WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips –  OCTOBER #40-23



  • INDEx Mix #39 – ROEL FUNCKEN                                                                                                                                    

A legend in his own right with releases dating back more than 23 years on labels such as n5MD, Ad Noiseam, Schematic, Analogical Force and his own Funcken Industry imprint, Dutch producer Roel Funcken (Shadow Huntaz, Funckarma) with a sublime set of twisted, wonky and glitched IDM ‘beats abstraction’.

  • Leipzig-based cross-genre techno /electro collaboration, Interviews & FR Fels “Passage” from the upcoming “The Adventures of Helmut Muten” EP 12″ [brokntoys]

One of the two compelling Brokntoys releases in which Leipzig‘s FR Fels is involved, in collaboration with fellow Interviews. A ‘Passage’ through a secret tunnel where a flickering desire slowly emerges from a moody atmospheric breakbeat-driven introspection, fuses crisp hypnotic broken rhythms, droning low ends, nightmarish vocal loops, and obsessively lonesome synth reverberations, expanding among the deep icy folds of night-enhanced visions.

  • Okayama, Japan nu-disco /acid /house electronic music producer KEITA SANO “Runner” from “Love Is Emotion” EP 12″ [Delusions of Grandeur]

Hypnotic wicked acidic low ends, crisp clapping percussive grooves, overlaid by funky staccato guitar flourishes and sweeping rustling Fxs from prolific Japanese producer, to plunge into a dark, disturbing yet compelling vortex of dancefloor delirium.

  • Dutch techno /electro music producer and LDI Records head, Erik Griffioen, aka Lloyd Stellar “Make My Planet Rock” from V/A “Fear No System” compilation [Fear No System]

A crisp and razor-sharp, high-energy slab of unrelenting mechanical Electro frenzy with a vintage feel, encircled by icy-bright spacey synth flows, reverberating high-pitched frequencies, and insistent vocal loops, it can’t help but make your planet rock as well.

