WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips –  JUNE #25-23

Odeon Cinema, Elephant & Castle 1960


  • UNGUARD #02 // JACK.C [Jack Carel]                                                                                                                             

Tel Aviv-bred genre-defying DJ and producer Jack Carel started creating music in 2002, inspired by the electronic revolution of the mid-90s, drawing influence from a variety of genres including Techno, Dark Breaks, Electronica, New Beat, Electro, EBM and many more. Jack‘s hypnotic, raw and brutal way to say- “You can never know what’s coming, there’s no place safe, we are all unguarded!” Jack mixing favorite styles and genres in this two hours live bomb mix.

  • Plymouth, UK ambient /electro-acoustic electronic producer Leo Cunningham, aka LECU “Birthdays at Midnight” from the upcoming album “Leck” as part of Lo Recordings‘S-P-A-C-I-O-U-S-N-E-S-S’ cassette series [Lo Recordings]

UK electronic musician explores the fertile Electro-Acoustic intersection between the classic 80s and futuristic 90s Ambient sound, laced with kraut-tinged cosmic and Oriental suggestions, to create immersive tactile soundscapes with an organic breath, both lulling and reflective, yet subtly restless, soaked in abstract reiterative layers of atmospheric swelling pads, sparkling synthetic modulations, glitching and flickering ripples, swirled radiant flutters, grainy frequencies, and muted percussions, to transport the listener into a crackling and monochromatic mesmerizing dimension outside the space-time coordinates.

  • Mango – “Bella D’Estate (Tagliabue ‘Eterno Ritorno’ Mix)”

Italian producer re-imagines the 1987 Mango classic through immersive, vibrant and swirling electronic textures that float through deep mysterious cinematic synth drifts, murky droning undercurrents, driving percolating chugging basslines, and evocative echoing vocal samples, into a vivid flickering and rippling sensory sonic venture permeated by a magnetic trance-inducing aura in an endless loop of infinite repetitions.

  • German dark ambient /techno /electro producer David Friedrich Koch, aka Shokh “Bleech” from upcoming S/T EP [brokntoys]

A grainy, skipping, crackling and clattering murky futuristic Electro symphony, enveloped by swelling atmospheric synth loops of cosmic desolation and sparse achingly brass-like high-pitched echoes, rife with spectral melancholic allure.

