WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips –  JUNE #24-23

Klaus Frahm. Hamburg St. Pauli 1981-82


  • HORROR SHOW #12 // EVIL DUST                                                                                                                                     

Rather well known for a while over here through his one-off self-released singles, the enigmatic Whitechapel, London-born DJ-Producer EVIL DUST has always embodied the concept of provocation and agitation with a thirst for cursed images, as his cover artwork relentlessly suggests. Courtesy of Ultra‘s Horror Show guest mix ( premiered also at @Radiokapital 12/06 at 22:00 CET), Evil Dusts‘ one-hour set delivers a cathartic array of hard-hitting Techno, murky throbbing EBM and gritty Industrial for an uncompromising assault on the dancefloor.

  • Leipzig-based Electro /Body Music /New Wave /Techno producer, painter, Rat Life label boss, Alexander Dorn a.k.a. Credit 00 “Count 8” title track of the upcoming EP [Mechatronica]

The first preview by Leipzig‘s Credit 00 injects staggering, jittery and erratic machine funk electro grooves through a super speed cyber countdown to fuse robotic vocals with high-speed rolling dry beats, slithering and meandering acidic basslines, and glitchy icy bright synth motifs, to deliver a restless, antsy, subliminal dancefloor vision of unforeseen futures

  • Brussels based acid /house /dark disco /progressive /trance /electronic DJ-producer and Higher Hopes boss (half of Los Niños Del Parque), DC Salas “A Second Home” off “Pressure” EP [R.A.N.D. Muzik X Echocentric]

A groovy and bouncy blend of crisp punchy percussions, rapid-fire rubbery basslines and zappy acidic strains, with shivering trancey synth swirls and trippy FXs to build  heady unpredictable ebbs and flows of mesmerizing and entrancing suggestions to set the dancefloor ablaze.

  • London, UK acid /house /psychedelic /cosmic /electronic producer Matt Gunn “Sun-Mobil” from the single “Bad Toys”

A perfect way to funk up our summer with an upbeat, nostalgic and groovedelic jam by English producer that skips through sparkling, soulful sun-lit guitar tones that rise and fall in an array of dancing intensities, stirring syncopated gripping rhythms into a heady conglomeration of jiggling, droning, and acidic bass lines, obsessive, hypnotic synth strains, nostalgic keyed melodies, and tinkling metallic cowbells, bursting into a minimal vocal suggestion of euphoric sunshine bliss.

