WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #33

  • Dimensions of: CONNOR (Podcast)                                                                                                                         

Dark disco vibes exude from the brilliant set by the Belgian producer/remixer/DJ based in Liège, Connor (Nein Records, Maleante, Esthétique , Dogs And Vultures, Roam y Night Noise), infused with techno, acid, electro, new beat, and 80s punk/wave undertones.                                                 

  • Ningún Lugar, Colombia EBM/industrial techno DJ/producer MAGNUM OPUS “Mental Whisper” from V/A “HISS” compilation on Antioquia’s new label Discos Hechizos                                                                             

Debut sampler from the brand new Colombian DIY label Discos Hechizos label brings together a vast range of local, more or less known, electronic acts, that display the richness and heterogeneity of a scene in constant expansion and evolution, straddling the lines between dark synth wave (our faves Abstract Deity and Las Confusas plus the newcomer, at least for us, Ana Gartner), and industrial, EBM, electro and techno (Filmmaker and Unsighted amongst many others). One of the highlights is the crackling and obsessive cut from DJ/producer Magnum Opus triggering manic droning electric jolts that zap and disintegrate over adrenaline-fueled rhythmic breaks of miscommunication into the shimmering swaths of unconscious desires, marked in mechanical hollow cowbells and skewed meandering synth stabs, glowing over stuttering menacing bass pulsations.

  • Egisto Macchi – “Il Sahara” (Tagliabue ‘Profondo Cosmo’ Rework) [SINCHI EDITS 02]                                              
Excellent rework by electronic producer and music adventurer based in Milan, Joseph Tagliabue, of the jazz-infused mystic atmospheric masterpiece released in 1974 by Italian avant-garde experimental mastermind Egidio Macchi (co-founder of the mythic ensemble ‘Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza’), one of the rarest vinyl of Italian Library music. The mystical obscure, subtly disturbing, cinematic and minimalistic ambience of the original is turned into psychedelic and shuddering eternal shamanic trip through swirling woodwinds and sputtering trippy and crispy hypnotic rhythmic patterns.
  • Toronto, Canada EBM/dark analog synth wave producer ANALOG REACTION “Primal Circuit” title track from debut 2-track single

Canadian newcomer debuted with two cold analog synth slices of ‘Intercontinental/Ballistic/Body Music’ through hard-hitting lashing rhythms unleash hypnotic rumbling bass repetitions, to relay relentless circular momentum connecting mechanical distance between electronic bleeps, pulses, and frequencies in a trance-inducing high voltage dance floor meltdown. Maybe too clean, the sound misses some grittiness and punch, but it’s just the start…a good one anyway.