  • Copenhagen‘s ambient /electronic band Lust For Youth – “Blue Suzuki” from upcoming V/A “I Am Here Now, When Will You Be Here Again?” compilation [Posh Isolation]
  • Brussels-based, French ambient /electro-acoustic /electronic multimedia artist, Christophe Bailleau “Trip Heritage” from the LP “Vertical Moon Phase Charm” [Mahorka]
  • UK ambient /drone /electro-acoustic musician Phil Self, aka Dau “Neu” off upcoming LP “Gilly’s Wood” [Phantom Limb]
  • Anonymous experimental /ambient /drone /modern classical composer, Glåsbird “Terra Australis” from the album “Antarctica” [Whitelabrecs]
  • Bulgarian ambient /experimental /drone / electronic /dark techno producer Etien Slavchev, aka Evitceles “I Want To Be Eternal” from V/A – “Summer’s End vol. 3” CD compilation [Post Hoc]
  • UK electronic /pastoral /hauntology /soundtrack /folk /folktronica producer Vic Mars “Cwm Llwch” from “The Beacons” LP [Clay Pipe Music]
  • Beirut, Lebanon-based ambient /drone /tape hiss /electro-acoustic home recording musician and puppeteer Yara Asmar “It is 5:00 pm and Nothing Bad Has Happened to us (yet)” from the cassette album “Synth Waltzes & Accordion Laments” [Hive Mind Records]
  • Frankfurt Am Main, Germany ambient /electro-acoustic /minimal synthesist and composer, Jogging House “Semantics” from the album “Because” [Seil Records]
  • Iceland ambient /drone /field recordings sound artist, de Velden – “A fleeting thought, forgotten (Hallgrimskirkja)” from V/A “Sounds from Iceland” [Cities and Memory]
  • California-based ambient /drone /neo-classical /electronic multifaceted musician and composer, Kenneth James Gibson “Poured Semi Silently Upon You (Christopher Willits Remix )” from upcoming CD album “Further Translations” [Meadows Heavy Recorders]
  • Reykjavik/Stockholm ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /electronic /experimental /cello /modern classical Swedish artists, Mikael Lind & Johanna Sjunnesson “Wave Cycle” from the album “Wave Cycles” [Whitelabresc]
  • Icelandic ambient /drone /soundtrack /modern classical composer and musician from Reykjavík, Kjartan Holm “Limitless, pt. II” from the album “HORIZON” [I N N I]
  • Yorkshire, UK experimental /ambient /kosmische /analogue synth musician CRAVEN FAULTS “May Birching” on The Leaf Label
  • NYC‘s ambient /kosmische /psych /improv modular-polyphonic synth musician David Mason, aka Listening Center “The Silver Cord” from the album “Exteriorizations” [Temporary Tapes]
  • Stoke On Trent, UK classic ’70s/80s TV theme compilations, film soundtracks and sound effects inspired electronica music project of Phil Heeks, aka the British Stereo Collective – “Snö” of V/A “Snö” 30-track 3xCD compilation album of ambient, acoustic and electronic via wiaiwya
  • London-based Planet Dog affiliated ’90s Psychedelic Acid Dub Breaks Electronica duo Rob Henry & Daniel Goganian, aka Children of the Bong “Symbiotic” from the album “Sonic Ambulance” (first release from a hidden treasure trove of unreleased live material )
  • Australian ambient /drone /field recordings /percussive /deep house /electronic artist Alex Albrecht “Forest Dance” from the 12″ album “Violet Visionary” [A Strangely Isolated Place]
  • Copenhagen-based ambient /experimental /breaks /electronic interdisciplinary artist Hasfeldt – “Single Thought” from V/A “The River Is A Dancer” cassette compilation [Janushoved]
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia ambient /IDM /folktronica /experimental /electronic solo multi-instrumental project closeyoureyes “a” from the album “ālea (live)” [EQ, Ambient sublabel / EC Underground]
  • Munich based ambient /breaks /dub /techno /machine funk producer and half of Zenker Brothers and Ilian Tapes co-head, Dario Zenker “ASM 61 Gate” from the 12″ album “Reflection” [ILIAN TAPES]
  • Brooklyn, NY ambient /deep house /dub techno producer P.Bud “Non-Terra” from “Dopen” EP [Aronia]
  • UK first dub excursion from veteran electronic producer-musician (one half of The Grid and Beyond The Wizards Sleeve), Richard Norris “The Third Day” from “ORACLE SOUND Volume One” album
  • Norfolk, UK ambient /IDM /electro-acoustic /musique concrète /minimal /field recordings /post-classical project of Neil Stringfellow, aka Audio Obscura “Sjælland Sound” from the cassette album “The Xenakis Station” [Woodford Halse]
  • Brussels-based ambient /techno /electronic producer Sublyme Diagonal “Maxiphone Part-1” from “Mode Demo” album [Thin Consolation]
  • Berlin-based ambient /IDM /breakbeat /downtempo /electronica Melbourne‘s production duo YS – “I Luv U” off 2xLP album “Brutal Flower” [Pace Yourself]