  • Italian ambient /drone /electro-acoustic sound artist Michele Mandrelli (1/3 of Mayzena), aka Soysea – “Leno” off upcoming split cassette/CD album “Offthesky / Soysea – Anatomy of Infinity / Oriens” [Handstitched*]
  • Hasselt, Belgium ambient /ethereal /electroacoustic /soundscape /electronics project of Bernard Zwijzen, aka Sonmi451 “A Taste For Vicarious Pleasure” from the upcoming album “The Eighteen Minute Gap” [laaps]
  • Zaragoza, Spain cosmic ambient electronic sound artist Daniel Guillen, aka Lunaria “Bonding Force” from the cassette album “Venus in Transit” [Aural Canyon]
  • Denver, CO ambient /drone /electronic /experimental sound artist Michael Jason Corder, aka Offthesky “Ripples into empathy” from the album “Opening Opening” the first of a two-part series ‘Supertemporal’ [Facture]
  • Stockholm-based ambient /drone /classical pianist and composer Shida Shahabi “Living Circle” title track of the sophomore “Living Circle” album [sing a song fighter]
  • Sardinian shadow ambient composer Martina Betti, aka Shedir “The Bald-faced Sun” from the upcoming album “Before the Last Light is Blown” [n5MD]
  • Barcelona-based dark ambient /experimental /bass /guitar /electronic sound artist Jordi Saludes, aka D-Fried “Sima” from the album “Butō [part 1]” [Kalamine Records]
  • Los Angeles-based ambient /minimal /experimental /world music /drone project of Dan Torres, aka Khidirpur “Din of The Spirit IV” from the EP “Din of The Spirit”
  • London, UK ambient /electro-acoustic /field recordings /electronic musician (half of duo ISAN), Robin Saville “Belfry” from the album “Lore” [Morr Music]
  • Gainesville, FL ambient /tropical /classical /soft acoustic jazz guitar solo project of multi-instrumentalist and composer Tristan Whitehill, AKA Euglossine “Pollinator” from the upcoming album “Bug Planet Is the Current Timeline” [Hausu Mountain Records]
  • Vilnius-based lo-fi /ambient /raga /ritual composer Aleksandra Evseeva aka Andra Ljos “Mount Aragats” from the cassette 4th album “Megalithic Statues of Vishapakar” [No Not Fun]
  • Lille, France cinematic /two-step /trip-hop /electronic duo ABANDON “Discipline” off debut EP “Resilience” [LARMES]
  • Spain-based ambient /techno multidisciplinary artist Sofía Bertomeu “Ajena (with Isabel Fructuoso)” off “The Uncertainty Principle” EP [Low Versions]
  • Italian ambient /experimental /trance /kraut /cosmic electronic producer Joseph Tagliabue from Milan, aka TAGLIABUE “Sogno Cosmico” from “Le Disque Record Store 35th Anniversary” EP [Ambiwa Records]
  • Italian world music /tribal /psych /downtempo /electronic producer Ayala (It) Feat. Abrao – “Magia” from V/A “Solstice III” compilation [Multi Culti]
  • BLURT – “Dog Save My Sole (A-Tweed Edit)” from “BLURT – A-Tweed Acid Edits” EP (tribute by Rome‘s Dj-producer to late 70s founded English no wave /post-punk band Blurt)
  • Polish electropop /electroclash /trip-hop act ROZMAZANI – “Endless Game” [Periphylla]
  • East London-based Dub /Post-Punk /Electronic collaboration between drummer-composer Valentina Magaletti and music-producer-multi-instrumentalist Zongamin, aka V/Z “Bites feat. Coby Sey” from the album “Suono Assente” [AD 93]
  • Paris‘ dark cosmic disco /synth-pop /electronic producer and Biologic Label head Harold Boué, aka ABSTRAXION “Care” from “Burning” album [Dischi Autunno]
  • EBM /acid /electro /wave collaboration between Italo Moderni label boss Adrian Marth and Italian EBM master Diana Berti (Violet Poison), Adrian Marth feat Diana Berti – “The Moon Wizard” off the upcoming “Crystal Ball Visions” EP 12″ [KRI]
  • Italian lo-fi /industrial /EBM /acid /techno producer, Religius Order “Pay for your betrayal” from the album “Violent Vision” [Smashing Tape Records]
  • Leipzig, German EBM /breakbeat /acid house /trippy /autotune /electro funk /synth-pop DJ-producer and Rat Life label boss, Alexander Dorn a.k.a. CREDIT 00 “Hope” 7″ single [Pinkman]
