WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #26


  • MR TC & Lo Kindre [Neubau Takeover]                                                                                                                 

Glaswegian producers and Phase Group founders MR TC, aka Thomas Lea Clarke, and Lo Kindre, aka Daniel Magee, bring us into a haunting, hypnotic and palpitating journey through the equally bewitching and eerie wilderness of unpredictable dark electronic sounds.

  • California ambient/ethereal/drone/soundscape project of Austin Cairns, aka r beny ‘The Dashboard Cast a Spectral Glow’ title track from 12″ vinyl EP ‘The Dashboard Cast a Spectral Glow’ on Past Inside the Present

At the same time seductive and restless, soothing and haunting, ethereal and evocative, able to radiate an enveloping sensory rapture in a delicate wandering through imaginative shadowy oneiric soundscapes, rippled by faint glimpses of light, of reverberating allure suspended in time.

  • L.A. based Italo/cosmic disco side project of producer and songwriter Matia Simovich (aka Inhalt), aka Aphonia – “From A to B (Franz Scala Italian Dance Version)” off upcoming EP “From A to B” on Wro 

Matia Simovich even under the new guise Aphonia hits the right buttons to deliver spaced-out disco grooves, fueled by a killer booming bassline, to fire up the dancefloor, launched into orbit by the Italian psychedelic dance treatment from Slow Motion label head, Franz Scala.

  • Frankfurt am Main electro/wave/trance/electronic producer Tassilo Vanhöfen “Heavy Armor” from upcoming V/A “Household Choirs” 2xCD compilation on Super Utu & Ears On Earth

Madrid/Melbourne label joint venture of Ears On Earth & Super Utu present a ‘selection of housebound voices from forth the abodes of 11 independent nations to symbolise inside and outside dance spaces made inaccessible to us by the pandemic’. The up-and-coming German producer Tassilo Vanhöfen mesmerizes once again, as he used lately, with a hypnotic downtempo mesh of cosmic, trance-inducing synthesizers, droning low-end pulsations and heavy swashing beats.

