WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips –  AUGUST #33-23


  • Abaddon Podcast 229 // EKATA                                                                                                                                      

London-based DJ & producer EKATA spins plenty of ominous grooves, heavy snares and kicks, intertwined with sci-fi/acid textures and haunting synths, definitely, one of the most intriguing up-and-coming Electro devoted artists around.

  • L.A.-based lo-fi acid broken beat /leftfield /electro Dj-producer Michael Padgett, aka Ole Mic Odd “Get It Right” from upcoming cassette album “Gutted Not Rotted” [Dead Channel Records]                                   

L.A. mutant sound craftsman with a death-defying both crooked and gurgling, blistering acid-splattered electro sweep, that bounces its way through razor-edged skeletal beats, interspersed with mesmeric thudding kicks and ceaselessly obsessive jittery biting basslines, encircled by icy bright alienated synth glares and shadowy vocodered voices, to electrify both feet and brain into a surreal dancefloor groove.

  • South West of France ambient /acid /downtempo /bass /chug /psych /organic /electronic producer and Reptilian Business Records co-founder, Da Iguana – “Torbellino” off V/A “Hikuri 01” compilation [Nativa Records]

Fundraising compilation to support the cause of preserving the sacred plant Hikuri, better known as “Peyote” from Mexico, in danger of extinction. French producer Da Iguana casts a mesmerizing, immersive, and hallucinatory aura amongst its crispy swaying tribal percussive, warm organic groovy bass pulses, acidic rippling echoes, and fluting arcane swirling melodies to induce metaphysical headspace through ecstatic cathartic dance.

  • Los Angeles-based surf /Balearic /underwater /dub /breaks /downtempo /electronic producer DR BRONZER “Sandee Bottoms (Extended Mix)” from “Sandee Bottoms/Wet Dreams” EP [Is It Balearic? Recordings]

Deep, sensual and sultry vibes breeze over groovy tribal rolling percussions, hypnotic echoing synth pulses, with naughty and mischievous female vocals, to immerse and surf through all the shimmering and seductive Balearic shades of summer bliss.