  • Vienna-based brutalist leftfield techno duo of Alexander Arpeggio (spAceLex) and Cid Hohner (aka Otto), aka AUFGANG B – “Demo 7” off “AB WERK” EP [NEUBAU]
  • French dark ambient /industrial /breakbeat /jungle /coldwave /electro producer Tomas More, aka December “The Limit Of Control” from “Transform Part 1, What Remains Of Us” EP 12″ [Tresor Records]
  • Italian horror /experimental /techno /EBM production duo Andrea Riberti (aka Unconscious) & Francesco Baudazzi (aka Violet Poison), INCONSCIO VIOLA “Sogno Di Fantascienza” off “Nocturnal Visions” EP 12″ [KinetiK Records]
  • Bogotá-born /Berlin-based industrial /EBM /techno /dark electro producer Victor Lenis aka Cute Heels “Lost In Time” from “Steel Field” EP 12″ [Industrias Mekanikas]
  • Berlin via Sao Paulo industrial /techno /EBM Brazilian artist Igor Girio, aka Unhealed – “Self-Pressure” off upcoming V/A “DIE ERLÖSUNG: KAPITEL II” compilation album [Crave Tapes]
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina EBM /dark disco /dark wave industrial techno DJ-producer Abby Knives – “The Flowers Of Evil” title track of the forthcoming EP “The Flowers Of Evil” [Wie Ein Gott Records]
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Assemblage” from the self-released album “Eidetic”
  • Italian veteran dark techno /EBM /acid electro music producer Adriano Canzian “It’s My Shout Feat. David Carretta” from the re-edited and remastered digital edition of the 2018 LP “DAMNED”
  • Berlin-based industrial /EBM /techno DJ and producer Chloe Lula “Timeshift” from “Synergy” from the split EP 12″ with Ireen Amnes [Tresor Records]
  • Geneva, Switzerland acid /hard techno producer Hermeth “Lone Wolf” [Molekül]
  • Vilnius-based, Lithuanian acid /wave /breakbeat /techno /electro producer 5ZYL – “Sex Girl” off upcoming V/A “5 Years 5OIL Records” 5xCD Boxset [Soil Records]
  • Berlin-based ambient /experimental /EBM /industrial /techno Argentinian producer, Black N – “One more Time (Dim Deck Remix)” from the album “OBSSD” [Perlas Label]
  • Argentinian EBM /Industrial /Techno /electro duo KRSSV “ Borde De Vida” off upcoming V/A “Anthems Manifesto” EP compilation [Kyma Komplex]
  • Belarusian ambient /cosmic /breaks /electro DJ-producer from Minsk, Viikatory “022 from V/A “Hidden Curses” cassette compilation [Self Learning System]
  • Rotterdam-based ambient /dub /electro-techno producer Boris Bunnik, aka Conforce “Parallax” from “Sins of Synthesis” EP 12″ [Delsin Records /156dsr]
  • Scotland‘s mystery ambient /bass /hip-hop /techno /electro-funk beat specialist, 10YL “Kill Yr Heroes” from upcoming cassette album “Last Local Hero” [International Chrome]
  • Berlin-based old school /sci-fi /breaks /electro project of multidisciplinary Venezuelan artist Oswaldo Rodriguez, aka Manao ‘Electro Phase (False Persona Remix)’ off ‘Autopilot EP’ [Burial Soil]
  • Berlin-based techno /breakbeat /electro /house producer Anna Kost – “Her” from V/A “ÆX016″ EP 12” [ÆX]
  • Madrid-based IDM /breaks /glitch /electronic producer Vanadium “AWST” from the mini-LP “GWYRDD” 12″ [Sin Hilo Records]
  • French new beat /techno /electro DJ-producer and BoysNoize Records affiliated Djedjotronic “Computer Boyz” from upcoming V/A “Overdrive Fatality” compilation [Ritmo Fatale]                         
  • Warsaw-based ambient /techno synthwave /electronic project of musician and audio-visual artist Nicolás Estany, Visonia “Susurros y Bailes” single                                                                                                           
  • Sidney, Australia deep melodic techno producer Amavi “The Acid Reign (Original Mix)” off “The Acid Reign” EP [Prototype]
  • Philadelphia, PA acid /house /psych /techno /electro duo of video artist /psychedelic elf queen Babystar and DJ-producer James Weissinger (Zillas on Acid, Making Time). aka GIRLS CHAT ROOM “Metal Chant” from the upcoming album “Sleep Mask” [Byrd Out]
