WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – SEPTEMBER #39 – 22

Sunday in Peking (1956) by Chris Marker

  • Galactic Funk Podcast 103 – GAEL                                                                                                                           

Relocated to Berlin from the ominous gusts of war, Ukrainian talented artist Gael is an electronic producer and DJ we closely follow for a while. The latest DJ set, courtesy of Amsterdam’s Galactic Funk, as usual delivers her distinctive and imaginative take, all at once club-friendly and atmospheric, in exploring with relentless energy and uncompromising style the outer boundaries of industrial-flecked techno and experimental electronics.             

  • Milan, Italian ambient /minimal techno producer Korinami – “Chain Reaction” from “Rewind” EP on Diffuse Reality Records                                                                                                                                               

As the title might suggest atmospheric Minimal Techno sound from the Italian producer based in Milan, Korinami, slowly unfurls crackling and swooshing yet decreased rhythmic patterns encircled by glacial layers of oneiric contemplative synth melancholia lost in angsty cosmic isolation.

  • Athens, Greek experimental /cinematic /cosmic /psych /folk /dark electronic /electronic music producer and film director Yannis Veslemes (aka Felizol, Steamcut, Sportex), aka VESLEMES “Glass Eye False Perspective” from the upcoming “The Well” album on Macadam Mambo

Creatively mining a broad miscellaneous off-kilter vein of sonic elements varying from Electro, Industrial, Downtempo, Hip-Hop, Avant-Garde Techno Kraut, and Cosmic Synth-Pop to Greek Folklore, combined into a distinctive, crackling and phantasmagorical sound alchemy, Athenian musician Yannis Veslemes opens alternate buzzing and humming dimensions cast in zippy, glitchy FX, distorted robotic vocals, skipping crisp percussive patterns, digging hypnotic low frequencies to elicit unhinged paranoid moods, whilst expanding writhing subconscious thought forms into unexpected spatial delusions from disconnected mental circuity.

  • Brooklyn, NY based techno /electro music producer (half of Lithium Parasites) originally from Miami, ALONZO “Murmurio” from V/A “Imamiah” charity EP ‘Angel Series’ on Dundee’s Hilltown Disco

Creepy futuristic electro jam from New York denizen, part of the Scottish Hilltown Disco label’s charity compilation series, that triggers murky buzzing swells of creeping low-end vibrations and taut skipping snares to drive dangerous moods through spritely, angsty sparks and eerie wiry synth flutters, whilst minimal female dominations take the listener to the final stage of brainwave programming with cold calculating precision.

