WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – JULY #28-22

  • Public House Signals 022 • CHUPACABRAS                                                                                                         

London, UK-based Texan staple Electro DJ-producer and Draconian Steps Label head Jeremy D. Rodriguez, (AKA Acid Freq, 110 and one half of Circus of Death along L.I.E.S label boss Ron Morelli), warms up the forthcoming release of a mini-LP on Lifeforms label, following features in compilations on Italo Moderni and Sons of Traders, as well as Chris Mitchell’s Feral Colony, with an hour set replete of Chupacabras ‘signature sound lying somewhere between distorted, rough around the edges Electro, hard-hitting Acid and banging Techno’.

  • Rome-based, Italian EBM /electro /techno DJ-producer (AKA Fauna53) and Raw Culture label boss Giovanni Inglese, ASYMMETRICAL “Overwhelmed” title track from the upcoming vinyl/cassette concept album to celebrate 5 Years of Spanish label Fill-Lex Records

Italian ace previews an acidic electro cut set in industrial starkness, defined by relentless sharp broken beats oscillating along a buzzing bouncy bassline and chilly alienating synth whirls, whilst tense distorted vocals stretch and contort conjuring up stringent doom-laden oppression.

  • Cincinnati, Oh EBM /acidic leftfield electro brother production duo Keith&Kevin – “Among the Living” from V/A “Endless Decay – Volume Two” tape soon on Kentucky-based Dead Channel Records

One of the first bites from the incoming cassette compilation on Dead Channel Records come from Cincinnati‘s bros Keith&Kevin with a convulsive twisted electro groove that jerks its way through a tumultuous and sweeping maelstrom of sharp broken beats, crispy percussive stabs, acidic swirls, zapping droning FX and swirling vocal loops to build a trippy and mind-bending spastic dance instincts for a production unit that consistently delivers something unfettered impressive on every investigation.

  • Mexican electro /Balearic /house /indie-dance /electronic production duo Zombies In Miami – “Aurora” from the “The City Of Love” EP on Motordiscs

Mexican duo infuse seductively smooth euphoric melancholy, doused in the glistening rays of Balearic’s hypnotic twilight vibes, that carries soft warm swelling pads and tinkling keys over steady punchy beats and deep bass vibrations, crossed by enveloping shaded atmospheric synth washes and resonant entrancing swirling spirals, to palpitate and soar majestically with sombre melodies of nostalgic visions into slow swishing waves of distant sunset horizons.

