WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips –  AUGUST #34-23

Photo by Philipp Weinmann


  • Research & Development Mix Series [RND 088] – JUSTIN AULIS LONG                                                     

Chicago‘s Justin Aulis Long “is a sonic sorcerer, urban Homeric poet, and cosmic wanderer, that exists within the liminal spaces where light meets dark. Long is the offspring of a gorgon, conceived within a brick and mortar labyrinth while surrounded by the supernatural electronic voices of angelic forces.” One half of L.I.E.S. affiliated project Circling Vultures and longtime music collector, JAL unfolds a boundless, mutant, cutting-edge selection, meaningless to describe, just to listen to and blow your minds

  • Utrecht, Netherlands disco /acid /rave /trance /electronic producer Tjade “Les Hautes Fagnes” from “Les Hautes” EP [Polari Records]

Dutch producer deftly combines Trance and Disco, interspersed with a reflective atmospheric interlude, in a synth-laden daydream of warm, lush swirling synth drifts and swelling emotional-ridden enveloping tones, underpinned with the eternal pulsations of rippling acid-flecked rumbling low ends and hard-hitting snares, creating a blissful end-of-summer melancholia to compel into a stirring cosmic dimension where the summer will seemingly never end.

  • Istanbul-based acid /dub /house /down-tempo /psych /electronica trio Islandman “Simple Man” second single off the forthcoming EP “Popsicle Obstacle” [Music For Dreams]

Trailblazing Turkish world-electronic trio with an irresistible heady concoction of crunchy mind-boggling percussions, groovy basslines, acidic ripples along wandering sparkling guitar strings full of Middle Eastern magic that will seduce and mesmerize, far beyond every overwhelmed dancefloor.

  • UK eclectic /downtempo /experimental electronic producer Will Flisk “Underwater Throne”

Possibly #nogender, but the British sound artist’s latest downtempo, tribal, ancestral, buzzing, trance-inducing electronic journey, as often happens with his productions, will lock you into a state of blissful hypnosis.

