WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips –  JULY #30-23

David Hoffman’s Images of The Barbican Estate, 1974


  • UnusualMixes10//OBON                                                                                                                                                     

The unmistakable Bright/Dark sounds of Italo/Catalan DJ and producer Juanjo Obon, AKA LoveTheMachine, take us on a bouncy, syncopated, and irrepressible ride through a wide mesmerizing spectrum of perpetually lingering rare bygone spatial Synth anthems and electrifying New Wave /Electro /Disco crossovers.

  • Vancouver, BC ambient /minimal /downtempo /beats /hip-hop /techno /experimental electronic duo CHXMERAS “Power Lines” debut single [Apparatus]

An exploratory, both contemplative and disturbing, landscape of heavy fog horn blasts, distant warm dazzling horizons, and a waft of light nervous clicks, cracks, and ticks, opens inner doorways to the subconscious realm, where surreal distorted voices invoke nosiness and paranoia, amid buzzing mists, hypnotic bouncy ritual drum kicks, clicking percussions, encroaching droning ghostly frequencies and slightly discordant whirring resonances, fusing conscious clarity with haunted glimpses of past to fine-tune the troubled mind with a cathartic vibe of insight.

  • German EBM /dark synth /trance /synth-wave /electronic producer Keith Vilnus “Tripped” from the debut  “The Chosen” EP

Newcomer unsigned German producer that is slowly tweaking a dark and ominous fusion of elements from Dark Techno, EBM, Industrial, Darkwave, and Dark Synth. His latest and best track so far, blends Industrial clangor along with murky rolling and bouncy chugging psy bassline drive, topped by flowing warped trancey synth energy, to morph over an eerie spoken word confession dropping anxiety and doom about what’s hiding in the mirror reflection.

  • London-based dub /kraut /psych /leftfield pop duo of DJs Inner Totality & Nangi, AKA ddwy – “Orchard” from upcoming V/A “Chill Pill V” CD compilation [Public Possession]

First preview from the upcoming frisky and summery compilation via Munich-based label Public Possession, is a reflective and ecstatic organic reverie that vividly wobbles through crisp, clicking percussions, droning rolling basslines, cheery, icy bright echoing twinkling melodies, and warm bouncy pulsing bass lines, to unwind around, airy crushed bewitching euphoric vocals, relaying, amid distorted mumblings, “Find Me in the Orchard.”

