WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips // JUNE #25-24

Dave Brubeck House, Beverley David Thorne, Oakland CA 1954


  • La Catastrophe W. CRISTO.GXC Guest CARDINAL & NUN [Mutant Radio 19.06.2024]                                   

Berlin-based, Buenos Aires-bred DJ-producer GHKC shares his bi-monthly show on Mutant Radio with Marseille producer-DJ-musician and performer Loïc Bodjollé aka Cardinal & Nun. Expect a first part of warped and hypnotic shadows and light blur of Techno, Industrial, IDM and Electro from the former, while a second hour of vinyl-only mix with heavy stompers, twisted rhythms, and tortured vocals from the latter.

  • Slovenia/Croatia EBM /techno /dark wave /dark electro duo Christian Kroupa & Le Chocolat Noir, aka Black Dot “Losing Game” from “Love At Glance” EP 12″ [Italo Moderni]

Futuristic Industrial-dusted Dark Electro dancefloor hypnotism from renowned Eastern European duo that bounces and buzzes through a mechanical, at times knocking drum programming, distant rattling strains, unceasingly fueled by the infectious chugging drive of moody rumbling basslines, to exude sinister allure and simmering intensity, whilst swaggering aloof vocals command inflexible dancefloor attention.

  • Bogotà-based new beat /industrial /techno artist Jesús David Restrepo, aka Damaged Clock “Embodied Cognition” title track of the upcoming EP “Embodied Cognition” [Mosaique Records]

Psychedelic Industrial charged alienating mid-tempo cut from Colombian producer brimming with coarse churning low ends, punchy and clattering rhythmic patterns in combination with gliding glowing synth lines, to resonate eerily over a menacing dread-filled atmosphere cast in faint slivers of light.

  • Italian experimental /acid /breaks /techno /dub /slow trance producer Debug – “Too Many Rows (XCI Trippy Schifo Remix)” from “No Data Found” EP [end if;]

A slow-mo, rub-and-tug, spiralling trance-inducing excursion over hypnotic, scraping percussions, warm rubbery bass pulses and rippling squeaky acid plucks, obsessively piercing and wiggling the listener, lost in a heady, subtly disturbing, dancing haze.