  • Nottingham, UK ambient /space /deep phased electronic experimentalist Mat Jarvis AKA High Skies “The History of Earth Observations” title track from “The History of Earth Observations” EP
  • Los Angeles based, Calgary-born ambient /experimental /drone/ minimal /church music composer and performer Sarah Davachi “En Bas Tu Vois” from the upcoming 2xLP vinyl album “Two Sisters” on Late Music
  • Sheffield-native, New Zealand-based veteran Industrial /Avant-Garde /Experimental musician Peter Hope (The Box, Richard. H. Kirk, Hoodoo, Dry Hip Rotation, The Bone Orchestra, Chain, and Flex 13), aka P.HOPE “STELZER 2 SWAN” from “JASZCZURKA” EP on his own Wrong Revolution
  • New Zealand‘s experimental electronic project HexAccord “Faux Coder” from the debut album “HexAccord”
  • London based experimental /ambient /abstract /new beat /techno /synth collaboration Ambient Babestation Meltdown & JBS “Who Goes There” title track off the debut EP on Optimo Music
  • UAN0015 “Drones and noisy beats” 12″ Black Cut Vinyl on London‘s Unrequested Artist / band name* anarchist electronic music label
  • Danish analog minimal electro /synthpop solo project from Copenhagen, DELAYSCAPE “One Nine Nine” from the previously unreleased album “Latest Assignment”
  • Berlin based experimental /dark electronic new project of Tommi Tokyo (group A, Tot Onyx) and Nicky Mao (Hiro Kone), Enxin/Onyx “Dorothy” from the upcoming EP “Dorothy”
  • Barcelona‘s trance /downtempo /slow rave /techno /acid /electronic producer UMO “HigherState” from “#slowravers” album on Barcelona’s OpenTheNext
  • Copenhagen, Denmark dark ambient /industrial /experimental /techno producer Schacke “Hypersensitivity” from the upcoming album “Apocalyptic Decadence” on Instruments Of Discipline
  • Slovenian dark industrial techno producer and DJ from Ljubljana, OFNANA_PESA “The Spirit of Inquiry” from “Pilgrims Exile” EP on DE/FRAGMENT
  • German industrial /hard /techno producer Valerie Ace – “Creep Repellent” ” from V/A “Contre tout, toutes et tous, la terre demeure” 3xLP compilation on Mama told ya
  • French/Italo industrial /acid /techno collaborative project from Grenoble‘s Maxime Fabre of Crystal Geometry and Rome‘s techno pioneer Max Durante, AKA Max und Max “World Clash (Crystal Geometry Mix)” from “World Clash” EP on Sonic Groove
  • Athens, Greece one-man experimental /cold electronics project BLAKAUT “Πατησίων” from the new album “Χορός & Αλλοτρίωση”
  • Sweden‘s dark electronic/ EBM /synth act Sturm Café – ”Stiefelfabrik (Slow Death March by KREIGN)” from “Disco Imperium” EP
  • Valencian EBM /industrial /electro /techno DIY electronic duo Ana Escudero and David Garrido, Spammerheads “The Big Machine Never Wrecks” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ EP “Tar Blood / Cement Skin” on SOIL
  • French dark techno /EBM producer from Le Mans, Xavier Malleret, AKA Nasdrowie – “Electronic Messiah” from “Extract” EP on Khoinix.
  • Parisian EBM /industrial /techno DJ-producer Termination 800 – “Cyborg (Endless Nothing Remix)” from upcoming cassette remix compilation “Cyborg” on Sinister Desires
  • Frankfurt-based EBM /dark post-punk /coldwave duo Babes of Enola Grey “Freiheit Sicherheit (Curses Remix)” from the tape album “Anfang Vom Ende (Remixed)” soon on Crave Tapes
  • Amsterdam based Italo disco/new beat /cosmic disco Italian producer Daniele Labbate (AKA Disco Mortale) AKA Daniel Monaco “Acid Maria” title track from the new EP (Bordello A Parigi)
  • Italian dark disco /kraut /new wave /post-punk /electronic musician and Luminance Records co-founder Marco Catapano, aka AMARCORD “Friends (They Come & Go) – Extended Mix” from “To Shape The Future” EP on Ritmo Fatale                                                                                                                                                       
  • Okinawa, Japan cosmic disco /new wave /synthpop /electronic artist-producer Hotaru – “Know My Name (Hotaru Edit)”
  • 1982 French electro-disco singer Sonia – “J’ai Chaud (Disco Bagarre Acid Re-work)” for the Sinchi Edits series
  • Leipzig-based electronic /synth-pop /wave /acid /dark disco /analogue synth duo TILLY ELECTRONICS – “Pepperoni (Sex Kino Remix)” single [Sex Kino]
