WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips #39

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #39

Photo by Todd Hido

  • A Thousand Details – ATD Podcast 35                                                                                                                       

The weekly long mix comes from up-and-coming Portuguese techno DJ/producer (with ambient and drone music side projects) Gustavo Lima a.k.a. A Thousand Details from Porto, head of ATD Records and Reaktivate Records. ATD brings us into a gripping and hypnotic, as well as swift and hard-hitting, dark and deep journey through off-kilter facets of techno.       

  • Greek dark ambient/industrial/Middle East/damaged techno producer from Athens, NO/ON “Unoccupied Nests (Zevla Remix)” from cassette album “Fajir” (dedicated to the people of Palestine and their rights) on ZELA

Essential DIY ltd. tape release from Athenian experimental producer NO/ON, with an intriguing blend of industrial soundscapes and traditional elements from the Middle East, dedicated to the people of Palestine and their, increasingly forgotten and violated, rights. Our fave remix comes by Vanila label affiliated, DJ and producer Zevla (one half of NOOR1) with steadily hypnotic pummelling beats erupt in a relentless trample of industrial echoes and sinister, tightly rapid-fire bassline, whilst minimal, detached male vocals incite deep rage into the unstoppable rhythms of deliverance for the oppressed population of Palestine.

  • Danish dungeon synth/dark electronic/synthwave/kosmische artist Offermose “Stilhedens Tårn” title track from upcoming sophomore LP “Stilhedens Tårn”, co-released by Third Coming Records and Pomperipossa  

Danish dark synth sorcerer unveils his third and most menacing and meandering chapter of his impending ‘New Dark Age’, the title track “Tower Of Silence” blows evocative misty cinematic ambiences, soaring into a desolate sweeping and lustrous tide of dramatic majesty, swirling in spatial expansions, fraught with fear and pain, around fluttering swift synth tinkles, as ghostly, treacherous sibilant vocals release low howls of apocalyptic doom into the vast pull of destruction, then flow weightlessly in free zero gravity.   

  • Portuguese experimental/acid/dark electro DJ/producer Gonçalo Salgado, aka Lake Haze “Atomic Level” off the new EP of the same name on Russian imprint Private Persons                                                                   

Portuguese producer delivers one of his unmistakable deep yet powerful dark and wistful electro through jams through spastic sputtering acidic bassline voltage that ignites urgent robotic vocals, sizzling and stomping beats, and warm, soaring dramatic synth swathes to form a pulsating cyber force of enshrouding mechanical dancefloor rhythms.

