WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #43

  • Italian dark synth electronic Dj, Producer, Remixer and head of Mannequin Records, Alessandro Adriani – ”All Your Future In The Darkness” off the V/A compilation “Despertar X Chile” in aid to Chile rebellion.

Crucial 52-track compilation in aid to the People of Chile‘s resistance against the longstanding neo-liberalism’s ruthless oppression that ceaselessly plague the South American Country since the 70s C.I.A. backed Pinochet regime. The dark, overpowering, psychedelic and gloomy electronic dirge embodies all the despair, anguish, suffering and terror for the umpteenth black page in the course of mankind.

  • Bristol, UK experimental/ambient/post-punk/cinematic/breakbeats/trip-hop/electronic new project from Jason Luxton (aka Overlook), featuring close friends Dean Warburton, Joe Theobald & the vocal talents of Manuela Marchis, LUCID DREAMS “Hallucinogenics” from s/t cassette album on The Stone Tapes UK

New project from The Stone Tapes label co-owner Jason Luxton (aka Overlook) and close friends is an emotionally-charged and poignant cinematic trip through ashen and dense soundscapes built with atmospheric synth pads, lumbering bass lines, hypnotic broken beats, fuzzed-out trip-hop rhythms, shades of post-punk, humming drones that reappear and disappear worming its way into the eerie darkness and misty realms of the senses.

  • Melbourne, Australia dark techno/jungle/UK garage producer Alex Campbell (one half of Perth’s Senate), CONSULATE “Bloodline” from “Bitterfeld#05″ 12” on Bitterfeld

I knew the producer duet from Perth, Senate through a track on a compilation from a couple of years ago and a fantastic 5-track EP last August on Art-E-Fax, a gritty, hypnotic, bouncing and rousing techno sound stuffed with breaks and hardcore. Now Brisbane-based member Alex Campbell under the Consulate moniker is going to relese a 5-track EP via German label Bitterfeld, adding further industrial and UK garage elements to the usual sonic palette. “Bloodline” opens in a tearing, clanging, hard-hitting industrial techno mode, with hints of breaks simmering underneath, shifting along, cutting through a thick haze of darkness into a hypnotizing, punchy and stepping drum & bass affair that keeps live and kicking throughout. Sick stuff!

