WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – August #33-21

  • Massimiliano Pagliara – Moon Gazing x LoveSexDreams [DISCOSÓDOMA]                                               

Courtesy of London‘s collective DISCOSÓDOMA, Lecce-bred Berlin-denizen Italian eclectic electronic DJ/producer Massimilano Pagliara takes you through around an hour and three-quarters of a warm, atmospheric and dreamlike journey basking in blissful soothing sensual melodies, layers of enveloping heated airy synth breezes, laid back rhythmic downtempo grooves and lush Balearic vibes, as passionate heartfelt souls open to the rising moon on a hot summer day, releasing the shadow-veiled bodies whirling in rapture.

  • São Carlos, Brazil EBM /electronic producer Lucas Novaes, aka Lucas “Eppur Si Muove (Original Mix)” debut single

Paulista young producer with fresh and minimal yet effective EBM vibes through slashing dance beats marching hypnotically along with a menacing unremitting swirl of bouncing and undulating metallic bass lines, sinister airy synth swells, and whimsical angsty effects layering distant high strung resonant bells, hissing mechanisms, and piles of neurotic chiming frequencies into forbidden otherworldly auras of lust, excitement and adrenaline-charged fear.

  • Saint Petersburg based new wave /disco /downtempo /Balearic /electronic producer Konstantyn Isaev (aka Rambal Cochet), aka VOLTA CAB “Balearic Balsam” title track off upcoming “Balearic Balsam” EP on MMDiscos /Moon&Mann                                                                                                                                       

Saint Petersburg eclectic producer weaves deep, hazy, summery downtempo vibes through warm enveloping and glowing new wavish synth swathes droning hypnotically under the driving, punchy beats, obsessive glistening guitar strings, and organically sinuous pulsing bass lines, creating depth defying textures of cool breezes and exotic moods around the swanky and groovy male vocals heady pensive wanderings of sun-kissed and balmy Balearic rapture.       

  • Florida based industrial /EBM /acid /breakbeat /electro funk producer and co-owner of Vanguard Sound, Chris Mitchell – “Alsina” from upcoming V/A “Frigio All Stars Vol. 4″ (FRV037) compilation 12” [Frigio Records]

Equally gritty and funky, breakbeat-scattered industrialized groovy cut from Floridian producer with a killer cross-fire of crashing and pounding beats, disruptive eerie distortions, and treacherous soulful bass line prowls, to expand cold vast syncopated explorations of repressed needs by opening alternate resonant electro-mechanical tendencies of frenetic distressing energies and compulsive tensions into an apocalyptic netherworld of dance-grabbing dystopic paranoia and fear.

