WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips –  OCTOBER #43-23


  • | EPISODE 190 | TAGLIABUE [Sonidos Subterraneo]

Italian eclectic sound engineer, electronic musician and DJ based in Milan, Joseph Tagliabue with a refined, immersive and mind-bending cross-pollination of Ambient, Progressive and Trance sounds, he’s well-renowned for.

  • Avignon, France drone /experimental /post-rock /tape loops /electro-acoustic /ambient sound artist A LAST PICTURE FROM VOYAGER “The Golden Age” from the album “LABORATORY” [Stellar Frequencies]

A resonant, imaginative and contemplative itinerary, each track a case study using different techniques, of mesmerizing electroacoustic craftings, both evanescent and profoundly vivid at the same time, which unfurls, all-encompassing and immersive, free from contingent realities, to conquer boundless spaces with newfound ingenuity, at times cold and haunting, at others warm and comforting, yet always radiating with crystalline and dazzling sensorial reflections of timeless inner harmony and entrancing creativity.

  • Berlin-based UK bass /grime /dub /breaks /techno producer Cressida Rust “Rust” off V/A “Incurables 01″ LP 12” [Inveterate]

British producer is dizzyingly evolving his Techno sound with an increasingly off-center and electrifying approach, through a disheveled and adrenaline-filled groovy alchemy of Techno, Breaks, Bass and Hardcore. His latest intense, propulsive workout, bouncing amid harmony, dissonance and clangor, unleashes high-pitched frequencies piercing the veil of secret whispers into a heady buzzing soundscape of rapidly pulsing and rolling ritual crisp broken beats, deeply quaking, swelling basslines, scattered booming percussions, scratchy frenzies, and ghostly industrialized echoes, lighting a darkened chamber with hypnotic fascinations of high-energy dancefloor moods.

  • German dark ambient /dub-acid /experimental soundtrack techno project, HIGHDIKLUMP “Crows”

Experimental soundtrack techno project from Germany (seemingly Abu AMA‘s side project), introduced by a brief rush of crispy ritual percussions and buzzing frequencies with advanced crow harsh cawing communication, unfurls in a heady and immersive, subtly dubwise slowed pace, imbued in lingering impenetrable and tense edged dynamics, merges simmering profound bass pulses, doomy low droning blows and sneakingly light jingling tinny hi-hats, to explore inner esoteric doorways of alertness and perception.

