WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – September #35-21

  • schön 777 #007 ACIDIC MALE                                                                                                                                   

Puck Schot AKA Acidic Male is an up-and-coming visual artist, writer and experimental producer based in Rotterdam. Courtesy of Zurich‘s Schoen777, a powerful and intoxicating killer sample of her unswerving and uncompromising industrial-driven noisy electronic DJ set with no boundaries.

  • Gothenburg, Sweden experimental /dub /minimal techno producer, and originally co-founder of Börft Records and head of iDEAL Recordings (also part of Saturn and the Sun, The Skull Defekts, Orchestra of Constant Distress), Joachim Nordwall aka THE IDEALIST “Universal Lover” off upcoming album “Cosmic Music For Higher And Lower Awareness” on Höga Nord Rekords

Swedish electronic experimentalist yearns for universal love wandering in entrancing and mystical organic soundscapes, freeing the mind and regenerating the spirit from the anxiety and restlessness of the material world. A hypnotic and hearty organic bassline shakes and bounces ceaselessly along with marching smooth beats, interspersed by crispy percussions, driving through a trance-inducing, sizzling tapestry of heady cinematic effects hit by sparse clapping shutters, whilst tempting, repetitive vocal whispers and humming ceremonial chants evoke primal secrecy and ritual desire into swirling trance of fluting arcane serenades.

  • New York-based experimental/psych /techno /drum&bass /ethnic /jackbeat /electro Bay Area-bred DJ and producer Sepehr “Lavashak Love” from upcoming mini-LP “Survivalism” on Shaytoon Records ​

NYC based producer of Iranian heritage blurs obsessive and hypnotic cerebral sonic wanderings of syncopated, tinny 90s drum&bass and trippy Middle Eastern flavourings in a buzzing swarm of warped vocalizations, tight driving breakbeat rhythms, deep wobbling bassline, eddying jazzy arabesques to swirl depth-defying planes of electronic dimensions into a surreal and hallucinatory experience of dizzying visionary dancefloor coalescences.

  • Vilnius, Lithuania acid /darkwave /slow techno /electronic producer SIMAS BOO “Locked in Captivity”

Tag-defying eclectic Lithuanian producer travels our imagination with hypnotic kicks that trigger ominous rumbling bassline oscillations to stomp anticipatory tension through dazzling and shrilling synth swathes tinged in acidic deep inclinations, warping time and space through swift fluttering backbeats to bring forth a chilling perception of dangerously disturbing yet dizzyingly gripping dancefloor dominions.