  • Belgrade, Serbia dark drone experimental electronic producer Anđelina Mićić aka Zhe Pechorin “It’s Her Shelter” from V/A “Stasis II” cassette compilation on Static Motion
  • UK industrial /ambient /noise /power electronics project of Zen Zsigo (also Maths, Life In The Dark, Livimorket), Cremation Lily “A Certain Fragrance” from “Cremation Lily Smells the Flowers” EP on Strange Rules
  • Detroit experimental minimal electronics duo THE NEW ME “Selling at the shamrock” from the album “IT’S 1999” on nₒstilevₒ
  • Birkirkara, Malta dark ambient /industrial techno project Llimbs – “Ascent” off upcoming V/A “Mirror of Art & Nature” compilation LP on Starry Earth
  • Canada/UK new wave /synth-pop /synth project of Darren Bowers & Mark Naylor (formerly Sound Agency), Cause Célèbre “Pale Sodium Glow”                                                                                                                                         
  • South Belgium analogue dark electro producer and head of Les Disques Cockpit label, Holtz – ”58″ from the 6th concept album “L’arrogance des assassins” on Les Disques Cockpit
  • Prague-based, Czech electronic /industrial /techno /experimental /ambient duo Aitcher Clark and Anna Coranić, aka LOFN “Invocation” from “Post-Apo Romance” EP soon on Veyl Records
  • Experimental /industrial /noise /techno entity [xxx] – 20200920-03034529                                                     
  • Berlin-based experimental /EBM /noise /industrial techno Greek producer Manos Simotas, aka UNHUMAN “Imminent Fear (Esplendor Geometrico Version)” off upcoming V/A “VARIABLE REMIXES” EP 12″ for 7th anniversary of Pi Electronics [π]
  • Bogotà, Colombian Electro /Techno /Industrial /EBM producer and founder of DClock Records, Jesús David Restrepo, AKA Damaged Clock “Mr Robot” from the cassette album “Critical Country” on DYSTATIK
  • Italian Industrial / EBM / New Beat /Italian Wave /Dark Electronics project of Francesco Baudazzi, aka VIOLET POISON “Bomba Al Metanolo” from upcoming V/A “META MOTO 5” cassette compilation [META MOTO]                     
  • Berlin-based Italian EBM /Industrial Techno DJ-producer and KindCrime Recordings head (AKA 3DEN), Alessandro Nero “Dead Body Disposal” from the upcoming album “Infected By Ideology” on X-IMG
  • Copenhagen EBM /mutant electro /funky techno producer Splash Pattern – “Furnace” off upcoming V/A “MMXXI Inferno” charity compilation EP on Céad
  • EBM /industrial /electro electronic music producer based in Sevilla, Spain (aka Rise Black, Mitjun), Escoria Humana – “Beast” from s/t EP                                                                                                                                                          
  • Russian electro-punk breakout duo Locked Club feat. Any Act – “Sadism” title track from new collaborative EP on STVOL Records                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Odessa, Ukraine EBM /Acid /Industrial /Techno producer EXTENSIVE INFARCTION “Sick World”                                                
  • Colombia industrial /EBM project created by Anthony Said, EIN SIR “VII Stirbt Nie”                                           
  • São Paulo, Brazilian EBM /funk /breakbeat DJ /producer Tulio Luiz, aka Mal Pela Raiz (MPR) “Sinistro Times” title track from “Sinistro Times” EP on Coletivo de LiXO                                                                                                                         
  • Greek experimental /industrial /wave /dark techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “Another Starless Night” from “Dragon Elite” album
  • Russian EBM /breakbeat /electro /techno /electronic producer (Wolfstream, Otchim, Seven Knives), Anton Berezin “Separation Anxiety” from upcoming “Sewer Blues” album on SOIL
  • US post-punk /darkwave /electroclash /EBM /goth horror electro artist ALEERA – “Join The Hunt (Henry Hearse edit)” from upcoming cassette EP “Vampira” [Neon Casket Recordings]         
  • Moscow, Russia electro /EBM /wave/ dark techno duo Ólta Karawane “Michto” from upcoming EP “Dewa Anjing” on DEKADENZ RECORDS
  • Collaboration between Irish techno producer Ian McDonnell and Shipibo rapper, EOMAC ft. Wihtner FaGo – “Non Axebo” from V/A “Behua Icara – Ritmos para Sanar Vol.2” fundraising compilation for the Amazonian Shipibo Conibo communities in Ucayali, Perú [Behua Icara]
  • Vienna, Austrian disco /synthpop /electronic duo of Michael Weiler (former Burnin Tears), and Maximilian Atteneder (former Catastrophe & Cure), Wiener Planquadrat “Stillstand (Club Version)” from upcoming “Stillstand” EP (IDI002) on Local Suicide‘s new label Iptamenos Discos
  • Mexican disco /electro /techno /analog synth duo Mijo and Rodion, aka Idolos Futuros – “Criminal” from “Canticos” EP on Calypso Records
  • Spanish/Argentinian indie dance /Italo /cosmic /techno /electronic production/DJ duo, Black Flamingo Disco Driver & Marzian “Arp Battery (Freudenthal Remix)” off “Arp Battery” EP on ODD Pleasures
