WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – OCTOBER #43 – 22

Takuma Nakahira photography

  • RND 066 – MONGER                                                                                                            

Courtesy of Chicago‘s Research & Development mix series, Louisville-based producer and Dead Channel Records label head, Monger, delivers an hour chock full of Mutant Electronics, seamlessly fusing weirdo Acid, scum Electro scorchers, broken gutter Techno, haunting Minimal Synth, and crushing early EBM.

  • Brazil/France Italo body music /dark disco duo Neurotiker & Betty_, AKA Nouveau Futur – “Amour ephemere” from V/A “RetroFutur” compilation upcoming on Mélopée Records

Sensual and haunting wicked early teaser from Melopees label’s first, and apparently, already essential compilation, “RETROFUTUR”. FrancoBrazilian duo channel urgent, obsessive visions to arouse a droning, dancing tapestry of flickering synth sparks and uncanny drifting flashes, steady slashing beats, and a relentless sultry swell of undulating bass shivers to rise and fall in uncanny cosmic sways under evocative breathless vocal desires, to lure the listener down a white rabbit hole of dancefloor bliss.

  • Italian EBM /Synth-punk duo Kokeshi Milk “Heart Beat” single

Italian DIY weird Synth-punk duo teases EBM and Techno leanings with a dark and dangerous moody single that ignites swarming, rumbling bass line menace weaved with hypnotic skipping kicks and pounding airy beats, driving agitated breathless vocalizations through a vexing veil of scratching metallic synthetic disruptions, to accelerate some earnest dancefloor heart beats ’till dawn.

  • Lithuanian psych /breaks /post-punk /leftfield /downtempo producer Shkema – “Benamių Rojus” from “Pinigų Vaikis” EP [Fucanglong Files]

Lithuanian weirdo analog electronic visionary producer concocts off-kilter, mind-expanding, and sultry spirals of chugging, stumbling, and downtempo rhythm patterns, reverberating dub vibes, warm sinuous undulating basslines, whirring and buzzing FXs, haunting post-punk undercurrents and eerily evocative echoing vocal wanderings, to conjure an intriguing blend of organized chaos dipped in cybernetic bliss.

