WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – SEPTEMBER #37 – 22

Chris McCaw Photography – sunburned

  • CURSES @ HÖR ~ 𝑁🝗𝑋✞ 𝓦𝖆𝖛𝖊 🄰🄲🄸🄳 ₱Ʉ₦Ӿ ~ August 3rd, 2022                                                                         

Berlin-based electro-wave-punk multifaceted New Yorker artist of Italian origin and Ombra INTL boss, Luca Venezia AKA Curses ignites an explosive Live Stream DJ set masterclass recorded at Berlin‘s, HÖR for the 2nd Next Wave Acid Punx takeover (w/ Jennifer Touch & Rogermultiuse) with his unmistakable and infectious take on Post-Punk, Proto-Techno, Acid, New Beat, New Wave, EBM, Dark Disco and all in between, to drive and ricochet dance-inducing energy from end to end.

  • Ukrainian EBM /Acid /Noise /Industrial /Techno producer EXTENSIVE INFARCTION “НОЖ ЛЮБИТ ТЕБЯ” off of upcoming EP “Social Coma” on S H I S H I.

Inspired by early Rave, clattering and rackety ’90s EBM/Industrial and pumping proto-Acid Techno, the Ukrainian producer insinuates a noise-filled shattered and crushing dark room ambience, tense and edgy as the blade of a knife, where a fearsome display of terse striking kicks, dangerous crunchy percussive patterns and scorching droning bassline’s rumbles, stabbed by flashing alienating synths, swell, throb and spasm hopelessly towards the edge of the abyss.

  • Valencian ambient /EBM /industrial /electro /techno DIY electronic duo Ana Escudero and David Garrido, Spammerheads “Dear Hangover” from upcoming “Tar Blood / Cement Skin” EP 12″ vinyl [Soil Records]

On the creative wave of energetic, ever expanding, and propulsive combination of EBM, Big Beats, Industrial and Techno tropes without ever forgetting their ravey electro-punk roots a la Prodigy, our fave Spanish pair march hypnotically through dystopic subversive electro skyline of punchy staccato breakbeat rhythms and acid-flecked undulating sinister bassline, fueled by groovy, throaty vocal menace to invoke late 80s industrial grit from suggestive lyrical poetry of dark addictive and ritual moods.

  • Paris based EBM /industrial /techno DJ-producer MIND | MATTER “À Travers L’Achéron” [M|M]

Through a dizzying shadowy and explosive industrial techno cut, with outstanding, equally stark and crisp slashing drum-kicks, crisp seething rhythmic patterns and esoteric overtones, the Parisian artist is back to electrify and mesmerize the dance floor.