  • Australian experimental /ethnic /indie dance /trip-hop /psychedelic /downtempo /electronic producer DREEMS “Un Peu Sage” from “Drums Ov Sage 1 (Edits & Dubs 20162023)” EP 12″ [Emotional] Especial
  • Fribourg-based goa trance /space /psych /breakbeat /wave /downtempo /electronic duo Vincent Gross and Nicola Marthaler, aka Los Pashminas – “Fog Trot” from V/A “Estado De Golpe lll” [Sonidos Subterraneos]
  • Athens based, Greek psychedelic /trance /kraut /ethno /techno /electronic producer Aggelos Baltas (aka Dream Weapons and Fantastikoi Hxoi), aka Anatolian Weapons – “Heliotrope” off the upcoming album “Earth” [Subject To Restrictions Discs]
  • Ukraine-born, Warsaw-based psych /trance /bass /breaks /downtempo /acid /tribal electronic DJ-producer, Shjva – “Calypso” from the upcoming V/A “Various Artists 001” compilation [Estuary Tapes]
  • Warsaw based dark disco /wave /esoteric /psych /downtempo producer, DJ, live performer and Lucyna Records co-owner (member of House of Lucy, and Personal Sauveur), TAMTEN “It Spreads With Data” from upcoming LP “End Of That World” [Lucyna Records]
  • Malta-based acid electro producer (½ of Moodex), Vertical Dimension “In Between” from V/A “Broken Global System” EP compilation [Distorted Sensory Perception]
  • Leipzig-based electro producer and co-founder of art space and label Ortloff, FR Fels “Planet Fear” title track of upcoming EP 12″ [brokntoys]
  • South Korea‘s enigmatic ambient /trance /breakbeat /electro producer Pyramid of Knowledge “World Heroes” from “World Heroes” EP [Unknown To The Unknown]
  • Swedish acid electro duo Dataintrång / Luke Eargoggle “Center Of The Universe” from “Astroworld: Gemeni” EP [Stilleben Records]
  • Chilean cold techno /electro artist Magda Rot – “Coincidences” off “Soft Metallics” EP 12″ [Return To Disorder]
  • French EBM /new beat /techno /electro DJ-producer Djedjotronic “Frozen” off ”Smog on the Dancefloor” EP [Italo Moderni]
  • Leeds, UK ambient /hardcore /noise /techno duo Soft Issues “Scum Filter” from the third cassette album “Repulsion” [Natural Sciences]
  • Colombian EBM /industrial /techno producer GLYF “Night Call Of Cthulhu” from “Sacred Remnants” EP [RECS]
  • Scottish soundtrack /synth /horror dark disco duo from Glasgow, Ubre Blanca “Polaris” from the album “Fire in the Sky” [Khoinix]
  • Paris-based EBM /wave /techno producer The Marquis – “Black (Xarah Dion Persona Non Grata Remix)” off “Nebula Aranea #3” cassette compilation [Bella Ursa]
  • German goth coldwave /EBM producer Johannes Stabel, aka XTR Human – “ I Want More (Sob Story ‘Wants Less Remix’)” from the upcoming EP “I Want More” [WIE EIN GOTT]
  • Brand new industrial /techno /EBM project from Berlin legend Boys Noize, aka EVA – “Industrial Hope” off upcoming V/A “Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX” 3xCD and 2xLP, compiled and curated by Luca Venezia (aka Curses) [Eskimo Recordings]
  • Mexican Industrial /Techno duo project originally from Chiapas, RED DEVIIL – “SEPARADO DE LA REALIDAD” from upcoming “Separado De La Realidad” EP [S H I S H I]
  • Italian EBM /industrial /techno /dark underground electronic artist Elia Carletti, aka Rōnin – “The Council Of Leviathan (Endless Nothing Remix)” off the “The Council Of Leviathan” EP [Nu Body Records]
  • Tehran-based, Iranian industrial /noise /dark techno DJ/producer band founder and resident of Taboo Collective, Gestaltwandler – “Incarnate” from V/A “Earthquake Charity Compilation for Morocco” [Znzl]
  • Malmö-based, Swedish enigmatic darkwave trio ABU NEIN “Under Mercury (Xenturion Prime Remix)” [Progress Productions]
  • Berlin-based, Australian ethereal /EBM /Italo /darkwave /trance /synthpop /dark electronic artist and FLEISCH Records founder, Zoè Zanias, aka Zanias – “Simulation (Alen Skanner Remix)” [FLEISCH Records]
  • French EBM /new beat /techno /electro DJ-producer Djedjotronic “Smog On The Dancefloor (feat. Rein)” off upcoming ”Smog on the Dancefloor” EP 12″ [Italo Moderni]
  • South London based AngloAustralian EBM /Synth-Punk band PC WORLD “At Heaven’s Gate (MVTANT Remix)” from “Infinite Dream Weapon” EP on DKA Records (tape)
  • Brussels-based industrial techno producer 2+2=5 – “Lesser Things” off V/A “MUTANT MODALITY vol.1” compilation [Mutant Modality]
  • Grenoble, France dark electronics /acid /EBM /industrial /techno /metal producer Crystal Geometry “Runaways” [Hex Recordings]
  • Italian leftfield techno /breakbeat production duo Aderal “Above Morality (Original Mix)” off “Above Morality” EP [Strike On]
  • L.A. EBM /wave /electro /dub /techno DJ-producer (member of Sandwell District collective) Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant “M-87” from “In Memoriam” EP 12″ [Tresor Records]
