WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #22


  • Australian/German EBM/electro/kraut/dark electronic project of Kris Baha and Niklas Wandt, aka AngstLust – “Animal Shelter” title track from upcoming EP [Neubau]                                                                   

The Aussie/German connection works perfectly with both powerful and menacing, as it is hypnotic and wicked, EBM-charged Teutonic electro-punk groove.

  • Legendary Northampton, UK rave/hardcore/drum & bass/breakbeat producers trio of John Morrow, Steve Bradshaw and Steve Gurley, aka FOUL PLAY “Screwface” from the 2×12″ retrospective album “Origins” on Sneaker Social Club

We get in the ‘time machine’ again, this time we travel in the English capital, straddling between the 80s and the 90s, rave and drum & bass, hardcore and jungle…Rob Playford‘s Moving Shadow, namely Kaotic Chemistry, Nookie, Omni Trio, 2 Bad Mice and the unforgettable production trio Foul Play, a collection of rare tracks from their early, extremely rare, EP’s, still so fresh and timeless, just to recall the ‘origins’ of many of us…

  • Italian retro/synthwave/electro/electronic music composer ZERO CALL “Stellar Wind (Adrian Marth Remix)” from upcoming EP “Stellar Wind” on German label Emerald & Doreen Records

Relentless slashing rhythms propel the retro-beating heart of ominously pulsating bassline, while lustrous hypnotic synth melodies overflow into trance-inducing dystopian fear, emphasized in Orwellian information leaked from anxious whispering female vocals smeared in the static.

