WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – JULY #30-22

  • Dead Channel Records‘ Decomposition – Fig. 11: KING RAMBO SOUND                                                               

Japanese electronic experimentalist Atsushi Akama AKA King Rambo Sound delivers a droning leftfield set replete with sludgy bass vibrations, acidic inflexions, decaying pads, fractured and tribal rhythms and alienating synth lines through a mutant tripped-out concoction of dub-acid-breaks-techno sounds to take us on an intoxicating mind-bending journey.                                     

  • Spanish ambient /drone /electronic producer based in Valencia, Agustín Mena (aka SVLBRD), aka WARMTH “The Longing” from the album “The Night (Addendum)” on Archives

In the first foretaste from the upcoming companion album of last May’s “The Night” LP, Valencian sound artist unfurls an ethereal and boundless expanding sea of enveloping sidereal frequencies, radiant harmonic drops and subtly lingering rustles, for a sensorial abandonment into a rarefied, wistful yet warm soundscape, pleasantly basking helpless in an enchanted glowing and floating mystical longing.

  • Berlin-based dark ambient /experimental /esoteric /industrial techno producer Ivan Zapico, aka CUCA NEGRA “Dark Secrets” from the upcoming EP “Bucarest”

Mastered by British favourite Sam KDC, the Berlin-based producer Ivan Zapico investigates a cold, lush, cutting edge, pitch black industrialized techno sound, swathed in an esoteric aura, set against a febrile and crispy percussive tapestry of crackling kicks, frantic hi-hats, sparse thumping ceremonial beats and inching, droning bass pulses, encircled by eerie shivering and blinding synth sweeps, into a mysterious maze of hidden portals where heady baritone suggestions illuminate danger and fear with a sentient flow of ominous uncertainty.

  • Depeche Mode – “Corrupt (A-Tweed Edit)” (originally from the 2009 album “Sounds Of The Universe”)

Rome‘s producer’s heartfelt tribute edit to Depeche Mode‘s “Corrupt”, fueled with pulsing droning bass vibrations along with thumping kicks and lashing beats, heightened with aquatic FX and buzzing acidic flourishes, around distant angsty vocal loops, to form a crackling distorted drive of swaying trance-inducing dancing doom.

