WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – Sept. #37-21

  • VELMONDO [44,100hz Social Club] [03.09.2021]                                                                         

Courtesy of genre-defying Denis Yurgens 44,100hz Social Club radio channel, the weekly set comes from Velmondo, the solo project of Barcelona based DJ, multi-instrumentalist and producer Arnau Obiols, drawing inspiration from early forms of electronic music of the 70s, whether it is dub, krautrock, techno, industrial, ambient, or post-punk, to conjure esoteric and trance-inducing vibrant atmospherics through rough and primal both synthetic and organic sounds.

  • Toulouse based French/Lebanese electronic techno producer Psaum, aka Arabian Panther النمر العربي “All Alone In Panthers Lair” off upcoming V/A “Nebula Aranea #02” tape compilation on Bella Ursa Recordings       

One of the first cosmic dancing layers unveiled from Bella Ursa Recordings label’s compilation, to celebrate one year of activity, makes us travel in haunting and cinematic Middle Eastern realms through atmospheric, subduedly menacing, trippy rhythmic reverie by Toulouse techno warrior, propelled by repetitive punchy hypnotic kicks, interleading by swishing, scattered rhythms, that pound ritually, entangled by the twinkling piercing and reverberant chords of wandering Arabic strings and droning swirling frequencies, in a relentless transcendental churning trance, making you completely ecstatic.

  • Grenoble, France experimental /psych /dub /electronic producer and member of house crew Notte Brigante (half of Ricco), aka HLM38 “Rockers” from upcoming V/A “VASTEDUB VOL.II – FUTURE SMOKE” cassette compilation on Vastechoses

Significantly a few days after the passing of founding father Lee “Scratch” Perry, BrusselsVastechoses family label is going to drop its second volume of “VASTEDUB” digi-dub sampler, previewed in fine style by Lyon-based Notte Brigante‘s duo member and Kump psychedelic electronic magician HLM38 with the aptly titled “Rockers”, where abstract spacey dub meets mystical ambient with dark industrial undertones. A slo-mo, sultry, dazy trip in “ganja” green and industrialized metallic gray, at the same time seductive and disturbing, unravels in a swinging mesmeric rhythmic expansion between echoes and distortions, crackling reverberant dub snares, sinuously sensual yet menacing bass pulses, melodic wistful harmonica motifs and heady, warped vocal samples, mingling seamlessly to intoxicate the senses.

  • Belgian techno /industrial /EBM DJ-producer Ethan Fawkes – “The Killing Arises” from upcoming V/A “Unification of Harsh Realities Vol.1” cassette compilation on Scotland‘s N.I.M Tapes                                           

First N.I.M Tapes label’s sampler, focused on the harsh realms of EBM and Industrial, takes off with a raucous and assaulting hard-hitting, rattling rhythmic progression, through hypnotic oscillating low end frequencies with an acidic edge, and old-school powerful, gravelly screams, to inject an all-encompassing ominously strong sense of physicality and urgency that take no prisoners.        