  • Malmö, Sweden ambient /drone /electro-acoustic sound artist John Reidar Holmes “Goodbye to Cape Farewell” from the album “Manichees and Madmen” on Whitelabrecs
  • Bologna, Italy based ambient /drone /electronic artist AROKIN, aka アロキン “Telling Stories” from “Vertical Migration” album on Neotantra
  • Nottingham, UK ambient /hauntology /experimental electronic project of Lee Pylon (DVS), AKA dogs versus shadows “The Room Where Everyone Goes” from “Oracle Mama Dot” album on Subexotic Records
  • Auckland, New Zealand experimental /psychedelic /electronic producer Kraus “Song From a Crystal Cave” from upcoming LP “Fire! Water! Air! Kraus!” on Soft Abuse
  • Manchester, UK drone /ambient /experimental /post-industrial /electronic musician and producer Bryn Jones, aka Muslimgauze “Zealot” (unreleased) ltd. flexi postcard on staalplaat
  • Berlin-based industrial /drone /post-folk /techno /electronic Slovakian artist, Nina Pixel “A Goddess Comes From Within the Earth” from the album “Ancestral Archeology” on weltschmerzen
  • Swedish dark ambient /industrial /ritual project of long-time collaborator of Nordvargr & Drakh in the legendary act MZ.412, lvtharm “God Of Sleep” off of the upcoming first solo album “Wrēkō” on Cyclic Law
  • Athens, Greece industrial techno DJ-producer ANFS – “Zalisou” from upcoming cassette mini-album “Olatatsi” [AVO014] on Agia Varvara Originals
  • Bogotà, Colombia industrial techno /rhythmic noise from the bad half of Alpha & Necromante, AKA Bad Faith Actor “Hypnagogia” from the upcoming album “Realm of Forms” [Phage Tapes]
  • Midwest acid techno producer/ engineer, GREY PEOPLE – “Agorophobia” from V/A “Spirits of The Black Lodge Vol. 4″ [BL006] EP 12” via SPIRITS OF THE BLACK LODGE
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina EBM /Industrial /Techno /Acid /Electro producer Dim Deck “Poison” from V/A “THEE ALPHA AND THEE OMEGA VOL X” cassette compilation on CLAN DESTINE CLICK
  • Los Angeles‘ industrial /EBM /dark techno /electronic project of DJ and producer Marc Gonya aka GRANITE MASK “Learn To Live With It” from the EP “Before The Storm” on Urban Legend Record Label
  • Swedish industrial pop /dark electronics headquartered in Stockholm, Majestoluxe “The Cold (Mr Monell /Emmon Remix)” from the EP ‘Frigorific” EP on KESS KILL
  • Colombian EBM /synth wave /techno /electroclash electronic musician, music producer and DJ from Medellin Esteban Mejía Gutiérrez AKA Stalker Ego “Lugares Cotidianos” from the album “Algoritmo Corporal”
  • Rennes-based dark ambient /EBM /industrial /dark techno DJ-producer, Weever “L’Homme Moderne” title track from the upcoming “L’Homme Moderne” EP tape on his own Vives label.                                                                                  
  • Oaxaca, Mexico native Electro-Industrial producer Ives Barceló – “Toma de Poder (Original Mix)” from “Máquina Eterna” EP on Bonkers
  • UK industrial /techno /electro producer Josh Williamson AKA Tumult “Regressive Force” from the ltd.10″ S/T EP on Beat Concern Recordings
  • Italian experimental /industrial /ambient /dark electronic producer Giuseppe Sciretti aka Nigh/T\mare “Primitive” from “Ceremony” EP 12″ upcoming on Forbidden Teachings
  • Tbilisi, Georgia EBM /Wave /Post-Punk /Dark Techno DJ and producer Ćyan ID “What I Feel in My Mind” from upcoming cassette album “Silent Past” on X-IMG
  • Ukrainian EBM /Acid /Noise /Industrial /Techno producer EXTENSIVE INFARCTION “FLEURS FANÉES” off of upcoming EP “Social Coma” on SHISHI
  • French hard techno producer Rorganic “DANCE WITH MY ANXIETY”
  • Florence-based electro /kraut /minimal /techno /nuwave project of Barcelona native DJ-synth musician Juanjo Obon AKA LoveTheMachine “Robots Cientificos” from “LoveTheMachine” cassette album [BNS 009] on Banshees Records
  • Belgium-based new beat /electro /Raï /electronic producer of Moroccan origin, Cheb Runner – “Raibotic Love / الحب الرايبوتي” from “Raï Beat System” EP 12″ on BrusselsOddball Fantasies
  • Mexican ambient /deep techno producer Arturo Jimenez, AKA Mogo – “Open Your Mind (Original Mix)” off “Open Your Mind” EP [trau-ma]
  • Welsh electro /techno producer, DJ and Typeless label founder, Aloka “Stage One” from “Stage One / Rotary-XL” EP on Typeless
  • Xiamen, China based Bulgarian techno /electro experimentalist Petar Tassev, aka MANASYt – “Trephiner” from his upcoming 12″ LP “Manasyt vs Sam Lowry” on Bunker Records.
  • Leipzig, Germany techno /bass /acid /breaks /electro producer Data Theft – “Data Loss” off upcoming 6-track “Data Theft” EP on Rat Life Records