  • UK experimental ambient musician Dylan Henner “Exton” from the upcoming EP “Amtracks” on Phantom Limb
  • Paris, France ambient electronic DJ /producer /singer Fatäk – “Activation” from V/A “Star Dancers” double cassette compilation on Janushoved
  • Berlin-based experimental /cosmic/electro/dub live performance-based project by musician Nat Fowler, aka Novo Line “Early Morning (Elena Colombi Remix)” from “Racconti (Remixes)” EP on Protofuture
  • Paris-based French experimental dark electronic punk project (Simple Music Experience, Violent Quand On Aime), TRIGGER MORAL “La Businessman” from “I Got Nine Hundred Ninety-nine Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety-nine Problems But I Have One Million Of Solutions” EP
  • Nice-born, Brussels based industrial /noise /post-punk /dark electronics producer and Unknown Precept co-founder AIR LQD “Predestined to transform”                                                                                                                        
  • Chicago‘s industrial /dark techno /electronic producer Svengalisghost “Closed Circuit” from “TV Live” EP on ​L.I.E.S. Records
  • Russian industrial /EBM /dark techno /raw DIY electronic wave project of Andrei Stepanov, aka Distørshn Shape “The Space Between Us (feat. Arina)” from “Relation, Pain and Dirt” EP on ACERO
  • Italian experimental /industrial /ambient /dark electronic producer Giuseppe Sciretti aka Nigh/T\mare “Doomed To Struggle (ft. Prophän)” from the upcoming album “Katharsis” on Thrènes Records
  • Bogotà-based Electro /Techno /Industrial /EBM artist and founder of DClock Records, Jesús David Restrepo, AKA Damaged Clock “Falso Gobierno (Invalid User Remix)” from cassette mini-album “Critical Country” on Athens’ DYSTATIK
  • Moscow-based EBM /industrial techno producer Fyodor Feoktistov, aka MESHES “НЕ ПРИТВОРЯЙСЯ, НЕ РАСКАИВАЙСЯ” from V/A “META MOTO 5” cassette compilation on META MOTO
  • UK EBM /industrial techno producer (former Sandwell District), SILENT SERVANT “Slasher” from V/A “Murder 03″ 12” vinyl compilation on Tbilisi’s Murder
  • Mexico City/Berlin industrial /EBM /dark electro/minimal synth/synth-punk project 89s† & Petra Flurr “near Death” from “Trübe Stadt” vinyl 12″ edition via ORACULO RECORDS
  • Berlin-based Italian EBM /Industrial Techno DJ-producer and KindCrime Recordings head (AKA 3DEN), Alessandro Nero “Tzolkin” from “Infected by Ideology” debut album via X-IMG
  • Indianapolis, IN acid dark EBM /electronic side project of post-punker Angel-Maker aka Chris Nelson, aka Knormalled “Locus Solus” from the EP “Aconsensual Hallucination”
  • Hanover, Germany noise /techno /EBM project Kollektiv.Entfremdung “Amphetamine” from “Body Distortion” EP
  • Los Angeles, Ca EBM /synthpop /electro /dark electronic producer Victoria Rawlins “Devenir Gris” (Visage Cover)
  • French EBM /industrial techno /electro /darkwave artist from Paris, SIERRA “Trapped” (Single) on Jarring Effects
  • Nashville, TN experimental/new beat/cold electro producer Daniel Holt “The Recluse” off upcoming V/A “Frigio All Stars Vol. 4” [Frigio Records]                                                                                                                     
  • London-bred/ Berlin-based industrial techno /punk /metal /noise /EBM producer and a half of Raum-Zeit project, Toni Quiroga, aka DONNA HARINGWEY “Future” from upcoming cassette LP “Thanks for telling me who I really am” on Accept
  • Milwaukee, Wi industrial /techno /EBM solo project of Mark Trueman, aka Choke Chain “Nightfall (Qual Remix)” from upcoming EP “Invoking Shadows” [Self-Release + 12″ vinyl on Phage Tapes]                                 
  • Madrid‘s 1983 goth /darkwave /post-punk classic Los Monaguillosh – “Voces En La Jungla” (WLDV Edit)         
  • Bande Organisée [13’Organisé – Bande Organisée VS Endrik Schroeder – Take Off] (Pablo Bozzi “Take Off” edit)
  • Dutch breaks /rave /psych /techno producer Remco Beekwilder “Belladonna” from the EP “Tales From Tramkade III”  3rd of the EPs Trilogy on EMERALD                                                                                                 
  • Colombia‘s Filmmaker‘s electro /synth side project, Renderer “Brainjacking” from the upcoming album “Internet of Ears” on BODY MUSICK
  • Moscow based ambient /industrial /techno /acid /electro producer Stas Zavyalov, aka DJ VST “JSR 020921”
  • French experimental /synthwave /electro producer from Bordeaux, Jauzas The Shining “Inertie” off upcoming “Dark Mirror” EP on Space Factory                                                                                                                                         