  • France disco /synt-pop /electro project of DJ/producer/remixer/performer Bertrand Lacombe of the group DBFC, aka Dombrance – “Taubira (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)” off “Taubira” EP on Gouranga Music          
  • Mexican Indie Rock band AZUL DE VIENA “Mareas Pasajeras (Diac Remix)”                                                                                        
  • Spanish Italo /Balearic /nu-disco producer MANOLO “Phobos (Ilya Santana Remix)” off “”Paseo Maritimo (remixes)” on Rare Wiri Records
  • Pontevedra, Spain retro synthwave producer Sequenza “Galactic (Extended Mix)”                                               
  • Ghent, Belgium Italo disco /synth wave producer GUY TALLO “Paon De Jour”                                                           
  • Italian cosmic disco /electro-disco /electronic Florence Renaissance producer TULIOXI “Another Gang Of Desperates (Roe Deers Remix)” off upcoming EP “Late Night Tortures” (Latido Records)                                     
  • France based tribal /ethnic /disco /psych /cosmic /electronic FrenchMexican production duo, Kubebe & Leonor – “Midnight Man (Lauer Remix)” off upcoming “Midnight Man” EP [Feines Tier]                                         
  • Italian ambient /minimal /synth wave duo from Turin, Cold Cluster “EXAUDI” (Demo)                                         
  • Nantes based acid house /Braindance /IDM /breakbeat /electro young producers Fasme & Alder – “Des oiseaux et des machines” from upcoming “Alder / FasmeAcid Avengers 019″ on Tripalium Corp
  • Den Haag acid/ techno/ electro production duo I-F & Intergalactic Gary, aka The Parallax Corporation “Parallaxed – Jolly Remix” from “Parallaxed (The Remixes)” EP on Viewlexx
  • Los Angeles techno /acid /electro producer Force Placement “Pressure Points” off upcoming Sunken Coast” EP 12″ on Private Selection Records
  • Australian techno acid house electro producer Geordie Elliot-Kerr from Melbourne, SHEDBUG “Battlelines” from upcoming EP “The Storm” on Mechatronica                                                                                                                                         
  • A Coruña, Spain ambient /techno /electro producer ROI “Maianca (Carl Finlow Remix)” from “Crunia” EP on Fanzine Records
  • Berlin-based ambient /techno /house /breakbeat DJ and producer Ray Kandinski “No Love” from upcoming “Garant” EP on Lobster Theremin
  • Glasgow‘s ambient /IDM /techno /electronic producer (aka Pub), Lucky & Easy – “Kuebiko” from “Level” EP on Glasgow’s ampoule records
  • Detroit analogue dub techno producer ZELDE743 “Unknown Track 2” from “Mechadrone” EP on insectorama
  • UK experimental electronic producer Georgie McVicar “Woodshadows” from “Tiny Grassland” LP + Book on Mutualism
  • Copenhagen-based experimental /classical composer and viola player Astrid Sonne “Fields of Grass” from the upcoming LP “Outside of your lifetime” on Escho
  • Mysterious experimental /electro-acoustic /ambient /modern classical artist Glåsbird “Last Ritual” from the new album “Siberia” on Whitelabrecs
  • Tokyo, Japan experimental /ambient /drone /cosmic /synth /electronic musician 岩城由美 = Yumi Iwaki “Sour Grape” from the upcoming album “Juniper” on Muzan Editions
  • Italian experimental /ambient /drone /neo-classical artist Grotta Veterano “MOV II” from the cassette album “Hlapov” on Eastern Nurseries
  • Farnham, UK experimental /ambient /minimal /electronic artist BOB HOLROYD “The Surrey Ambience Service” off 2-track single via Real World X
  • Ambient /drone project of Constantine Horizon from Kazan/Russia, DESOLATE HORIZONS “Mountain Rest” (Single)
  • UK ambient /drone composer and producer (Olan Mill, llm, Pausal), Alex Smalley “Optimal Care” from the album “Vanaprastha (The Man Who Went Into The Woods To Find Himself)” on Past Inside the Present
  • Vilnius, Lithuania experimental /ambient / drone /electronic producer Undveld “Out Of Desire” from V/A “Stasis II” cassette compilation on Static Motion
  • Shenzhen, China ambient /techno /electronic project KAGAMI Smile. “Beautiful You” title track from the new album “Beautiful You”
  • Moscow based ambient /drone /industrial /techno /acid /electro producer Stas Zavyalovaka, aka DJ VST “JSR 160821″ title track from the new EP
  • Chicago-based ambient /drone /minimal /electronic producer Chicago Word Brigade “Sleeplessly (In KiTim) with me__and__mathilda”
  • Melbourne based ambient /neo-classical /drone /ethereal /dream-pop artist Phoebe Dubar, aka IKSRE “As Good As It Gets” off the third album ‘III’ on Hush Hush Records
  • Queensland-based jazz pianist Robert Welsh spiritual jazz project, SINGING DUST “Involution” from s/t album originally issued in 1986 on Melbourne independent label Cleopatra Records, reissue and remastered on vinyl 12″ by Fresh Hold/Efficient Space