WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – JUNE #25-22

Todd Hido Photography

  • Gladiocast #21 – DVS NME                                                                                                                                     

Colorado Electro devotee producer-DJ and Dark Science Electro curator Johan Sebastian Bot aka DVS NME needs no introductions over here. The also Post-punk enthusiast kicks off the new Gladiocast series called “portrait” from Madrid‘s Gladio Operations label, with a flawless mix of dark, mechanical, pulsating and rhythmic recent tracks, to trigger the dancefloor and provoke the mind.

  • Nantes based EBM /industrial /coldwave /new beat /psych /techno /electronic producer (1/3 of Depht Mod), Mimmo “Comme Une Nuit” from upcoming V/A “DÔME VA.04” EP [DÔME]

Nantes-based producer returns with his immersive, eerie and off-kilter distinctive melange of Synthwave, Industrial, Electro, Techno and Italo Disco. French style dramatic Coldwave vibes wobble along with technoid steady pounding rhythms and oscillating percolating low ends, surrounded by icy airy synth flow and zipping phantasmagorical swirls of high-pitched screeching strains, echoing atop, whilst minimal soft whispered male vocals release sultry mellifluous breaths of dark and sensual poetry.

  • Italian dark disco /kraut /new wave /post-punk /electronic musician, DJ, Live Performer and Luminance Records co-founder Marco Catapano, aka AMARCORD “Friends (They Come & Go) – Extended mix” from the upcoming “To Shape The Future” EP on Ritmo Fatale

Italian 80s New Wave and Post-punk synth-driven aficionado DJ-producer Amarcord unravels intoxicating dancefloor daze scattering stumbling thundering beats along a bright droning tunnel of helpless, unstable nostalgia to layer urgent undulating droning bass tones with glowing, searing spacey synth swirls, and muted zipping cries, whilst magnetic minimal male vocals chant emotional friend woes into icy bright chimes of a bittersweet fate.

  • Italian ethnical /downtempo /acid /tribal electronic DJ-producer based in Rome, A-Tweed “Tangier” from the upcoming EP “Rendezvous in Tangier” [Inside Out Records]

With a title of Paul Bowles‘ suggestions, Italian downtempo visionary electronic traveller captivates with a seething and intoxicating concoction of entrancing dragging crispy tribal percussions, tightly hypnotic syncopated rhythms, mystical vocal echoes, ancestral lilting bell rings, warm and groovy bass palpitations laced with acidic inflexions, and cosmic droning synths, in a rediscovered sultry physicality and exotic rituality wrapped in an arcane spiritual dance.

