WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #34

Utopia by Seung Woo Back (2010)

  • MANFREDAS – Opium Of The People Opening [August 14, 2020]                                                                       

Lithuanian DJ/producer brings us almost 3 hours of his proverbial marathon sets, rolling out with his distinctive hypnotic, trance-inducing chugging rhythms and dark mind-bending atmospheres, straight from the night opening at his home-turf of VilniusOpium Club, on August 14 2020.       

  • London-based electronic producer and Passarella Death Squad’s founder Danny Passarella alongside Tom Wegg-Prosser of ‘We Have Band’ fame, KEMPES “Yes / No” from the 2-tracker “Yes No / Forever” on Passarella Death Squad

Passarella Death Squad main man keeps his Argentinian national football team mode with the Kempes duet together with Tom Wegg-Prosser, somewhere between haunting techno and groovy house through lurking bass line menace that crawls along gripping hypnotic percussive patterns and sketchy echoes, while warped synth melodies dig deeper into the unanticipated throbbing treachery of stacked beats and wicked dance vibrancy.

  • East London dark/ambient/breakbeat/drum&bass/electronic producer Joe Baker, aka Forest Drive West “Curved Path” from “Terminus” EP on R&S Records

Dark and trippy futuristic sheer techstep perfection through unnerving drones that wax and wane to envelop eerie sinister synth notes in swarming static marked by energetic hollow crispy dream beats and ritualistic echoes melting into electric shimmering swathes of spatial trance-inducing hazy rapture.

  • Italian dark disco/body music/Italo wave producers Futuristant & Vicky Montefusco – “Sara” off the new EP Animal Love” on Oberwave Records

Wicked, driving mysterious energy, hard-hitting and crashing rhythms, intense mysterious whispers and sinister dark disco bassline treachery ‘make your life just a dream’.      