  • Dark jazz experimental project of Jason Köhnen (Mansur / The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble / The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation), The LΩVECRAFT SEXTET “Funebre Macabre [Musicorum]” from the upcoming album “In Memoriam” on Denovali
  • Czech Republic synth electronic project (aka Goodbye Mirage), Martin Kuška “A Hundred Reasons To Move, One Reason To Stay” from the upcoming LP “Assembly Plant For Human Priorities” on Electric Shapes
  • UK spoken word/electronic/industrial project of Hull native & Manchester-based artist Gareth Smith, aka VANISHING “55°N, 5°E” from the vinyl 12″ reissue of 2017 album “55°N, 5°E” on Outer Reaches
  • French electronic /minimal wave /synthpop duo La Punta Bianca – “Anciennes Maisons” off upcoming V/A “Selected Ambient, Synth & Pop Works” cassette compilation on Lyon’s AR/FM                                                  
  • Barcelona-based French experimental /electronic/ kraut /psych /disco /electronic producer, La Belle label owner & DJ, Antoine Harispuru aka GOLDEN BUG “Tokoyo No Kuni (Michael Mayer Remix)” from the EP “Tokoyo No Kuni feat. Vega Voga” on La Belle Records
  • Newcastle, Australian ambient /minimal-wave /synth-pop duo Amelia Besseny & Cooper Bowman, aka Troth “Balancing Arc” off upcoming second full-length album ‘Oak Corridor’ on Knekelhuis
  • London based industrial techno producer and co-owner of Depth.Request, G.XIST “The Medieval Witch” from “Trauma And Fragmentation” EP on new Voidance Records sublabel Digital Void
  • Italian lo-fi /industrial /electro /wave /techno producer Alessio Di Mezza aka Religius Order “Electrofelina” from “Luci Nere” EP 12″ on Rat Life Records
  • Milwaukee, Wi industrial /techno /EBM solo project of Mark Trueman, aka Choke Chain “Losing The Way (Mind | Matter EBM Ritual Mix)” from upcoming EP “Invoking Shadows”
  • Greek electro /new beat /techno /electronic artist MAVRIDIS – “Aeithales” off upcoming V/A ”Roll the Bones” (FERMA)                                                                                                                         
  • Ukrainian born, Barcelona based electronic music artist, singer, and songwriter ft. French dark electro duo Gaël Loison and Cyril Pansal, Julia Bondar feat. Maman Kusters – “La Neige Et Ses Messes Noires” new single off upcoming Julia Bondar’s LP                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Scratch Massive – “Closer Feat. Chloe” (Mmyylo Remix)                                                                          
  • Greek industrial /electro /dark electronic artist Boris Barksdale “NTH1″                                                    
  • Charleroi, Belgium electro /coldwave producer/DJ (Roulette Rekordz head honcho and half of Cercle Futur), Poladroïd “Doomer”                                                                                                  
  • Pennsylvania‘s experimental/acid/primitive house/electronic producer Connor Clasen, aka IXVLF “Face Tub”                                                                                                                  
  • French Dark Disco /Indie Dance /Electro /Wave /Electronic producer MMYYLO – “I Have No” off upcoming “Freak” EP on NEIN Records
  • Paris based house /Italo /wave /electroclash /dark disco DJ /producer Joe Lewandowski Feat. Stolt – “Here I Am (Lauer MKII Version)” off “Here I Am” EP on Skylax                                                                                               
  • Montreal, Québec electronic-laden, goth ‘technoir’ post-punk moniker of Montreal-based Italo disco/EBM producer Taylor “Hoodlum” Stevenson, aka Mickey Dagger – “I Want to Be A Cowboy (Facets Mix)” [Boy’s Don’t Cry cover, 1986] off upcoming EP “I Want to Be A Cowboy” on Samo Records
  • Barcelona, Spain techno /electro producer Flug ”Broken Lips” off “Victims Of Hate” EP on EXISTENTIA Musik                                                                                                          
  • Netherlands ambient /electro producer Mseq “Relic”                                                                                                             
  • French Alps based ambient /machine funk electro producer Kafkactrl “Genetic Drift” from “The Machinery” EP on Vortex Traks
  • Berlin-based breakbeat /trance /techno /electro producer Teleself “Digital Aquarium” on his own Power Plant label
  • Liverpool, UK acid /techno /electro producer L-Pad – “Retrained in Cyberdelics” from V/A “Asbeel” charity compilation EP series on Hilltown Disco
  • Berlin-based Russian IDM /breaks /electro producer Serge Geyzel “In Flights” from “Departures” EP on brokntoys
  • French rave/acid /wave /techno /electro producer from Strasburg, DynArec ‘Correlation’ from “Disenchanted” EP 12″ on RAVE OR DIE & NEWFLESH
  • Leipzig based electro producer Friedrich Ernst – “Seismic Dreams” off upcoming 12″ Split EP “The Arrival Of Unisex & Ernst” by Dj Unisex & Friedrich Ernst on their new label Self Learning System                                    
  • French industrial /acid /dark electro producer and Raar label co-founder from Nantes, Maelstrom – “16T50” off upcoming Split EP with CT Kidobó on Dalmata Daniel                       
  • French/Spanish Balearic /wave /electronic duo Yula Kasp & Mi.RO – “Margalida (Curses Remix)” from upcoming “Mayumi” EP [Dischi Autunno]                                                             
  • Lyon, French wave /psych /disco-funk /electronic producer and Hard Fist label co-head Tushen Raï “Balü” off V/A “Disco Hamam – 7″ EP 12” compilation on Disco Hamam                  
  • Barcelona-based dark disco /indie dance /techno production duo Diego Montiel & Moonkiza – “Enter Sadman” off “Classics Goes To Techno #2” on Side UP Works                                   
  • México electronic /indie dance /dark disco producer Bernardo Barrera, aka MUFTI “Kismet“ off upcoming “Kismet” EP on Nothing Is Real                                                                            
  • San Francisco indie dance /techno /dark disco veteran DJ, producer, and label boss at Roam Recordings (aka JP Soul), Jason Peters – “Broken (Shubostar Remix)” [Roam Recordings]                 
  • Guadalajara/Moscow psych /dark disco /electronic collaboration between Mexican Calypso Records co-head and Russian brother duo Sasha & Sergey Lipsky, Iñigo Vontier & Simple Symmetry – “Hocus Pocus” taken from the upcoming “Equinox I” EP on Multi Culti                                                                                                                                          
  • Philadelphia psych /acid /electro duo Thomas Roland and James Weissinger (aka Girls Chat Room and Peyton Farquhar), aka Zillas On Acid “Aguonėlė / Skalbiankė” off upcoming V/A “Aguonėlė” on Vilnius’ Skalbiankė                                                                                              
  • Australian dark disco /techno /acid /downtempo /electronic producer & composer DJ Chrysalis “Dunamis (A-Tweed remix)” from “Gather” EP on Alfa Trigueña
  • Spanish kraut /psych /disco /electronic artist, musician and member of the band The Fruhstucks, SUTJA GUTIERREZ – “A Trap for Fools (Pletnev Remix)” from the EP “Phylax Society Remixes” on Lumière Noire
  • Saint Jérôme, Québec, acid house /Balearic /Madchester /electro-pop music project of Danny Provencher (a.k.a. Under Electric Light), 122 North “Drive (Lauer Remix)” from the debut “Night Drive” album on Too Good To Be True
  • Paris based early 90’s Goa Trance producer Pépé Del Noche “Ohmniscient Edit”
  • Italian ambient /deep techno producer Salvo Pizzuto, aka SAAM. – “In The Solar Temples” off “In The Solar Temple” EP [ST006 | Space Textures]        
  • Sydney, Australia ambient /experimental /drone /noise /electronic project Latex Pets “Eulogy In C4” from “Demo III” EP
  • Japanese experimental /ambient /drone /synth musician Mora Tau “The end of sunlight” from “Memorial” on Kalamine Records
  • Littlefield, TX experimental /ambient /drone /piano duo Wind Tide “Fllux” from “Saturation Dust” cassette album on Never Anything Records
  • Athens, GR. based ambient /drone /dub techno project of composer, music producer & sound artist and industrial group Mechanimal’s mastermind, Giannis Papaioannou, aka IØN “New Lights Begin To Show Along The Sky” from the album “This World Is Collapsing But I Still Love You”