  • Latvian leftfield electronic /experimental pop collaboration between Latvian multi-instrumentalist and producer Arturs Liepins and vocalist, ethnomusicologist Anete Stuce, Domenique Dumont “la Dolce Vita” from upcoming “X” compilation “ten years of loving notes and foolin around 20122022” on Antinote
  • London based duo of reggae veteran Nick Manasseh and David Hill (formerly of the Ballistic Brothers and founder of Rootikal), AKA Soul Revivers “Harder Version” from “Grove Dub” album (dub version of “On The Grove” LP) on Acid Jazz
  • UK ambient /trip-hop /dub /hip-hop /techno /electronic foundational project Cold Light member, Birthmark “Black Sheep” off upcoming debut EP “Lamentations”
  • UK acid house /electro /disco DJ/producer Geoff Kirkwood, AKA Man Power w/ Junto Club & Club Tularosa – “Blood Money Power” off upcoming EP on his own Me Me Me label
  • UK ambient /industrial /experimental electronic composer, sound designer, and interdisciplinary artist, Venus Ex Machina “The Abyss” from the upcoming LP “Doxa” on AD 93
  • UK experimental songwriter-electronic musician Jane Weaver‘s experimental ensemble in collaboration with Peter Philipson and Raz Ullah, AKA Fenella “The Metallic Index” title track from the upcoming LP on Fire Records
  • Brussels electronic musician and composer Maxime Denuc “Infinite end” from the album “Nachthorn” (composed using the St. Antonius Church in Düsseldorf as a synthesizer) on Vlek Records
  • Late 80s/early 90s Bulgarian experimental /avant-garde new wave /prog /noise /folk pop band led by Emil Valev, AKA Violetov General – “Dvigatel” from the vinyl album “Gentle Reactor” remastered collection of old and new material upcoming on Osàre! Editions
  • Ambient /experimental /techno producer Double Tip – “Portalia” from the cassette album “Fothe” [HOMVA025] on HOMVA
  • Vilnius, Lithuania experimental /ambient /drone /electronic producer Undveld “Gather In Patterns” from V/A “Stasis III” cassette compilation on Static Motion
  • French experimental /ambient /cosmic synth /techno /electronic music artist Franck Vigroux – “Cassette” from the forthcoming album “Magnetoscope” on raster
  • Miami-based ambient /techno DJ and producer, Jonny From Space “Wetland” from the EP “No Swim Advisory” [OMD029] on Omnidisc
  • Italian influential funk /electro /techno /electronic producer from Rome, Marco Passarani (half of the duo Tiger & Woods), aka PASSARANI “Riding Time Waves” from “The Dot And The Circle” EP 12″ on klakson
  • US acid techno duo Johannes Auvinen (Tin Man) and Max Ravitz (Patricia), AKA Ociya “Orbital” from “Celestial Body Music” album on Acid Test
  • Toulouse, France ambient /experimental /industrial /dungeon synth /dark wave /dark electronics producer Alison Flora (Abyssal, Sun Dogs, AFB, Blind Delon), AKA Sopoorific – “Iron Tears” from the upcoming cassette album “Waterfall Cave” on Grande Rousse Disques
  • Mexico City dark ambient /ritual /drone /experimental dark electronics producer and Psychophonie De L’éternel label founder, Self-Awareness – “Death Before Death” off V/A “Ineffabilis Incorporeus” compilation album [Psychophonie De L’éternel]
  • Saint-Petersburg based acid /new beat /cold wave /electronic artist Anastasia Zems – “Underwear” off upcoming “Confession Time” EP on Human Endeavour Records
  • Vienna‘s leftfield /industrial /new beat /wave /electro producer and Neubau label co-founder Florian Stöffelbauer, aka HEAP “No Palm Too Big feat. Gayna Rose Madder” from upcoming “False Hope” EP [Isla]
  • Zürich based New Beat /EBM /Synth Wave /Techno producer (half of GOTT), Scannoir “Through My Silence” title track from the EP “Through My Silence” [Frigio Records]
  • Newcastle, Australia industrial /drone /noise /techno producer Jason Campbell (AKA the Steel City) AKA Collector “Pacing The Perimeter” from “Pacing The Perimeter” EP 12″ on Steel City Dance Discs
  • Toronto‘s EBM /industrial /darkwave /dark electronic project by ex-Crystal Castles drummer and producer Cam Findlay, aka KONTRAVOID “Judgment (Kris Baha Remix)”
  • Obscure early 80s German new wave act Tiffy L’Amour – “Follow Me (Frey & Menqui Glockenspiel)” from V.A. – “SETR008″ EP 12” on Serious Trouble
  • Mar Del Plata, Argentina EBM /industrial /harsh noise /techno producer Sawdust “Behelit” from upcoming “Scowl” EP on SHISHI
  • Italian experimental /EBM /electronic /techno producer Enrico Cesaro (Mace.) AKA Entire City ”Winter Without You” from split cassette EP “Analogie Perdute” by Entire City & Diana Berti on Blame Records
  • Pittsburgh, PN experimental /electro /EBM solo project Snake “Sod Body” from cassette album “Collection III” on Irish Tapes series
  • French industrial hard techno DJ-producer DRAMÄ – “Wet Terror” from V/A “Free Download Series – Season 4” EP on Expel Your Demons
  • Amsterdam dub /breakbeat /industrial techno producer HELLDEGÅRD aka OPUS OCCVLTIIS “Shad” from V/A “Modern Forensic Reconstruction” EP on Public Sex Regime
  • Berlin-based EBM /Industrial /Techno live duo Schwefelgelb “Dann Kommt Der Schleier” from “Whirlpool-Gedanken” EP upcoming on their own label n-PLEX
  • AustralianIrish techno /electro collaboration between producers Mikey Melas & Matthew Flanagan, AKA Jensen Interceptor x DeFeKT – “Mr Kinney” from “Free Your Body” EP [Tresor Records]