  • Ambient /experimental /avant-garde /classical /field recordings /minimalism /modular synthesizer /piano project by multi-instrumentalist and composer duo of Brussels-based Christina Vantzou and New York‘s synthesist John Also Bennett, aka CV & JAB “Pottery Fragments” from the upcoming third LP “Κλίμα (Klima)”
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma-based ambient /drone /experimental sound artist (aka The North Sea, Charlatan, etc), Brad E. Rose “I’m Scared of Dying IV” off upcoming album “I’m Scared of Dying” [Room40]
  • Italian ambient /drone /minimalism modular multimedia duo TU M’ “Monochrome # 23” from the album “Monochromes Vol.22” archival collection of works created in 2008 [LINE]
  • Colorado/Illinois ambient /neo-classical /field recordings /electronic /synth collaboration, M. Sage & Zander Raymond “It Is Isn’t It” off the album “Parayellowgram” [Moon Glyph]
  • Baltimore, Maryland ambient /drone /kraut /psych /electro-acoustic /experimental project Tarotplane “Descartes Camera” from the album “Murmuration” [npm]
  • Cleveland, OH ambient /krautrock /minimalistic /kosmische /experimental synth trio of John Elliott, Steve Hauschildt, and Mark McGuire, aka Emeralds “In Love” (unreleased) from the remastered 2xLP/CD reissue plus six bonus tracks of the 2010 album “Does It Look Like I’m Here? (Expanded Remaster)” [Ghostly International]
  • Vancouver-based ambient /cosmic /psychedelic /guitar /analogue synth composer and multi-instrumentalist Luke Requena “Metallic Plastic” from the upcoming LP “Mirror Stage” [Castles in Space]
  • Canadian ambient /cinematic /soundscapes composer-producer Mike Carss (aka Altus), aka Loneward “Rust and Dust” from the upcoming CD album “Ferric Expeditions” [Altus Music]
  • Lisbon, Portugal ambient /noise /shoegaze /electronic solo project Hello Euphoria “2.1k” from the album “Wash Away”
  • Scotland, UK experimental /IDM /ambient /techno /electronic collaborative project between producer Neil McDonald and Scottish poet Ellen Renton, Lord Of The Isles & Ellen Renton “My Noise is Nothing (feat. Ellen Renton)” from the upcoming vinyl album “My Noise is Nothing” [AD93]
  • New Zealand ambient /downbeat /electronic producer Harry Charles “Out of Four” from “One Seven One” album [Serafin Audio Imprint]
  • New Zealand ambient /downbeat electronic producer Michael Upton (part of Tonkyn Pearson, Takamu), aka Jet Jaguar “Grading Honey” from the album “Epiphytes” [sound as language]
  • Polish ambient /psych /downtempo producer Dj Grzyb – “Fairyland Desert Temple Inn” off V/A “Przebudzenie” compilation [Lucyna]
  • Portugal-based IDM /dub /techno /analog electronic producer Komovsky “Light-shifted register” from the EP “Shifted registers”
  • Spanish cosmic /psychedelic /downtempo /slow electronica producer and Sendero Records head, Emesh – “Vilon” off the upcoming collection “10 on Sendero” 2×12″ [Sendero Records]
  • Montreal-based Costa Rican ambient /dub /psych /slow house /downtempo music producer & DJ, Dad Of The Year – “Starman (Soble Remix)” off “Starman” EP [Expmental Records]
  • Munich-based GermanColombian tropical /cosmic disco /dub /chug /bass /dark cumbia /psychedelic transdisciplinary art collective, Cosmica Bandida “Pájaro Del Desierto (Volta Cab‘s Dub Mix)” off upcoming debut studio album “Lagrimas Saladas” [Terra Magica Rec.]
  • Berlin-based electronic /guitar /spoken word collaboration between the artists Pavel Milyakov (aka Buttechno) and Perila (Aleksandra Zakharenko), aka pmxper “Lavender Milk” from the debut album “pmxper” [Smalltown Supersound]
  • French/Dutch ambient /brass /jazz /experimental /minimalistic /electronica instrumental collaboration between veteran composers and multi-instrumentalists Valencia-based Pierre Bastien and Rotterdam-based Michel Banabila, Pierre Bastien & Michel Banabila “Slow Dance” from the upcoming album “Baba Soirée” [Pingipung]
