WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – August #32-21

  • ItaloModerni #72 MIX: JACK CAREL                                                                                                                       

Courtesy of Barcelona‘s Italo Moderni, the longstanding Tel Aviv-bred producer’s DJ set reflects Jack Carel’s eclectic yet unmistakable and uncompromising electronic vision, which combine diverse sonic inflexions from electro to techno, psych to disco, breaks to wave and more in between, with a steady and forward-thinking attitude aiming at breaking down the boundaries between different genres in an organic and straightforward way.

  • Italian lo-fi /industrial /electro /wave /dark techno producer Alessio Di Mezza (aka Strangers For Love), aka Religius Order “Luci Nere” title track from upcoming “Luci Nere” EP 12″ on Dresden‘s Uncanny Valley sublabel Rat Life Records

Italian electronic producer unveils the opening wicked trance-inducing dimly lit title track of his ‘soundtrack for an Apocalypse Afterparty’, slowly uncoiling pounding tribal beats stomping through nefarious Middle Eastern-infused, humming and piercing quivering dominions, whilst winding sinister hypnotic synth swarms drone atop primal howling vocal’s straining visceral pain into an eerie dystopic dance of dread and doom.

  • Latvian experimental /UDM /EBM /minimal synth /electro producer based in Germany, STARPLIKTUVE “German Shepherd” {Raw Stereo Cut}                                                                                                                       

STARPLIKTUVE is the intriguing raw, off-kilter and quirky experimental electronic project of enigmatic producer Gatis Druvaskalns. A frenetic and obsessive layering of popping, lashing rhythms, jiggly and rolling rumbling basslines, sneakily surrounded by airy glaring synth washes, bounce and drone eerily over strong effected Latvian male rantings opposing oppressive menace inside a new world order-induced hysteria, fueled by a growing hallucinating tinkling unsettling derangement and synthetic twisted daze.

  • Odessa, Ukraine based bass /hip-hop /ghetto /acid /electro producer SVZZ “Odessa Acid” from the EP “Bad Trip” on Get Busy Recordings

The raw energetic, and uncompromising hooligan style of the streets from Odessa, wavers between ghetto tech, hip-hop, acid, bass music and bouncing electro. Sonar rotations signal eerie sonic waves of spatial discovery under crispy dancing pounds of acidic bass fueled beats rising and falling in epic humming syncopated dancefloor flows, whilst resounding jittery glowing synth strains wiggle hypnotically through arabesque wanderings, shuffling rhythms and glittering, beeping effects to open electrified heady expansions of aural sensory bliss.