  • Montenegro/France indie dance /dark disco collaboration Pim Secle & Orchid – “Notte Di Luna” from “’90’S Kids” EP [Nein Records]
  • Mexico/Brazil Latino indie dance /Italo disco production duo Joyce Muniz & Theus Mago – “Balin Bali” [Exploited]
  • Spanish/Turkish Indie Dance /Dark Disco production duo Silicodisco & Leo Sagrado – “Terapia Disco” from V/A “Various Artists #3” EP [Critical Monday]
  • Mexican house /dark disco /indie dance production duo Kalexis & Paulor “Energy” from upcoming “In Between” EP [Riotvan]
  • Mexican indie dance /dark disco producer Mystery Affair – “Trippy Candy (Original Mix)” off upcoming V/A “Muy Divas Vol I – Curated By Mystery Affair” compilation [Duro]
  • Russian acid /dark disco producer Ruksby – “ Forgotten Round (Tevatea Remix)” from “Dr. Shpritz” EP [Quixotical Records]
  • Chihuahua, Mexico electro /house/indie dance duo Javier Rascón (Tato) and Ricardo Jain, aka Enjanzea2 feat. La Mexicana — “Blunt (Original Mix)” off “Blunt” EP [Controlla]
  • New Chicago-House-inspired alias of veteran DJ and co-founder of Manchester Digital Music Archive, Abigail Ward, aka Ghoßt Assembly “I Miss Your Love” EP 12″ [Ruf Kutz]
  • Berlin-based, New Zealand-native deep house producer Philippa “Rainy Nights” from “Rainy Nights” EP [SlothBoogie]
  • Manchester, UK via-Ibiza 16bit /tribal /street soul /Balearic producer, DJ, label boss, NTS radio host, record store owner, computer game freak and vinyl digger, Ruf Dug “Casita Más Alta” title track of the upcoming “Casita Más Alta” EP 12″ [International Feel]
  • Italian acid /psych /indie dance /techno /world music /electronic Dj-producer Glauco Di Mambro – “Point Break (Marvin & Guy Remix)” [The Gardens of Babylon]
  • Paris/Tel Aviv indie dance /tribal /techno /indie dance collaboration Polo & Pan X Red Axes – “Desperado Feat. Sunoco” off “Mumia” EP [Permanent Vacation]
  • Perugia, Italy space disco /funk /indie dance Dj-producer STEB Feat. Dario Rossi – “Kauris 1979 (Marvin & Guy Run Run Mix)” off “Kauris 1979” EP [Night Vibez Records]
  • Thailand ambient /cosmic /psych /downtempo /electronic producer The Dude Of Stratosphear “Amrita (Part 1)” from “Amrita” EP (अमृत) [Sphearic Records]
  • Bangkok, Thailand ambient /IDM /chug /psych /tribal /downtempo /electronic producer Sunju Hargun “Mooping (Haruka Remix)” from “Mooping Cuts #1 (Re-Meows)” EP
  • Montreal, Canada ambient /IDM /drum&bass /breakcore /electronic producer Woodpecking Mantis “Monologuism” from the album “Cumbersome Patterns”
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts experimental /ambient /improvised music /guitar /electronics project by Kevin Micka, aka Animal Hospital “Found” single via Sipsman
  • Chicago-based experimental /ambient project of musicians and longtime members of trio Zelienople, Matt Christensen and Brian Harding, aka Orange Capsule “1” from the album “Yellow”
  • Sidney, Australia ambient /drone /experimental /electroacoustic composer Maddy Briggs “At Bay” from “Late Night Swim” album
  • Nashville, Tennessee ambient /drone /experimental project of sound artist, composer, and performer Nicholas Maloney, AKA Blanket Swimming “Luminescence” from the upcoming album “Sensing” [Élan Vital]
  • L.A. based ambient /atmospheric /chamber pop /folk project of Jon DeRosa, aka Aarktica “Gymnopédie No. 1″ (E. Satie)
  • Frankfurt Am Main, Germany ambient /electronic synthesist and composer, Jogging House “Land” from the new album “Lüften”
  • Los Angeles based ambient /meditation /experimental sound artist Garek Druss “Vivid Aberrations” from the album “OHR EYN SOF – Youth Eternal” [Debacle Records]
  • Austin, TX ambient /drone /meditation /electronic sound artist David Slowing “Churches” from the cassette album “Music For Abandoned Offices” [Aural Canyon]

Sloterparkbad, Amsterdam 1976