WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #27

Benoit Braban photography

Peaks Of The Week:

  • Wellington, New Zealand based experimental electronic/industrial/sci-fi goth duo of Lucy Reid and Emily Berryman, CRONE “Tipping point” from S/T debut EP

Drawing upon a machine-charged rich heritage of techno, ambient, wave, and industrial, New Zealand‘s sci-fi goth duo forged dark, often unsettling and menacing, immersive futuristic soundscapes infused with the pristine energy of authentic and istinctive experimentation. 

  • Astana, Kazakhstan experimental/industrial techno/dark electronic producer Vlad Nossov, aka Voital ft. Dana Doss – “Finaly Dead” off of V/A “Depletion” on Beryllium Project

Up-and-coming and increasingly improving Moscow‘s label Beryllium Project delivers a stirring and mind-bending high-quality sampler of experimental, dark electronic, industrial and hard techno from a talented bunch of underground producers.

  • Croatian cold/noir minimal electronica producer/dj (aka Honored Matres, LCN, Fiume) Le Chocolat Noir “Revamp” from the upcoming 5-track vinyl 12″ “Crna Ruža” on She Lost Kontrol                                                   

Experimental cold/noir minimal DJ/producer Croatian dives head-first into the murky and cold realms of electro/EBM and minimal synth, with hard-hitting beats, angular synths, buzzing basslines and plaintive Slavic vocals, with his usual distinctive brand of sonic artistry. 