  • FinnishIranian (via Czechia) psych /Middle East /experimental /modular synth duo Gnäw “Waters of Ether” from cassette EP “Gnäw I” [Radio Khiyaban]
  • Berlin-based drone /acid /electronic recording and live project by musician, journalist and ex-resident DJ of the Art School Club in Glasgow, Thomas Lea Clarke, aka Acid Drones “Acid Drone 3” from upcoming LP “Acid Drones” [Offen Music]
  • French industrial /ambient /electronic project of David Lacroix, aka Appropriate Savagery “Indomitable, Worn Out by a Decade” from the upcoming cassette album “Only Autumn Returns” [Amulet of Tears]
  • Manchester‘s EBM /Italo /House /Synth Wave /Dark Disco producer (member of W. H. Lung), Tom Sharkett – “Mechanical Love (ft. Modema)” from “It’s Not That Deep” EP ” [Optimo Music]
  • London based dark synthpop /electro synth diva Valeria Valuyskaya, aka VELVET VELOUR “Rococo” title track from the new “Rococo” EP [Jardin de Bliss]
  • Los Angeles/Bologna-based EBM /synth-pop /disco /indie dance act Nuovo Testamento – “Heartbeat (Curses Remix – Edit)” from upcoming 3xLP/CD box “Curses presents Next Wave Acid Punx: DEUX” [Eskimo Recordings]
  • Catalan industrial-techno-EBM-electro-hard beats duo Mario F. and Jogile D., aka SMFORMA “Judam Giliau” [Industrial Complexx]
  • Australian industrial /house / techno solo artist Grace Stevenson aka Rebel Yell “TNT with Black Dahlia” from upcoming LP “DESOLATION” on Dinosaur City
  • NYC EBM /industrial techno /synthpop project of Castillo (former Primitive Weapons and co-founder of the label Faktor Music), aka Confines “Easy Go (Semantix Remix)” [SYNTHICIDE]
  • LA-based industrial /goth-pop trio Patriarchy “Good Boy (Choke Chain Porn Remix)” from “Forcefully Rearranged” remix LP [DERO Arcade]
  • Tel Aviv-based acid /new beat /EBM /dark electro producer Naor Dayen, aka E-bony “Locked Man” from the album “Innocent Criminal” [Khoinix]
  • EBM /industrial techno DJ-producer Fyodor Feoktistov, aka MESHES “Shared Ecstasy” off upcoming V/A “Oberwave Vol. 6″ compilation [Oberwave Records]
  • Brooklyn, NY EBM /Italo body music /industrial techno artist CONFINES “Oro Y Muerte (Kontravoid Remix)” from “Oro Y Muerte Remixes” EP [SYNTHICIDE]
  • Scottish lo-fi /post-punk /EBM hardware-focused project of Mike Smith (aka Crossover Network) in collaboration with Melbourne‘s Up North Label head honcho, E.L.I. Feat LBEEZE – “Say Goodbye” from the cassette EP “Mort À L’intérieur” [Up North Records]                                                                                               
  • Dutch industrial /dark electronic /electro music veteran producer Roberto Auser, aka The Wheel Of Rituals – “There Was A Time” off “Immanent” EP [Freedom Club/Enfant Terrible]
  • Tokyo-based techno producer/DJ, co-organizer of Roiro Electronics, a member of nan+na and Discipline, Golpe Mortal “Moral Divide” from upcoming cassette EP “Moral Divide” [DISCIPLINE PRODUCTION]
  • Kansas City, Missouri sci-fi electro-industrial duo Moon 17 “Jellyfish” single
  • Berlin-based UK EBM /electronic /dark disco /electroclash /indie dance producer-remixer-DJ and Nein Records label boss Neil Parnell, aka Tronik Youth – “Speed Dealer (Bleaching Agent Remix)” off “Speed Dealer” EP [NEIN RECORDS]
  • Portuguese experimental /IDM /acid /electro DJ-producer Gonçalo Salgado, aka Lake Haze “No Escape” from the upcoming “Ionosphere” EP 12″
  • Glasgow, UK breakbeat /electro funk producer Tom Livingston, aka ARCTOR “Mean Machine Angel” from the “Rapid Trax” EP 12” [Tremors]
  • Florida bass /breaks /electro Dj-producer and Frajile Recordings head, James Wolfe “BBIDC (Code Rising Remix)” [Frajile Recordings]
  • UK jungle /drum & bass Dj-producer J:Kenzo ‘Linton Rockers’ off ‘Linton Rockers / Preaching Dub’ EP 12″ [Carbon Music]       
  • Cordoba, Argentina techno /house /indie dance production-DJ duo She Teiks – “Pistera” from two-track EP [Duro]
