duo Noblesse Oblige), Die Wilde Jagd “Morgenrot (Fangschuss Version)” off upcoming EP on Minimood                                                 
  • Paris-based synthpop/new wave/coldwave artist Mathilde Mallen, aka Dissemblance – “Emutiex” from forthcoming debut LP “Over The Sand” on Mannequin Records
  • Swedish atmospheric techno producer/live-performer MYR “Hatari” from V/A “Transmit” compilation on Sample+Hold
  • Brussels, Belgium ‘mystical techno’ producer, and Norite label co-founder, FOREIGN MATERIAL “Of Faith and Glory” from upcoming new EP “The Quest” on Norite
  • Berlin-based letfield/synth-pop/electronic producer (also Dolphins and half of INIT), Nadia D’Alo “Koller” from upcoming V/A “Risks Issues Opportunities” on Berlin-based R.I.O. Label.                                                 
  • Gaelic ritual noise industrial duo from Bristol collective Avon Terror Corps, SALAC “The Ceremony” from the cassette album “Sacred Movements”
  • Latvian post-industrial/darkwave/dark electronics producer CRYING SKIES “Left To Say (Original Mix)” title track from new EP on Analogue Texture Record
  • Berlin-based, Canadian dark ambient/industrial/dark minimal techno producer Dave Foster aka /ϟ/HUREN/ϟ/ “Children Without Worms” off of upcoming ”Elektronische Selbstdarstellung” album via Zhark Recordings                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Swiss experimental synth-pop pioneers Dieter Meier and Boris Blank aka YELLO “Bostich (Ancient Methods Remix)” on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • Belgian dark techno/body music/EBM project RADIKAL KUSS (feat. HIV+) “Mujer ùnica” from the upcoming EP “Laster und Tugend” on Unknown Pleasures
  • Greek/Chinese experimental/raw industrial/dark electronic/techno collaboration DJ LOSER & XIAO QUAN “Tunnel Highway” from upcoming EP “Kawasaki Outrun” via Prague’s Unizone
  • Alexandria, Egypt ambient/drone/industrial/techno producers duo NOIZTATIC “Whiplash” off V/A “Unexplained Powers Of The Human Mind” on Sinister Desires
  • Berlin-based EBM/dark electronic/techno French producer, half of Imperial Black Unit, Pablo Bozzi, aka LAPSE OF REASON “Sorrows” title track from upcoming EP on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • Bogotà, Colombian electronic duo GAËL & Franco, aka Vltra Delta Drive “Espirito” off of V/A “Bloque Sur – C” split-compilation on Bogotà’s Pildoras Tapes
  • Sweden-based Polish DIY Punk/Electro/EBM producer SUKABURA “INNY WYMIAR” first track from the upcoming EP
  • Dresden, Germany ‘mutant freak funk’ electro duo Westlake & Hayter “Wolfenstein” from “Sucksonia” EP on Rat Life Records
  • NYC experimental electronic transdisciplinary artist Gavilán Rayna Russom – “Kemmer (w/ Cosey Fanni Tutti)” off of “The Envoy” debut LP on ECSTATIC
  • Rennes, France ritual experimental noise tribal drone electronic project (aka Coldgeist, Modern Eleven), Sacred Lodge “Invadir” from the upcoming cassette album “Hijos Del Sol” on OKVLT
  • Italian experimental/industrial/noise/techno producer Violent Resistance – “Detention” from the new cassette album “Unfair Combat” on Dissonanze Recordings
    Dissonanze Recordings
  • Paris-based, French electronic/techno producers and label co-founders Ben Men & Rob Malone aka Robben “Resilience (Scan X Remix)” title track from their debut EP on BTRAX Records                                 
  • Vilnius, Lithuania bass-heavy ‘rock-infused dirty disco’ duo of Liudas Lazauskas (aka Roe Deers) and Titas Motuzas, BDHBTS – “Bad Habits – Asa Moto Remix” upcoming EP on their own Good Skills label
  • Moscow based electro/EBM/dark techno Dj/producer and Maxima Culpa Records co-founder, GEGEN MANN “White Bathrobes” title track from the upcoming EP on Nein Records
  • Saint-Etienne, France electronic producer Jules Payen, aka BASIC – “Sham” off of upcoming “Worst Greatest Hits Vol. I” on Worst Records
