WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #25

Bao Nguyen

Picks Of The Week:

  • Melbourne, Australian ambient/drone/electronic duo of Andrew Wilson (Andras) and John Tanner (Eleventeen Eston), aka WILSON TANNER “All Hands Bury the Dead” from the new album “II” on Efficient Space

Masterly merging ambient electronics with electro-acoustic elements infused with maritime folklore, Australian duo create a fascinating swell of emotions swaying between harmony cloaked in a shadowy underwater mystique and sudden creases of tension in a sequence of melancholic, bittersweet, melodies and irregular strains of intimate torment make for a sometimes challenging yet highly intriguing and immersive listen

  • Italian ambient electronic noise musician (synth player in Nine Inch Nails), Alessandro Cortini “Amore Amaro” taken from the forthcoming studio album “VOLUME MASSIMO” out 27 September 2019 on Mute.       

Italian synth mastermind previews the upcoming new album with meandering and droning analog synth of relentless and soaring dark and hissingly hypnotic intensity pervaded with such immersive depth and power, furtherly charged by dash of guitar poignancy, not dissimilar to NIN he works with, to completely get lost in. Hissingly amazing.

  • Bogotá, Colombia doom noisey EBM / proto-techno boy/girl duo Felina Spank “Ciclogénesis” off of V/A “The Ultimate Sounds Of Universe” on Mosaique Records

I recall the Bogotà duo for promising self-released EP’s, this time part of a rad compilation on Saint Petersburg’s Mosaique Records with a killer hard-hitting, bass stuttering, proto industrial techno bomb.