  • Spanish bass /disco /dark electro producer Dark Vektor – “Baba Nam Kavalam” off “13” EP [Banshees Records]
  • Toulouse, France dark disco /indie dance DJ-producer Akrav – “Happy End” off “Happy End” EP [Nein Records]
  • Israeli psychedelic /post-punk /dark disco /electronic project created by Tel- Aviv based producers/DJs Dori Sadovnik & Niv Arzi, aka RED AXIS “Kid Caffeine ft. Clams” off the upcoming studio LP “One More City” [fabric Originals]
  • Mexican Italo /acid /prog /trance producer (alias of Alex Aguayo), Mahkina “Recovery” from “Ghost Girl” EP [Creatures Of The Night]
  • Belgium-based house /space disco /indie dance producer Vhyce “Young Narratives” single [Correspondant]
  • Paris/Barcelona-based Italo Disco /EBM /Dark Disco French duo, Alphanova – “Creatine (Original Mix)” from “First Impressions” EP [Sharped Records]
  • Spanish indie dance /dark disco artist and DJ, Martin Cozar – “Call Me When You Are Sober (Rigopolar Remix)” off upcoming “Call Me (When You Are Sober)” EP [Tour de Infinite]
  • Mexican dark disco /indie dance producer Madhouse “Estado Psicodelico” off “Radical” EP [Phisica]
  • Mexican/Spanish Indie Dance/ Italo /Dark Disco Dj-producers Silicodisco & Alex Aguayo “Presente Ausente (Armonics Remix)” off upcoming “Presente Ausente” EP [Mélopée Records]
  • Mexican indie dance Dj-producer Mexican indie dance Dj-producer Hugo Vallejo “Mind Control (Original Mix)” no. 32 of the Secret Potions series [Playground Records]  “Mind Control (Original Mix)” no. 32 of the Secret Potions series [Playground Records]
  • UK disco /techno /indie-dance producer Jay-Son – “Spirit Dance” off “Spirit Dance” EP [Paisley Dark Records]
  • Yucatán, Mexico techno /indie dance producer Ademarr – “Interestelar (Theus Mago & Colossio Remix)” off “Interestelar” EP [BeenTouched 76 / Sincopat]
  • Andalusian indie dance /cosmic disco artist Calystarr “Rocking On Night (ROTCIV Remix)” off “Rocking on Night” EP [Espacio Cielo]
  • Rufus & Chaka Khan – “Ain’t Nobody (Cyda Revival Edit)” [1983 Chicago‘s soul /r&b classic edited by Indonesian dark disco producer Cyda]
  • Marseille, France dark cosmic electronic dance producer, Did Virgo “Red Lights (Motel77 Remix)” off “THE RED LIGHT, Pt. 2” EP [La Dame Noir]                                                                                                     
  • Warsaw-based breaks /leftfield /cold wave /psych-kraut production trio Personal Sauveur – “Bania Maryja” off “Levorotatory” EP [Huveshta Rituals]
  • Serbian trance /psych /house /downtempo DJ and producer from Belgrade, Igor Radošević, aka Cosmic G – “1996” title track off the new EP [Neptune Discs]
  • Italian dark ambient /psych /kraut /tribal /ethnic /acid /techno /downtempo DJ-producer Antonio De Oto, aka A-Tweed “Photosphere (Sara Dziri Remix)” off upcoming “Photosphere” EP [Sinchi]
  • Barcelona, Spain acid /house /breaks DJ-producer Baldo “Party Forever” from “Dancing Doughs” EP [Permanent Vacation]
  • South London dark ambient /drone /noise /cold /experimental project Opal X “Augmented” from the cassette album “Environments” [Brachliegen Tapes]
  • Italian dark ambient /drone /cosmic /experimental sound artist, Pietro Zollo “Revolution Of Shamdam” from the album “Shamdam” [Neotantra]
  • Ambient /noise /modern classical /experimental project of English producer Ross Tones (aka Throwing Snow), and Brussels-based double bass player Otto Lindholm (Icarus, Gizeh, Totalism), aka Everything Falls Apart “somn 7” from upcoming s/t album [Totalism]
  • US electronic /dark ambient /Berlin school /electro-acoustic /analog synthesizer dark ambient electro-acoustic composer, recording artist, & modular synthesist, Lisa Bella Donna “Double-Image” from the album “Electronic Voyages” [Behind The Sky Music]
  • Italian ambient /drone /minimalism /field recordings /experimental composer and Rohs! Records head Andrea Porcu, aka Music For Sleep “Tu hai la pioggia, respiro il mare” longform CD [ROHS! RECORDS]