  • Danish ambient/industrial/experimental/electronic solo project of Loke Rahbek aka Croatian Amor – “Yoyogi Park” from the upcoming album “All In The Same Breath” on Posh Isolation
  • Sheffield, UK experimental techno trio THE BLACK DOG “Molto Vivace” from “Allegory 1 [Red]” EP
  • Brazilian experimental/industrial/noise/techno artist P. K. Pinheiro “The Face” off of the new EP “NEKROFABRIK” [BRC002] on the Brazilian label BURACO
  • Spanish dark disco electronic producer Javi Redondo “Rythmo (Cosmo Vitelli ‘K Hole’ Remix)” off of upcoming EP “A Black 5th” on Dischi Autunno                                                                                                                                                 
  • México electronic/dark disco producer Bernardo Barrera, aka MUFTI “As If (David Kochs Flightmode Remix)” off of the new “Another Day” EP on Secret Fusion                                                                 
  • Human League – ‘Don’t You Want Me’ (James Rod Rework)
  • Mexico‘s electro-funk duo of Ximena (Controlla.MX boss and resident DJ) and Ali X (Alixander III, Toronto raised, multi-genre producer & director, and the founder of Azarii & III), Ali X X Ximena “Low Vibrations (BadWolf Remix)” from the upcoming “Low Vibrations Remixes ” on Controlla                                         
  • Poland/France electronic production duo of Dominik Wojcik and Alexander Muel, The Warszaw Pact – “Sprit Lad (Dombrance Remix)” from the debut EP “Pastis” on Yuk-Fü Records                                                              
  • Melbourne/Sidney indie-dance/industrial/percussive/electronic collaboration, STATUE & Tunnel Signs – “Stay” off of the “Stay In Touch” EP on Revolver Upstairs Records
  • French cult retro cosmic synth producer and Radio Cosmos Records head, Infinity Night “Immortal” from V/A ” DDC02″ compilation on Dalmata Daniel
  • Prague-based acid/techno/EBM duo Fractions “Do You Believe” off of upcoming EP “Nite NRG” on Monnom Black                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Buenos Aires-based electro/industrial noise/hardcore techno producer Catriel “join(t) Your Solitaire Party” from V/A “Resurgir” compilation, the first release of Argentinian label PERLAS                                                   
  • Canada/Italy experimental/EBM/industrial/noise/techno duo of Toronto‘s Martin Dolgener (MDD) and Naples’ Nicola Cimmino (Sharplines & Nathaniel), aka NIXON HELIX “Sabotage / Subvert” from cassette album “I Will Not Be Owned” on Nicola Cimmino’s Dead By Overdose Label
  • Saint-Petersburg based dark synth/industrial/electronic producer Eugene Meineger aka HOLOD “Jötu 
  • New York‘s industrial/EBM/electro DJ/artist R GAMBLE “Flipping Switches” from upcoming EP “Sever The Ties” on Public System Recordings
  • Amsterdam‘s electro/disco/dark electronic duo of musician/producer Ruud Lekx and his wife Shaunna Lekx on vocals, RUDE 66 “The Luciferians” from upcoming EP “Resurrection” via Bordello A Parigi                                      
  • Italian/Swiss industrial/EBM/dark techno/acid electronic duo of CCO and Daniele Cosmo, co-owner of Lux Rec., Savage Grounds “Somewhere Sinister” off upcoming V/A “Surviving in Europe 17-20” cassette compilation on She Lost Kontrol                                                                                                                 
  • Ukrainian techno/new beat/EBM multidisciplinary artist and musician based in Barcelona, BATACAT “Bleach” from “Nylon and Bleach” EP on Pincet
  • Lyon, France techno /experimental /noise /industrial producers Istigkeit & Angel Karel – “You Ain’t No Punk, You Punk (Original Mix)” from upcoming EP “You Ain’t No Punk, You Punk” on RND. Records
  • Mid-80s German new wave/new beat duo ART P “A PLACE TO FEAR (MANFREDAS EDIT)” [originally from the 1985 cassette Art P ‎’No Message’] on Les Disques De La Mort
  • Athens, Greece Industrial /EBM /Dark Techno producer ANFS “Piperi” from V/A “ECSTASY & TRANSMUTATIONS” the first Rubber Mind Recordings vinyl compilation
  • Montpellier, France dark synth/industrial/electronic producer MASCARPONE “Bis Zum Ende” from the new LP “Dodecacotronic”
  • Swiss dark drum & bass producer Pascal Schubert, aka GROUND “I’d Do All (Ft. LaMeduza)” from “Regain” EP on London’s Flexout Audio
  • Helsinki-based electronic DJ, producer, radio host and music director ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ “Running Man (Emmanuel Remix)” from “Thaumatrope” album on ARTS
  • Chicago-born/Brooklyn-based experimental/IDM/electronic producer aka Inhalants (with Jahiliyya Fields), Masks (with Arp), DSR.MR (with Cloudface), and Ociya (with Tin Man), Max Ravitz aka PATRICIA “Turtle Funk” from the new album “Maxyboy” on Ghostly International
  • Swiss breakbeat/acid/IDM/electro producer Estebahn “The Northern Line” from the upcoming “Circular System” EP on Brainwaves
  • London, UK atmospheric electro producer Emile Facey, aka PLANT43 “Pale Stagshorn” from the EP “Mycology 2” on his own Plant43 Recordings                                                                                                     
  • Italian electronic music producer from Rome, Valerio Lombardozzi (aka Heinrich Dressel), aka Composite Profuse “North Electric Mist (Animistic Beliefs Remix)” from his upcoming EP “North Electric Mist” [OR-004] on Dutch label Onrijn Records                                                                                                                                
  • Australian electro producer Mikey Melas from Sydney, JENSEN INTERCEPTOR “Hard Not 2” off of V/A “International Chromies Vol. 1” charity compilation series EP on International Chrome
  • Techno/acid/electro duo of Kirill Junolainen & Evgeny Smirnov, aka SKEJA “Towarisch Microchip” from the upcoming EP ‘HC011’ on Hypnotic Connection
  • UK electro producer and DJ, label boss of [d]-tached records, Eddie Symons, aka NULLPTR “Arrowhead” from upcoming LP “Future World” on Central Processing Unit
  • French ambient/wave/electro producer and DJ, Poperttelli ‘BBB’ from the upcoming EP ‘Exotic Matter’ on brokntoys
  • Melbourne based experimental techno duo of Nicholas Kuceli (Gaud, Repairs) and Dan Stewart (Total Control, Straightjacket Nation), aka NKDX “Evil Orgasm” from the upcoming album “A Drive With NKDX” on Nice Music
  • Copenhagen-based experimental/ambient/techno/noise/electronic composer, performer and sound artist SØS Gunver Ryberg – ”Mirage Of Spiral Wavelengths” from “Whities 030″ 12” on Whities
  • Ambient/drone/electronic collaborative project of Danish producer Jonas Munk (Manual, Ulrich Schnauss collaborator and more) and Michigan native Jason Kolb (Auburn Lull), aka BILLOW OBSERVATORY “Wash Away The Dust” on Felte
  • Lincolnshire, UK based ambient/drone/electroacoustic artist Harry Towell, aka Spheruleus “A Floating Eternity” from charity release “Sub-Aquatic Spheres” EP on Hibernate Label