  • Mexico City EBM/techno producer GEISTECH “Limerance” (promo)                                                                   
  • French experimental/drone/dark ambient/industrial electronic quartet, Ivy Told A Secret “Midnight Forever” from “Magnetic North” EP on Kalamine Records
  • Glasgow‘s dark electro DJ/producer Sebastian Swarm “Cobra Woman”                                                               
  • Montreal, Quebec no-wave/noise/industrial/power electronic project TOOTHKICKER “Form” from the upcoming “Form and Void” EP                                                                                                                   
  • Santiago, Chile experimental/dark ambient/soundtrack/industrial/techno producer VNZO “J.Neghme” from “Nadie esta olvidado” EP
  • Bogotà bred electroclash/industrial/EBM/dark techno DJ/producer based in Medellin and Ravetop Records head, RAVETOP “Parasitismo Idoneo” from upcoming V/A “Estratagemas II” cassette compilation on Pildoras Tapes
  • Berlin-based Australian industrial/noise/EBM/dark electronics producer and master-mind behind Power Station/Power Cuts, Kris BAHA “Struck” from the upcoming EP “Starts To Fall” on his Power Station imprint
  • Derry-based industrial/dark experimental electronic/EBM project of Christian Donaghy, AUTUMNS “Doire Jungle” from upcoming V/A – “Northern Nightmares II” (UNR008) cassette compilation on Up North Records
  • The Hague-based Greek new beat/electronic producer Pasiphae – “Possessed Realms” title track from the upcoming EP “Possessed Realms” on Pinkman
  • Lyon, France Industrial Body Music project of Timothée Gainet (aka Poison Point), IV HORSEMEN ”Heavy Ages” off the new EP “Human Age” on Fleisch
  • Russian EBM/acid/coldwave/electro producer and certified psychiatrist Alexey Bork, aka Rudiment “Living on Stage FT. Negative Datura” from upcoming V/A – “Northern Nightmares II” (UNR008) cassette compilation on Up North Records
  • German dark industrial techno/ rhythmic noise duo of Tim Kniep and Philipp Münch aka Synapscape :: “dirty deal (IMPERIAL BLACK UNIT remix)” from the album “a journey through concern” on Ant-Zen.
  • German industrial techno/dark electronic/EBM producer Hendrick Grothe from Leipzig, Blac Kolor “And Then You Died” from the EP “24U – Vol. 07”
  • London, UK Post-Punk/EBM/Darkwave/Industrial Techno/Rave/Electronic producer Oliver “Knuckle Love” title track from the upcoming EP “Knuckle Love (incl. Filmmaker & Lander Remixes)” on MSQ Records
  • Spanish industrial techno/EBM producer and Soil Records head, SOJ “Tramites de Media Noche” from the cassette album “Land of Lovers and Hammers” on Naples’ Infidel Bodies
  • US electronic project of 70s guitarist John deBrigard aka John English – “Vatican Thriller” from V/A “Biennale Di Bremen Vol.1” cassette compilation on Rome’s Knick Knack Yoda ‎– KKYWL08
  • French industrial techno producer SALEM UNSIGNED “Profane Voice (Original mix)” from “Blood Origin” EP on RND. Records
  • French acid/rave/hardcore/techno duo Tony Turbo & DJ Varsovie – “Toxic Invasion” off upcoming EP “To Live & Die In Sydney” (4 edits of their Sidney’s live show) on Intervision
  • Manchester, UK trance/rave/hard techno producer ANALECT “Let Me Take You On A Journey” from V/A “ATØMICA / Phase IV ” compilation series on Insane Industry
  • Berlin based, Manchester‘s techno producer Setaoc Mass “Inferno” from “Neo-Noir” [Double EP] on his own SK_eleven
  • Warsaw-based ambient/industrial/acid/techno project of Ukrainian electronic musician Pavlo Storonskyi “Stray” new 2-track single
  • Glasgow, UK techno/breakbeat electronic producer Ernesto Harmon – “De Felice” off V/A “RCR006” on fellow Reality Club label
  • L.A. techno/drum&bass/rave/breakbeat producer Wheez-ie – “Only Human” upcoming 10″ on Craigie Knowes’ offshoot C-KNOW-EVIL
  • Paris-based experimental techno producer EMMA DJ “More Is More Euphoric” from the upcoming “Fusion” split LP to be released Oct 2nd 2020 on L.I.E.S.
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK techno/breakbeat/electronic producer THE JAFFA KID “Regional Drone” off the “Withhold” EP
  • Moscow, Russia krautrock/dub/electro/EBM/wave/dark techno duo Ólta Karawane “Kokainpsychose” off upcoming edits compilation “Punkish et Metallic Part II” on Maturre                                                                                     
  • Stockholm, Sweden dark disco/new wave/space disco duo of Berlin-based James Brook (Ex. Pardon Moi frontman & Producer/Songwriter) and Swedish Producer/ Artist Josefine Larsson, aka SEX KINO “Alone Together” new single
  • Russian dark disco producer Alex Twitchy AKA Velax “Generation Y” title track from “Generation Y” EP on Nein Records
  • Polish cosmic disco producer Marcin Łukaszewicz, aka Das Komplex – “Silk (ROTCIV Transmix)” from Das Komplex & ROTCIV’s “Magic Silk #2” on Luv Shack Records
  • UK house/disco/electronic producer Alan Dixon – “Edge Of Forever (Prins Thomas Diskomiks ft. Bugge Wesseltoft)” off upcoming EP “Edge of Forever” on Correspondant                                                                       
  • Russian EBM/electro/dark disco/electronic producer DISCO MORATO “Mandato Divino” from the upcoming EP “Convocazione” on Nein Records
  • Sofia, Bulgaria Italo-disco/EBM/techno producer TECHNOBETON “No No (Franz Scala Remix)” off “Technobeton 2020” EP on ITALO MODERNI
  • Italian electronic/Balearic/Italo disco producer/DJ from Venice, BOTTIN “Got Headphones? (Bottin Rework)” from “Late Summer Compilation Vol.10 (Part I)” on Athens’ LAGASTA
  • L.A. based bedroom leftfield disco pop Tallinn‘s artist Maria Minerva “Apology” from cassette album “Soft Power” on 100% Silk
  • Portuguese native tribal/psych/ethnic/electronic duo Oxhala ’Earth Spirit’ off upcoming V/A “Earthly Tapes 02” album on Earthly Measures
  • Israelian psychedelic/dark disco/electronic project created by Tel- Aviv based producers/DJs Dori Sadovnik & Niv Arzi, aka RED AXIS “Mumbai Syndrom” off “Trips #3: India” EP on !K7 Records
  • Nantes-born/ Bruxelles-based coldwave/dark disco/queer techno producer, STRAPONTIN “Nervous Days” off upcoming “The End Of Logic” EP on Hard Fist
  • UK slow techno/psych producer (one half of Forgotten Corner), Nick Mackrory – “Montana” off 12″ EP on his own Colona label
  • Belgrade-based experimental/psych/cosmic/IDM electronic producer, Andria “Whispers of Hurricane Ike” on V/A ‘Label Sampler One’ out now on Sonorous Chamber
  • Amsterdam based Detroit inspired techno producer Human Space Machine – “Unconscious” from V/A “The Meaning of Time – Part II” via On Board Music
  • San Francisco based Indian sound architect and modular synthesist, Arushi Jain – “Moksha” from upcoming V/A “Connected #1” compilation of female electronic artists on I U WE records
  • London based experimental/abstract techno/glitch/industrial/electronic New Zealander producer EELING “Prelapsarian Circles” from debut “Terra Insana” EP on Freezing Works
  • Swedish electronic musicians Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren “A Tribute To Florian Schneider” In memory of Florian Schneider (1947-2020)
  • Italian experimental/ambient producer RASH “Post Human”                                                                               
  • Melbourne experimental/ambient/electronic producer Oliver Moir “Easy Now Girl, Come on Now Girl” from the album “I Rocked Till The Midnight Hour at Melissa’s Bat Mizvah” on Connection Verified
  • Austin-based ambient/kraut/cosmic/experimental artist Michael C. Sharp “An Exquisite Aberration” new single on Holodeck

Photo by Todd Hido

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