  • Italian ambient /drone /Balearic /chillout /electro-acoustic /electronica duo Paolo Mazzacani e Luciano Ermondi (FKA Tempelhof), One Million Eyes “Cante Jondo” from upcoming vinyl 12″ second LP “Iris” [A Strangely Isolated Place]
  • Philadelphia / Minneapolis ambient /drone /soundscape /electro-acoustic duo of Andrew Tasselmyer (Hotel Neon, Gray Acres) & Chris Bartels (Blurstem, Elskavon, Olma), Andrew Tasselmyer & Blurstem “Midnight Letters” title track of the second album “Midnight Letters” [Past Inside the Present]
  • UK ambient /drone /modular synth duo Ian Hawgood & Wil Bolton “See their faces fall” from upcoming “Floral Forms and Subsequent Interactions” album [Home Normal]
  • Norwegian 3-piece ambient /post-rock /indietronica cross-genre electronic project Inuuro “Abandoned Forest” [Lamour Records]
  • Minneapolis ambient /drone /soundscape producer-multi-instrumentalist Mike Graff, aka Dear Gravity “Revoir (with Be Still the Earth)” from “Sanctuary” EP [Slow Echo]
  • Danish enigmatic /experimental /ambient /drone /synth electronic sound artist Der Mohn – “Perhaps a State of Being” from V/A “I Am Here Now, When Will You Be Here Again?” cassette album via Posh Isolation
  • Stroud, UK ambient /glitch /chillout /breaks /trip-hop /deep electronica producer CRSY “The Throat” from the album “Blue Roses”
  • Montreal-based dark ambient /Berlin school /kosmische /soundscape /space music duo Sebastian Hebert & Red Fog, aka Stellarium “Enceladus Storm” from the album “Solar Magnitude” [Exosphere]
  • Amsterdam-based ambient /acid /psychedelic /drum & bass /techno Dj-producer Tammo Hesselink – “Petse” from V/A “Well of Sand” compilation [Sure Thing]
  • Paris-based dark ambient /cinematic /breaks /psych /techno /drum & bass producer Trois-Quarts Taxi System – “Ants” from “Gres” EP [Blue Night Jungle]
  • London-based dub /kraut /psych /leftfield pop duo of DJs Inner Totality & Nangi, AKA ddwy – “Green Villa” from “Sprig Songs” LP 12″ [Public Possession]
  • Athens-based, Greek ambient /ethno /midtempo /psych /kraut /slow techno /electronic producer Aggelos Baltas (aka Dream Weapons and Fantastikoi Hxoi), Anatolian Weapon “Mountain Echoes” off V/A ” All Trades – Volume Two” 2×12″ LP 2nd volume 10 years anniversary label compilation [Emotional Response]
  • Berlin-based acoustic /jazzy /percussive /minimal /no-age /krautrock /no wave ensemble KULKU “Reset To Be” title track of the upcoming “Reset To Be” EP 12″ [Phase Group]
  • Mexico‘s Latin/tropical /synth /electronic /cumbia group Sonido Gallo Negro “The Model” (Kraftwerk cover) off 2-track 7″ single [Names You Can Trust]
  • French/German ambient /wave /kraut /electronic collaboration between producers Benjamin Boguet (I’m A Cliche label head) and Düsseldorf‘s Sebastian Lee Philipp, aka Cosmo Vitelli & Die Wilde Jagd – “Elixer” from V/A “All Trades – Volume One” 2×12″ LP first volume 10 years anniversary label compilation [Emotional Response]
  • London-based wave /acid /techno/electro artist Birds “ From The River To The Sea” from V/A “They Will Be Free: A VA For Palestine Vol 1” EP [Feed The Void]
  • French minimal dub wave electronic experimentalist Simplists – “Wonderful Girl” from the cassette album “Over Simplifies Reality” [Notte Brigante / Simple Music Experience]
  • Bristol, UK based cosmic disco /techno /psych /house /electronic DJ, club promoter and producer, Chez de Milo “So It Goes (MR TC Remix)” [Ransom Note Records]
  • London-based, Lithuanian ambient /breaks /trance /techno /electro /psych /electronic producer Tadas Majeris, aka TADAN “Audra” from V/A “NPC Activities Vol. 1” compilation [e506]
  • Berlin-based Australian ambient /breaks /house /drum & bass /techno DJ-producer Roza Terenzi “Total Recall Feat. Noff” from “Roza Terenzi & Furious Frank” split LP 12″ [Paper-Cuts]
  • Spanish slow trance /psych /dark slomo electronic producer Calma Tensa – “Inner Walk” off “Inner Walk” EP [OPENTHENEXT]