  • UK John Balance and Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, COIL ‘Sara Dale’s Sensual Massage 6’ off the upcoming long-awaited complete version of “Sara Dale’s Sensual Massage”, 1992 mystic soundtrack for an erotic video with 8 exclusive and unheard tracks, through various formats, via Infinite Fog Productions
  • Kaunas, Lithuania ambient/synth/electronic side project of Viktoras Urbaitis (aka Teatre), Intuicija “Lūžtanti šviesa” from the album “Kūriniai”
  • Italian experimental/ambient/techno producer Donato Dozzy – “Sisterhood” off upcoming V/A “Diapason Compilation Vol. 1” cassette compilation on Sameheads
  • UK experimental electronic producer Will Flisk “Ming”                                                                                         
  • London, UK hardcore/jungle/electro producer B.Traits, aka Baby T – “Acid Science” from upcoming “I Against I” EP on Central Processing Unit.
  • Leeds, UK acid/electro project W.O.M – ‘W.O.M 1′ off V/A “Winging It” compilation on Leeds’ Released Records
  • Pennsylvania’s experimental/acid/primitive house/electronic producer Connor Clasen, aka IXVLF “Locate”                 
  • Tbilisi, Georgia techno/electro producer SALOME – “Internet Ghost” off upcoming V/A “VA001” compilation on Tbilisi’s new label Mind Controlled Rectifier
  • Barcelona-based ambient/EBM/electro/industrial/techno producer by way of Venezuela, Cardopusher “Disobedience (feat. Lbeeze)” from “PSYOPS II” EP 12″ vinyl / Digital out now via Lone Romantic                        
  • Paris, France EBM/industrial/rhythmic noise/techno producer Human Experiments – “Sound Navigation Ranging” new single
  • Parisian experimental/EBM/acid/techno producer Sandro Maruani (honorary member of the Knick Knack Yoda squad and Rinse France resident), Security DJ – “Originz of Danz” from upcoming V/A “RAW CULTURE’S PUSHERS 04” cassette compilation via Raw Culture
  • Greek EBM/industrial techno/dark electronic producer from Athens, MORAH “Augoustos stin Athina”
  • Dublin based industrial techno duo Armed Response Unit “Syntax Error” from “Monochrome” EP on INSANE INDUSTRY
  • Brighton, UK techno/industrial/electro producer Kutkh Jackdaw – “Sweat & Thunder (Evil Dust Remix)” off upcoming cassette EP “Sweat & Thunder” on new Berlin’s imprint Dark Disco
  • Montevideo, Uruguay cyber industrial/rave/noise/techno/electrónic duo Eroguro “Kiritsu” from S/T album on Buenos Aires’ Of Dolls and Murder
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina industrial-punk project of Knife collective duo Unknown & Sawdust, aka Breaking Chains – “Falsifyng” [Unreleased]                                                                                                   
  • Berlin-based experimental/industrial/techno/electronic New Yorker producer Brad Douglas, aka An-i “Kino i”              
  • French EBM/electro/darkwave/dark electronic producers and Raar label founders Maelstrom & Louisahhh – “Ascender” from upcoming “Ascender” EP on Discos Atónicos                                                            
  • Colombian experimental/industrial/acid/techno producers Sons Of Hidden – ‘Chimera’ from V/A ‘Creatures’ forthcoming on The Hiddens Records                                                                                                      
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina Industrial/Dark Techno/Acid /Electro/EBM producer Dim Deck – “Pop Marta” off V/A “Corazón de hierro” second compilation of Buenos Aires’ PERLAS label
  • Berlin-based EBM/techno/cosmic disco producer PRIVACY. “17 Seconds” from V/A “Tortoiseshell & Strings” cassette on Phormix
  • Los Angeles based experimental/body music/electro/techno and Private Selection Records founder, Dreams “Gleam” off V/A “LI$022” cassette compilation on low income $quad
  • Latvian post-industrial/EBM/electro/dark electronics producer CRYING SKIES “Lose You” from the EP “The Way You Make Me Feel” on Black Leather Records
  • Bogotà, Colombia industrial techno/noise from the bad half of Alpha & Necromante, aka Bad Faith Actor “Holder Of Fear” from V/A “Torture Methods / Various Artists Compilation Chapter I” on Analogue Texture Records
  • Colombia industrial/broken beats/techno DJ, producer and performer from Medellín, ANA GARTNER “Screw You” from the upcoming EP “Screw You” on Broken Mind Recordings