  • Rotterdam electronic female ensemble Shakkatam “Run (Dania cover)” from upcoming 12″ EP “Run” (originally included in the 2017 2-track single 7″ on Tear Apart Tapes) [Hivern Discs]
  • Melbourne-based ambient /drone /cinematic /electro-acoustic /Baroque music /neo-classical composer and multi-instrumentalist Claire Deak “Dolce Tormento” off debut solo album “Sotto Voce” part of Lost Tribe Sound’s 11 album series, ‘Maps to Where the Poison Grows’ [Lost Tribe Sound]
  • Spanish/Japanese ambient /drone /field recordings /soundscape sound artists David Cordero & Rhucle “In the Mirror” from the upcoming album “Summer Chronicles” [Home Normal]
  • UK dark ambient /experimental /folktronica project Stonecirclesampler “Towards the Mainland” from the cassette “Pymthek Menhirs (C-15#01)” [Human Geography Recordings]
  • Australian neo-classical /electronic composer, producer and performer from Melbourne, Ruby Lulham aka Clariloops “Tranquility (for Sidney)” single
  • Urbana, Illinois drone /field recordings /ethereal /minimal ambient artist Innesti “Memories of Previous Lives” from the album “The World We Knew”
  • Czech ambient /abstract /electro-acoustic musician, sound artist and curator (member of Gurun Gurun and LyrArkestra+), Tomáš Knoflíček “Otranto” from the upcoming album “Serendipity” [laaps]
  • Paris-based ambient /drone /experimental /tape loops sound artist Tom Devianne, aka AGYT “Finis terrae” from the cassette album “We know we’re right” [Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series / Rohs! Records]
  • Berlin-based experimental /ambient /psychedelic electronic DJ and producer (aka Grand Optimist), Philipp Otterbach “Mar 27, 16″ from the upcoming album “Correct Me If I Am Incorrectly You” [Offen Music]
  • England, UK analog modular synth music musician (AKA The Matthew Machine, Assembled Minds and part of R.E.E.L.), Twilight Sequence “In The Rural Pattern” from the album “Outline of Nature” [Castles In Space]
  • Yekaterinburg, Russia ambient /acid /minimal /deep /dub techno musician Andrey Kurokhtin, aka Shine Grooves “Magic Truffle” from the cassette album “Watching The Breeze” [100% Silk]
  • Danish ambient /dub /techno producer Kenneth Werner (aka WRNR), aka Midnat “Strand 2” from the album “Strand” [Faint]
  • US IDM /psych /acid /electronic producer Paul Alexander, aka Fluffy Inside “Implant Five” from the EP “303 Minds Are Better Than One” [Ambidextrous Records]
  • Quito, Ecuador ambient /downtempo /trip-hop /electronica side project of Dj & producer Alejandro Romero (aka Amalgama), aka Ópalo “Caminata Interna” debut single
  • London-based Balearic /Chill Out /Psychedelic Dub /Downtempo DJ, producer, writer, and Disappear label boss, Chris Coco “Pink Sun (Interstellar Dub)” from “Pink Sun” EP [DSPPR]
  • Auckland, NZ reggae /downtempo /psych /dubwise producer Jim Pinckney aka Stinky Jim “Sand Gestures (Rude Audio Remix)” from “Social Awareness – The Remixes” album
  • Mexico City-based acid /ground beats /breaks /deep house Dj-artist Soos “Cool Sbu” from “Mundo Cute” EP 12″ [mulemusiq]
  • Bucharest-based Romanian psychedelic cosmic electronic krautrock duo Khidja “Osm to Kbn” from upcoming “Transmissions Part 2” EP [Malka Tuti]
  • Canadian ambient /acid /kraut /house /psych /wave /space /electronica duo of Cooper Saver and Chris Macintyre, aka Inner Flight “Explorer 3000” from upcoming S/T EP [Pacific Rhythm]
  • Warsaw-based Ukrainian acid /trance /psych /breaks /techno producer Shjva – “Nova” off “Suspiria” LP [Common Ancestors]
  • Berlin, Germany rock’n’roll /psych /techno /downtempo producer Farry – “The Flying Dutchies (AiRKA & luçïd Remix)” off “Flying Dutchies” EP [Crépite.]
  • Sheffield, UK late ’80s/early ’90s space disco /techno electronic project of Jules Hyam, David Newman, and Andrew Odia based on Bunker Studios, aka Subtexture – “Guiro (fast edition)” from Bunker 3‘s “EP2” [TruthTable]
  • UK ambient /industrial /grey area /drum & bass /techno /electronic producers Akkya x Xiûa “Liber Primus” from the album “Kada” [Third Foundation]
  • Texas-based IDM /industrial /techno /electronic duo, Ancient Shadows “Atlus” from the EP “Human Entertainment”
  • Berlin, Germany techno /synth-pop /house /post-punk duo Ede & Deckert feat. Sargland “Immer” 7″ single [Running Back]
  • Bogotá, Colombia industrial /synth wave project of producer Halb Maschine and artist Ela Vann, aka Dot Drama – “Vodka” from the cassette EP “Surcos” [Pildoras Tapes]
  • Christchurch, New Zealand drum-driven industrial experimental post-punk /techno project from James Barrett (Keepsakes) and Henry Nicol (Dog Power), aka CUT 989 – “Castle Of Doubt” off “Opinions” EP 12″ [989]                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • London-based, French industrial /noise /experimental /dark electronics Dj-producer and co-owner of Depth.Request label, Jordi Mormann, aka G.xist – “5th Day After Death” off of “Anatoly” EP [Depth.Request]