  • Detroit, Mi experimental /found sound /electronic artist Kristen Gallerneaux “White Noise” from the album “Strung Figures” on Shadow World
  • Toronto, Canada experimental /industrial techno /noise /ambient electronics producer and Summer Isle Records honcho, E-Saggila “Playpen” on COBALT
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina ambient /breakbeat /drum & bass /electro /acid /psych producer Franco D’ Addario, aka FRANCO.D’ “Capital (feat. Lupe)” from “D’ Experience” album on INFINIT RECORDS
  • Vienna, Austria noise kraut /primitive minimal electronics solo project Anne Pedersdotter – “Computer” off cassette album »Noising« via CUT SURFACE & WSMTML.
  • Casablanca, Morocco industrial /techno /trance solo electronic music project of producer and Rhadâb label co-founder, Othman Cherradi, aka Prophän “غدًا سيكون أسوأ” from V/A “It’s Not Complicated” supporting Palestine compilation on Ma3azef
  • Italian experimental /EBM /minimal electronics /techno producer Francesco Baudazzi (aka Violet Poison), aka Diana Berti ”Lonely souls” from the split cassette Diana Berti VS Violet Poison “Shadowland” on Marguerite Records
  • Berlin-based experimental /new beat /industrial /techno audio-visual collaborative project of HUREN x SARIN… DEVIANT EMANATIONS, aka DEVIKORPS “Mobile Morgue” from the upcoming 12″ Vinyl + Cassette “Injektion Site” on X-IMG
  • Berlin-based Cuban/American dark electronic /industrial /EBM /techno producer Joey Blush, BLUSH RESPONSE – “Spiritual Bypass” from upcoming album “Reconstitution” [Megastructure_]
  • Grenoble, France dark electronics / EBM /rave /acid /industrial techno producer Maxime Fabre, aka Crystal Geometry “Elektroshoker” from the upcoming album “Distressing Visions” on Sonic Groove
  • Paris, France EBM /industrial /techno /cyberpunk producer [Primitive Tribe], aka NN “False Gods” from “N3N” EP on his own NXN.
  • French techno production powerhouse and central Wrongnotes member Makornik “Funky Transfusion” from upcoming V/A “Sardonic Tonality Vol. 4 [HVNWHT006] 12” on HAVEN
  • Los Angeles based, Tijuana born EBM /industrial /dark electro /techno producer MACHINO “Overthinking” from the cassette album “Half Forgotten Dreams” on Phormix
  • Early/Mid ’80s Japanese experimental /industrial /dub /post-punk project lead by Takayuki Shiraishi, MLD “Storm PT.1″ from the upcoming vinyl 12” compilation “19831986” on Camisole Records
  • Italian EBM /Industrial /Wave /Synthwave /Techno project of Raw Culture label boss from Rome (part of trio Fauna53), aka Asymmetrical “Global Warming” from upcoming V/A ” META MOTO 5″ compilation on Meta Moto
  • San Diego‘s lo-fi acid /industrial /techno act Adiós Mundo Cruel – ‘At Hand’ from the Split cassette EP ‘L.A.U.R.A. 004: GUIDING LIGHT’ with Strait Jacket on L.A.U.R.A. Records.
  • Russian heavy techno producer WHITE I – “АГГА” [PHY-004] on PHYS I CAAL
  • US industrial /EBM act (formerly Carbon 14, later renamed Avellon Cross), Magickal Noise Liberation Front – “Liaisons Erotika” from the compilation album Carbon 14 vs MNLF “ Excavated From The Vaults (1987-89 Demos)” on Phage Tapes.
  • US post-punk /darkrave /electroclash /EBM /goth horror electro artist ALEERA – “Ride Or Die” from upcoming EP “Vampira” [Neon Casket Recordings]
  • Berlin-based Italo /new beat /EBM /dark wave /electronic producer Johannes Stabel (aka XTR HUMAN), aka Nullstrahler “Ultimo” off “Nullstrahler” EP on Mosaique Records
  • Croatian cold/noir electronica producer/DJ Le Chocolat Noir aka HONORED MATRES “Surrender feat. Anshie” from Honored Matres / Le Chocolat Noir “Pannonia Noir Récupération” EP collection of two vinyl VA EPs [20142016] “Pannonia Noir” and “Pannonia Noir Vol.2” on the NY label Kraftjerkz.
  • Chicago experimental /ambient /techno producer OBE “Kulie” from the cassette album “Lag” on Chicago Research
  • Dutch industrial dark electronic producer Boris Post aka EINDKR∀K “BATYANA”                                             
  • UK based Australian breakbeat /electro producer NITE FLEIT “Bad Blood” from “The Truth” EP on International Chrome
  • London based acid/breakbeat /techno /electro producer L/F/D/M “Flip” from the cassette album “Intentional Musix” on Dead Channel Records
  • Offenbach, German electro mastermind Anthony Rother – “Kosmoc” from “Binary” EP on System 108
  • New Delhi, India ambient /acid /breakbeat /electro producer Mutable Mercury “Mission Control” on MAIO Sounds
  • Melbourne based techno /breakbeat /electro producer Hedchef ‘Guillotine Clause’ from the upcoming EP ‘A Disappeared Regime Of Materiality’ [Fly By Night]                                                                                                            