  • Washington, DC ambient/drone/electronic/experimental viola and cello duo of Alexia Kauffman and Hannah Burris, aka COVEN TREE “No land” off of upcoming split cassette EP with Tadzio on BLIGHT. Records
  • Swedish ethereal/ambient/drone producer (aka Purl, Eternell, and Illuvia), Ludvig Cimbrelius “Someone Listening (pour H.)” from the album “Intimacy” on Past Inside the Present (PITP)
  • Brussels-based experimental/ambient/drone/electronic composer, artist, and video/filmmaker, CHRISTINA VANTZOU “Some Limited and Waning Memory (Milan W)” from remix album “4.5 (N4 REMIXES)”
  • Berlin-based, St. Petersburg‘s experimental/ambient/field recordings/spoken word/electronic producer Alexandra Zakharenko aka Perila “Mouth Full Of Tahini” from the album “Irer Dent” on Manchester’s Sferic
  • Madrid-born ambient/techno producer Enrique Mena, aka SVRECA “Reflective” from V/A “Spectrum 3/3” EP on London’s On the 5th Day
  • Paris, France post-punk/dark electro/dark disco/techno artist DJ Varsovie – “Shadows on a Dancefloor” from upcoming cassette “Sombre Ibiza” on his own Intervision label                                                                     
  • Barcelona, Spain experimental/synth electronic project of Laura Höldein aka Anatomía Humana Desmontable – ”Déjà vu” from the new EP “Qvantvm4”
  • Apeldoorn, Netherlands techno-industrial producer ACHIEVER “Ender of Worlds”
  • Berlin-based experimental/industrial/techno/electronic collaboration between New Yorker producer Brad Douglas (aka An-i) and Greek producer and Liber Null label co-founder Manos Simotas (aka Unhuman), AN – I + Unhuman – “Five To Nine” 12″ EP on L.i.e.s Records                                                                           
  • London-based dark techno DJ, producer and Metempsychosis Records and Ways to Die Records founder Joseph Bianchi, aka End Train – “Infinite Universe” from “Body Business” EP on on Mørbeck’s Code Is Law imprint
  • Belgian electro producer DATAWAVE “Electric Love (Crossmods Remix Feat. This Is The Bridge)”                 
  • Northern France acid electro producer Deemphasis – “My Empire” from upcoming 12″ EP “Reflections” on new Radio-Mars label                                                                                                                                                  
  • Dutch synth electro producer from Utrecht, Camiel Munier aka TFHats “Paula is Watching You” off of V/A “Various Objekts 4: a Bass Agenda Recordings sampler” on Bass Agenda Recordings
  • London-based Italian electronic DJ/producer and Wilson Records head honcho Fabio Monesi “The Raw Theory” off upcoming 12″ on Craigie Knowes                                                                                                                                
  • UK based electro/rave/industrial/post-punk project of French musician/DJ and producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist and DJ, Barkosina Hanusova, aka Years Of Denial ” Love Comes And Goes” from upcoming EP ”Body Map” on Pinkman Broken Dreams                                                         
  • Toronto, Canada industrial techno/noise/dark ambient electronics producer, and Summer Isle Records honcho, E-Saggila ”Alia ft. Thoom” from the upcoming album ”My World, My Way” via Nort 
  • Stockholm, Sweden EBM / industrial producer Nuclear Sludge “Moral Order” new single
  • Italian lo-fi/wave/industrial/dark techno/electro producer and owner of underground label Eufemia, Religius Order “Last Night I Couldn’t Sleep” from the cassette album “Anima Desolata” on Atrophy Records
  • Berlin-based, Belgium‘s techno producer Peter Van Hoesen “Kelly Criterion” title-track from the new EP on his own Center 91
  • Texas-based hard acid live project by Bill Converse [Dark Entries/Tabernacle/Fit Sound] & Domokos [Fantasy 1], Balance Angel – “DTLA Resistance 2” from “Circling Vultures/Balance Angel” split EP on The Black Lodge
  • Cuban techno producer HIOLL “Bad behavior” from upcoming V/A “Abstract Weapons Vol. 5” on Havana’s Abstraction Label                                                                                                                                                             
  • Denver‘s experimental techno producer Miles Samuel (aka Zone Motif and half of Foan Dancer), aka Lone Dancer – “Glide Facet” from the cassette “Cadence” on Always Human Tapes (AHT118)
  • Mexican electronic/wave/dark disco producer TYU – “Pieles (Original Mix)” off of “Pieles” EP on Duro
  • Sweden/Germany Italo disco/spacesynth duo of Daniel Pettersson and Marco Rochowski, aka RETRONIC VOICE “Discohunted (Action Extended mix)” new single
  • London, UK dark disco/electronic producer FROM BEYOND “No Rest (ID_UA remix)” from the upcoming EP “No Rest” on Nein Records                                                                                                                                    
  • German EBM/psych/electronic/techno producer Balaban – “German Angst” from upcoming V/A “NEWUSG005” cassette compilation on The New U.S. Government                                                                     
  • Tel Aviv post-punk/coldwave/electronic duo Xen & Yovav “Shavit (Tolouse Low Trax White Smoke Remix)” from V/A EP “Remix Pack 1” on Malka Tuti
  • Newcastle upon Tyne, UK deep electronic duo of Lee Forster (Last Waltz) and Oli Warriner (Traela), aka FORRINER “Cat & Dog Stairs (Longhair Remix)” from the EP 12″ “Meet Me At Burgerellas” on Clandestino
  • Sydney, Australia experimental/electronic/post-punk/post-pop project of Jack De Lacy (of Concrete Lawn and Australian Idol), EX-RENTAL “Crypt Master [My Dad Is Car mix]” from the debut album “wound _carry_ (reach_for_the_stars)” on Perfume Counter Records
  • Paris-based Italian electronic producer and half of electro-pop duo Le Feste Antonacci, LZR – “Austria” upcoming on Nice Guys Records                                                                                                                                     
  • Zagreb, Croatia synth electro collective LAB PERSONNEL “Intuitive Sense” from the second cassette album “Mixed Results”
  • Australian electro producer Mikey Melas from Sydney, JENSEN INTERCEPTOR “Altered State (Feat. Assembler Code)” from the new album “Mother” on Lone Romantic label                                                         
  • NYC electronic/techno/breakbeat/drum&bass artists AceMo and MoMa Ready, aka AceMoMa “Nothing Crazy” off of the self-titled debut EP on skateboarding Jenkem Magazine’s new music imprint, Jenkem Recordings.
  • Berlin-based Amsterdam‘s techno producer ESTHER DUIJN “Dawn of the Last Era” title track of upcoming EP 12″ on Coincidence Records
  • Berlin-based Experimental /Dark Ambient /EBM /Industrial /Electronic duo SONS OF TRADERS – “The Sleepwalker” off of upcoming cassette album “Never No More” on Gravitational Waves                                   
  • London, UK experimental/soundtrack/industrial/electronic project of producer, composer, musician and performer (founder member of KnifeLadder and Black Light Ascension, AntiValium, This Is Radio Silence and Naevus collaborator) Hunter Barr, a.k.a. Oblivion Guest “Mind Awake, Body Asleep” from the forthcoming album “The Light in the Black Hole”                                                                                                                         
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi no wave /electronic /dungeon wave /minimal synth solo project FILMMAKER “Territorial Gangs” from the album “Wetwork”
  • Stockholm, Sweden experimental electronic producer Oli XL “Liquid Love” from the album “Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer” on his own label Bloom ©2019
  • Russian techno | ambient project of Rostov-on-Don‘s composer and producer Sasha Levchenko, aka CH40 “R-02-T” from the album “R-00-T”
  • Italian ambient deep techno producer RÄDIOCØMPLEX “Origins of everything” from the EP “We are all together” on OVUNQVE label.
  • Stockholm, Sweden experimental/ambient/techno/electronic producer Andreas Lübeck, aka CA2+ “Deleese (Intro)” from the forthcoming cassette album “Lonely Hearts Club” on Northern Electronics                    
  • Bulgarian ambient/drone/electronic producer Daniel Donchov (Leaver), aka Non Photo Blue “Unsettled” from cassette album “Crawling Into Tomorrow” via Amek Collective
  • Prague, Czech Republic ambient/dub/electronic modular techno project founded by Martin Vodicka, aka CITTY “Substance” from the new mini-album “Apnea” on Circular Limited

Benoit Braban photography