  • Los Angeles based experimental/dub/electronic/spoken word collaboration between American performance body artist Ron Athey and UK producer and Anne Clarke collaborator David Harrow (High Stepper, James Hardway, Magnetic, Technova, Oicho), Ron Athey and David Harrow “Holy Woman” from upcoming album “Witness”
  • Los Angeles based industrial ritual experimental electronic project of Dominick Fernow (also Prurient), Vatican Shadow “The Base In The Land Of The Two Rivers (Al Farooq)” from upcoming album of unreleased archivial tracks “American Flesh For Violence” on Hospital Productions
  • Avant-electronics/acid synthpop/analog synth project by San Francisco-based Dutch instrumentalist and producer Paul Borchers featuring Tokyo‘s vocalist Yuko Araki, YOBKISS “The Sadness Destroyer (featuring Yuko Araki)” from the upcoming album “The Remains Of a Gone Optimism” on Medical Records
  • Space electronic musical moniker of Latvian composer and artist Agata Melnikova, Sign Libra “Sea of Islands” from her upcoming sophomore album “Sea To Sea” on RVNG Intl.
  • Danish/Swedish collaboration between Copenhagen‘s Loke Rahbek and Stockholm‘s Northern Electronics label boss Jonas Rönnberg, Croatian Amor & Varg2TM “Body of Carbon” title track from the upcoming EP on Posh Isolation
  • Saint-Petersburg, Russia witch house/dark electronic/death electro/synthwave project of Nikita Vasiliev, aka SKAEN “Dream Sequence” new single
  • Moscow‘s ambient/witch house/dark electronic project of Stanislaus S., Fraunhofer Diffraction
  • Luanda, Angola experimental/industrial/folk/electronic outfit, African Imperial Wizard “Idris Ibn” from the 12″ EP “Cetshwayo kaMpande” on Tesco Germany
  • US Drone/Ambient/Techno female producer Rrose “Dissolve” from ”Hymn to Moisture” album on EAUX
  • French industrial/techno/electronic producer, I Hate Models – ”Velvet” from “Intergalactic Emotional Breakdown” 12″ EP on Arts
  • Osaka‘s noise/industrial/techno producer Ryuji Takeuchi – “Noctambulism (Swarm Intelligence Remix)” from upcoming 12″ EP “Phenomenon of Combination” on London’s Depht Request                                                         
  • Italian dark techno producer and Rapid Eye Movement label head, VII Circle – “Breath Fire” from upcoming “Every End Is A New Beginning” EP 12″on Rapid Eye Movement                                                           
  • Copenhagen ambient/minimal electronic/techno producer Roger Semsroth, a.k.a. Sleeparchive “Tower (Original Mix)” off V/A “Persistence II” on Napoli’s Persistence label.
  • Iranian-born, Toronto-bred, Berlin-based based dark electronic / EBM / industrial producer/musician Emad Dabiri aka SARIN “Psychic Driving” from forthcoming SARIN’s debut album “Moral Cleansing” on Bite               
  • Argentina‘s experimental / EBM / industrial / dark noise electronic female producer GOLPE EROTICO “Naufragando Entres Esperanzas” first single from forthcoming tape on SNAKE EYES & SEVENS
  • Greek lo-fi/dark ambient/industrial/electronic project by Penelope’s Fiance and Dj Loser aka Magdalena’s Apathy ”internet_shamanism”                                                                                                                                      
  • Bristol, UK experimental, raw, roots, dub, abstract techno producer and Young Echo crew affiliated OSSIA “Crowd Psychology” from new EP “The Marzahn Versions” on Berceuse Heroique
  • Latvian post-industrial / darkwave / dark electronics producer CRYING SKIES “SHSS (Six Hundred Sixty Six)”        
  • Berlin-based, German new beat/avant electronic producer & live performer Stefan Junge, aka PISKA POWER “Grad III” from 6-track EP/Mini-LP ‘Eiter Mit Stulle’ is a 6 track EP/ Mini LP on Power Station
  • Russian experimental/ambient/EBM/glitch/electronic music project based in Petrozavodsk, Stairway Maze “Anomaly” from “Kelevra” on aliensproduction
  • London-based analog electronic synthpop project of Franco-Canadian DJ and former Battant singer Chloé Raunet aka C.A.R. [Choosing Acronyms Randomly] ”Pressure Drop (Suzanne Kraft Remix)” new single EP on Ransom Note Records
  • Hamburg-based Russian industrial/electro DJ, producer and vocalist Xenia Beliayeva “Ultra Glamour” from 2-track EP on Anthony Rother’s Datapunk Label                                                                                                         
  • London-based industrial/wave/EBM/dark electronic producer, co-owner of June Records operated along with June and 1/2 of Manie Sans Délire, Trenton Chase “Wind Shear” from upcoming 7-track LP “Planar Array” on Artificial Dance
  • London, UK industrial/dark electronics/techno duo High Speed Violence “Immanence” from V/A “Stroberload Vol 1” via London’s Stroberload