  • Zurich-based ambient/deep techno producer Mateo Hurtado “Haruspex” from “The Tyranny Of Light” LP on Subsist Records
  • Israeli producer indie dark disco electronic producer Josef Laimon, aka Middle Sky Boom – “Don´t Stay Negative (Alvaro Cabana & Azaria Remix)” off “Don´t Stay Negative” EP on Innisfallen Records
  • Turkish wave/dark disco/electronic DJ and Producer from Istanbul, Günce Aci “Extent” off upcoming V/A “Ombra INTL 015” compilation EP on Ombra International
  • Russian EBM/electro/dark disco/electronic producer DISCO MORATO “Tredici (WLDV Remix)” from the new EP “Tredici” on Maxima Culpa
  • Jakarta, Indonesia EBM/experimental/wave/electronic producer and co-founder of Dekadenz Records, Aditya Permana “Divine Transmission” off V/A “Karakter Vol.1″ 12” EP on Karakter                                              
  • Argentina‘s tribal/psych/acid/trance/electronic producer Balam – “Danza Hua Hua” from upcoming EP “Chants of Pachamama – Part 1” on Hard Fist Records
  • Belgo/Italian experimental/acid/slow techno electronic producer-Dj duo of Dj Athome (Brussels) & Hugosan (Rome), FRONT DE CADEAUX “Holiday in Singularity” [Supreme Rallentato 33RPM Edit 05]                                    
  • London/Paris based world/electro/disco duo of Jacek Janiszewski and Sasa Crnobrnja, aka Mytron & Ofofo – “Aeolian Research” off upcoming “Blauw” EP on Multi Culti                                                                                                      
  • Frankfurt am Main electro/wave/trance/electronic producer Tassilo Vanhöfen “Ghosthack” from “Gestalt Therapy” EP
  • Berne, Switzerland electro/EBM/synthpop trio Nine Seconds “Slice Me Nice (Italoconnection Remix)” from EP “Slice Me Nice” on Infacted Recordings
  • Armando Trovajoli – “Feitiço Da Noite” (A-Tweed “Luanda Dark” Edit) #34 on HARD FIST                                     
  • Madrid based dark disco veteran Dj and producer, Paco Buggin, aka Silicodisco “Together It’s All (Musumeci Remix)” off “Together It’s All” EP on Roam Recordings                                            
  • Tokyo indie dance/psych disco producer Kezokichi – “Ess Tie (Freudenthal Remix)” off upcoming “Ess Tie” EP on Blindetonation                                                                                                                                     
  • Early 80s Italian experimental cosmic Italo disco project GAG – “Flyin’ Bolero (Armonics Remix)” from the reissue (+ 2 remixes) of 1983‘s “Flyin’ Bolero / P.T. Dance” 12″ on Giorgio Records                                         
  • Croatian disco/house/techno producer Time To Sleep “Fisherman Solitude (feat. Local Suicide)” upcoming on Secret Fusion                                                                                                                                     
  • Space disco/dreamhouse/electronic producer Mass Density Human ‘Dancing In Space’ title track from the new EP “Dancing In Space” on Night Noise.
  • Italian experimental/ambient/techno producer Donato Dozzy – “Sisterhood” off upcoming V/A “Diapason Compilation Vol. 1” cassette compilation on Sameheads
  • California-based experimental/ambient/IDM/synth/drone electronic composer Fran Dominguez, aka Forest Robots “Glacial Architecture Of The Mountain Corridor” from the upcoming album “After Geography” on Wormhole World
  • Vancouver ambient/glitch/minimal techno pioneer producer Tomas Jirku ~ “The Iliad & The Odyssey” off his upcoming first full-length in a decade “Touching The Sublime” on Silent Season                                                 
  • Washington D.C. based ambient/drone/experimental guitarist/musician/artist from Northern Virginia, Tristan Welch “Chromesthesia 8” from the album “Chromesthesia Chronicles”
  • French analogue semi-modular electronic music musician DIALECTRIC “Dancing With Masks” from “Tascam Files n°1” EP first in a tape series on ERR REC
  • Berlin-based ambient/drone/electronic producer Anasisana “To Have Felt Too Much Is To End In Feeling Nothing”                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Kobe, Japan experimental/ambient/electronic producer MOLDER “Tropical Labyrinth” from the cassette “South Extinct Island” on Birdfriend
  • Soviet experimental/ambient/kraut/analog synthesizer musician  Vladimir Karpov, aka X.Y.R “Black Monk In The Dunes” from upcoming 2-track album “Pilgrimage” on Not Not Fun