  • Dutch dark ambient /cinematic /ritual /psych /noir experimental duo of Derk Reneman (aka Roberto Auser) and Ian Martin, Kaval “Arboretum” from the third cassette album “Solastasis” [Nuova Materia]
  • Sweden /Lithuania dark ambient /drone /minimalistic /electronic /poetry collaboration between Pär Boström and Vytenis Eitminavičius, aka Teahouse Radio & Skeldos “Juniper Rain” from “Night Moss” LP [Hypnagoga Press]
  • Mc Allen, South Texas ambient /drone /soundscape /electronic music project of musician Damien Duque, aka City Of Dawn “Into a Spirit’s Dream (featuring Sherry Finzer)” from “Invincible Summer” LP [Heart Dance Records]
  • South Australia ambient /drone /electro-acoustic modern classical /piano /electronic artist Jason Sweeney (Other People’s Children, Pretty Boy Crossover), aka Panoptique Electrical “For Piano”
    from the ltd. CD album “For Years” [Sound In Silence]
  • Munich, Germany ambient /drone /electronic sound and visual artist Stephen Conning “The Sunken Meadow” title track of “The Sunken Meadow” LP [Neotantra]
  • Japanese experimental ambient producer, Sachi Kobayashi “Unforgettable” from the upcoming album “Lamentations” [Phantom Limb]
  • Uruguay ambient /drone /experimental /krautrock /electronic producer Luxo Skyward 75 “Glide” from “Glide” EP [V33 Records]
  • Vancouver, BC ambient /drone /space /experimental /hauntology project of musician David Salisbury, aka Camp Of Wolves “Opposite the city” from V/A “Music For Rainforests” fundraising compilation curated by Jonas Geiger Ohlin (aka The New Emphatic) for Rainforest Alliance [Wormhole World]
  • Italian ambient /drone /field recordings /electro-acoustic /soundscapes /electronic /guitar multi-instrumentalist and composer, Demetrio Cecchitelli “Disappearing” from the cassette album “Jump” limited tape series from Dronarivm [Le Mont Analogue / Dronarivm]
  • Sydney, Australia ambient /drone /loops /minimal /synth /experimental electronic musician and label operator, Mike Nigro “I: Leaving” from the upcoming album “Leaving/Returning” [Oxtail Recordings]
  • Berlin-based Dutch-Italian ambient /atmospheric /experimental /electronic multi-instrumentalist, soundtrack composer and producer Aimée Portioli, aka Grand River “Horses” from “Crescente” EP 12″ [Spazio Disponibile]
  • Sydney, Australia ambient /IDM /techno /atmospheric /experimental /drum & bass producer VOID “Mostly Harmless” from the upcoming album “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” [Agos]
  • Bristol, UK ambient /glitch /field recordings /experimental /electroacoustic /electronic sound artist akaJazy “Evernia” from the cassette EP “Cladonia” [Cyan Sun Records]
  • Barcelona-based ambient /IDM /bass /leftfield /breaks /house /trance /downtempo producer Daysailer – “Sequins” from “Minimum Blues” LP [xenonyms]
  • Aarhus, Denmark ambient /organic /classical /minimal /jazz dub /folk /electronica duo Nikolaj Svaneborg and Jonas Kardyb, aka Svaneborg Kardyb “Superkilen” title track of the upcoming album “Superkilen” LP 12″ [Gondwana Records]
  • Anglo/American/Australian ambient /post-rock collective led by Minneapolis-raised, Casablanca-based hammered dulcimer player Joel Hanson (Judgement of Paris), Memory Drawings “Grateful for What Amounts to Nothing” from the ltd. CDr fifth album “Deathbed Requests” [Sound In Silence]
  • German ambient /field recordings /electro-acoustic /experimental electronics /analogue synth duo of Jan Lüftner and Jonas Obermüller, aka pørtl “Field” from the EP “Gooze” [Traum Schallplatten]
  • UK ambient /drone /experimental /modular synth composer and producer Loula Yorke “Monolithic undertow” from the album “Speak, thou vast and venerable head” [quiet details]
