WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #28

  • Phred Noir – DHA FM Mix #457                                                                                                                                 

This week trance-inducing, slow-burner set, spanning from Balearic Disco to Slow Techno via Dark Disco, from Marseille-based co-founder of La Dame Noir Label/Club, Phred Noir, half of “La Dame Noir” production duet with Amevicious and also half of Slow Porn alongside Remain from Meant Records.                                                       

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina Industrial/Dark Techno/Acid /Electro/EBM producer ︻╦╤─ Dim Deck // ???????????? ???????????????? ‘No Scope”                                                                                                                                                    

Argentinian producer layers menacing and dire eternal bass loop grind atop lashing whips and cracks as rambling, indecipherable male vocals scratch pain-filled distorted echoes swept in deadly steady mechanical beats, visciously crushing everything in its path into dust.

  • Melbourne, Australia EBM /dark electronic producer and Up North Records head, LBEEZE “Different Time” from V/A “THE AWAKENING: PESTILENT EXPRESSIONS 2” tape compilation on The Black Lodge

A little bit late on this excellent and meaningful Volume 2 of the benefit compilation series (tape currently sold-out at the source) ‘made in the spirit of love and resistance’ from members of L.A.’s The Black Lodge and Texas’ Fantasy 1 family. Lbeeze track bursts out through ominous and relentless tight rhythmic pattern along persistent sinister bassline lurching urgency, while dark caustic vocals laugh and repeat, “It was a different time” into the dire synth melodies and eerie dark wandering echoes. Umpteenth impeccable EBM-inflected killer cut from Aussie producer

  • Australian psych/downtempo/cosmic/grove/electronic producer and Multi Culti label co-head Angus Gruzman, aka DREEMS – “Shark Water (Die Orangen Remix)” off “Shark Water” EP on Le Temps Perdu

The rework by Dreems‘ ‘partner in crime’, along with Thomas Von Party, in Die Orangen, Kris Baha, ‘rides a cosmic wave into the blue hour’ through ominous and dire luscious trippy bassline that injects both menacing treachery and dangerous tantalising allure into the swirling and twinkling murky shark waters, blooming lost eerie cosmic echoes, as hypnotic mechanical beats and metallic claps scratch the sinister opaque surface with abrasive disarray.