  • South London experimental /psych /dub /folk /electronic producer Elijah Minnelli – “Cud” from the upcoming 10″ vinyl EP “Creamed Horn” [Accidental Meetings]
  • Berlin-based acoustic /no-age /percussive /post-punk /krautrock /electronic collective KULKU “Hoodoo Blues” from the upcoming 12″ vinyl EP “Fahren” on Glasgow’s Phase Group.
  • London-based EBM /Industrial /noise /techno conceptual artist Wvalaam Klous “REVOLTING SILENCE” from cassette EP “EVERYTHING DIES” on Clan Destine Records
  • Warsaw, Poland Ambient /Electronic /Synth musical project of multifaceted artist and music producer Nicolas Estany, AKA Visonia “We Had The Same Dream” single
  • Japanese drum&bass /dubstep DJ-producer DAYZERO “Daruma” from “Daruma” E.P. on Livity Sound’s Reverse label
  • Hard techno producer from Wales, Bradders “Taith Trwy’r Cwm” title track from the EP “Taith Trwy’r Cwm” via Low Noise Productions
  • Berlin-based hard techno artist ZoneX “Hells Key” from the upcoming EP soon on Fhainest
  • Greek EBM /industrial techno /dark electronic producer from Athens, MORAH “40 vathmoi LTK” from the cassette/10″ EP “Zesta” on Kausonas
  • Tbilisi, Georgian acid /breakbeat /techno producer Yanamaste – “Magma” from V/A “6 Years of KHIDI I” EP on Khidia
  • São Paulo, Brazil Techno project of duo Gabriel Yshay and Gustavo Dib, AKA Código Vermelho – “Runtime Exception” title track from “Runtime Exception” LP on Under Division Records
  • London-based acid /minimal synth /breaks /raw electronics producer L/F/D/M “Bad Posture” from upcoming “Cult Routines” album [Body Musick]
  • Brussels based French experimental electronic producer Florent Mazzocchetti aka MAOUPA MAZZOCCHETTI – “Bleached Childhood” from upcoming V/A “Unrealistic Electronics Vol. 1” tape compilation [Unrealistic Expectations]
  • Swedish EBM /industrial /new beat /acid /electro producer Jon Eriksson based in Stockholm, AKA Persona Non Grata “Testar Allt Möjligt” from “Trauma” EP on Mosaique Records
  • Italian cosmic /wave /electro /dark synth /electronic DJ, Producer, Remixer, and head of Mannequin Records, Alessandro Adriani “Abductio Ab Nihilo” from “Rapid Eye” EP on L.I.E.S. Records
  • Bogotà, Colombia industrial /EBM /techno/electro producer Delectro – “Mass Control (Bloody Mary Remix)” from upcoming “Mass Control” EP on Dame-Music
  • Frankfurt-based EBM /dark post-punk /coldwave duo Babes of Enola Grey “Ja (Istigkeit “Sexo In La Discoteca” Remix)” from the tape album “Anfang Vom Ende Remixed” soon on Crave Tapes
  • Parisian industrial /electro /EBM /synth /techno producer Notausgang “Ride In Through The Sun” from upcoming V/A EP “Dilation & Truth” [Ombra International]
  • Moscow based electro/EBM/dark techno Dj/producer and Maxima Culpa Records co-founder, GEGEN MANN “Bella Ragazza”
  • Philadelphia based psych /acid /electro duo Thomas Roland and James Weissinger (aka Girls Chat Room and Peyton Farquhar), AKA Zillas On Acid “Dora” off of upcoming EP “The Corinthian” via Dischi Autunno
  • Italian EBM /Italo dance project Gino Ritmo & Ricci Verace “Credenza” from the debut album “Night Shift (Part I)” on Vevey‘s CAF?
  • Berlin based breakbeat /electro producer Jotel California – “Eisbaer” (Grauzone cover) from split 7″ EP “Your Planet Is Next / Jotel California” on Warning
  • Cracow based rave /breaks /electro duo Wulkan “Pyramida” from “Escalation” EP on POTOP
  • UK dark cyberpunk /acid /electro producer Edward Upton aka DMX KREW “Second Moon” from the upcoming “Second Moon” EP on Super Rhythm Trax
  • Edinburgh UK electro maestro Dave Paton aka Wee DJs “Conclusion” from the upcoming “Expiration” EP on Posh End Music
  • Frankfurt, Germany space-out electro producer Lennard Poschmann AKA O-Wells “Rhytim” from upcoming EP “Moldoom” on Die Orakel
  • Dutch breaks /electro producer (AKA Model Man) and RotterHague Records head, Dj Overdose “Garden Of Lust” from the upcoming “Powers Of Ten” EP on Dalmata Daniel
  • New York based minimal wave /electro /synth project by Sean McBride, AKA MARTIAL CANTEREL “Expert Loathers”
  • Berlin-based ambient /kosmische /leftfield electronica producer and Kame House label head, Infuso Giallo “Ocular Soda (Niklas Wandt Remix)” from “Ocular Soda Remixes” [Kame House]                             
  • Zurich based ambient /downtempo /slow world /electronic musician and producer Nicola Noir – “Trébuchet” third track from upcoming Nicola Noir’s brand new album on Scuderia Dell’Amore   
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands breakbeat /trance producers Bas van Berkel & Luuk Bergervoet AKA Match Box – “Summer 1999” from V/A “RE:DREAM” compilation on GODDEZZ
  • Utrecht, Netherlands disco /acid /rave /trance /electronic producer Tjade “Voyager (Marlon Hoffstadt aka DJ Daddy Trance Remix)” from “Voyager” EP on Bordello A Parigi
  • Berlin-based synthpop /disco /acid /electro French queer artist Romain Frequency aka ELECTROSEXUAL “Lèvres Roses feat. Nicky Miller – Version De Nuit” single on KlubKid Records       
  • Zürich, Switzerland based dark disco /tribal /minimal wave /electronic producer John Parsley “Suffering of the Nation” from the upcoming V/A “Summer Restrictions Vol. 2” compilation on Subject To Restrictions Discs
  • Italo/Russian downtempo /psych /slow trance production duo A-Tweed + Andrey from Radial Gaze, AKA Oblako Maranta – “Onion Rings Around Saturn” from upcoming V/A “Too Much to Match” compilation [Playground Records]
  • East LA-based proto-trance /breaks /house /techno producer Akumen “Embrace” from “Embrace” EP on NYC’s Fortune Signal
  • Paris-based techno /breaks /drum&bass producer and founder of the ‘raw poetry’ aesthetic Loyce Demellier, AKA DJ Physical – “Early Sprinter ft. Ika Sile” from “Silver Lake” EP on Shall Not Fade
  • Swedish ambient /IDM /deep techno sound artist Magnus Borgkvist, AKA Borgkvist “Glas” from the cassette album “Maj” on Fallen Metropolis
  • WA, Australia ambient /experimental /IDM /techno sound sculptor LOVEFEAR “Distance” (lovefear x hype williams) from “Serena Riddim/Distance” single
  • North Carolina‘s ambient /drone /dub /acid /experimental project of Jeffry Astin (aka Xiphiidae, Digital Natives) along with co-conspirators J.P. Wright and Brian Kinkade, aka AHEM “Project bluebird” from the upcoming 2xLP s/t album on Housecraft Recordings
  • Russian experimental /drone /ambient duo Ewer “Stains of time (ft. Skajiraz)” from s/t album on surf label
  • Glasgow, Scotland ambient /cinematic /field recordings /experimental artist CLAIR “Body Blossom” single on HotGem
  • Portland, OR ambient /drome /minimal /experimental interdisciplinary artist and composer Ben Glas “VII” from the upcoming LP “Superpositional Melodies” on Room40
  • Copenhagen, Danish ambient /minimal /electronic musician Edgar Ariza, AKA Vagantpoesi – “An Interpolated Memoir” from V/A “July 2022 CD/Digital Package Deal” EP on Shimmering Moods Records
  • Montreal/Siberia experimental /ambient /field recordings /drone collaboration, thisquietarmy x Sleepwalker “8493”