WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #44

  • BLACK MERLIN // Phormix Podcast #193                                                                                                               

Black Merlin is the project of highly talented British experimental producer and DJ George Thompson (aka Spectral Empire, Kommune, Karamika) that, in his nearly a decade of existence, didn’t necessarily conform to any specific genre, ceaselessly exploring new frontiers of electronic sound, ranging from traditional ethnic music (Balinese and New Guinean), driving dark techno to space disco, EBM, kraut, wave, just the first ones that come to mind. Break your monotony and routine down, let yourself be carried away, lose yourself in a trippy hypnotic journey you will not regret. Thanks to the mighty AthensPhormix Records for this gift.      

  • Italian experimental/acid/techno artist CR¥PTO ORD€R “Acceptable” from the cassette/CD album “Instilling Obedience”

Growling sequences, bassline rumbles, ominously razor-sharp icy synth stabs, fractured drum machines and acidic squirts, for a raw, distorted, highly aggressive, churning techno deluge, laced with dark lo-fi edge and majestic DIY ethics, by instilling healthy obedience to your brainwashed mind, dragging you straight onto a cathartic dancefloor. Highly limited handmade tapes and CDs directly from the Italo source.

  • Italian cyberpunk/retro-synthwave/Italo disco electronic music composer ZERO CALL “Cursed – Zero Call Ft. Augustine (Maethelvin RMX)” from upcoming EP “Cursed” via Emerald & Doreen Records

Italian wave electronic composer is back in tandem with Dream Pop/Post-Wave singer-songwriter Augustine. French synth ace Maethelvin, on the remix duty, infuses a glittering and mesmerizing heavy dose of retro synthwave with Italo disco flourishes, as equally swaying and hypnotic, as it is sparkling and swirling, urging you to move hopelessly.

  • French dark techno/EBM producer from Le Mans, Xavier Malleret, aka Nasdrowie – “Research” off self/released single “Research/Exhale”

Despite the rather inflated niche in recent times, French producer proves to be an up-and-coming DIY cyber sound transmitter of hypnotic and poisonous EBM-embedded dark techno cuts, definitely one that has much potential for developing dangerously driving and edgy dystopian sonic landscapes.