  • Berlin dub /Detroit techno/hardgroove /tribal /techno producer Regent “Nocta from “Coral Knife” [Mutual Rytm]
  • Late ’80s ZYX Records classic by Frankfurt/Main‘s Oliver Lieb & Torsten Fenslau, aka Force Legato – “System (Mystery Edit)” from “80’S MYSTERY EDITS IV” LP
  • Paris, French goth /electro /dark disco /synth project of Flavien Gaubert (Order89/BAGARRE PERDUE), aka FLVN “Sensaciones Platónicas (feat. Abby Knives)” “Sensaciones Platonicas’’ EP on bORDEL Records
  • Berlin-based Electro /House /Wave /Synth-Pop /Dark Disco producer Kalipo “My Symphony Of Rage” from the upcoming LP “WUT” [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Berlin-based EBM /house /new beat /dark disco UK Producer-Remixer-DJ and Nein Records label boss, Neil Parnell aka Tronik Youth “Super Bomberman” (Tronik Youth Club Edits) [Nein Records]
  • Valencian Dark Disco /Italo Body music /Indie Dance producer Mundo D “Bladepunk” off upcoming EP “Bladepunk” [Espacio Cielo]                                                                                                                               
  • Mysterious indie dance /house /Italo /nu-disco production duo Boy Division – “Neon Leotard” from V/A “tici taci Decade volume 3” 10 years anniversary compilation [tici taci]
  • Rotterdam‘s Italo /electro /cosmic disco noir /synthpop producer Silas Schletterer, aka Machinegewehr “Sans” from “Life” EP [Bordello A Parigi]
  • Naples, Italian house /acid house /electro legend Walter Del Vecchio aka Quiroga “Once Again (DMX Krew Remix)” from”Acid Dropout” EP [Hell Yeah Recordings]
  • Jefferson Airplane – “White Rabbit (Genish EDIT)”
  • UK dark disco /indie dance /psych /slowmo /techno DJ-producer Duncan Gray “Walrus” [tici taci]
  • Spanish/Venezuelan ethnic /tribal /trance /dub /psych /breaks /downtempo collaboration, Azaria & Andrea Lacoste – “Bright Mood” from “Hexagrama” EP [La Belle Records]
  • Middlesbrough, UK  acid /psych /tribal /space disco /downtempo /electronic producer REES “Hydrate (Trip Mix)” from V/A “Tadamoun: A compilation for Moroccan Earthquake relief” [Ransom Note Records]
  • Swedish breaks /leftfield /psych /tribal /downtempo /electronic producer HOS “Leaping” off upcoming “Shaiyabra” EP [Electric Shapes]                                                                                                                                             
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian ethno /breaks /psych /house /electronic DJ-producer Carrot Green – “Domingo a Noite em Silva Jardim (Que Sakamoto+NT Bruma Remix)” from Que Sakamoto and Carrot Green‘s “Bruma” EP [Gop Tun]
  • Japanese psych /disco /house/techno /electronic artist Gem Wallow “I Am 5 Months Old (Original Mix)” first solo EP “鼓動 KODOU” [Playground Records]
  • Spanish downtempo /deep house DJ & producer DJ Ino “Dansu” [trndmsk]
  • Melbourne based breaks /dub techno /deep house duo of Sarah Morgan and Georgia Bird, IN2STELLAR “Something I Said” from “Body Beat” EP 12″ [Dansu Discs]
  • Melbourne IDM /breaks /psych /minimal /deep techno duo Lauren Squire and Matthew Wilson, aka OK EG “Circular Arc” from “Rivulets” 2xLP [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
  • Romanian ambient /breaks /drum & bass producer GRiD – “Fragments” from V/A “PRNS 003” compilation [Paranoise Radio]
  • Ghent-based, Belgian ambient /breaks /jungle /electronic artist Hector Devriendt, aka Jennifur “Someone Close” second single off Things Don’t Change Until They Do” album [Sweet Sun]
  • English pioneer electronic-techno musician, record producer and sound engineer, Steve Pickton aka Stasis “Hard Emotion” off “Quondam Sequences2 EP 12” [De:tuned]
  • Canadian ambient /drone /soundscape /electronic sound sculptor and field recording specialist, Minimal Drone GRL “Fields Of Heather” from the album “Through A Green Lens” [Bricolage]
  • Malta-based dark ambient /drone /electronic sound artist Coda Nautica “For Sleep” from the album “Intricate Harmonics” [Neotantra]
  • Japanese ambient /drone /electronica veteran sound artist and musician (Noir Son Repos), Chihei Hatakeyama “Live in Social London (Feb 27, 2023)” from the album “With Luggage In One Hand” a collection of Live performances from 2023 [White Paddy Mountain]
  • Colorado-based primitive droning kosmische producer Patrick R. Pärk “Lexical Mindset Overture” from the longform album “Esoteric Timeless Visions”
  • Barcelona-based dark ambient /IDM /bass /experimental /cinematic /downtempo /electronic musician and producer Jordi Saludes, aka D-Fried “The Spirit of the Young Poets” longform track  [See Blue Audio]
  • German-born (19332011) experimental cybernetic modern electronic music composer Roland Kayn “Superficies”

Photo © Roger Perry