  • L.A. based Korean electronic producer 박혜진 Park Hye Jin ‘NO’ from the new LP ‘How can I’ on Ninja Tune
  • Tbilisi, Georgia based experimental electronic producer MIND STATIC “Pitch Uniform” from the EP “Pitch It Up Or Down”
  • Riga, Latvia electronic artist Andzelika Kuzucuk, aka KUZUCUK “Lepnums (BPP)”                                      
  • Polish acid/electrofunk/electro producer Przemek Kuduk, aka Robodrum “Polish Electro Bass Force” from “Szczecin Minimal” EP on London’s Crobot Muzik
  • Eastern Germany dreamy electro producer Cyan85 “Time Elapsed” from upcoming LP “Lucid Intervals” on Voitax
  • Leon/Madrid, Spanish ambient/IDM/electro producer Diego Cadierno, aka Promising Youngster – “Latex” upcoming on Artificial Intelligence                                                                                                                                     
  • UK ambient/drum & bass/breakbeat/electro producer EQUUS “The Fall” title track from the new EP “The Fall” on Barcelona’s Planetaria Soundsystem
  • Chicago-born/Brooklyn-based experimental/IDM/electro/techno producer aka Inhalants (with Jahiliyya Fields), Masks (with Arp), DSR.MR (with Cloudface), and Ociya (with Tin Man), Max Ravitz aka PATRICIA “Triune Brain” from the new album “Maxyboy” on Ghostly International
  • Greek electro/dub electronic producer Dimitris Papadatos, aka Jay Glass Dubs – “Your Raps” off upcoming LP “Soma” on Berceuse Heroique
  • German enigmatic experimental/ minimal/ EBM/wave /synthpop /electro / dark electronic project EN DIRECT “Boilover” from the new EP “A Shattered Frame” on Lunatic Records
  • Russian experimental/dark techno/EBM producer OBER DADA “Atzeka Tekno” title track from the new EP “Atzeka Tekno” on MANHIGH Recordings
  • Seattle-based international industrial/EBM/dark electro 4-piece CHROME CORPSE “Counter Measure” from V/A “ASM-II” compilation on FORKHA
  • Spanish industrial techno/EBM producer and Soil Records head, SOJ – “Fleshing Out (feat HIV+)” off upcoming V/A “Valley of Tears Vol. 2″ tape/vinyl 12” compilation on Soil Records
  • Italian techno/noise/industrial/experimental artist Exome – “Rats Dungeon” title track from the new EP “Rats Dungeon” on Istigkeit
  • Strasbourg, French experimental/EBM/space/acid electro/techno producer ITAKO “The Destroyer Of Worlds (Letherique Remix)” from the new EP “The Destroyer of Worlds” on Bella Ursa Recordings
  • Bogotá-born /Barcelona-based synth electronics/EBM/electro producer Victor Lenis aka Cute Heels “The Awake (Mexico City Mix)” from upcoming EP “Beyond The War” on Schrödinger’s Box                                 
  • Greek EBM/industrial/techno/dark electronics project SECOND TENSION “Agsos” off upcoming V/A “2020 DRAGON V.5.0” cassette compilation on Clan Destine Records
  • Paris, France post-punk/dark electro/dark disco/industrial techno producer DJ Varsovie “Feel Young Again” off upcoming “Her Clone” EP on Intervision                                                                                                     
  • London-based industrial/dark hard electronic/EBM Lithuanian producer and Meta Moto label head, EGZOTIKKA “Phobia (THISSPERSO Vocals)”                                                                                                                     
  • Fort Walton Beach, FL experimental industrial project These Violent Delights “Sad Satan” from “Precursor”
  • Tbilisi, Georgia industrial techno producer ISOLATED INCIDENT – “You Are In Me (Original Mix)” on INSANE INDUSTRY
  • Bremen, Germany industrial/dark techno producer Nordstaat “Singularity” from upcoming EP “Second Coming” on X-IMG
  • Russian techno/wave/industrial/dark electronics producer NEMESIS “Faster” from the upcoming cassette “Madness” on SOIL
  • Italian EBM/industrial/electro/dark electronics aficionados, Alessandro Adriani & Cosimo Damiano – “Realms Of Consciousness” off upcoming debut EP “Neurodreamers” on Pinkman                                                   
  • Berlin-based EBM/dark electronic/techno/Italo disco French producer, half of Imperial Black Unit, aka Lapse Of Reason, PABLO BOZZI “Reach for the Lasers” from upcoming “Velvet Dream” EP on Ritmo Fatale
  • Norwegian coldwave/electro/post-industrial/angst-pop producer Kim Sølve, aka Blitzkrieg Baby “Cannibal Commando (Ancient Methods Remix)” from upcoming “Remixed” EP 12″ on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • Rennes based industrial/electro/electronic producer Weever “Loyauté” off V/A “Various Artists N°1” cassette compilation on VIVES                                                                                                                                             
  • Paris techno electronic producer Inès Cherifi – “A Place To Sing” off V/A “Open Source” on ManifestoXXI     
  • Prague‘s EBM /techno /breakbeat/electro/acid/horror-soundtrack producer FRACTIONS “All The Streets Are Silent” title track of the new EP “NITE NRG” on Berlin’s Monnom Black
  • Spanish electronic/dark disco producer Calma Tensa – “Human Condition (Le Frit Trancehall Remix)” on Doom Rec                                                                                                                                                           
  • French trance/ethnic/electronic young producer Adrien Van de Velde aka A Strange Wedding – “Leftovers” from ‘???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????.????’ compilation series on Vernacular Records
  • Manchester, UK Retro-Electro/Italo Disco producer Mark Wilkinson, aka KID MACHINE “The White Hotel” from the album “Magico” on Red Laser Records
  • Spanish disco producer and singer, Yuhniversia – “Souvenir From Hell (Flemming Dalum Remix)” from S/T EP on Blanco Y Negro                                                                                                                                          
  • Budapest based, Hungarian indie dance/house/cosmic disco/electronic artist MULYA “Fontane” off “Chrome Extra” EP on Microcastle                                                                                                                                   
  • Israel/France kraut/electro/cosmic disco collaboration between Tel Aviv‘s Niv Ast and Lyon‘s Hard Fist label co-head, Niv Ast & Cornelius Doctor – “Poisson d’Argent” off upcoming Niv Ast’s “I Remember” EP on Correspondant                                                                                                                                                
  • Istanbul based cosmic/dark disco electronic producer EREL – “Storyteller” off upcoming V/A “Rotten City Records: Rotten Citizens Vol 4.” compilation                                                                                                                                
  • Parisian Italo disco/afro house/indie dance producer INVŌKER – “Jan Supi (Original Mix)” off of “Batumi” EP on AZZUR
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia experimental/ambient/IDM/electronic project of multi-instrumentalist and media artist Vadim Pantin, aka ABJECTIVE “XVIIIXVI” from the album “ANTEQ” on Detroit Underground
  • Missouri-based ambient/piano/drone/electronic sound artist Kellen Perry, aka WIFE SIGNS “Around the Chapter Ring” off “Beneath the Weight of Care” album on Healing Sound Propagandist