  • French industrial /analogue minimal electro project of A// [le syndicat Electronique], aka Anechoic Chamber “What’s your Problem ?” off of 7″ single “Anechoic Chamber [xss04” via [X.S.S. rec.] Xperimentation In Sound Science                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Berlin-based machine-funk /breaks /electro DJ-producer, No Moon “All Roads Lead To Here” from “Small Moves” EP on Mechatronica
  • Paris-based techno /breaks /drum&bass producer and founder of the ‘raw poetry’ aesthetic Loyce Demellier, AKA DJ Physical – “Stay Forever” from the upcoming “Silver Lake” LP on Shall Not Fade
  • Isle of Wight, UK indie rock duo Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, aka WET LEG “Too Late Now (Soulwax Remix)” on Domino Recording Co.
  • RedM & MethodM – “How High (Benedikt Frey Vapor)” tribute to Redman & Method Man
  • Berlin veteran rock ‘n’ roll acid disco collective, Tegel Boys – “Simple Cat (Freudenthal remix)” from “Simple Cat” EP [True Blue Music]
  • Vienna‘s house /disco duo of Luv Shack label co-founder Lee Stevens and Curley Sue, aka Neon Amish & Space Echo ft. Tarek Farwati – “Wake Up (Endrik Schroeder Cosmic Dub Remix)” from V.A. – “Retroscope 01” on Luv Shack Records
  • Australia/Israel downtempo /acid /psych /tribal electronic collaboration Funboys & AckerMan – “No Man Around” from the upcoming V/A “Various Worldwide IV” compilation album via Belly Dance Services
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia acid /psych /trippy /electronic producer Vitorijoski – “The Ancient One” from “Banica” EP on Invisible, Inc.
  • Berlin-based ambient /kosmische /leftfield electronica producer and Kame House label head, Infuso Giallo “Every Waking Hour Pt. 1 (Anatolian Weapons Remix)” from “Ocular Soda Remixes” EP on Kame House
  • Hamburg, Germany experimental minimal warm electronic duo Jana Bier & Lorenz Ritter, AKA JLo “Schwalben” from ltd. 7″ single “MOA112” on Móatún 7
  • Vancouver, BC experimental /abstract /sound collage /noise /ambient /electro-acoustic /electronic producer (aka Doctor Hotdog, Glue Boy, Goiz, La Decima Vittima, Mason Jar and Research Club) Pablo Arrangoiz aka ISLA “Smells Like Time” from the album (╭ರ_•́)
  • Miami, FL dark ambient /drone /experimental /electronic artist Doris Dana “Tropical Depression”
  • London, UK-based ambient musician and sound artist Benjamin Harrison “Barbican” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Brutal” on Castles In Space
  • Vancouver, Canada-based David Salisbury’s experimental /ambient /drone /electronic project Camp Of Wolves “Old Contemptibles” from the album “Dragoon” on Waxing Crescent Records
  • Georgian/Belgian ambient /drone /electronic collaboration between Anasisana and Sequences, AKA Sans Nuances “Alleviate IV” from the album “Convalescence” on Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.
  • Iceland ambient electronic producer Árni Grétar, aka Futuregrapher “TX81Z-Valencia” from the tape compilation album “Graenar Baunir” first release in UMFT cassette series via his own label Móatún 7
  • Germany/Sweden ambient /modern-classical /electro-acoustic collaborative project of Mainz-based artist Tobias Lorsbach (Logic Moon), and Stockholm‘s cellist, musician and composer Henrik Meierkord, Logic Moon & Henrik Meierkord “Medii Aevi” from the album “Inseln” on Whitelabrecs
  • Bradford, UK electronic /post-rock /spectral ambient project of Gavin Miller (former member of Johnny Poindexter), worriedaboutsatan “Boomkat Industrial Complex” from the cassette album “Glass Infinites”
  • Norway/Japan ambient /abstract /drone /modular electronic collaboration between music composers Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik and Tokyo-based C.H., Pjusk & Chihei Hatakeyama “Raleigh” from “Svaberg” album on White Paddy Mountain
  • Glasgow, UK based, Rome-born ambient /experimental /electroacoustic musician, Loris S Sarid “Blue Dots” from the album “Seabed-Sunbath” on Moon Glyph
  • Belgrade-born, Korčula island (Croatia)-based ambient /drone /field recordings /experimental Royal Academy of Music-schooled musician, composer, sound and multimedia artist, Manja Ristić “Muhe” from “Him, fast sleeping, soon he found In labyrinth of many a round, self-rolled” album on Slovakian label mappa
  • Stockholm, Sweden-based experimental /ambient /minimalism /modern classical North American composer and musician KALI MALONE “Living Torch I” from the album “Living Torch” on Portraits GRM