  • French dark techno /electro producer Human Rebellion “Dystopia” from “Inverted Universe” EP on Warehouse Manifesto
  • Leipzig electro funk producer (owner of YUYAY, part of Clear Memory), Robyrt Hecht – “Exploitation / Liquidation” from the EP “Yskayan Knowledge” on YUYAY Records
  • French techno /acid /electro producer SOD-90 “Nicotine” from “Krach” EP (EVR005) on Emotional Voyage ​
  • Moscow based breaks /techno /electro producer Undergroover “Narkotiky” from V/A “Funktion Disorder” [OT19] compilation album on Ovelha Trax
  • Megan Thee Stallion “Tuned-in-freestyle” (Tyrel Corp Edit)
  • Berlin-based Italian native rave /house /trance /EBM /breakbeat /techno DJ-producer (Wax / Tusk Wax co-founder and one half of Y2C with Curse), Younger Than Me “The Early Sound Of Nothing” from “WAR1206″ EP 12” on Warning
  •  Italian electro-rock /techno /indie dance/dark disco DJ-producer Manuel Biscaro AKA Low Manuel “Panzer (Sid Le Rock remix)” from “Panzer / Raum (Remixed Single)” single off upcoming full-length LP “Ocean’s King” on Beachcoma Recordings
  • London-based Middle East /breaks /bass /new wave /hip-hop /electro jazz solo project The Maghreban “Waiting (Paul Woolford x Special Request Rework)” on zootrecords
  • Berlin based, Tel Aviv‘s trance/ wave /techno /electronic producer and owner of ‘Disco Halal‘ label, Moscoman feat. Zoot Woman – “Reinvention (Alan Dixon Remix)” from ” Adventura” EP [Crosstown Rebels]
  • Berlin-based, Lecce-bred Italian eclectic electronic DJ/producer Massimilano Pagliara “Pepper On The Tongue Feat. Curses” from “See You In Paradise” double vinyl album on Permanent Vacation
  • Berlin-based collaborative Electro /New Wave /Dark Disco collaboration of producer Kalipo and DJ/producer couple Local Suicide “Cobra Wave (AFFKT Remix)” off “Eros Anikate – Artemis Remixes’” the second of four remix EPs from their debut album [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Brazilian cosmic disco /indie dance production duo Vasconcellos & Memachine – “Disco Inferno” off “Disco Inferno” EP [Print ID]
  • Spanish indie dance /dark disco DJ/producer Calystarr “Reborn (Parissior Remix)” off “Reborn” EP on Espacio Cielo
  • Mexico City indie dance producer duo, Ali X X Ximena – Viaja Volaras (Vleks Remix II)” off upcoming V/A “MEXTAPE Remixes VOL 2.” on Controlla
  • Paris, France acid /electro /techno /synth-wave /trance DJ-producer Desire “Lumiere (MZA Remix)” off “An Ode to Our Night” EP on Matière
  • London-based electronic producer Jezebell – “Re-birth” off upcoming EP “Diavol Edits Vol. 7”
  • Montreal, Québec based ambient /minimal /jungle /psych /dub /jazz /modular electronic duo Aguma “Seventeen” from the vinyl album “Spatium” via Chez KitoKat Records
  • Munich, Germany ambient /breaks /techno /hip-hop /drum & bass DJ/producer (one half of Zenker Brothers and Ilian Tape co-founder), Marco Zenker – “Silent City” from the album “Channel Balance” on Ilian Tape
  • Manchester based IDM /ambient /dub /downtempo /electronic producer Joe McBride AKA Synkro “Signal” from “Information” EP on R&S Records
  • Sweden/Argentina ambient /techno production duo Axling & Pulso “untitled IV” from cassette album “untitled” on offworldcolonies ltd.
  • Tel Aviv based experimental ambient electronic Israeli singer, songwriter, and film composer Zoe Polanski “Rewind ריוויינד” from the album “Mini DV (Original Soundtrack)” soundtrack of a documentary film by Shauly Melamed
  • Auckland, New Zealand experimental /psychedelic /electronic producer Kraus “Sandcastle Abbey (Mum’s Mix)” from cassette album “Chronic Illness” on Artsy Records
  • Los Angeles native experimental /ambient /synth /electronic sound artist and musician, part of Objects & Sounds’ Clay Bodies project, Cate Kennan “Light Blue” from the debut album “The Arbitrary Dimension Of Dreams” on Post Present Medium
  • Parisian dark ambient /drone /electronic sound artist IREZUMI “Stellaire” from “Live in Angers” album
  • San Diego, CA ambient /experimental /electro-acoustic /modern classical project Daily Rituals – “Street lined with temples” from the album “A few stories, one where we all die by”
  • US ambient /drone /electronic collaboration zakè / Marc Ertel / James Bernard “Who Hath Listened” from the cassette album “Hearkeneth” upcoming on Florina Cassettes
  • New-Age ambient drone traveling musical family made up of Pan-Asian couple, ITTA (from South Korea) and MARQIDO (from Japan), aka TENGGER “Maunam” from the 7th studio album “Earthing” on Ramble Records
  • French Ambient /Drone /Electroacoustic /Soundscape sound artist Gaëtan Tassin AKA Maussene “Don’t Look Down” from “Summit” album on Mare Nostrum
  • Montreal, Québec classical /analog synth /orchestral project of composer Mathieu David Gagnon AKA Flore Laurentienne “Promenade” from “Volume II” album on RVNG Intl.
  • Tbilisi, Georgia ambient /techno producer Tade “Place 04” from the album “Go any place, examine anything” 7″/10″ vinyl editions on Móatún 7
  • Buenos Aires based ambient /drone /soundscape /electronic producer Juan Pablo Giacovino AKA Natural Life Essence “Uncharted Lands (Desolate Land Mix)” from the album “Uncharted Lands” via his own Liquid Frog Records
  • Italian ambient /modern-classical composer and violinist Francesca Guccione “Utopia I” single on Whales Records

Takuma Nakahira photography