  • Vilnius, Lithuania bass-heavy ‘rock-infused dirty disco’ duo of Liudas Lazauskas (aka Roe Deers) and Titas Motuzas, BDHBTS – “Uždaras Vakaras (Zakmina Remix)” from upcoming “Bad Habits” EP 12″ on Good Skills
  • Lyon, France industrial/acid/electronic producer and co-founder of the label Rafale Records, L’Ätlas “Spark In Haze” from “Faceless” EP on Berlin’s Autonome Records
  • Russian dark techno producer (aka relicttape), Less Instructions ‘Transient’                                                                 
  • Tel Aviv‘s techno/breakbeat/electronic producer JACK CAREL “First Time Acid” from “Pass And Smack” LP on INSANE INDUSTRY
  • Berlin-based experimental electronic live act of Volruptus, Alex the Fairy, and Rachel Lyn, aka 3Ddancer “(Melon Road)” from the collection of live-track album “Great Fucking Success”.
  • London-based experimental/grime/dubstep/drum&bass/minimalistic/ electronic producer and co-head of Different Circles label, LOGOS “Eska (Ossia Remix)” from the new “Fifth Monarchy” EP on Berceuse Heroique
  • Sidney, Australia dark wave electro collaboration Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code “Wrong Place” from “Rotorwerks” EP on SolarOneMusic sublabel Rattleznake
  • São Paulo, Brazil electronic Dj/producer Vermelho Wonder – “O Corpo (Khidja Remix)” from EP “O Corpo” on ODDiscos                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Belgrade, Serbia experimental psychedelic electronic producer WhyBaneWhy, aka Kӣr – “Topot” off of “Балчак” due to be released on the 01.01.2020 via Disk                                                                                         
  • Spanish/Brazilian ethnic electronic collaborative project between Yunclas & Leila “Voluntary Punisment” from “Voluntary Punishment/Ziyara” on Grabaciones Autobombo
  • Noir electronic/wave duo of Italian synthesist Andrea Noce (Eva Geist, As Longitude) and Albanian poet/performer/singer Jonida Prifti (Acchiappashpirt, Opa Opa), aka J A “Akoma” from the upcoming album “Enter ja” on The Hague’s Rubber label.
  • Montreal-based ambient/synth/electronic duo, Solitary Dancer “Generation Exit” from “Rites Of Passage” on his own label Private Possessions
  • Dark ambient/minimal wave/electronic solo project of former member of English 80s electronic band Shoc Corridor, Chris Davis – “Traction (Machinegewehr Remix)” off of the upcoming EP “Travelling Light” on Electronic Emergencies
  • Australian ambient/kraut/psychedelic/electronic/’Krautback’ duo of Kris Baha and Dreems, aka Die Orangen – ‘”Zwei (feat. Hayley Morgan)” from the upcoming sophomore album “Zwei Orangen” on Malka Tuti               
  • Spanish indie dance/dark disco collaboration, Ivan de la Rouch & Mike Sacchetti – “Hammer (Tronik Youth Remix)” from “Stages” EP on Logical Records                                                                                                         
  • Danish-born, Luxembourg-based experimental electronic artist Martin Jensen, AKA The Home Current “River Keeper” b-side of ‘Red Ice” 7″ single on Polytechnic Youth 48                                                                     
  • Bristol, UK ambient/IDM/electronic producer UTOPIA CLOAK “Mourning” from the upcoming “Movement” EP on Florklang                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Canadian native IDM/analogue synth/electronic producer Mike “Dopefist” Verde, aka DOPEFIST “Live Life With Love In Your Heart” from the EP “Nice Dreams” on Gated
  • Anglo/American ambient/post-rock/electronic collective led by Minneapolis-raised, Casablanca-based hammered dulcimer player Joel Hanson (Judgement Of Paris), with guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Richard Adams (Hood, The Declining Winter, Western Edges), violinist Sarah Kemp (Lanterns On The Lake, Brave Timbers), pianist Gareth S Brown (Hood) and multi-instrumentalist Chris Cole (Movietone, Manyfingers), MEMORY DRAWINGS “The Final Curtain” from the mini-album “Phantom Lights” via Athens’ sound in silence
  • UK ambient/drone/music concrete/experimental artist Louis Johnstone (aka Wanda Group), aka THE HERS “Super 32” from the limited vinyl and cassette reissue of the LP ‘Tough Cunt’ (originally released on Sex Lies Magnetic Tape in 2012) via Death Is Not The End
  • Polish ambient/neo-classical/electronic composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Olga Wojciechowska “Memory Of The Pioneers” from the new album “Infinite Distances” on A Strangely Isolated Place / ASIP
  • Ukrainian ambient/minimal piano solo-project of Oleksiy Sakevych, from Kyiv, Endless Melancholy “Moments We Spent Together” off 2-track digital single on Past Inside the Present
  • Valencia-based ambient/drone/neo-classical/field recordings artist Edu Comelles “This Winter Sun” from the new album “Still Life” on Facture

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