  • New York hardware-based machine funk /acid /electro DJ-producer and The New U.S. Government head Michael Padgett, AKA Ole Mic Odd “Incense Dust In My 303″ from “Acid Booty II” EP upcoming on Source Material
  • Leeds, UK funk acid electro producer Alex Handley, AKA Auto Sound City “Deep Hidden Meaning” from the forthcoming EP “Colours May Vary” on Emotec Records
  • Leeds, UK house /acid /trance /cosmic /breaks producer Adam Pits – “Secret Entrance” off upcoming “Cosmic Confession” EP on Craigie Knowes
  • UK house /rave /breaks /jungle  DJ-producer Shadow Child “O Yeah” from “Empire” EP on Shall Not Fade
  • New York based EBM /new beat /Italo disco /breaks producer and Samo Records boss, Facets – “Rush” off upcoming EP “Impulse” [Dischi Autunno]
  • Guadalajara, Mexico indie dance /dark disco / electronic singer, DJ, and producer, Vongold “Pleasure Cinema (Marvin & Guys Remix)” off of “Pleasure Cinema” EP on Roam Recordings
  • Italian house /Italo disco /dance production duo Franz Scala & Fabrizio Mammarella, AKA Sesto Senso – “Bass Girl” from V/A “Slow Motion & Ritmo Fatale present Universo Parallelo” EP [Slow Motion & Ritmo Fatale]                                                                                                                                                       
  • Hamburg-based Italo /synth wave /cosmic disco producer couple Bizzarro Universe – Speed Of Light (Louis De Tomaso Remix)” off “Speed of Light” EP on Verflixt Music
  • Amsterdam based house /Italo disco production duo Lorenz Rhode and Lars Dales, AKA Sound Support – “Ciao” from “La Danse Heureuse” EP on Permanent Vacation
  • Mexican/Spanish indie dance /dark disco /synth wave producers Alex Aguayo & Silicodisco “Modern Nostalgia” off “Modern Nostalgia” EP on AEON
  • Mexican house /indie dance DJ-producer KickZologo – “Prohibido feat. Eliloop (Alex Aguayo & Javier Martinez Remix)” off “Prohibido” EP on Controlla.
  • Spanish indie dance /dark disco DJ-producer and Espacio Cielo head, Parissior – “Say We Want A Revolution Feat. Mike Sacchetti (Guyd Remix)” off upcoming EP on Espacio Cielo
  • Italian electro-dark disco producer, musician, DJ and co-owner of Raibano Records, Alberto Melloni – “Omega” off upcoming V/A “Pals Vol. 6” compilation on Play Pal Music
  • Parisian techno /house /Italo disco collective, label and party instigators Pardonnez-Nous “Trace magazine” from “Un aller sans retour” EP on Karakter Records
  • Berlin/Copenhagen disco /electro /Middle East /synth-pop collaboration Alexander Arpeggio & Nixxon – “Künefe (Vocal Version)” from “Künefe” EP on Eine Welt
  • FrancoTunisian house /funk /jazz /disco producer KX9000 “That Jewel (ft. Cosmonection)” from “Manual User” EP upcoming on Pont Neuf Records
  • Japanese ambient /jazz /post-rock guitarist-composer based in Tokyo, Yutaka Hirasaka “Time goes by” single
  • San Diego, Ca ambient /experimental project Daily Rituals – “Hollow World” from V/A “Music for Modern Discourse” compilation album on Trip FM/Triplicate Records
  • Melbourne-based ambient /drone /electronic multi-instrumentalist, producer and sound healer, Phoebe Dubar aka IKSRE (I Keep Seeing Rainbows Everywhere) “Woodlands (Summer, 10.28am) – Crystal Bowl Meditation” from the upcoming album “Awake Within A Dream (Sound Meditations, Vol. 1)” on Lo Recordings
  • Virginia based ambient /acoustic /field recordings /folk /guitar solo project Dear, Black Gold “I. Erosion” from “Suite: Mourning and Under Wing” album
  • Cambridge, UK lo-fi /ambient /tape loops /electro-acoustic sound artist Tim Martin, AKA Maps and Diagrams “Tsuki” from the upcoming album “Occupying Space” on Handstitched*
  • Florida‘s experimental electronic sound artist Josh Mason “New York, 20 August, 1969” from CD+Book album “Utility Music” 
  • Finnish/English/Brazilian experimental /ambient /drone project of Gruth (concept, production, electronics), Ellen Southern (vocals, field recordings, percussion) and Johanna Puuperä (violin, modular synthesizer, additional vocals), AKA All That We See or Seem “Myrskymielellä” from the album “All That We See or Seem” on Miasmah Recordings
  • Japanese ambient /electronic musician Yoshinori Noguchi based in Yokohama, Silentwave “Inner Voice” from the vinyl album “Inner Voice” on Oscarson
  • Missouri based ambient /vapor /electronic /piano musician, artist, and composer Spencer Hodo (FKA Forested Relics), 粉forestry – 赧 – from 粉unlimited LP on No Problema Tapes
  • Japanese live ambient /electronic trio of H.Takahashi, Kohei Oyamada and Yudai Osawa from Tokyo, ATORIS “Forest” from “Sea & Forest” album upcoming on tape via Moon Glyph

Sunday in Peking (1956) Chris Marker