WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips #38

  • Mix Series 017 // [Meshes]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Weekly rad set from Moscow-based sound producer and a DJ Fedor Feoktistov, a.k.a. Meshes with a dark, stylish and rhythmic Techno and rumbling EBM flow imbued with industrial, decadent, intense poignancy and urgent punk energy.

  • Argentinian EBM/darkwave/electro/dark electronics duo of Extraña Sutura and Marceas (Waves co-founder), Dimensión Alterna – “Stand Up” from V/A “Héroes” compilation on Buenos Aires’ Perlas Label

A quite new DIY Argentinian label dealing with ‘electrónica futurista, distorsionada y experimental’, Perlas has dropped a solid 4-tracker of affiliated producers, a favourite is the EBM-infused Dimensión Alterna‘s calls to ‘Stand Up’ through off-tempo resonant droning beats bend by deep rumbling dirty bass oscillations, interspersed with sinister clunks and metallic rattles and sparse reverberating vocalizations to lay down dangerous obscure dancefloor rhythms amid eerie wicked pulsating chords’ repetitive trance-inducing flow.

  • Saint Petersburg, Russia house/electronic producer KITO JEMPERE “Time Traveler ft. Cedric Gasaida (Errortica Remix)” off “Time Traveler ft. Cedric Gasaida, Lipelis & Mujuice” EP

Encountered about three years ago as the first support DJ of the very early days of Saint-Petersbourg‘s Oberwave community, founded by Morze, Sasha Balykova, a.k.a. Errorrtica has been able to gradually build her own striking identity, and now her time seems to have come with a compelling track on the recent Les Yeux Orange‘s “Driving Blind” compilation, an announced debut EP always for the Parisian label and this remix of leftfield proto-house prowess that grooves magnetic dancefloor rhythms with a bouncing pulse acidic bassline, relentless punchy skipping beats, warm airy synth swells and emotional soulful female vocals exploring the enigmatic “Time Traveler” dimensions.

  • Greek experimental/industrial/wave/dark techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “The last arrow in his quiver” from upcoming cassette album “The cell with the transparent walls” on SOIL

Digged up on Soundcloud around 4 years back, so much so the owner of the site, to which I collaborated, interviewed him, the project of Fanis Tornikidis, like the epic hero, hence his name, through an increasingly wide mostly cassette-laden discography, is landed at the excellent SOIL label, to continue his eerie, visceral, and cinematic journey through minimalistic industrial techno trance-inducing mutations, amid sinister, echoing thumping and clattering rhythms, droning fluctuating textures, oppressive stasis, and swirling dramatic mechanical synth horizons, radiating an apocalyptic, nightmarish impending doom scenario of desolate concrete ruins, twisted metal sheets and environmental waste.