  • Mainz, Germany ambient/drone/electronic artist Tobias Lorsbach, aka LOGIC MOON “Under The Blue” from the new album “I See Planets” on Whitelabrecs
  • Copenhagen, Danish experimental electronic collaboration Lust For Youth & Croatian Amor  “Feel Me Edit” off of V/A “Summer Storms” on Posh Isolation
  • Toronto, Canada‘s electro producer and co-owner of Suction Records (along with Jason Hamm, aka Solvent), Gregory de Rocher, aka LOWFISH “Residue” from Suction‘s archival double album “Test(e)” originally self-released as a tape under the artist name Pest(e), this 1996 collection of IDM and analog electronics is, in fact, the debut Lowfish album.
  • UK analog synth electronic producer Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio “Sentinels” off of upcoming V/A “Ritual Rhythms (of the Obscure Mediterranean Souls)” on Barcelona’s Modern Obscure Music
  • Neuchâtel, Switzerland electronic music duo composed of Lucye and Ravayek, VERSUS DESIGN “Celestine” new single                                                                                                                                           
  • USSR/Russian synth electronic musician from Chelyabinsk, Novosti Kulturi [Новости Культуры] “Future Moscow” off of V/A “Routine VA 001” via Routine Records
  • Belfast-based experimental deep electronic artist Gregory Ferguson aka LOR “The Water Drop” title track from the upcoming EP on LOREC                                                                                                                                         
  • Miami based kosmische/electronic project of Richard Vergez, aka Night Foundation – “Moving Forward”
  • Mexican dark disco electronic producer JOSEEPH “Escandalo” from upcoming EP on NEIN Records                 
  • Pittsburgh resident electro/acid producer Shawn Rudiman “Erotique Feedback” off of the “Autonomic Pilot” EP on Tresor Records.                                                                                                                                               
  • Dutch electro producer Danny Wolfers (aka Legowelt), aka GLADIO “Temple of Pervesius” from the new “Means to Freedom” LP out now on L.I.E.S.
  • Belgian electro producer DATAWAVE “Magnetron” from V/A “DMC006” on Dionysian Mysteries
  • London based electro producer Emile Facey, aka PLANT43 “Hydro Subway” from “The Sentient City Awakens” on SEMANTICA 54
  • Chicago industrial/techno/electronic veterans (also Dar Embarks) Justin Long and Ken Zawacki aka CIRCLING VULTURES “The Hanging Man” from split EP 12″ with Balance Angel on The Black Lodge
  • Dublin, Ireland based techno producer Ramon Horca aka Relic “Dead End Chases” title track of the upcoming new EP on Newrhythmic records
  • Berlin-based Italian EBM/Techno producer VELVET MAY “Unknown Bodies” title track from upcoming EP on his own Tears On Waves label.
  • Russian industrial, dark electronic, techno noise producer Vladimir Cherepanov from Moscow, T_ERROR 404 “Dream Of Electric Sheep” from new EP “Sea Of Existence” on Tripalium Corp‘s Digital Mutant Series                 
  • Toulouse based, label boss of Antagonist Field, noise/industrial/techno producer ???????????????????????? ‘El Madina’
  • Austin, TX industrial techno project of E. Voight, aka Private Service – “Accelerate Process” from upcoming split cassette EP with Sync Sapro via Somatic.
  • Italian porn-ceptual industrial project by Erminio Granata and Carmine Laurenza, aka HYPERLACRIMAE “Strange Footsteps In The Night” from the upcoming album “Through the lies of Mr. Nasotti” on Infidel Bodies                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Berlin via NYC & LA  industrial/dark electronic/darkwave outfit BESTIAL MOUTH  “Faceless (Bleeding Beauty Mix)” benefit single                                                                                                                                                   
  • Italian electronic/synth-pop trio band formed in 2001 in Rome, HALO EFFECT “Bleed (Blac Kolor remix)” off of ”SHOUT remixed 2″ album out now.
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi no wave /electronic /dungeon wave /minimal synth solo project FILMMAKER “The Shapeshifter” from the cassette album “Nocturnal” on Squall Recordings
  • French/Italian dark electro/EBM/minimal synth/coldwave/techno duo of Grenoble‘s Michel Amato (aka The Hacker) and Rome‘s Mannequin Records head Alessandro Adriani, Amato & Adriani – “Liar (feat. Stephen Mallinder)” from new 12″ vinyl EP “Présence du Futur” on Mannequin Records                                                                    
  • 1987‘s Belgian synth-pop act JOY “She And I/Elle et Moi ( La Décadanse Edit )”                                                 
  • Madrid-based Italian born electronic producer BAWRUT “Pronto Arpeggio” title track from forthcoming EP on Ransom Note Records                                                                                                                                            
  • Roma’s electronic/Italo disco duo TIGER & WOODS “One Last Dance (Tirreno Version)” from “One Last Dance” EP on Running Back
  • Eindhoven, Netherlands retro/dreamwave/synthwave project Timecop1983 ”Breaking Waves [feat. Phaserland]” from Timecop 1983’s legendary album “Journeys” reissue on vinyl/cassette/minidiscs via TimeSlaves Recordings
  • Italian electronic/synth-pop trio band formed in 2001 in Rome, HALO EFFECT “I Never Meant To Hurt (Synths Versus Me remix)” off of forthcoming ”SHOUT remixed 3″ album.
  • Zurich, Switzerland dark electronic producer, and Relish label boss Headman aka Robi Insinna “Hard Work (Vox Low Remix)” from new vinyl 12″ via his own new label Industria                                                                  
  • Rotterdam industrial/raw techno producer AERT – “Deal With Your Problems” from the ”Death Field” EP on Märked                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Toulouse, France electro/hardcore/industrial techno/noise duo MOAAN EXIS “Momentum” from the new album “Postmodern therapy” on Audiotrauma
  • French industrial techno producer ???????????????????? “Faith”                                                                                                     
  • Bogotà, Colombia industrial/electro/dark techno producer ULISSES “Divinitum Hate (feat. FGL)” new single
  • Buenos Aires techno/industrial producer Aprilé – “H E” from “Purg” EP on Måinmise Records
  • Budapest, Hungary EBM/electro-industrial duo CMC “Vörös földek / Raid of Red Steppes (Club Version) 2019” from “Vörös földek MMXIX” EP
  • Experimental electronic fictional character created by Berlin-based Japanese artist Kyoka and Irish producer Eomac, Lena Andersson “Profit over people” from the album “Söder Mälarstrand” on Raster
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan experimental/ambient/krautrock/electronic outfit HYDROPARK “Calling” from the upcoming album “Circuit 2” on 25 Diamonds
  • Tucson, AZ ambient/electronic artist STEVE ROACH “The Beauty Relentless” from the upcoming album “Bloom Ascension”
  • NYC based ambient/drone/minimal/electronic composer Christina Giannone “Configuration” from the album “Descend” on Idol Patterns
  • Brussels-based experimental/ambient/synth composer Koenraad Impens, aka WHITE STAINS “Colour at Night” from V/A “Solace” on Vaknar
  • Belgium ambient/drone project Sequences “Painting Of A Green Room” from limited cassette “Séance” on Audio Visuals Atmosphere

Bao Nguyen