  • London based Balearic /house /acid disco /electronic project of members of Trashmouth Records, Fat White Family & Paranoid London, aka DECIUS “U Instead Of Thought (Edit)” first single from the forthcoming album “Decius Volume I” on Trashmouth Records
  • Toluca, Mexico indie dance /techno /dark disco producer Jorge Melgar, aka BADWOLF – “Hell Feat.ØBLVN” off “Heaven/Hell” EP on NEIN Records
  • Lille breaks /electro producer and member of Garage 83-C crew, DJ 8.6 – “Compression Fuego” from V/A “Panne Seiche” via Britanny’s Armen Crew and Lille’s Garage 83C and La Grande Gudule
  • Belgrade experimental /bass /jungle /dub /jazz /psych /electronic producer Zarko Komar aka Feloneez “Rain” from “Axis to Axis” EP [BSUN004] 12″ on Baroque Sunburst
  • Berlin-based, New Zealand‘s ambient /breakbeat /IDM producer Ike Zwanikken, aka IKE “Petale” from “Stone Diviner” EP on Die Orakel
  • NYC based psych /deep techno /electronic producer-audio engineer Andrew Nerviano aka Plebeian “Quantum” from upcoming “Tannins” EP on Mexico’s Eternal Ocean
  • Italian psych /slow-mo /downtempo /cosmic /electronic production duo of Giorgio Giri and Marco Lentano, aka Mushrooms Project – “Pitfalls” off upcoming four-track EP “Azara” [Roam Recordings]     
  • Lithuanian breakbeat /downtempo /leftfield /psych /cosmic /electronic project by Adventure Society & Jokios Kultūros, aka FAR EAST FLIGHT “Massacre On Clouds” from the upcoming EP “Far East Flight” [Electric Shapes]
  • Brazilian indie dance /acid /cosmic synth sound wizard ROTCIV “Guarani” off the EP “Resemblance” [Freeride Millenium]          
  • Spanish/Argentinian indie dance /Italo /cosmic /techno /electronic production/DJ duo, Black Flamingo Disco Driver & Marzian “Arp Battery (Adrian Marth Remix)” from upcoming Arp Battery” EP on ODD Pleasures
  • London, UK based EBM /new beat /dark disco Producer-Remixer-DJ and Nein Records label boss, Neil Parnell aka Tronik Youth “Twin Freaks (Maicol Mayers Remix)” “from “Twin Freaks” EP [ Skycrew records ]
  • Atelier Folie – “Freedom Time (Original Club Mix)” from RAGO & FARINA vs ITALOCONNECTION CD compilation on Nadanna (free download)                                                                                                                       
  • Newcastle, UK synth /indie dance /cosmic disco /electronic producer Good Catch – “Work + Design (Original Mix)” off the EP “Work + Design” on Paradiso Records
  • Dubai|Rome house /downtempo /Balearic /deep electronic DJ/producer Glass Coffee – “Kunafa With Josè” from upcoming V/A “Higher Love Vol.1” on Higher Love Recordings
  • Iranian IDM /Ambient /Glitch /Electronic computer musician and sound artist based in Tehran, Hesam Ohadi, aka IDLEFON “Coldstream” from the forthcoming album “COLDSTREAM” on n5MD
  • San Francisco ambient /drum & bass /breakbeat /deep house veteran producer Brock Van Wey (aka bvdub, East Of Oceans), aka Earth House Hold “Faded Times, Future Truths” from the album “Daybreak Basements and Broken Hearts” on A Strangely Isolated Place
  • Swedish analogue ambient /drone duo Alvars Orkester “Holding Breath” from the album “Deck Brush” (19911992) on iDEAL Recordings
  • GermanIcelandic ambient /drone /electro-acoustic trio Minua “Order of Instants” off new cassette EP “Simulacra” on Warm Winters Ltd.
  • Argentinian/Polish experimental /ambient /electronic musician, filmmaker and audiovisual artist Mati Pirsztuk “Sky Projection” from cassette EP “Lucid Sunset Dream” via Utility Tapes
  • Minneapolis ambient /drone /psych /electronic project of Holographic Sands guitarist Tyler Losinski, aka SLEDDER “Sledder 1” from [UDG 0.56] “Sledder” cassette single on Jungle Gym Records
  • Oakland, Ca experimental /ambient /spoken words /noise /electronic artist (aka Multa Nox), Sally Decker “Abode” from the album “In The Tender Dream” on NNA Tapes
  • Ambient /dreampunk collaboration between m e m o r y メモリーand AC-17 aka ​永遠の双子 – シフトされた現実 – from – 余波 by 永遠の双子 LP on NO PROBLEMA | DIGITAL
  • UK alternative modern classical band, comprised of Tom Hobden (Noah & The Whale, Mumford & Sons) and Eliot James (Two Door Cinema Club, Bloc Party), aka Pêtr Aleksänder “King’s Cross, After Dark” from upcoming LP “Collage” on Moderna Records
  • Russian ambient /drone /modern classical /electronic producer Mechanical Rain “Nocturnal Butterfly”
  • Southend-on-Sea, UK ambient /electro-acoustic /modern classical artist Adrian Lane “Light One Candle With Another” from the upcoming album “The Fleet” on Whitelabrecs
  • Chicago-based ambient /drone /minimal /electronic producer Chicago Word Brigade “36.1896° N, 115.3037° W; Aug 8, 2021; 5:45 – 5:54 a.m.”