  • Melbourne, Australia ambient /pastoral folk /electro-acoustic /modern classical /piano musician Part Timer “No Voice” from the upcoming album “Isolation”
  • Vienna based dark ambient /electronic tiredpurple “skyburial”
  • Hinkley, Ca experimental /industrial /ambient /dungeon synth /screwed-electronics project (aka Crave, aka Soul Collector, aka Sniper Bait), Lieu Noir ‘Draped Over’ from the album ‘On The Bed Confused’ on PIT
  • Belgium‘s ambient /krautrock /shoegaze /postrock /electronica project of Joeri Dobbeleir (The Whereabouts of J. Albert), Dirk Ivens (Klinik and Dive) and Dries D’Hollander (ex-Suburb Songs), aka Motor!k “Odyssey” 7″ EP on ant-zen
  • Italian cosmic /wave /electro /dark synth /electronic DJ, Producer, Remixer, and head of Mannequin Records, Alessandro Adriani – “Avenir” from V/A “Modernation Vol.4” compilation vinyl album on ITALO MODERNI
  • Dutch experimental techno /electro producer Ferenc E. van der Sluijs (former Unit Moebius), aka I-F “Erotic Bongo” from “The Fetish Death” EP (Viewlexx V-033)
  • Bulgarian experimental /industrial /drone /rhythmic noise /techno producer Etien Slavchev, aka EVITCELES “Shape Shift” from “Infinite Night” album upcoming on Strange Therapy
  • Phoenix based trip hop /industrial /techno music producer Hexmaschine “Apparition” new single on Cosmism Records
  • Paris based EBM /Industrial /techno /electronic artist SUBSTENCIA “Irrational Fear” from “Planinata Vox” EP [Kallkällan Recordings]
  • New guitar-based /doom-gaze /post-industrial project from Berlin-based Australian artist August Skipper, aka YANWYTYA “Never Real, Always True” from the album “Through The Prism Of Flesh” upcoming on Instruments of Discipline
  • German industrial /noise /dark techno project of Bleib Modern‘s Philipp Läufer aka WAR SCENES “Bolt” from “let_me_toogle_thiz_4_u_” EP on Brutal Forms
  • Lisbon, Portugal noise /rhythmic techno producer João Temudo Rodrigues AKA Temudo “Fuck Fifa” from V/A ” Kuruka” EP [Lyree]”
  • Birmingham, UK industrial /dark electronics moniker of ex-Napalm Death drummer Mick Harris aka FRET “Care” from the album “BECAUSE OF THE WEAK” on L.I.E.S. Records
  • Mexican Industrial Techno duo project originally from Chiapas, Red Devil “M.Org” from upcoming V/A “Miseria Bodywork Selections Vol. 2” compilation tape on Miseria
  • GrenobleFrance experimental /industrial /new beat /dark electronic producer (half of Hardlab and Peep Night), Leonard Lampion “On The Rope” from the upcoming CDr album “Vallée Étroite”                                          
  • Naples, Italian industrial /EBM /new beat /techno /synth producer Francesco Tella, aka NGHTLY “People Become Electricity” [Free Download]
  • Stockholm cyber industrial /trash /synth wave /acid techno collaboration, Starving Insect & Irving Force “Subhuman” from “Starving Insect / Crystal Geometry – Acid Avengers 023″ EP forthcoming on Tripalium Records
  • German/Georgian industrial /dark techno collaboration between producers Michael Wollenhaupt and Ladouka Ninua, AKA Ancient Methods & OTHR – “Vast Vanishing” from upcoming V/A “6 Years of KHIDI II” EP 12″ Tbilisi‘s Khidi club 6th Anniversary 3 compilation series
  • French Industrial Body Music project of Timothée Gainet (aka Poison Point), aka IV HORSEMEN ”The Shadow’s Whispers” from the upcoming album “Parade Nocturne” on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • 1986 New Beat /Techno classic from Frankfurt am Main‘s Alexander Henninger (Moskwa TV, Project One, Second Mission…), MCL (Micro Chip League) – “Communicate (Curses Edit)” [Ombra Intl]
  • London, UK industrial /hard techno DJ-producer and Boudica label head, Samantha Togni “Gasoline” from “Dark Horse” upcoming on Lobster Theremin
  • French hard techno producer Malerba “Elements” off upcoming “Elements” EP on DVS Records
  • Argentinian breaks /techno duo Hot News “7AM In Berlin” from “Hot Vibes” EP on Snatchers
  • Greek raw industrial /psy-trance /electronic / d&b / techno producer DJ LOSER “Mayhem Gene” from “TEMPO MORTIFERO” EP on Magdalena’s Apathy