  • Spanish ambient /drone /electronic producer based in Valencia, Agustín Mena (aka SVLBRD), aka WARMTH “Burning Moon” from the album “The Longing (Mix)” [ARCHIVES]
  • Leuven, Belgium drone /minimalism /loops /field recordings / processed guitar /ambient musician and composer (Silent Vigils), Stijn Hüwels “Falling head over heels” from the upcoming album “Fiat Lux” [home normal]
  • Los Angeles-based ambient /drone /shoegaze /ethereal /ambient pop sound artist and singer Cynthia Bernard, aka MARINE EYES “Tesoro” single
  • Canadian experimental /ambient /drone sound artist Bradley Deschamps, aka Anthéne “Farthest Spaces” off of the upcoming album “Mainland” [ARCHIVES]
  • Gloucestershire, UK ambient /experimental /drone /neo-classical British/Indian cellist and composer Simon McCorry “These Scalding Tears” from upcoming cassette album “I The Storm” [See Blue Audio]
  • Kentucky-based dark ambient /noise /drone /experimental project of Jason T. Lamoreaux, AKA The Corrupting Sea – “Flights IX” from V/A “Keeping the River Beautifully Messy – Five Years of Histamine Tapes (HT091)” 3x cassette compilation [Histamine Tapes]
  • Chiba, Japan ambient /drone /jazz /minimal /electronic contemporary artist and composer Takeyuki Hakozaki aka Pollypraha “Meditation on Violence” from the cassette album “Season of Strangers” [Mystery Circles]
  • Sapporo, Japan ambient /hypnagogic drift /slushwave /vaporwave sound artist 祭司 – ジャングルのノスタルジー from the album 天気Heaven [Neotantra]
  • Japanese ambient /repetitive /techno /dub /loops /experimental electronic sound artist Yosuke Tokunaga “FL OORS” from the EP “5 FLOORS” [Hard Return]
  • Japanese beats /ambient-pop musician mioriii “Under the Sun” from “Nature’s Way” EP [Hush Hush Records]
  • Birmingham-raised, London-based experimental-electronic-hyperpop-trip-hop DJ-producer, Lee Gamble “She’s Not” from upcoming album “Models” [Hyperdub]
  • Berlin-based dark ambient /experimental /cinematic /spiritual /electronic music multi-disciplinary artist The Allegorist – “Whispers Of The Wind (Die Wilde Jagd Rework)” taken from the album “TEKHENU Retold” [Awaken Chronicles]
  • Dutch ambient /post-rock /dub /psych /breaks /experimental production duo Nijhof & Toonk – “Out here” from V/A “Invert Dance” CD compilation [aural conduct]
  • Memphis rap and horrorcore inspired instrumental hip-hop side project of Colombian Dj-producer Filmmaker, aka Dj Sigils – “Graveland” off cassette album “INSTRUMENTALZ” [Clan Destine Records]
  • Corfù, Greek dark ambient /industrial /experimental / dark electronics project of Dimitris Doukas (aka Leftina Osha, Plaggona, Restive Plaggona), Matriarchy Roots “Happy Families Are All Alike” from the cassette debut album “The Merge” [Strange Therapy]
  • Italian dark disco /kraut /new wave /post-punk /synth wave /electronic young musician, DJ and Live Performer, Amarcord “The Break” off upcoming V/A “AEON X Vol.1” EP (part one of 5 volumes 10 years anniversary compilation) [Aeon]
  • Berlin-based Cold Wave /Post Punk /Mutant Techno /Edgy Electronica multidisciplinary artist Alexey Volkov, aka Perfect Tension “Raumfaltung I” from debut “Raumfaltung” EP
  • Berlin-based, Ukrainian EBM /wave /trance /techno DJ and musician, Maksym Nazarov, aka Omon Breaker “Augmentation (feat. Phase Fatale)” from “Compromat” EP [BITE]
  • Greek industrial techno producer Endlec – “System Breaker (Original Mix)” off of “Destroy The New Normal” EP [ Void+1 ]
  • Moscow-based EBM /industrial /acid /electro /techno producer Kovyazin D – “Your Own Paradise” off upcoming EP [System 108]
  • Colombian dark electro /industrial /EBM /techno DJ/producers Panorama Lineal & Ravetop – “Smash The System” Ltd. 2×12″ vinyl LP from V.A. “MISERIA x ORACULO RECORDS (Precious Decay Selections Vol. 3)” [Oráculo Records]
  • Berlin-based, Italian noise /breaks /experimental project of techno /industrial producer Matteo Chisari aka Dj Nephil (head of Gravitational Waves label), aka System Disorder “Who Knows” from the upcoming cassette album “The Man Outside The Window” [Gravitational Waves]
  • Aruba-bred, Amsterdam-based Industrial /Letfield /Electro /Techno /Dub /Acid /Breaks veteran producer-DJ-event organizer-Operator Radio host and Galactic Funk podcast curator Bertram Croes, AKA Bertram “Doom Scroll” off upcoming EP “Lights Out” [Pinkman]
  • Latvian post-industrial /darkwave /dark electronics producer CRYING SKIES “Industrial Pressure”
  • Amsterdam-based industrial techno producer and Public Sex Regime affiliated (a.k.a. Black Pyramid), Kay Mascara “{{{{{{{{{{”                                                                                                                                               
  • Swiss techno DJ/producer Chlär ‘Dopamine Rush’ off six-track EP ‘Intrinsic Drive’ [Mutual Rytm]
  • Berlin-based, Israel/French acid /trance /techno collaboration Elad Magdasi & RAUMM – “Dancefloor Monsters” from Elad Magdasi‘s “Front Left COLLABZ02” EP [Front Left Records]