  • Croatian lo-fi dark ambient /field recordings /experimental artist Jurica Santek (Aegri Somnia, Efil), aka NOX “Tribulation” from the sophomore album “Abyssal Codex” on Winter-Light label
  • Australian post-industrial outfit KOLLAPS “Relapse Theatre” from the upcoming third LP “Until The Day I Die” on Cold Spring
  • Danish cosmic horror /dungeon synth /Berlin school /electronic /kosmische duo Offermose & Angst, aka Den Sorte Død “Den Evindelige Skygge” from the upcoming 12″ vinyl 5th album “Depressiv Magi”
  • Italian industrial electronics producer carlo Ascrizzi, AKA Nokuit “Hell Melody (Kinn Version)” from “Golden Arch Remixes” EP on London-based Italian label WANNAMARCHI.CLUB
  • Stuttgart, Germany dark ambient /breaks /death electronics DJ-producer SACRÉ “DCLXVI” from upcoming EP “Vampire Vengeance” on S H I S H I
  • Athens, Greece ambient /trip-hop /electronic /spoken word act METAMAN “4 ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ft. VASSIŁINA” from the sophomore LP “ΜΑΤΑΙΩΣΗ”
  • French experimental /synthwave /electro producer from Bordeaux, Jauzas The Shining “Good Night Precious” from “Dancing in the cold” EP 12” on SOIL
  • Copenhagen, Denmark industrial /experimental /dark techno producer Schacke – ”Dungeon Crawler” from upcoming EP “Apocalyptic Decadence” on Instruments Of Discipline
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina EBM /dark disco /dark wave DJ-producer Abby Knives – “Energy Collapse” from V/A “Estado De Golpe ll” compilation on Sonidos Subterraneos
  • Colombian Industrial /Techno /Synth Wave DJ-producer-performer Ana Gartner – “Entre Lineas” from the upcoming second album “Mercurio Rosa” [Illegal Alien Records]                                                                           
  • Italian EBM /electro /techno DJ-producer (AKA Fauna53) from Rome and Raw Culture label boss, ASYMMETRICAL “Mistake At Work” from upcoming V/A ”Through consumption and entertainment” compilation album via Sons of Traders label in collaboration with Mutant Radio Tbilisi
  • Paris based EBM /industrial techno producer Termination_800 – “Self Thinking” from V/A “GOTT01 – VA#01” cassette compilation on WIE EIN GOTT
  • Parisian industrial /electro /EBM /synth /techno producer Notausgang “A Midnight Lust” from V/A “[SHARPVA004]” EP compilation on Sharped Records
  • French EBM /post-punk /techno producer FLUX “Vermine” from “EP #03: Flux – XIIIe OEIL” on Harbor Concept
  • German hard /hardcore techno producer Tanzanfall “Darkness Is Beauty in the Right Hands (Kalte Liebe Remix)” from “Hardcore Against Social Media Remixed” EP on Darkart
  • Southern Italy‘s industrial techno producer (AKA Sharplines), Final Cult – “Wired Guardian” from the upcoming CD album “Until you come to me” on Crestfallen
  • Berlin-based EBM /techno duo Kalte Liebe – “Analog Babylon” from V/A “Peace is constructed, not fought for” UA humanitarian fundraising compilation on OBSCUUR Records
  • Manchester‘s EBM /Italo /House /Synth Wave /Dark Disco producer (member of W. H. Lung), Tom Sharkett – “Haste” from “Futuro” EP on Optimo Music
  • Berlin-based techno /disco /Italo body music /electronic Toulouse‘s DJ-producer, half of Imperial Black Unit, AKA Lapse Of Reason, PABLO BOZZI “Lightless Area” from the upcoming EP “Magnetisma” on BITE
  • Berlin-based, Spanish trance /industrial /techno DJ-producer Reka “We Are The Future” from V/A “We Are Not Alone Part 4” 2xLP compilation on BPitch Berlin                                                                                               
  • New York based experimental /industrial /wave /electro singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Heidi Sabertooth “Screaming Into The Abyss” from the upcoming EP “Insane In The Cat Brain” on Lobster Theremin
  • Los Angeles‘ trance /techno /electronic DJs/producers DJ FLESHWORLD & FREEMAN 713 “Of Ecstasy and Eternity” single
  • Greek industrial /electro /dark electronics artist Boris Barksdale “OEOREOR_22
  • Dutch breaks /electro producer (AKA Model Man) and RotterHague Records head, Dj Overdose “Show ‘M What You Got” from the upcoming “Deal Breaker” EP on L.I.E.S. Records
  • UK breakbeat /future funk /electro producer Ben Pest – “General Maintenance” title track from the EP “General Maintenance” [No Static / Automatic]
  • South London based Electro producer, Steven Allman “Senses” from the upcoming “Abductors” EP on Avoidant
  • Thessaloniki, Greece techno /electro producer LEGACY “Aqua Assault” from “SUBAQUATIC TECHNIQS” EP
  • UK post-industrial /ritual /breakbeat /electronic duo of Oxhy and Susu Laroche, AKA The Fertile Crescent – “Life beyond truth” from the debut album Strategy of Two Heavens” on xquisite releases
  • Stockholm, Sweden Rave /Electro /House /Breakbeat /Electronic producer Marius Mane – “I Like You ft. Dr. Echoe” from upcoming EP [The Transient Nature of The Disco Business]
  • Melbourne based techno /jungle /breakbeat producer Ekzander “Overexposure” from the new EP “Overexposure” on Spinning Around
  • Montreal‘s breaks /electro /house /proggy trance electronic producer MARA “Forget the World” from “Spiral 2 the Other Side” EP on X-Kalay
  • ALIZÉE – “Gourmandises” (PATRICIO DIAZ Edit)
  • Italian electro/ Italo disco DJ-producer, Raibano label‘s co-owner and half of the Club Paradiso, Gianmaria Gamberini – “Don Orione” on Raibano Records
  • Parisian Italo /synth wave /dark disco duo Zaratustra & Mon cher Guy – “White Magic (ft Serge)” from “White Magic” EP on Ulla Records
  • Guatemala City‘s dark disco /house /indie dance producer Javier Celis A.K.A. Mverto Futura “La Lokura (Chilango Undefined Pattern Mix)” from “Enajenado” EP on Richmerch
  • Spain‘s dark disco /wave /indie dance DJ-Producer CMIND – “Freak Out” from the EP “Freak Out” on Golden Soul Records
  • San Francisco indie dance /techno /dark disco veteran DJ, producer, and label boss at Roam Recordings (aka JP Soul), Jason Peters – “Lost in Space (The Juan MacLean Remix)” from “Lost in Space” EP [Roam Recordings]
  • Copenhagen‘s Dub /Techno /IDM artist Zoran Todorović, aka XOKI “Synergy” from “Points of Tangency” album on Rootplex
  • Duluth, Minnesota ambient /drone /experimental duo of saxophonist Cole Pulice (Iceblink, Kansas Plates) and songwriter and recordist Nat Harvie, AKA Cole Pulice & Nat Harvie “Parrish Blue” from the upcoming album “Strawberry Roan” on Aural Canyon
  • Honley, UK ambient /drone /electronica composer Thomas Ragsdale (AKA Sulk Rooms), aka FFION “Message In Waves” from the cassette album “Sessile” on Woodford Halse
  • Berlin-based Italian composer and modular synth futurist Caterina Barbieri “At Your gamut” from the upcoming “Spirit Exit” album on light-years
  • Experimental /ambient /soundtrack /electronic project, Prime Vertical – “Mercury in Pisces” from the vinyl 12″ album “Escapist Eschaton” on ILIAN TAPE
  • Indianapolis‘ ambient /drone /minimal /electronic duo Hendrix & Wayne Robert Thomas “Retract R” from cassette “Juniper” EP on Healing Sound Propagandist
  • Berlin-based ambient /drone /orchestral /piano /modern classical musicians and composers, Sven Laux & Fione “A Disturbance” from the CD album “Tomorrow Everything Could Be Different” on Whitelabrecs
  • UK experimental /ambient /field recordings /drone /leftfield project of multi-instrumentalist Julian Goldberger, AKA Eulipion Corps “Arecibo Code” from Friendly Islands” album on Wormhole World
  • Spanish ambient /electro-acoustic /drone /modern classical multi-instrumentalist composer, sound designer and music producer Miguel Otero “End of Summer by The Pier” from the CD album “Brief Tales” on Whitelabrecs
  • New Jersey‘s electronic /neo-classical /dungeon synth project of Michael Weeks (aka The Wretch, IVILION and Etherine), aka ETVRNE “Memories Left Behind” from the album “Chronicles of The Future Past” on CHTHONIC STREAMS                                                                                                                                              
  • Brussels based French visual artist, post-classical pianist, music composer and producer (AKA Monochromie), Wilson Trouvé “A Peaceful Walk” on 1631 Recordings

Todd Hido Photography