WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #30

Peaks Of The Week:

  • Tilburg, Netherlands experimental acid dark techno producer and New York Haunted label head Vincent Koreman a.k.a. DRVG CVLTVRE – “Dancing on your fascist grave” from V/A “TOTAL SOLIDARITY – benefit compilation for grassroot LGBTQIA+ organizations in Poland” via Oramics collective

Poland‘s Oramics collective together with New York Haunted label honcho Drvg Cvltvre have gathered the support from the local and international dance music community, after the growing and dangerous climate of intolerance and negative attitudes by the Polish Government and Catholic Church against the LGBTQIA+ community resulted in the recent pogrom-like attacks on a Pride march in Białystok, into a 113 tracks compilation against intolerance, racism and hostility. The only answer is love, unity, solidarity and dance music. Share and support!!!

  • Russian synth lover and DJ from Saint-Petersburg, KSKY “Bad Philly” from debut EP ”Underwater Tales’’ on 10010 Records                                                                                                                                                      

New label and first vinyl release from its founder Ksky, Dj and a synth lover from Saint-Petersburg, who delivers through winding clear, epic swells of synth, brisk, terse beats and hypnotic, bubbling arpeggiated bass lines, a trance-inducing electro wonder. Simple, old-school yet utterly beautiful.

  • MontrealQuebec electronic freak-squad Drugface “Dragonfly (Iñigo Vontier Remix)” off of 2-track single on Party Central                                                                                                                                                 

A dark, tribal, hypnotic, warm, sticky, lush, bass-heavy, absolutely sensually groovy remix from Mexican chug-maestro Iñigo Vontier of the equally brilliant Drugface‘s electro-house original. Hot!