  • Los Angeles/Stuttgart soundtrack /experimental /kraut /70s-80s electronica project of pop musicians (Camouflage) and film composers Julian Demarre + Heiko Maile “Reflection (Dark Horses)” 2nd single from the album, “NEOSTALGIA” [Bureau B]
  • Thessaloniki, Greece ambient /krautrock /psych /motorik /experimental electronica producer Konstantinos Giazlas, aka Onepointwo – “Orthodox Particles of an Earlier Stage” from V/A “Solstice 24″ LP 12” [Subexotic Records]
  • Vilnius, Lithuania IDM /techno /breaks /tribal /electronic DJ-producer Ieva Burneikytė, aka Exoternal – “Adroit Am I” off “Z i g Z o y d” EP [Isla to Isla]
  • Moscow ambient /hip-hop /minimal /techno /micro-house /experimental /electronic producer Dmitry Drozdov, aka Dx2ov “Eliseus” from “Interzona” LP 12″ [Gost Zvuk]
  • NYC ambient /dub /minimal /techno /micro house /electronic producer Brian Leeds (aka Huerco S.), aka Loidis “Wait & See” off the upcoming debut album “One Day” 12″ [Incienso]
  • French ambient /IDM /bass music /downtempo producer Alohn “Horloge du 3ème Âge (Soa420 Remix)” from “Insekt” EP [traverse]
  • Bristol, UK ambient /glitch /field recordings /experimental /electroacoustic /electronic sound artist akaJazy “Evernia” from the cassette EP “Cladonia” [Cyan Sun Records]
  • Manchester-based ambient /glitch / IDM / broken beats /soundscapes experimental electronic music producer Rick Jones, aka Dark Fidelity Hi Fi “Pulser” from the 6th cassette LP “Formations” [Bricolage]
  • LA-based, Icelandic ambient /IDM /dub /electronic producer Gudmundur Thor Fridleifsson, aka ThorF “Dub MC” from the CD album “Here We Are” [Móatún 7]
  • England, UK ambient /IDM /acid /experimental /electro project of Lee Norris (AKA Norken, Nacht Plank and part of Ishqamatics, Autumn of Communion, Moss Garden, Memex,2xirtam, The Angling Loser), aka Metamatics “Inbetween Fields” from “Heddon Zara Spook” album 10” lathe cut vinyl [Intellitronic Bubble]
  • Grenoble, France lo-fi /experimental /electro /kraut /house /electronic producer MACON – “Fit” from cassette album “Early Jams” [Notte Brigante]
  • French ambient /dub /exotic /cosmic /tribal /leftfield /psych /wave /techno /slow-mo /electro producer-DJ and Maturre label head honcho, Jonathan Cambefort, aka Poperttelli “Youmaf” from “Disjointed Dreams” LP 12″ [Macadam Mambo]
  • French ambient /IDM /techno /electronic DJ-producer Vanessa Jeantrelle (part of La Bande Adhesive collective), aka Djane Ki “Free Whim feat. Greta Gain” from “DARK METERS #1 (Djane Ki calls)” EP [Mahorka]
  • Amsterdam-based ambient /post-industrial /breaks /downtempo /techno /acid /psych /tribal Italian sonic explorer, producer and live performer Marco Segato (aka MS, and Narvalo), aka La Serpiente “You Are Dreaming! (Elena Colombi Remix)” from upcoming “You Are Dreaming!” EP 12″ [Random Numbers]
  • French IDM /ambient /techno /breaks producer Lnrdcroy “Gamma Raymond” from “Contact-E” EP [Clone Records]
  • Berlin-based leftfield techno /dark hypnotic electro producer David Koch, aka Shokh “Colonia Chelonia (Shokh Re-tape)” from “Flowers Dope (Remixes)” EP [Self-Released]
  • French tribal /groovy /deep /techno duo Crime Partners “Like That” off “Don’t Stop” EP [Skryptöm]
  • London-based ambient /techno /breaks /electronic musician, DJ & Producer Paul Cheshire (Fka The Elusive Double), aka Language Field “Shadow Boxer” from “Fluctuations” EP [Astra Solaria Recordings]
  • South Africa-born, New York-based ambient /dub /techno /drum & bass electronic music composer & performer, Brendon Moeller “Distant Frequencies” from “Vacuum” EP 12″ [Samurai Music]