  • London-based, American/Australian experimental analog electronic music project of Penelope Trappes & Stephen Hindman, The Golden Filter “Electric Light (Curses Remix)” from upcoming EP ‘Autonomy Variations’ on 4GN3S                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Italian experimental/ambient/noise/techno producer MYSTICS “Marla’s Return” from forthcoming mini-LP “Day of the Blizzard” on A Flooded Need                                                                                                                
  • Ramallah, Palestine experimental/ambient/dark techno producer Plus Nine Seven Zero “Suspicious” from the EP “Red Light – الضوء الأحمر” on Insane Industry
  • French techno/electro producer and Raar label co-founder from Nantes, Maelstrom – ”Naoned (feat. DeFeKT)” from upcoming EP “Heat Wave” on Mechatronica
  • London-based electronic producer LEE GAMBLE “Chain 9” from V/A “HyperSwim” on Hyperdub
  • Stockholm, Sweden ambient experimental electronic producer (aka Abdulla Rashim), Anthony Linell “Crystal Storms” from the forthcoming EP “Core Field Horizon” on Northern Electronics                                  
  • Seattle, WA dark electro/industrial/EBM/new beat quartet Chrome Corpse “Megatank” from the upcoming album “Anything that moves” on Area Z.
  • Stockholm‘s electronic producer and Northern Electronics label boss Jonas Rönnberg, Varg2™ — “Thirst (Dressed in Nothing But UV Paint and Biodegradable Glitter)” from forthcoming EP “Fuck Varg” on Northern Electronics                                                                                                                                                     
  • Toronto, Canada‘s electro producer and co-owner of Suction Records (along with Jason Hamm, aka Solvent), Gregory de Rocher, aka LOWFISH “8_op (extended version)” [unreleased]                                   
  • Nizhniy Novgorod, Russian electro producer Gennadiy Manzhos, aka Low Tape – “True Dayz For Confessing In Luv” title-track from the new EP on Eudemonia
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia Sci-Fi Electronic Music Experience by Kind Human Being and Zombierella, aka TRIVIA “Zombie Experimental [The Hacker Remix]” from the new EP “Illusion Of Presence” on Mosaique Records
  • Argentinian natives experimental/electro producers DJ これからの緊急災害 + Thissperso, aka SUiᏟᎥᎠᎥᎾ ᏞᎪᏆᎥᏁᎾ “Sabado B” from the cassette album “Suave Sexo Duro” on Tutamen
  • Electro collaboration between Maaco from Detroit and Overdose from RotterHague, DJ MAACO & DJ OVERDOSE “Rainy Night In RotterHague” off “When Cities Collide VII” EP on RotterHague Records         
  • Arizona electro producer illektrolab “Paranoid Android” title track from upcoming EP on Brokntoys UK
  • Krasnodar, Russia experimental/ritual/electronic duo Narcissi – ‘В Путь-Дорожку Дальнюю’ off of ‘Narcissi’ EP on Dance Noire
  • French analog synth electronic project of Parisian producer Yann Levasseur aka Le Spectre – “Out Of Space And Time”                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Portland, Oregon ambient electronic artist (half of Mint Julep), Hollie Kenniff “Unfolding (featuring Goldmund)”
  • Gothenburg based ambient/drone artist Oliver Knowles, aka THE KEEP ‘Cub’ from his debut ‘Primer’ EP via London’s Houndstooth label.
  • Ukrainian ambient/cinematic/dream-punk producer and Pure Life label co-founder Kuroi Ame, aka CMD094 “After Humans” from the album ‘Oscillation’ on Manchester, UK / Ukraine’s Pure Life
  • Preston, UK ambient /drone/space synth/electronic project of Stephen James Buckley, aka POLYPORES “Sominum” off of V/A “Red Flag 2019” cassette compilation on concretetapes
  • UK/New York dream ambient/drone collaboration, 36 & Black Swan “Part 2” from cassette/vinyl album “In Four Parts” via Past Inside the Present
  • Tallinn, Estonia lo-fi/experimental pop/folktronica/singer/songwriter Liis Ring – “in fiore” off of upcoming V/A “Contours” cassette compilation via Canigou Records