  • British dub/industrial/electronic artists Flame 2 [The Bug & Burial] “Rain” from 12″ “Dive / Rain” on Pressure
  • Berlin-based ambient/drone producer Anasisana “Choices Are The Hinges of Destiny” from V/A “To Conclude” cassette on Winnipeg’s Male Activity
  • Austria experimental /ambient artist Dino Spiluttini “Touch Isolation” from the upcoming album “Heaven” via Editions Mego
  • Rome, Italy ambient/deep techno producer Giuseppe Falivene “Pensiero” from upcoming “Ninfa” on Paris’ Lowless
  • UK ambient/deep techno producer N F E R E E “4040 (Apatik Remix)” off fourth EP of NFR series
  • Georgian ambient/deep techno producer Petit Astronaute “Confession of the mind” from the album “From earth” on Circular Limited
  • East London ambient/deep techno/electronic producer Michael Wright, aka BROKEN DECK “New Myths” from “Always Turn Higher” EP
  • Melbourne‘s ambient/electronic/synth-pop duo of Nigel Yang & Jonnine Standish aka HTRK “New Year’s Day” from the forthcoming 4th album “Venus in Leo” on Ghostly International                                                          
  • Experimental electronic collaborative project between US underground producer Matt Weiner (2MR, Night People) and Lithuanian experimentalist Ernestas Sadau (Pinkman, Digital Tsunami), aka Free Range “Washing Machine Speaking” from the upcoming “King Of Snake” on Osàre! Editions                        
  • Tel-Aviv based Nadav Spiegel (Autarkic) and Maor Anava (Hectik), Autarkic & Hectik – “The Shit I Know” from the EP “EDITS” upcoming on Age Of Self
  • London, UK minimal/acidic/trance electronic producer Wes Baggaley – “The Thermal Waters Of Montekitiki” off of upcoming V/A “North Western Dialects” on new Permanent Repetitive Language             
  • Vancouver‘s psych/electronic duo of Ambien Baby‘s Daniel Rincon and Michael Red (aka Souns), LA FE “Wau” from forthcoming EP ”Con Que” on Isla                                                                                                               
  • Montreal, Quebec electronic composer, singer and producer (one half of Essaie Pas), Marie Davidson “Chasing The Light” from the 12″ EP ‘Chasing The Light / Work It (Soulwax Remix) x Lara (Daniel Avery Remix)’ via Ninja Tune
  • EBM/dark electro/industrial techno project from Italian producer Thomas Feriero (a.k.a. Avatism, CW/A, and House ov Leaves), MAENAD VEYL “Onto Duat” title-track from upcoming EP on Bedouin Records
  • German techno project based in Karlsruhe, CORROID “Kraft, Kontrolle, Kannibalismus”
  • Chicago-based industrial/dark electronic/new beat/EBM project of Ariel Motto (aka Death Valley), aka Club Music “Hollywood Babylon” from “Club Music, Vol. 1” via Chicago Research
  • Mysterious techno industrial/minimal producer (aka Lila Marinetti), DJ KALIROSA “Dry cat food”             
  • Swedish experimental electronic collaboration of producer Jonas Rönnberg (Varg) and hip-hop artist Benjamin Reichwald (Bladee), Varg2™  “(​+​46) Placing My Iphone X Facing up to See When U Answer My Texts / Exploited Body & APEAK (​+​358) Remix”                                                                                                          
  • Lithuanian experimental/industrial techno producers Teatre & Egzotikka – Orpheus” from V/A “NEWUSG005” cassette compilation via The New U.S. Government
  • Italian/Greek electronic producers Antonio & DJ Loser, aka Body Snatchers ”Vampira Deathwing”         
  • Houston, TX industrial electronics duo SPIT MASK “In A House Made Of Wires” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ album “You May Feel Some Pressure” on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • Berlin-based Italian ritual dark ambient/noisy post-industrial/dark electronics trio SKUV – “Urzeit (VU Remix)” off of V/A “Mors Omnibus I” cassette compilation via Pact Infernal’s Altar label
  • Canadian post-punk/dark electronic/punk techno artist PULSUM “XR” from V/A “SYSTEM VA 004” on система | system
  • Colombian industrial/hard techno/EBM/noise/break beat duo Alpha & Necromante “Atrocities We Commit In Fiction” from s/t EP on Delaitpath 09
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia industrial/hard techno producer MAMROV “Pog Trip” from new EP “V.O.N.OEL” via Beryllium
  • Glasgow‘s electronic/dark disco/cosmic disco producer BTCOP – ”Ouroboros” from upcoming “Acid Adhan” EP on Nein Records
  • Russian electronic project of brothers Andrey and Stas from St. Petersburg, Radial Gaze – “Fama Bokeh (Disco Morato Remix)” from “Diffusion” EP on Esthetique Records
  • Berlin-based dark disco/cosmic disco/techno/electronic Dj/Producer (half of band Russian Chandeliers with Julian Grefe aka Pink Skull), Fringe Society “Where You Begin” from the self-released “Myelin Sheath” EP
  • New York disco/house/techno duo  The Juan Maclean – “Pressure Danger” from the “The Brighter The Light” album (compilation of 12-inch singles dropped over the past six years) on DFA Records
  • Serbian musician Kornelije Kovac‘s band, K2 “The Body (Kompleks Edit)” (originally off 1980‘s K2 album “Why”) from Belgrade‘s production/DJ duo Kompleks “Social(ist) Edits Vol.3” EP
  • Co-founder and frontman of iconic Sheffield‘s post-punk/electronic experimentalists Cabaret Voltaire, Stephen Mallinder “Working (You Are)” from his upcoming first solo album in over 35 years “Um Dada” on Dais Records                                                                                                                                                            
  • Colorado‘s electro producer/deejay, graffiti writer Johan Sebastian Bot, DVS NME “Kikumoto” from his upcoming self-released 15-track album “Trans Asia Express”                                                                                     
  • Helsinki‘s techno/electro producer SANSIBAR “Liquid Programming” from the upcoming album “Targeted Individuals” on Berlin’s FTP
  • Australian electro producer Mikey Melas from Sydney, JENSEN INTERCEPTOR “Natural Control” (original unreleased 2014 version)                                                                                                                                           
  • Novosibirsk, Russia experimental/abstract/electronic producer PRIRODA “Track 6” from new single “Track 6 / Karkass”
  • Helsinki‘s experimental underground electronic producer Ilari Larjosto aka Stiletti Ana “Suuri Hiljainen Kävelijä” from the upcoming “Ab Ovo” album on Höga Nord Rekords
  • San Diego based, UK experimental/ambient/electronic film composer, recording artist, Auxiliary label owner, James Clements aka ASC “Enerval” from “1138” cassette album on Auxiliary
  • Louisville, Kentucky experimental/ambient/drone duo of Christopher Boss (Kind Skies) and Jason Lamoreaux (The Corrupting Sea), aka The Warm Jets “Satie in the Afternoon” from the upcoming debut album “Here We Come” on Somewherecold Records
  • London based vocal group led by singer, composer, and producer Kieran Brunt (Terry Riley, Nils Frahm, and Anna von Hausswolff collaborator), SHARDS “Unrest” from the debut album ”Find Sound” on Erased Tapes