  • Berlin-based/San Francisco-born electronic producer Sheela Rahman aka XOSAR “Corridors” from 2-tracker “Harp meditations”                                                                                                                                                             
  • Kaliningrad born, Copenhagen resident electronic artist Oqbqbo “With Light Behind” from the upcoming EP “Tired Sun” on Posh Isolation                                                                                                                                               
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands kraut/dream pop/electronic/psychedelic duo SPILL GOLD – “Highway Hypnosis” first single and title track from the upcoming album ‘Highway Hypnosis’, to be released 16 November on Knekelhuis.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Berlin-based, Lebanese experimental electronic/leftfield pop producer/singer (E-Saggila and Northern Electronics collaborator) Zainab Marwan, aka THOOM – “Eat to Taste” off the new album “Pork” on her own label Career Whores
  • Russian experimental/bass/abstract/IDM/glitch/jungle producer Cadeu – “Gho” from the upcoming cassette album “Hy” on Hyperboloid Recordings                                                                                                                
  • Vienna-based synth/broken dance/electronic solo artist Kristina Pia Hofer, aka VOILER “0 Goth Romantic Edit” off ltd. pink cassette “0002” (conceived as a sound piece for early 2020 Elizabeth Ward’s performance Dancing’s Demons) on CUT SURFACE                                                                                                                     
  • Budapest experimental dark electro producer Imre Kiss “Mer de Désir” title track from upcoming EP on his own Crisis Records
  • Edmonton deceased electronic musician founder of 80s dark dance synth project Psyche (together with brother Darrin Huss), Stephen Huss “Belial (Sorcerer Mix)” off “Galaxy” a CD/vinyl collection of 6 tracks recorded between 1983 – 2005 on Artificial Dance
  • Brooklyn’s industrial techno producer, Auspex “Wie Oben, So Unten” title track from the new EP on INSANE INDUSTRY
  • Los Angeles-based experimental dark synth industrial project of Lee Landey, aka OIL THIEF “Ellowen Deeowen” off the upcoming V/A “Rough Treatments Part 2” Limited Edition Double Tape + Booklet compilation on Strange Therapy
  • Wien, Austrian cold wave/EBM/industrial/dark synth electronics solo project ROSA NEBEL ”Der Geistertanz endete im tödlichen Schweigen” from 4-track Split EP with Kinder aus Asbest on Lux Rec.
  • Russian industrial music veterans from Moscow, Necro Stellar – “Tachyon Spiral (Bell Riots remix)” off V/A “Corazón de Hierro” compilation on Perlas label
  • Amsterdam-based electro/wave/industrial techno/EBM producer 5713 “Running In A Dystopian Metropolis” from cassette EP “Agressie Is Het Antwoord” on Eye For An Eye Recordings
  • Italian techno body music/electro wave producer, live performer and sound designer Cristian Camporesi, aka CHRIS SHAPE “Fuori Dal Fango” from the upcoming LP “Shaped To Deform” on Unknown Pleasures Records
  • Twin Peaks, California body music/dark electronics producer The Spiral Tapes ‘Eater’ from the EP “8/21/80: Forest”
  • Industrial/dark electronic/electro/EBM solo project Urban Matrix “Security For All” new single
  • Russian EBM/acid/coldwave/electro producer and certified psychiatrist Alexey Bork, aka Rudiment “Entrance to the body” from the cassette EP “MESSERWUNDEN” on Frankfurt’s Smashing Tape Records
  • Brazilian aggressive Industrial/EBM solo project Epilepsy Morbid Rotten “Fade” from the album “Wronged”
  • Derry-based industrial/dark/post-punk/funky/experimental electronic/EBM project of Christian Donaghy, AUTUMNS “Doire Dog Race” off upcoming cassette EP “You Are Now Listening To Autumns” on Opal Tapes
  • Bogotà-born, Medellín resident experimental/EBM/industrial/noise techno producer/DJ/singer and ravetop Records founder, RAVETOP “Dear Frank” from the final third volume of the cassette series “THE AWAKENING: PESTILENT EXPRESSIONS 3” [BLF1C006] on SPIRITS OF THE BLACK LODGE
  • Scottish experimental/horror industrial techno production duo Duellist & IFormat – “Vile Imposition (Arrosa Remix)” from upcoming EP on The Hiddens Records                                                                                             
  • French cinematic industrial techno producer/DJ, Znzl – “Trust My Methods” off upcoming “Zero-Point Energy” EP on Routine Records                                                                                                                                            
  • Paris, France rave/techno producer Prauze – “You Can Leave” off upcoming V/A “Hardest Soft VA01” debut compilation on Hardest Soft                                                                                                                                    
  • Berlin-based Adelaide‘s dark/acid/disco/techno/electro producer and founder of audio-visual label Night Tide, ELUIZE “Losing Track” from “Eolian” EP on Shall Not Fade sub-label Lost Palms
  • Barcelona-based Ukrainian cold synth/dark electronic music artist, singer, songwriter, JULIA BONDAR “Fire (feat. Nero Bellum)” new single
  • Groovy Dirty Filthy Techno Live act / DJ duo from the Netherlands, NKN Nightshift – “Camel Juice” off “Bodyzone” EP on Måinmise Records
  • Moscow based, Thessaloniki grow, techno Russian producer Stef Mendesidis “Chroma” from “Memorex” EP on Clergy
  • Italian experimental/electronic techno project of multimedia artist Paolo Di Nola, aka Cosmic Metal Mother, aka Regina Leather “Tip” from “Portraits Of A Collective Hallucination” EP on VOAM
  • Russian-born/Riga-based dark synth/electro producer Dmitry Distant “Latvian Electronics” from V/A “The Dark Phase Experience” EP on Gladio Operations
  • Italian acid/breakbeat/electro producer Andrea Benedetti, aka Sprawl – “Neural Acid” (2009) from “Casting Shadows with Intergalactic Gary” EP on brokntoys
  • UK veteran sci-fi electro producer Mike Ash – “Engineering” from V/A “Various Objekts 5: a Bass Agenda Recordings Sampler” on Bass Agenda Recordings
  • Toronto, Canada‘s electro producer and co-owner of Suction Records (along with Jason Hamm, aka Solvent), Gregory de Rocher, aka LOWFISH “Jagged Edged Scrap” off upcoming ltd. split 7″ single “Extinction / Jagged Edged Scrap” with Dmitry Distant via Electronic Leatherette
  • Melbourne experimental electronic quartet Big Yawn “4 Dads” from the upcoming album “South Preston Garage” on Research Records
  • London based acid/electro/disco/electronic producer Kincaid “Pipe Up (Benedikt Frey Remix)” off upcoming “Pipe Up” Remixes EP out on September 7th via Inside Out Records                                                                       
  • Shangai based cosmic disco electronic French duo Thoma Cher & Charp, aka MOTEL77 ‘Savage’ from Duro label EP ‘Savage’                                                                                                                                                         
  • Cosmic dark disco collaboration between Amsterdam-based Karakter label co-founder Marco Antão (alias Switchdance) and Portuguese producer Twofold, aka Switchdance, Twofold – “Entre Espadas” from V/A “Karakter Vol.1” EP on Karakter Records
  • Spanish Italo/electro/dark disco duo Arkademode & Barko “Robot Heart” title track from upcoming EP on NEIN Records
  • Berlin-based house/techno producer Johannes Paluka aka Iron Curtis “Psycho Dancer” off upcoming mini-album “Total Art Of Living Part. 2” on Hudd Trax                                                                                                                              
  • Cornwall, UK slow/psych/acid/leftfield/electronic production duo Forgotten Corner “Gallus” off upcoming V/A “Label Sampler One” on new London’s label Sonorous Chamber founded by Kirsty P and Henry Zoonka
  • Bristol, UK experimental ambient techno electronic production duo of brothers Lorcan and Naoise Thompson aka LONA ‘Tides’ new single
  • Leningrad, Russia Balearic/leftfield/dreamy house/deep electro producer Ksky – “Sanctuary” from upcoming V/A “Driving Blind (Vol.1)” on Les Yeux Orange
  • Bordeaux, France synth-pop/synthwave/chillwave project A.L.I.S.O.N. ‘Continuity’ new single
  • Athens, Greece ambient/downtempo/trip-hop/electronic producer BICHE “Pause 13” new single
  • Munich-based minimalistic deep techno producer Dycide – “Fluctuation” title track from upcoming  “Fluctuation EP” on Parisian label Lowless                                                                                                                                 
  • Berlin-based ambient/IDM/braindance producer Serge Geyzel – ‘Beyond the mood’ off V/A “aux4422” on mindcolormusic
  • Dorset/Glasgow, UK electronic/folk/psych/ambient collaborative project between Andrew Paine & Matthew Shaw, aka The Blue Tree “Augmentor” from the upcoming “Fell” EP on Glass Modern
  • Vancouver, BC’s resident ambient explorer Amir Abbey, aka Secret Pyramid “Flares” from the new album “Embers” on Geographic North
  • San Bernardino, CA industrial esoteric experimental electronic minimal synth drone duo, GERMAN ARMY “A Segment Of Me” from the cassette album “Hearing Lola Kiepja” via Porto’s Eastern Nurseries
  • Nairobi, Kenya ambient/field recordings/drone sound artist, and producer Joseph Kamaru, aka KMRU “Why Are You Here” from the upcoming “Peel” album on Editions Mego
  • Portland, Oregon ambient/drone musician (aka Drowse), Kyle Bates “Screen (Hyperreal)” from V/A “Mills Spring 2020 Compilation” fundraising compilation by Mills College Music Department

Utopia by Seung Woo Back (2010)