  • Fallen Metropolis – “Gate A18 (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix)” off “EDIT:2” cassette EP on Fallen Metropolis
  • Italy/Spain indie disco /disco /synth collaboration Vicky Montefusco & SOSANDLOW – “Soldiers (Original mix)” off V/A “Synthe Cavemen” compilation on Madrid’s Musica Cavernicola
  • UK electronic /dark disco /electroclash Producer-Remixer-DJ and Nein Records label boss Neil Parnell aka TRONIK YOUTH “Let’s Go” off upcoming EP on Nein Records
  • Buenos Aires indie dance /disco /electronic producer POULPER “Yendo (Moo Moonster Remix)” off upcoming “Fantasy” EP [Espacio Cielo]                                                                                                                                                             
  • Istanbul based cosmic disco /breaks /techno /electronic DJ /producer Alexander Lawrence, aka Aleksandir “Prado (Cameo Blush Remix)” on Omena                                                                                                                            
  • Saint Petersburg based new wave /disco /downtempo /Balearic /electronic producer Konstantyn Isaev (aka Rambal Cochet), aka VOLTA CAB “Ceremonial Surf (Pletnev Remix)” off “Balearic Balsam” EP [MM Discos]       
  • Ibiza resident house /acid /Balearic /downtempo /electronic Italian production duo Residentes Balearicos “Simplemente (LuVa Club Mix)” from “Simplemente Cachonda MIXES” EP on Barcelona’s Balearic Ensemble
  • Chicago house veteran (aka Greenskeepers), James Curd – “1000 Years feat. Natasha Lillith (Phunkadelica Remix)” off upcoming mostly-retrospective debut album ‘1000 Years’ on Exploited                                               
  • Amsterdam-based downtempo /cosmic /wave /electronic producer Gropina “Omen” off four tracks 12” EP “Microcosmo” on Paesaggi Records.                                                                                                                         
  • Russian IDM /downtempo /electro /electronic music producer Kirill Junolainen, aka Vettore Spaziale “Drop Shadow” from the limited vinyl12″/CD reissue by Móatún 7 label of the album “Moon Butterfly” originally released on Mehaиika in early 2013
  • Brooklyn-based ambient /IDM /downtempo /synth /sample /electronic musician and audiovisual artist Varsity Star “Summer” from the upcoming mini-LP “More Than Anything” on Small Pond
  • Copenhagen based ambient /experimental /electronic artist and founder of Janushoved label, Mikkel Valentin Dunkerley, aka BALLISTA “Sunflowers” from the cassette album “Wild Blossom Madonna” on Janushoved
  • Los Angeles based ambient /soundtrack /cinematic project of Kai Hugo, aka Palmbomen II – ‘Sad Piece’ from the album ‘Make A Film’ on World Of Paint
  • UK ambient /cinematic /electronic /dreampunk project Elegance of the Damned – “Like A Broken Branch in a River’s Current” from V/A “Hazy Visions” on Forgot Imprint
  • Vilnius-based experimental /ambient /ritual /electronic Russian Armenian artist Aleksandra Evseeva (member of St. Petersburg ambient trio 2muchachos), aka Andra Ljos “Seven Bronze Spouts” from the upcoming cassette second album “Fountain Of Inspiration” on Not Not Fun Records
  • Asheville, NC experimental musician Meg Mulhearn “Under The Beams” from the album “Breath is a Wave” on Fallen Moon Recordings
  • Brussels-based experimental /drone /improvisations /minimal quartet Razen “Blue Rot (5th)” from the upcoming album “Blue Rot” on Hands In The Dark
  • Philadelphia ambient / noise /cassette tapes /experimental illustrator, musician, and coder Mike Quigley “Strange Gain” title track from the upcoming cassette album “Strange Gain” on Oxtail Recordings
  • Snowdonia based ambient /experimental /drone /electronic project of Welsh musician /sound artist Robin Edwards, aka R.Seiliog “Emerald Sylvan” from the album “Ash Dome” on Cue Dot Records
  • New Zealand based, Australian ambient /electro-acoustic Musician and Composer Micah Templeton-Wolfe, aka STRAY THEORIES “A Moment in Time” from the upcoming album “This Light” on n5MD
  • Barcelona, Spain experimental /ambient /neo-classical /electronic artist João de Nóbrega Pupo – “Pollyanna Plays A Dangerous Game” off the upcoming album “The Death of Truth” [Colectivo Casa Amarela]
  • Derbyshire, UK ambient /drone /soundscape guitarist and composer (one half of JARR), WODWO “Mothdown” from the album “You Only Call Me When There’s An Apocalypse” on Submarine Broadcasting Company
  • Swedish ambient /drone /space /synth /electronic duo Carbon Based Lifeforms “Finite State Space” from the album “Stochastic”