  • English experimental ambient electronic music duo of Antony Ryan & Robin Saville, aka ISAN “Nothing Picked and Placed Nowhere (7 minute edit)” new single on wiaiwya
  • London-based 80s experimental/ambient/electronic pioneer duo of Nottingham‘s Roger Horberry & Andrew Hulme, aka O Yuki Conjugate “Roseland (Iro Aka shaman Edit)”
  • Bogotá, Colombia experimental/kraut-cumbia/tropical/psych/electronic 5-piece Meridian Brothers “Puya Del Empresario” from the LP “Cumbia Siglo XXI” on Les Disques Bongo Joe
  • Valencia, Spain experimental electronic project of José Guerrero, aka Sentuhlà “El Esquema de tu Latido (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)” from the album “La Curva Paralela” on Mascarpone Discos
  • Berlin-based Balearic/disco/house/electronic collaborative project between Juri Corrado and Nathan Dawidowicz, aka JU/NA “La Sera” from the mini-album “Haiku” on Barcelona’s Apersonal Music
  • Brooklyn, NY acid/wave/techno/synth/electronic two-piece Katie Rose and Shawn O’Sullivan, aka Further Reductions “Array” from upcoming S/T EP on Knekelhuis
  • Australian ambient/kraut/psychedelic/electronic/new wave/’Krautback’ trio of Kris Baha, Dreems and Thomas Von Party, aka Die Orangen “Mine Shaft” from “MEHR Zeug” EP
  • São Paulo, Brazil electronic Dj/producer Márcio Vermelho (aka Vermelho Wonder and Sphynx), aka Vermelho “Headspin” off V/A “17º volume” compilation on FazedoresdeSOM
  • Italian ambient/experimental/trance/kraut producer Tagliabue – “Ipnotica” off the upcoming EP “Ultraterreno” on the Berlin and Zurich based micro-label Lustpoderosa.                                                                                                     
  • Israel’s Famous Nadav Ft. M.Meyer – “One For Jessie” off of V/A “Garzen Compilation 1” on Garzen Records         
  • London-based electronic synthpop project of FrancoCanadian DJ and former Battant singer Chloé Raunet aka C.A.R. “Flight & Pursuit (Richard Sen Remix)” from the remix album “Recrossing Prior Street” on Ransom Note Records
  • Stockholm, Sweden dark disco/new wave/space disco duo SEX KINO – ‘Something Inside of You’ off the EP ‘Scream In The City’ on HEARec
  • Mexico based eclectic electronic musician/producer/remixer/Dj from Argentina, Thomass Jackson – “Lavora!” off upcoming “Correciones Calypso Vol.3” split EP with Plot Pilot on Calypso Records                                               
  • French dark disco/electronic DJ & producer Kimshies – “Fucked Up Mama (Autarkic Remix)” off upcoming “Fucked Up Mama” EP on Duro                                                                                                                                     
  • Tel Aviv‘s dark disco/ wave /electronic DJ/producer Eliezer Perez, aka ELEZIER “Chicken Town” (Edit) [Night Noise]                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Budapest electro producers CT Kidobó & LAU “Mental Vortex” from “DDE02″ lathe cut 10” EP second release on DDE series on Dalmata Daniel
  • Glasgow, Scotland synth-punk/industrial electronics project of Dave Clark, Craig Clark & Katie Shannon, aka Kübler Ross “Koss” from the S/T cassette album on Akashic Records
  • French “black body noir’ duo lead by Mathis Kolkoz (founder of Blind Delon) and Paul Brousse (pbfk, member of Néfaste and Epitaphe), PUDEUR “My Mortal Cold” from upcoming [AREAZT009] “Magie Noire” cassette album on Area Z
  • Argentinian natives experimental/EBM/break/electro DJ/producer Thissperso – “Jesus Christ the Invader” from split cassette album “99% Fiel” with Yozy on Fill-Lex Records
  • Wien, Austrian cold wave/industrial/dark synth electronics solo project ROSA NEBEL ”Abyss” from V/A – “Brief Glimpses Of Deterioration” LP on Abstract Reality
  • Belgian dark electronic/electro /noise/industrial/techno DJ/producer Ethan Lambeau (aka Lost Affair/La Commune/???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????), aka Murdered DJ – “0439 Problems” from V/A “untitled.” on losprimerosVIIVI
  • Lyon, France techno /experimental /noise /industrial producer and part of collective TFIF [The Future Is Female], Angel Karel “Glitter Tongue” from cassette EP “Pain For Pleasure” on Instruments Of Discipline
  • UK industrial techno/hardcore/acid/noise/electro/punk producer Ludgate Squatter “Cant Wait” from the album “Burn It to the Ground” on 99cts RCRDS
  • Medellín, Colombia experimental electronic/EBM/darkwave/electro/raw techno producer Crimental – ‘All Facist Flags Should Burn’ from the upcoming self/released album “Third World”                                                     
  • Belgium-based industrial/anti-techno producer (part of the global anti-music conspiracy networkTM since 1992), HYPNOSKULL “Phosphorescent Obsidian Riots” from upcoming V/A “BREEDING BEHAVIOUR, VOL. 1” on SHFTD
  • Northern Germany black metal/industrial techno producer NORDSTAAT “Chaos Reigns” from “Singularity – Second Coming” EP (X-IMG)
  • Berlin-based industrial/dark electronic/EBM American/Cuban producer Joey Blush, Blush Response “Slamhound” from the upcoming first album “Void In” on his own Megastructure label
  • Grenoble, France dark electronics/acid/EBM/industrial producer Crystal Geometry “The Axis Of The Skies” from “Samain” EP on SNTS Records
  • Berlin-based hardcore/acid/industrial/techno producer Tymon – “Woodsman” from V/A “Forever 2” EP on Perc Trax
  • Paris based hard techno producers Sina XX & Cassie Raptor – “Body Needs Bass” from collaborative EP “Body To Body”                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Buenos Aires-born, Barcelona-based techno electronic producer and co-owner of Ninefont music label, Javier Ferreira – “Bouncing (Cardopusher Remix)” off the upcoming EP “Organic Time” on Side UP Works
  • 80s Italian legendary punk band CCCP – Fedeli alla linea ‘Narko’$ (Ant1y0 Remix)’                                               
  • Swedish experimental techno producer Sthlm Primitive “Evil Kraut” debut single on Musikmakeri Knaften    
  • Spanish experimental techno producer Mario Castillo, aka KASTIL “Kastil – Entering (Live Version)” on Stale               
  • Paris IDM/abstract/techno producer Leo NaitAissa aka Quelza “Aragaran (Original mix)” from upcoming EP “Defective Program” on RND. Records
  • Moscow experimental/funky/bass/techno producer Rapid Antics “Trauma Setting” debut S/T album on ПИР
  • Japanese experimental/techno/IDM/modbap/glitch electronic producer (aka Voltagectrlr), Shiro Fujioka “Nirodha” from the album “Negroshima” on Detroit Underground
  • Russian IDM/bass/leftfield/electronic music producer based in Moscow, Raumskaya “Wireframe Clouds” from the album “Eco” on Hyperboloid Records
  • French analog synth electronic project of Michaël Fristot, aka MΩment Projet “Hope” off the album ‘Les ornithologues ne volent pas’ on TONN RECORDINGS
  • UK ambient/modular/synth/electronic producer State Azure “Shifting Descent” from the new album “Edge of Forever”
  • North East of England experimental/ambient/drone/synth multidisciplinary artist Mark Buchanan, aka FORMER LUX “Salt Water Palms” from the cassette “Peace Offerings of Summer” on Soft Verse
  • Australian ambient/experimental/electronic artist Oliver Moir “Darjeeling at 08:30” from 2-tracker “Darjeeling Himalayan Railway” on Melbourne’s Funeral OST