  • Kansas City, Missouri-based ambient shamanic tribal music project multi-instrumentalist Lantz Stephenson [aka Ivy], Ivy Told A Secret “Abyss Bound” from the EP “After the Planck Era” [Kalamine Records]
  • Hamburg-based ambient /industrial /downtempo /kraut /experimental /leftfield/futuristic electronics artist and designer Christoph Lohse, aka CRISTOV “Ignore Ignorieren Delete Löeschen DeleteDe” from “Defragmentierte Assoziationen” LP [Abstrakce Records]
  • Detroit-born/New York-based electro /acid /new beat project of Nico Nightingale, aka Neud Photo “Gun Runner” from “ECHOES” EP 12″ Lonewolf series [EYA RECORDS/LONEWOLF]
  • Glasgow‘s acid /techno /electro producer, Fear-E “Descent” from the forthcoming split EP with ProOne79 “Acid Avengers 026” [Tripalium Corp]
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil house /techno /electro producer Marcela Dias Sindaco “Aparências” from the album “Cidade Fantasma” [Fixed Rhythms]
  • Leon / Madrid, Spain ambient /IDM /breaks /bass /electro producer Diego Cadierno (aka Cadee), PROMISING / YOUNGSTER “Amen” from “Bersnega” EP [Analogical Force]
  • Danish minimal electro producer and part of Copenhagen Electro Alliance collective, Brain Enterprise – “Binn” from V/A “Copenhagen Electro Alliance Volume 7” EP [Copenhagen Electro Alliance]
  • Nižnij Novgorod, Russia Italo disco /synthpop /electro producer NIGHT CALLER “My Love Is Electronique” from “I Want To Dance” EP [TAKT Recordings]
  • Italian experimental /synthpop /’Italo pop’ project by Andrea Noce (Eva Geist) and Donato Scaramuzzi (Donato Dozzy), aka Il Quadro di Troisi “Raggio Verde (CHLOÉ Remix)” from the remix album “Remixes” [raster]
  • Germany witch house /psych /occult /gothic /industrial /experimental project MATER SUSPIRIA VISION “Power Of Intensity (feat. Shazzula)” from the new album “Hotel Trancesylvania” [Phantasma Disques]
  • Wroclaw, Poland techno/industrial /post-punk /synth solo project of Maciek Frett (Job Karma, Wrocław Industrial Festival) supported by Anna Frett, FRETT “theme 2” from the second LP “Nottwo” [Ant-Zen]
  • Athens, Greek experimental /industrial /techno /dark electronics producer Petros Spatharos – “Μaneuver To Infinity” off of upcoming 12” split EP “DDS08” with Filmmaker [Dalmata Daniel]
  • Thessaloniki-based EBM /Industrial /Post-punk /Coldwave /Techno /Dark Electronics DJ-producer Alpha Sect “Meredith” off the upcoming “Dance Me​​canique” EP [Veleno Viola]                                                                 
  • New York-based Body Music /Hardcore /Dark Techno artist Madeline Seely, aka Nuxx Vomica “No Money” single [SYNTHICIDE]                                 
  • French EBM /industrial /new beat /dark wave /acid /techno producer MP-57 “Thunderfuck (Pierre Labret Remix)” off upcoming cassette LP “Bacon & Dragon” [Abstract Reality]
  • Italian Industrial /EBM /Techno producer Jørgen Thorvald “Voices from within (Original mix )” from “Concentric Zone” EP [Nu Body]
  • Los Angeles based EBM /industrial /techno /dark electronics solo project of Robert Galbraith (Component Recordings founder and one half of Snowbeasts), aka Obscure Formats “Agitations” from “Agitations” EP [Venaeform Records]
  • Athens, Greece industrial /techno /electro /breakbeat producer and Ferma label co-runner, Morken “Modus Operandi” from “Three Letter Agencies” EP [FERMA]
  • Oakland, CA metallic techno /electro producer SIGNAL 72 “TORN (MANASYt‘s Corpsedriver Remix)” off “TORN” EP [Nach Der Stille Records]
  • Berlin-based acid /breaks /techno /new beat /house producer Jaundice “DOWNLANDS” from the EP “DOWNLANDS / SHOTS THROUGH THE RAIN”                                                                                                           
  • Deutsche Schäferhunde “Rosa Brille (Wunschmaschine Edit)” [1982]
  • Colombian EBM /industrial /acid /breaks /synth-wave /techno producer Damaged Clock “Key of the Future” title track of the forthcoming LP “Key of the Future” [SOIL]
  • New York EBM /dark wave /synth /dark electro producer (aka Drakkar Noir), aka R.Gamble “Dream Sequence” title track of the upcoming “Dream Sequence” EP 12″ [KRI]