  • Amsterdam-based EBM /industrial /noise /techno collaboration of producers Zyryab + Kay Mascara + Swærm, aka Quinta Sence “Untitled Track 1” from “Quinta Sence” EP [PUBLIC SEX REGIME]
  • Leeds, UK industrial-techno /noise /dark-aggressive electronic music producer INTSEC “Control” from “ELECTRONIC DEATH MUSIC” EP                                                                                                                             
  • French hard techno producer RORGANIC “Elements” single
  • London-based Techno DJ and producer, Rommek “Arkho” off “47037” EP [47]
  • Fischerspooner – “Mega C (Ement Remix)” PZ Records Bootlegs series [PZBOOTLEGS001]
  • Warsaw, Poland-based EBM /industrial /rave /hard-techno producer Dima Kachan “Uneasy Dreams” from “All That Remains” EP [MASS]
  • French/Japanese dark techno /electro production duo Human Rebellion x Shun – “Dosage and Capacity” from V/A “Elektro Magnético II” EP 12″ [Ovelha Trax]
  • Lithuanian lo-fi /acid /house producer Drum Tales “Inner Voices (Zillas On Acid Remix)“ from upcoming debut EP “Distorted Faces“ [Good Skills]
  • Basel, Switzerland downtempo /techno /house /electronic Dj-producer AVEM “Velvet ft. Nieto” upcoming debut LP [LOKD]
  • Copenhagen-based cosmic disco /acid house /house /techno /electronica Icelandic producer Sexy Lazer “Mid Life Crisis” [Riotvan]
  • London-based acid /Balearic /chug /house /indie dance /eclectic electronic production-DJ duo Jezebell “Burning Bush” from upcoming collection album “Jezebellearic Beats Volume 1”
  • Indian pop singer from the ’80s, Sharon Prabhaker – “A – Ha (Dacou Edit)” [Serenades Edit #28]
  • Latino indie dance /Italo disco production duo Joyce Muniz & Theus Mago – “Balin Bali (Marvin & Guy Remix)” off “Balin Bali” EP [Exploited]
  • Glasgow, UK indie dance /Italo disco /synthwave /house production duo Pentland Park – “Enterprise” off “Maître De Sagesse” EP [Lava Lava]
  • Cologne, Germany Italo Body Music producer & DJ, Mx Probe “La Petxina”
  • Medellín, Colombia indie dance /Italo disco producer Osccurate “Paradiso Oscuro” single
  • Belgrade/Mykonos-based cosmic /synth /house duo MĪMĪ x FY & Estray – “Robotic Mode” from V/A “REBELLION presents SOULS Vol. 4” EP curated by label head Damian Lazarus [REBELLION / Crosstown Rebels]
  • Mexican indie trance /psych /percussive techno /house producer Samuel Lupián “Get Out (Geopard Tourist Remix)” from “Get Out” EP [Complaint Kulture]
  • Sunderland/London UK nu beat /acid /house /indie dance Dj-producer Megan Leo “Golden Eclipse” from “The Triple Drop” EP [Me Me Me]
  • German acid /techno /dark electro producer UrbnMowgli – “Peaceful At The Moment (Cyberflex Remix)” from “Information Technology” EP [Simplexia Records]
  • Cardiff-based house /techno /jungle /breaks duo BODHI “Edge Of Blue” title track of the new EP [Hotflush Recordings]
  • Manchester, UK’s bass /breaks /dubstep /garage producer Mercy System “Procedures” title track of the upcoming EP “Procedures” [Of Paradise]
  • Vancouver, BC house /electro producer Neo Image “Fourth Finger” single [Mood Hut]
  • Detroit, MI ambient /acid /house /breaks /electro /techno producer Brian Kage – “Planet Lumina” off upcoming “Analog Heart, Magnetic Soul” EP 12″ [Craigie Knowes]
  • Vienna, Austria acid house techno producer (Alpha 3 and Alpha Tracks), Mike Inzinger “NY Tunnel” from “Eyes Wide Shut” EP [MIR Records]
  • Oslo, Norway IDM /house /techno /electro Dj-producer, Øyvind Morken “Butterfingers” from the album “Theme From Life” (recorded between 2019 and 2023)
  • UK ambient /experimental /field recordings /avant-garde /leftfield electronic musician, Xqui – “Left Side Hearing (featuring Mat Smith)” from upcoming CD album “Nights That Went On Too Long”
  • Japanese dark ambient /drone /field recordings /meditation music solo project, Sonnov “Azoo” from the album “Aqyx”
  • Melbourne, Australia ambient /musique concrète /modern classical /minimal /electroacoustic /piano multi-disciplinary artist Lisa Lerkenfeldt “29°”
  • L.A.-based dark ambient /noise /field recordings solo project of experimental composer Jesse Perlstein, aka Abandoned Battlefields “Morass” from the cassette “Subtle Reverie”
  • Danish ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /electronic collage artist and musician Paw Grabowski, aka øjeRum “Nattens Hvide Sten” ltd. CD [Slow Tone Collages]
  • Seminal late ’70s/early ’80s Melbourne experimental ambient band Ad Hoc “Corpse Two” off the lyd. edition cassette of the original live tape “Corpse” [Shame File Music]

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