  • Melbourne, Australia ambient /drum & bass /jungle DJ-producer Kloke “Siberia” from “The Cosmik Connection Lost Tape” LP [Unknown To The Unknown]
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK ambient /IDM /breaks /techno /electro /electronica producer Daniel Pringle (aka Qeta), The Jaffa Kid “Ekeleke” from “Point The Finger That Pulls The Trigger” LP
  • Berlin-based ambient /glitch /bass /dubstep /breaks /techno producer ophélie – “Sleepy Little Bats” off V/A “Dancing Poetry II” compilation [Ethos Records]
  • Manchester, UK-based breakbeat /rave /acid techno /electronic DJ-producer (half of the DJ duo Eskimo Twins), Timothy Clerkin “Fading” from “Fading” EP 12″ [Insult to Injury]
  • Tel Aviv-based acid /bass /techno /electro artist and Chateau Royal label head Gal Perez, aka PRZ “Lazerton” off upcoming double album “Lost Art” [Cultivated Electronics]
  • French/Irish Techno Funk /Electro collaboration Human Rebellion x Power “Fake Reality” from the upcoming “Fake Reality” EP [Midi Mode Records]
  • Italian techno /electro producer CEM3340 “Sonic Bass” from “Ghost Takes” EP (20172024) [Curtis Electronix]
  • Berlin-based acid /breakbeat /electro /experimental analog electronics Italian DJ-producer and Sons of Traders label co-founder (aka Hannibal III and The Sympathizer), TANS – “PERVERSE COPS IN RIGAERSTRASSE” from “SAVE THAT ACID” EP [Sons of Traders]
  • L.A.-based acid /funk /techno /electro hardware producer Michael Padgett, aka Ole Mic Odd “Sub-Terrain” from “Cave Dweller” EP 12″ [JUNGLE GYM RECORDS]
  • Brazilian lo-fi /experimental /post-punk /industrial /leftfield /electro producer Edvan Marques Ferreira, aka MVQX “Untitled – Unknown” from “The Owl: Untitled and Unknown” EP 12” [Nothing Was There Records/NWT002]
  • Instanbul/Amsterdam experimental /industrial /post-punk /techno /electronic collaboration Nour Kara & Sophie Du Palais – “My Soul In This Vision” from V/A “MUTANT MODALITY vol. 3” compilation [Mutant Modality]
  • Brussels-based ambient /breaks /drum & bass /dub /trance /experimental techno DJ-producer Raär – “Minimal Interaction” from upcoming “Dimensional Descent” EP [a-biotic]
  • Berlin-native Trance /Techno DJ & Producer Lucinee – “Napoleon Complex” off “Point Of No Return” EP [BPitch]
  • Berlin-based dark industrial ritual techno artist Mina Lord – “The Prey” from “Lord of Flies” EP [Vumantra]
  • Mexican EBM /Industrial /New Wave /Synthpop /Electronic DJ-producer Dimitri Berzerk “Intemerata (Neuvision Remix) [feat. Montse Magia]” off upcoming EP “Intemerata” [Sector Industrial Producciones]
  • Amsterdam-based industrial techno producer and Public Sex Regime affiliated (a.k.a. Black Pyramid), Kay Mascara “Tram 26 Blues”
  • Lyon, France industrial /EBM /techno producer NZM 99 “Poison of Angels” off the forthcoming EP of the same name [House Of Reptile]
  • Athens, Greece-based EBM /darkwave /electro music artist and founder of Dystatik label, Dry_feel “Vampire Disko” from “Your Body Kills The Rhythm” EP 12″ [Oráculo Records]
  • Colombian body music /techno /EBM artist Ravetop – “Dolor feat. ByAshes (Original Mix)” from “Dolor” EP [Death Decay Magic]
  • Colombia EBM /electro /industrial DJ-producer MAGNUM OPUS “Interestellar Vortex” from “Infinite Void” EP [Bruto Industries]
  • Barcelona, Spain EBM /industrial /synthwave /techno /electro producer Asymetric 80 – “Plenary Indulgence” off “Rara Avis” EP 12″ via Oráculo Records
  • EBM /Indie Dance /Dark Disco /Darkwave collaboration between LA-based producer Idoru and Hamburg‘s duo Siie, IDORU & SIIE “Violent (Skelesys Remix)” from “Violent” EP [Manta Recordings]