  • México electronic /indie dance /dark disco producer Bernardo Barrera, aka MUFTI “Acid Queen (Mufti Edit)” from “EDITS 6“ EP
  • Berlin-based dark disco /dark electronic /wave Greek/German duo Vamparela & Brax Moody, AKA Local Suicide “Hercules Adonis (Rodion Remix)” from “Eros Anikate – Adonis Remixes” EP (IDI007) on Iptamenos Discos
  • Naples-based breaks /trip-hop /dark electronic artist (1/2 of Outtake), Jesuon – ‘Carne Di Metallo’ single series [D’Oro UNLMTD 05]
  • Dutch experimental /bass /cumbia /dark electronic duo Max Abysmal and Hugo van Heijningen, aka CAWD SLAYDAZ “El Mejor Escenario Posible (feat. Archie)” from the album “Totál” (FRV040) on upcoming Frigio Records
  • French experimental techno quartet MÖD4RN “Mechanical Illusion” from the upcoming “Decode Process Inform Decide” LP on Möd3rn Records
  • French ambient /trance /techno producer Blaxad feat. Alice Ricau – “Road To The Afterlife” from the EP “The Time We Can’t Control” soon on Helrad Limited
  • London, UK breaks /acid /braindance/ electro producer James Shinra “Miluv” from the EP “Surface” upcoming on Madrid’s Analogical Force.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina acid /techno /electro producer Saigg – “Alienizado” from the upcoming “La Foundation” EP [Jade]
  • Leipzig, Germany EBM /industrial /breaks /electro producer DJ Unisex – “Observer T – 8EM” off upcoming 12″ EP “Chromatic Stimulations” [Self Learning System]
  • Dutch Electro musician and LDI Records head, Erik Griffioen AKA Lloyd Stellar “Das gleiche alte Ding”
  • Belgium’s breaks /acid /leftfield /electro producer Helsmoortel “Motions” from the upcoming “Belgica” EP on Avoidant
  • Outer London, UK house /breakbeat /electro /techno producer Mark Bailey, aka MAN2.0 “Oumuamua” from the upcoming EP “Levitate” on Nein Records
  • Russian indie dance /leftfield techno brother duo Andrey and Stas from St. Petersburg, Radial Gaze – “In Each Other (Thomass Jackson True Love Remix)” from “In Each Other” EP [Urge To Dance]
  • Tears for Fears – “Shout (Sam In Space Remix)”
  • French nu-disco /indie dance /space disco collaboration Kiko & Endrik Schroeder – “Mezzanotte” from V/A “Diamonds In The Night Vol. 5” EP on Bordello A Parigi
  • Oaxaca, Mexico techno /synthwave /indie dance / producer OJ Ricci AKA Mad Slow – “Detroit (Lucas Novaes Remix)” from “Distopía” EP on Kyma Komplex
  • Brazilian cosmic disco /indie dance producer MeMachine – “Come Undone” off V/A “Multi-Robot Systems VOL 2” compilation [Sapient Robots]
  • New York based field recordings /sampled orchestral noises /voice recorders artist Nickolas Mohanna “Riprap” from the album “Sight Drawings”
  • California-born ambient /psychedelic /folk /dub /electronic artist Brogan Bentley “Precession of The Equinox I” from the EP “Precession of The Equinox” on Leaving Records
  • UK experimental /ambient /drone /electronic collaboration of 2/3 of Konstruct, Andrew Heath & Simon McCorry “Väldighet” from the album “A Is For Autumn” on Whitelabrecs
  • UK minimal ambient guitar project Far Golden Pavilions “Harmonium” from the album “Roses in Amber”
  • UK/Canada dark ambient /cinematic /electronic collaboration, Sangam & Text Chunk — ‘Peak Mainframe’ from upcoming album ‘You Say Time Is A Waste’ on Kadatah
  • Ambient /experimental /field recordings /drone collaboration of US sound artist, Nicholas Maloney and Italian composer and improviser, AKA Blanket Swimming & Demetrio Cecchitelli “Deep Ecology” from the upcoming album “Sein” on Chitra Records
  • Genoa, Italy ambient /drone /electronic sound artist Andrea Chiappori “Amb7” from “Ambientale Musica Vol 2” upcoming on Neotantra
  • Swedish ambient /post-classical composer and multi-instrumentalist Jakob Lindhagen “Tomorrow” off his second solo full-length album “Memory Constructions” on piano and coffee records.
  • Los Angeles based experimental /ambient /minimal/ drone/ neo-classical artist Sarah Davachi “Vanity Of Ages” from “Two Sisters” album on Late Music
  • Terrassa, Spain ambient /cinematic /minimal /modern classical /piano Sergi Hogaku “UN NUEVO COMIENZO”

Photo by Chris McCaw