  • Dark disco /wave /synthpop act OBOST “Look Inside Your Mind” from upcoming “I Don’t Care For You” EP [Nein Records]
  • Glasgow’s outsider electronic /post-post-post punks Junto Club “Illuminatus” from “Golden Apple” EP 12″ [Optimo Music]
  • Siouxsie And The Banshees – “Cities In Dust (Hunterbräu Rework)”
  • Israel synth /wave /house /techno /dead disco eclectic electronic project created by Tel Aviv-based producers & DJs Dori Sadovnik & Niv Arzi, aka Red Axis “High Speed ft. Fantastic Twins” from the album “One More City” [fabric Originals]
  • Italo/Russian downtempo /psych /slow trance /tribal techno production duo Antonio de Oto (aka A-Tweed) + Andrey Redkov (of Radial Gaze), AKA Oblako Maranta – “Congarella Di Luna” off “Trance Beckenbauer” EP 12″ [Thisbe Recordings]
  • Italian acid /psych /ethnic /leftfield /downtempo /trance /space electronica duo A-Tweed X Oltrefuturo “Kino Toi” from the upcoming V/A ” WARIOUS1″ compilation [WARNING]
  • Bristol, UK acid /cosmic /chug /prog house /breaks /trance producer and Familiar Strangers founder, Remotif “HAJKD” off upcoming V/A “EP#3″EP 12” [Avidya]
  • Guadalajara, Mexico downtempo /acid /psych /tribal /slow techno /electronic collaboration ALF CHAMPION & MDHNTR “Gnic Nad – Drum Version (Il Est Vilaine Remix)” [Paradise Palms Records]
  • Seattle-based indie dance /acid /chillrave /psych /slow house /cosmic disco /downtempo collaborative band led by Tremulant label boss Joe Bellingham, aka Monday’s Heartbeat – “Act Human (Nathan Hall Remix)” off “Act Human” EP [Tremulant]
  • Paris-based indie dance /organic house /psych /trance /cosmic disco DJ-producer, Zaratustra – “Powers of Karma feat. Pol Sibil (Da Iguana Remix)” off “Powers of Karma” EP [Epicure Records]
  • Tallinn, Estonia house /techno /trance producer Abdul Raeva “Codeine” single
  • Canadian acid /indie dance /downtempo /psych /dark disco producer Nathan Hall feat. Kira Lao – “NOL (Alien Alien Bolero Ecstasy Remix)” from upcoming “NOL” EP [Random Collective Records]
  • Galway, Ireland post-punk /house /sludge /techno /acid /electronic artist Belacqua “Gunnish” off “Dropped Balls” [Apartment Records]
  • DARLING ULTRA 08 – “Slow Motion Explosion (Boom Boom Club Edit)”
  • French Italo-disco /EBM /synth-wave duo Kendal & David Carretta “Creature” [Ritmo Fatale]
  • Belfast, UK techno /Hi-NRG /house /Italo disco producer Jordan Nocturne “Over & Over feat: Ready In LED” from “Dolly” EP [Polari Records]
  • Okayama, Japan nu-disco /acid /house electronic music producer KEITA SANO “I’m A Man” from “Love Is Emotion” EP 12″ [Delusions of Grandeur]
  • Athens, Greece-based Indie Dance /Acid /Trance /Dark Disco production duo Kay-Chi & Keymon – “Patches Of Light feat. Kally Voo” off “Something Strange” EP [Rare Wiri Records]
  • German/Russian house /percussive /indie dance collaboration between InnervisionsDominik Marz & brother duo Radial Gaze, aka Dominik Marz & Radial Gaze – “Devotion” off “Shintu” EP [Urge to Dance]
  • Polish Balearic /downtempo /chug /electronic duo Jakub Sautycz & Mateusz Filipiuk, aka Jazxing “Neu Nostalgia (Das Komplex Remix)” from the remix LP “Pearls of the Baltic Sea Remixes” [Higher Love Recordings]
  • Graz, Austria footwork /bass /jungle /techno producer Sun People – “Tell Me Something” from V/A “EXIT100 Pt. One” compilation LP 12″ [Exit Records UK]
  • Iceland ambient electronic producer Árni Grétar, AKA Futuregrapher “Moog Meditation 1” from “Moog Meditation” album [Móatún 7]
  • Copenhagen, Danish experimental ambient /drone /tape loops /electronic collage artist and musician Paw Grabowski, aka øjeRum “The Limited Circle Is Pure” longform CD album [Cyclic Law]
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico dark ambient /cosmic drone /space music veteran musician Scott Lawlor “This Deeper, Broader And Better Reality” from the longform album “A Living Continuation” [Neotantra]

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