  • Iranian IDM/Ambient/Glitch/Electronic computer musician and sound artist based in Tehran, Hesam Ohadi, aka IDLEFON “Lost (with RON)” from 2-track split single “Command+V3” with Pher on Teheran’s Kopi Records
  • Amsterdam based electronic trio of Abel Nagengast, Satoshi Yamamura and Versatile label founder Gilbert Cohen (aka Gilb’R), aka BRIGHT FUTURE “Babel” from the EP “Bright Future – Bright Future” on Versatile
  • Athens, Greece experimental ambient industrial techno producer and Vanila Records head ANFS “Mystis” from the album “Caos Mi Amor” on Agia Varvara Originals
  • Santa Cruz, Ca Industrial Techno side project of one half of D/SIR, HEX WOLVES “Soft Rime” from the new LP “Center Remained As Ice” on DTH X CMP
  • Irish experimental/doom/industrial/techno producer FUCKING SHIT SHOW [FSS] “Alieni Juri” off “Contretemps” on Xtraperlo Records
  • Slovenian dark industrial techno producer and DJ from Ljubljana, OFNANA_PESA “Dread” new single
  • London based industrial/noise/techno producer Never Worse “The Feeding” from the new album “Hell” on Steep Incline
  • Italian/Swedish/Greek experimental/industrial/dark techno/psych/post-punk duo of Annalisa Iembo and Stella Mathioudakis, aka JEROME “Edet” from the upcoming debut album “Moods” on Maple Death Records and Crochet Disques
  • Greek experimental/industrial/wave/dark techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “Lethe’ from upcoming 12″ EP ‘The Cutting Edge Of The Knife’ on Athens’ Hypermedium
  • Italian dark synth electronic Dj, Producer, Remixer and head of Mannequin Records, Alessandro Adriani “Halloween Theme (John Carpenter Cover)”
  • Legendary American horror movies director/musician John Carpenter – “Weeping Ghost” from the LP “Lost Themes III: Alive After Death” on Sacred Bones Records
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina EBM/industrial techno producer, Unknown – “Demons feat. Bad Faith Actor” from cassette EP “Inferno” on OSM tapes
  • Bogotà, Colombia EBM/post-punk/industrial techno producer Milicia del Donbáss – “Falsa Propaganda” off V/A “Tortura Para Todos” on SHISHI                                                                                                                                                    
  • Canadian EBM/New Beat/techno act comprised of Veronica Stefanuik and Philip Traikovski, VISITOR “Double Life” from upcoming “Technofossil” LP on Braid Records                                                            
  • Moscow based electro/EBM/dark techno Dj/producer and Maxima Culpa Records co-founder, GEGEN MANN “Take Control Over Mind” from new 2-track single “Muscle Dancè”
  • FrenchLebanese EBM/wave/acid/techno producer based in Rotterdam, SWARDEN “Sawra” from the EP “Neither dead nor alive” on Sharped records
  • Paris-based techno/EBM/electronic producer MIND | MATTER “Chamber of Distress” from V/A “III – Curse” compilation via The Hiddens
  • UK techno/industrial/electro/EBM producer EVIL DUST “Medico Della Peste” from the compilation V/A “Die Erlösung: Kapitel 1”, soon on Crave Tapes                                                                                                                  
  • Medellín, Colombia darkwave/minimal synth/acid/industrial/techno solo project Ofelia Ortodoxa “Dark Algorythm” off V/A “Re-Start” compilation on D.Clock Records                                                                             
  • Hamburg-based EBM/Kraut/techno/post-punk/jazz/no wave band of Wosto (Teerpappe label head) and duo Nostalgie Eternelle (Inox Kapell and Dieter Mauson), SAUERSTOFFF “Sie Kommen” off upcoming 7″ vinyl EP “Für Alle” on Raw Culture
  • Russian darkwave/EBM/electro project of DJ and artist Marina Bibik, DJ Kirill Shapovalov and producer Unfound, HAUTE DANCE “Toxic” off S/T EP on Berlin’s KlubKid Records                                            
  • Saint Petersburg-based Ukrainian eclectic techno psych trance electronic DJ/producer Konstantin Isayev (aka Volta Cab), aka Rambal Cochet – “Tatra Tropicana (Pablo Bozzi remix)” from “Ufo Researcher” on SOIL
  • New York-based industrial/EBM/electro DJ/artist and Lost Soul Enterprises boss, R GAMBLE “Work Of The Devil” from upcoming first of a 4 volume series of V/A EP “Sever The Ties” on Sisters Recordings                
  • Glasgow, UK Techno // Acid // Industrial // Rave project SLUHG “North Sea Power” title track from upcoming “North Sea Power” EP on Voight-Kampff                                                                                                        
  • Havana, Cuba industrial/acid/dark techno project of Efren Reyes, aka Altro Codice ‘Beyond The Wall’ from ‘Sacrifice’ EP on Insane Industry
  • Beirut-born, Berlin-based techno electronic DJ and producer Nur Jaber Ft. Kara – “Love Is In The Air” from Nur Jaber’s EP “Love Is In The Air” on her own OSF label
  • Berlin-based German indie disco/electronic producer and half of Leggings, AKA Heidenreich feat. ANGST vor GRETA “Je Palpite (Chinaski Remix)” off upcoming EP on Sinchi Collective                   
  • Berlin /Detroit /Paris electro multimedia act Fotoapparat “RESPEKT(SOULDZ REMIX)” special remix for the reissue of “Respekt” EP
  • Scottish synth electronic duo from Glasgow, Ubre Blanca “GT9 (Acid Vatican remix)” new single
  • Berlin-based IDM/breaks/electro producer Serge Geyzel “Wo Endet Die Zeit” from the new EP “Blurry Vision” on Science Cult
  • Greece minimal electro producer Savvas Georgiadis, aka NEURO-D “System Automatik” off the TH ± Tar Hallow label’s 2×12″ vinyl reissue of the album “Audiomatik” released in 2002 via Poeta Negra imprint
  • Hove, UK 90s experimental/IDM/breakbeat/electronic producer Mike Paradinas (aka µ-ziq), aka JAKE SLAZENGER “Boogie Revolting” from the archivial mini-album “Drops A Deuce” (1993-1999) on his own label  Planet Mu
  • French dark electronic/dub/ethnic/industrial producer half of duo Ricco and member of the Notte Brigante crew from Lyon, HLM38 “Dämmerung (Lo Kindre Remix)” off cassette “Stranger Than Dub” EP on Notte Brigante
  • Poplex – “Polish Folk Song” (Niv Ast thunder edit) originally from 1986
  • London-based Italo Disco/Indie Dance South Of France‘s producer duo SACHA MUKI & GIOE “Le Castre” from upcoming EP “Le Castle” on NEIN Records
  • Italian dark disco/kraut/new wave young musician, DJ and Live Performer AMARCORD “No Destination, New Destination” off upcoming V/A “Ombra INTL 016” EP on Ombra International                                         
  • Mexican coldwave/techno/dark disco Roy Parra, aka Tiempo de Maldad “L’Amour Toxique (ft. Chio Cardoso)” off upcoming EP on Skycrew Records                                                                                                                
  • Guadalajara, Mexico leftfield disco production duo Daniel & Gilbert C.Ramirez, aka Sequencers – “InCELLA” off V/A “Prima Legio” on , Fucanglong Files                     
  • Los Angeles based Italo/new wave/proto house/disco duo Club Tularosa – “Pyramids” title track from upcoming EP on Newcastle Upon Tyne’s Me Me Me label                                                                                                           
  • St. Petersburg Italo disco/house/ethnic/electronic producer Nifer Titty – “Egypt Visa” on Slutty Prty
  • Italian soul/techno/tribal/electronic project, born in 1992, by founder duo Pietro and Paolo Micioni along with Donato Dozzy, aka Progetto Tribale – “Vu Rhythm” from “Volume 7″ 12” EP on Danza Tribale
  • Paris based lo-fi/deep house producer SAM HASSIB “Funky Pills” from the EP “VOILA” on clipp.art
  • Russian experimental/ambient/electronic artist Natalia Salmina from Saint Petersburg (also known as Amecuts), aka Atariame – “Moonlit” from “Unfinished Sympathy Vol.2 -Unlikely Songs” compilation on Unfinished House(UH)
  • Occitanie, France dark ambient/electronic project created by Pierre de Razès aka Herne von Bòrmanvs “Lands of Kush” from the EP “Ancient Gods”
  • Scottish electronic/industrial artist, Coil and Psychic Tv member and former one half of Compound Eye, Drew McDowall “Agalma V (ft. Kali Malone)” off the album “Agalma” on Dais
  • Australian ambient/drone/abstract/electronic producer JOBFIT “Assurance” from upcoming V/A “Proximity” fundraising compilation on Pure Space