  • Antwerp, Belgium Italo /wave /electro producer Matthias Yzebaert AKA Club Mayz – “The Domain Of Night (Berlin mix)” from “The Domain Of Night” EP [brokntoys]
  • London-based acid /electro /breaks /raw electronics producer L/F/D/M “Pondlife” from “Glucose” EP [New York Haunted]
  • Tel Aviv breakbeat /electro producer QphoriQ “I Don’t See Shit (The Exaltics Remix)” off “Wonch like Woo” EP [Diffuse Reality]
  • Eastern Germany ambient /electro funk producer Cyan85 “Stalking Data” from upcoming V/A “AIMCRVA001” compilation [Mind Controlled Rectifier]                                                                       
  • Bristol, UK drum & bass DJ-producer Klinical – “Parallel” off of “Parallel” EP [Overview Music]
  • Paris-based big-beat /trance /techno-disco producer SpunOff “El Ritmo de SpunyLove (feat Ariana)” from “First Nostril on the Moon” [SPLOVE002]
  • French Italo-Disco /Wave /EBM producer Belaria – “Fatale Recall 11 (Suono Elettrico)” edit of 1992 French new beat classic [Ritmo Fatale]
  • Athens, Greece Dark Disco /Trance /Italo Body Music producer Kay Chi – “Neon Boyz” off upcoming V/A “Maschine Sonora #1” compilation [Under The Trees]  
  • Toulouse-based EBM /Italo Disco /Synthwave DJ-producer and Ritmo Fatale label co-founder, Kendal “Basorexia (Clint Alternative Remix)” from “Basorexia Remixes” EP [Permanent Vacation]
  • Bogotá, Colombia Neo-Futuristic /EBM /Dark /Italo /Cosmic Disco DJ-producer Juan Cuenca, aka Galope Messier – “Stellar Guidance” from V/A “Tomorrow Never Dies 001” compilation album [Return To Forever]
  • Spanish retro /indie dance /space disco veteran duo Dubman F. & Jose Rodriguez, aka Cannibal Coconuts “Lunar Mission” off “Lunar Mission” EP [Nein Records]
  • Placebo – “The Bitter End (Felipe Gonzalez & Lautaro Fernandez Rework)”                                                   
  • Antwerp-born, Belgian house /Italo /cosmic disco producer-DJ-musician Toon Janssens, aka Forbidden Fruit “Garden Of Eden (Roe Deers Remix)” off “Garden Of Eden Remix” EP [WeZienWel Records]
  • French dark disco /indie dance production duo Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys – “Late Dance” title track off new EP [Polaris]
  • Guadalajara, Mexico experimental /dark disco /chug /psych /electronic DJ-Producer-Visual Artist and Fucanglong Files label co-head, ALF CHAMPION “Vestigium (Alejandro Veneno Remix)” from “Sour & Sweet Remixes 2” EP [Fucanglong Files]
  • Mexican indie dance /psych /dark disco production duo, Ademarr & Joseeph “Jango Mango (Darlyn Vlys Remix)” from “Jango Mango” EP [Roam Recordings]
  • Chilean/Mexican acid /dark disco /psych/ indie dance /electronic production duo, Persona RS & Macaulay – “No Pare (Martin Noise & DELLA Remix)” off upcoming “El Tiburón” EP [Richmerch]           
  • Stoke On Trent, UK Balearic /house /psych /dark disco /downtempo /electronic DJ-producer Rich Lane, aka Chug Norris “Black Mass” from “Dark & Sweaty” EP [Cotton Bud
  • Hamburg, Germany psych /techno /organic house multi-instrumentalist, singer and live act, Andy’s Echo “Guts” from upcoming “High Dose, No Sleep” EP [3000° Grad]
  • Chicago, IL acid /techno /house producer Garrett David – “Mi Casa feat. Maudi” off “Gary’s Dreamland” EP [Global Swing]  
  • Nantes-based experimental /IDM /trance /acid house /breakbeat /rave /emotive dance music producer Fasme – “LEZGO” from “Creeping Plant” EP 12″ [Craigie Knowes]
  • London-based bass /techno /house /breakbeat producer PLOY “Crazy BBY” from “For when we haven’t slept” EP 12″ [Timedance]
  • London, UK acid /breaks /electro /techno /house /electronic production duo Two Cold “Missing Channel (House Mix)” [digital bonus] title track of “Desert Leather” EP 12″ [M.A.D RECORDS]
  • Madrid-based, Chilean groovy Latino /indie dance /techno /house Dj-producer Fernanda Arrau – “Ritmo Tropical” from V/A “Peach Pals, Vol. 3” compilation [Peach Discs]
  • Manchester, UK acid /house /breaks Dj-producer Hidden Spheres “Get Lover ( DJ Absolutely Shit Remix)” off “Get Lover” EP 12″ [Fruit Merchant]
  • London-based house /breaks Istanbul producer Ben Lee “Jammy Red” from “I WONDER IF THEY MISS ME” EP [UNICORN ELECTRONIX]
  • French dub /new wave /disco pop duo from Lyon, Balladur “Ça m’a tellement manqué” from the upcoming album “Pourquoi certains arbres sont si grands ?”
  • Preston, UK-based ambient /field recordings /experimental duo of Josh Horsley (Cello) and Carl Brown (Electronics), Powders “Jum” from the album “Concede to Circumstance” [Them There Records]
  • Brooklyn, NY-based IranianNorth American composer and ambient musician Aria Rostami “The Recent Past” from the upcoming album “Siren” [DRONARIVM]
  • Brooklyn, New York ambient /minimalism /contemporary classical /experimental /piano solo musician and composer Kenneth Kirschner “July 27, 2022 v” from the four-hour long album “July 27, 2022” [12K]

David Hoffman’s Images of The Barbican Estate, 1974