  • Milan’s Post-Apocalyptic New Wave trio F.U.R.O. – “Cuore Selvaggio” off upcoming “Poison/”Cuore Selvaggio” EP [Ombra Intl]
  • Berlin indie dance /Italo disco DJ and producer, Sarah Wild ft. LASKÀ – Draw Me In (Club Version)” off “Draw Me In” EP [Midnight Operators]
  • Bucharest, Romania EBM /indie dance /techno /dark disco /noir electronic producer (Eddie Lanzat), Walentin Pauer “Maat Mons (From Beyond remix)” from “Maat Mons” EP [Nein Records]
  • UK Acid /Electronic/ Indie Dance brainchild of Bobby Langfield, aka OBOST “Don’t Want to be Alone (Richard Sen Instrumental)” from “Don’t Want to be Alone” EP
  • UK Cosmic Chug Acid House act Shunt Voltage – “ Resistor (A Space Age Freak Out Remix)” from the upcoming eponymous EP [Paisley Dark Records]
  • Afrika Bambaataa – “Just Get Up And Dance (Roluce Revisit)” [Sweet Space]
  • L.A. melodic techno /dark disco /indie dance production trio Sian, Bobby Nourmand, David LeSal – “Control (Skelesys Remix)” from “Control” EP [Octopus Recordings]
  • French indie dance /nu-disco collaboration Endrik Schroeder and Caroline Hervé (aka Miss Kittin), Endrik Schroeder & Kittin “The Hope” title track of “The Hope” EP 12″ [Bordello A Parigi]
  • Athens, Greece Cosmic /Italo /Trance Body Music producers Kay-Chi & Keymon – “White Flash” from “White Flash“ EP [Emerald & Doreen]
  • Northern Mexico post-punk /dark disco /indie dance young pop singer Marito Ramírez “Ya no t kiero más (Roliva Remix)” [NATIVO]
  • Ukraine Italo /Indie Dance /Dark-Disco producer Denys Chornomorets, aka Slavik Dzyga – “Noir (Luca Dell’Orso Remix)” off “Noir” EP [Regulardisco]
  • Saint Petersburg-based house /disco DJ-producer (AKA Classic Lover), DJ Krug – “Watcha Gonna Do” off “Love Call Operator” EP [Dobro]
  • Italo Disco classic from 1985 Radiorama – “Chance To Desire (Flemming Dalum Remix)” originally released on Discomagic EP 12″ [ZYX]
  • Early/Mid 80s Italian electronic /Italo disco trio, International Music System [I.M.S] “An English ’93 (Italo Deviance Floating Mix)” from “Ready to believe” EP 12″ [Goody Music Production]
  • Indonesian euro disco /city pop group Precious Bloom – “Flashlight” EP [Rush Hour Music]
  • Vilnius-based ambient /psych /prog house /trance /breaks /techno electronic producer (aka Ponty Mython) Alex Pletnev, aka Pletnev “Soso” from “Wrapped in Latex, in Berlin, Alone” EP [Physical Education]
  • Lithuanian trance /psych /breakbeat /slow-mo electronic producer Dovydas Platakis (one half of Far East Flight and co-founder of Electric Shapes label), aka Jokios Kultūros “Tekken Beach (Pletnev remix)” from “ALL IS ONE remixes” EP [Electric Shapes]
  • Lancaster, UK experimental /ambient /drone /field recordings /space music /modular synth project of Mark Burford, aka Field Lines Cartographer “Collapsable Mantra” from “Portable Reality Generator” album [DiN]
  • US ambient /drone /beats /experimental /soundscape /electronic duo Jeremy Rice (Abdicant) and Anthony Paul Kerby, aka Hive Project “Determination” from “The One and The Many” LP [DataObscura]
  • Dark ambient /drone /soundscape /experimental sound artist ARK ZEAD “Iglu” from the CD album “Niptaktuk” [Glacial Movements Records]
  • UK ambient /drone /modern classical /electro-acoustic project of brothers Harry (Whitelabrecs label owner, aka Spheruleus, aka Glåsbird) and Stuart Towell, aka Paper Relcis “wlr-t04b” from “wlr-t04 Mixtape” [whitelabtapes]
  • Omaha, Nebraska dark ambient /drone /noise /vocal ambient /experimental sound artist Giselle “How do you wait for heaven?” from the LP “The Air is Here, the Air is Everywhere”

L’usine Teppaz de la Croix-Rousse, Lyon in 1966