  • The Netherlands based, Florida-born dark ambient/experimental techno producer Nick Klein “Spider In Brown Powder” from the forthcoming album “Actor Network Theory” on Ideal                                   
  • Danish ambient industrial electronic collaboration of Loke Rahbek and Lust For Youth’s Malthe Fischer aka, CROATIAN AMOR & SCANDINAVIAN STAR “Power Corrupts” new single on Posh Isolation
  • Detroit-born/New York-based electro/synthwave/acid/techno solo project of niCo nightingale, Neud Photo “Mimetix” from V/A “Driving Blind (Vol.1)” compilation on Les Yeux Orange
  • São Paulo, Brazil EBM/darkwave/dark electronics project Obscure Nexus “Flower of destruction”
  • Los Angeles, Ca dark ambient/downtempo/dark electronics/deathbeats producer SNAKES OF RUSSIA “Beast Adorned” from the new EP “Carried To California In A Swarm Of Bees” on Errorgrid
  • Australian psychedelic/post-punk/electronic/industrial trio from Melbourne, MY DISCO “Hong Kong 1987 (Slow White Fall Remix)” from “Environment Remixes” album
  • Georgian Experimental/Ritual/Dark Ambient producer Sophie Zahmurely, aka Saahiwa – “Epigenesis” off upcoming V/A “Al-Ibtihal” on Moroccan imprint Rhadâb / Voidance (tape)
  • Krakow-based acid/electro/psych/electronic producer Olivia “Smoking Cage” from upcoming EP “Dancing Snake” on Pinkman                                                                                                                                                  
  • Copenhagen, Denmark EBM/new beat/acid/electronic artist ALBERT SEVERIN “Negative Space” from the cassette EP “Junk Sprocket” on Detriti Records
  • Berlin, Germany EBM /industrial /electronic duo SCHWEFELGELB “Der Wind Um Meine Waden” from the upcoming EP “Der Puls Durch Die Schläfen” on their new own label n-PLEX                                                   
  • Spanish industrial techno producer Tomas Ventura, aka SAMOT ‘Never Be Silent’ from V/A “Hostile Responses & Provocations Vol.1” forthcoming on London’s Depth.Request
  • Argentinian industrial/electro/EBM/dark techno producer/DJ and Waves co-founder, Marceas – “No sé” from upcoming V/A “Exhumación” compilation on Peruvian label Acero
  • Torino, Italy dark synth electronics /EBM /industrial techno /post-punk artist IRON COURT “Grown on Craters” from cassette EP “Etched Foresights” on Detriti
  • Amsterdam-based electro/wave/industrial techno/EBM producer 5713 “Eng ft. Vanessa” from the new “Agressie Is Het Antwoord” EP on Lisbon’s Eye For An Eye Recordings
  • The Hague based wave/dark electro-disco DJ-producer, soundtrack composer and co-owner of Giallo Disco Records, Antoni Maiovvi under his moniker YE GODS “Ye Gods-Prayer-(December Remix)” digital bonus from the album “Dumah” on L.I.E.S. Records
  • Bogotà, Colombia industrial techno/noise from the bad half of Alpha & Necromante, aka Bad Faith Actor “Watch The Flesh In Putrefaction” off upcoming V/A “No Portions – Volume 1” compilation on Idlestates Recordings                                                                                                                                                           
  • Manchester, UK based industrial/breaks/techno Greek producer Nikos Lappas, aka Morken – “Birchfields Rd” title track from upcoming “Birchfields Rd” EP on Athens’ Ferma label                                             
  • Moroccan industrial techno sorcerer Prophän “The Black Patrol [Dolm]” from upcoming EP “Blood, Fear & Injustice” on Istigkeit
  • Brooklyn, NY based industrial/rave/acid/hard techno producer BRÄLLE – “Afterlife” title track from upcoming EP on Dissonanze Recordings
  • Polish noise/acid/rave/hard/industrial techno producer L Ʌ V Σ N – “I Thought You Were Real (Disruption Remix)” off V/A “I Thought You Were Real (Remixed)” on Istanbul’s COUP
  • Toronto, Canada dark electronics producer and Summer Isle Records honcho, E-Saggila “Genesis Factory” from “Anima bulldozer” EP out now, 12″ and digital, via Northern Electronics
  • Swiss synthpop/minimal synth duo Schaltkreis Wassermann ‎– ”Sex Is Out, Ich Bin Geklont” (1981) / “Is Out” (Disco Morato Edit & Cut)” from “Edits & Cuts 004 (Cold Wave & Proto EBM 1981 – 1982 Tracks Re-Edited)” on MSQ Records
  • Brooklyn, NY acid/wave/techno/synth/electronic two-piece Katie Rose and Shawn O’Sullivan, aka Further Reductions “More than just a dream” from the new EP “Array” on Knekelhuis
  • Atlanta’s deep electronic/techno//house producer BLACK FORCES “Obituary” from the S/T EP on 2MR
  • French tribal/Afrofuturism/psych/electronic Parisian DJ/producer and founder of the Man Band label, Toma Kami – “Non Néte (feat. Wihtner FaGo)” from V/A “Behua Icara – Ritmos para Sanar” on Behua Icara
  • Berlin-based 90s EBM/electro Swiss DJ and producer (half of cosmic disco duo NOO), Plastique De Rêve “Syntax Error” (lo-fi /breaks/electro-disco re-edit of his 2001 anthem on International Deejay Gigolo Records)                                                                                                                                                                   
  • French experimental electronic multidisciplinary project of Tioma Tchoulanov and Gaëtan Bizien, UVB76 – Outrage” from the EP ”Iwa Gaaden” on Random Numbers                                                                                   
  • Canary Islands-born, Madrid based boogie/electro/nu-disco/disco DJ/producer Rayko “Need a Freak (Rayko Horror Disco Freak Re – Edit)” from “Horror in the Disco” EP on his own Rare Wiri Records             
  • Melbourne breakbeat/techno/electro producer Sedgwick “Exit” from upcoming “Rhythm and Isolation” on Melbourne’s Potatoheadz Records                                                                                                                         
  • Dutch electro producer Lloyd Stellar “Lies”                                                                                                             
  • Liverpool born electro producer Carl Finlow (Carbon Academy, Random Factor, Voice Stealer), aka  Silicon Scally “Proximity Sensor” from upcoming “Dormant” EP on Central Processing Unit
  • German jungle/breakbeat/electronic DJ/producer Benedikt Frey, founder of the Love Pain Sunshine & Rain imprint (aka Lopasura), aka FREY “D.Y.S. (ft Nadia D’Alò)” from the EP “Shadow” on Craigie Knowes
  • Irish new beat/Italo disco/breakbeat/dark disco producer Telephony “Rockätansky” upcoming new single on Paradiso Records                                                                                                                                                     
  • Sofia, Bulgaria Italo-disco/EBM/techno producer TECHNOBETON “No No” off upcoming “Technobeton 2020” EP on ITALO MODERNI
  • Italian/South Korea Italo disco/cosmic/electronic collaboration, Daniel Monaco & Shubostar – “Disco Star Machine” title track from “Disco Star Machine” EP on Wonder Stories                                                             
  • Italian Italo/cosmic disco DJ/producer Franz Scala “Mondo Della Notte” from upcoming debut LP on his own Slow Motion Records                                                                                                                                             
  • Lille‘s dark disco/house/psych/electronic duo of Tepat Huleux and Giac Di Falco, aka YOU MAN “Mind Ballad” from the upcoming EP “Altered States” EP on Eskimo Recordings
  • Mexican experimental/dark disco/chug/psych/electronic DJ, Producer and Visual Artist from Guadalajara, ALF CHAMPION – “non est Rediens” from V/A “Ombra INTL 015” compilation EP on Ombra International
  • Montreal electronic freak-squad Drugface – “I Have Known Love” (little tribute to Simeon Coxe of Silver Apples. RIP) on Party Central
  • Hungarian dub/deep techno/electronic producer Tamás Olejnik (also Antendex, Dublicator, Astral Travel Agency, Nordena), ORGANIT “Analogy” from the EP “Interaural”
  • Spanish ambient/cinematic/minimal/electro/electronic music producer, sound designer and audiovisual composer and Drivecom label head from Madrid, BORIS DIVIDER “GenOp6” from the EP “Generative Operations 2” on Drivecom
  • UK ambient/neo-classical/drone/cosmic/shoegaze/electronic collaborative project Mark Peters & Clem Leek “Loyola” from 10″ vinyl “THESIS 19” on Thesis
  • Nairobi, Kenya ambient/field recordings/drone DJ and producer KMRU “Change of Degree” from the cassette album “Jar” on Seil Records