  • Brooklyn, NY ambient /field recordings /tape loops /experimental solo instrumental project, Cerca “Spirits on the Train” from the album “Ash-a-Sha”
  • Indianapolis ambient/ drone/ ethereal/spacemusic /electronic artist, Zakè “Hearken” from the vinyl/cassette album “Orchestral Tape Studies II” [Past Inside the Present]
  • Cadiz/Valencia ambient /drone /soundscape /electroacoustic Spanish sound artists David Cordero & Warmth “Utqiaġvik” from the album “Night Scenes” [ARCHIVES]
  • Portuguese ambient /drone /ethereal /electro-acoustic sound artist Jorge Mantas (aka Druuna Jaguar), aka The Beautiful Schizophonic “Bedroom Stratospherics” from the cassette album “Shelter” [Anywave]
  • Teheran-based modern classical /drone /ambient music composer, pianist, and bass guitarist, Ava Rasti “Ginestra” title track of the upcoming album “Ginestra” [Flaming Pines]
  • Atlanta, Georgia textural ambient /minimal electronic /post-rock musician Daniel DeWitt, aka The Lifted Index “The Light Threw a Different Shadow” from the album “A Still Voice” [quiet details]
  • Intercontinental ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /experimental project of Cape Town-based Jason van Wyk and long-time Stockholm-based collaborator Joni Ljungqvist, aka Deepriver “Coastal” from the album “Volume One” [n5MD]
  • Greece dark ambient /ethereal /dark wave /experimental /electronic musician Venus Volcanism – “Bodies Of Water”
  • Sheffield, UK based ambient folk /classical /cellist and composer, Liz Hanks “Hide (measurement of land needed to sustain a family)” from the album “Land” [Hudson Records]
  • Stevens Point, Wisconsin ambient /chill /cosmic /electronic producer John Louis Kluck “Limitless Universe” from the album “Astro Voyages” [Kahvi Collective]                                                                         
  • UK ambient /experimental /electronic project of Wirral-based producer Neil Grant, aka LO FIVE “A Ship With No Captain” from the album “Persistence of Love” [Castles In Space]
  • Vienna-based experimental /library /soundtrack /electronic /synth project, Mme Psychosis “Epic” from the cassette EP “Lagonda” a collaboration with the artist Helmut Heiss [Ediciones Populares]
  • Stockholm, Sweden-based experimental /tribal /psychedelic /electronic quartet Natten “Ringen” from “Máni – First take underground live recordings” EP
  • Italian Ambient /Leftfield /Trip-Hop /Abstract /Krautrock /Electronic brother duo behind Two Monkeys and Spettro club in Brescia, Michele & Simone Bornati, aka TWOONKY “Fives” from the second album “Ottico” LP 12″ [Macadam Mambo]
  • Méxican acid /psych /leftfield techno /indie dance producer Alfredo Cardenas, aka Montessori “Infusion” from “Smelling a New Flavor” EP [Why People Dance]
  • Tunisian dub /leftfield /hypnotic /psych /polyrhythmic /techno electronic DJ-producer Azu Tiwaline “Night in Palmtree” from the 2xLP album “The Fifth Dream” [I.O.T Records]
  • Valencia, Spain dub /Afro /leftfield /psych /tribal /syncopated /slow-mo /downtempo experimental slow dance project of José Guerrero, aka Sentuhlà “Templo Azul de las Vanguardias” from the album “Pasaje del Aumento” [Abstrakce Records]                                                                                                                                                 
  • Experimental /ambient /dub /Arabic /samples /slo-mo /electronic long distance collaboration between NYC-based IranianCanadian brothers Mohammad and Mehdi Mehrabani, and Irish producer Ian McDonnell from Wicklow, aka Saint Abdullah & Eomac “Wali” from upcoming LP “A Vow Not To Read” [Planet Mu Records Ltd.]
  • Richmond, VA EBM /darkwave /coldwave /sample /techno /dark electronics act Petrified Entity “Purgatory” from “SINNERS” album
  • French/Russian dark ambient /experimental /industrial /cinematic /neo-classical /electronic collaboration between ParisGwenn Tremorin (aka Flint Glass) and Moscow‘s Anatoly Grinberg (aka Tokee), GWENN TREMORIN and ANATOLY GRINBERG “Tempus Pulsations” from “Fire Pulsations” EP [ant-zen]
  • Florida based industrial /EBM /acid /breakbeat /electro funk producer and co-owner of Vanguard Sound, Chris Mitchell – “Solace” from upcoming “No Consensus” EP [Feral Colony]
  • Berlin, Germany experimental /industrial /noise /dark techno artist Mina Lord – “Trainwreck Murmurs” from cassette compilation V/A “Midnight Grave Diggers” [SHISHI]
  • Naple, Italian ambient /IDM /breaks /gothic industrial techno act 11xxx27 & Mystics – “Blood Pact” from “Blood Pact” EP 12″ [Zhark Recordings]
  • Italian EBM /industrial /synthpunk /noise live project of photographer and visual artist Jacopo Benassi, and Dj producer post-punk musician Lady Maru, aka Brutal Casual “Pollution” from upcoming V/A “Miseria Upperwave Selections Vol 3” cassette compilation [Miseria]
  • Colombian EBM industrial techno producer GLYF – “Fickle Circle Sentence” from V/A “Desobediencia Civil III” compilation [Broken Mind Recordings]
  • French industrial /techno /EBM producer Nasdrowie – “Sheep Gas” off upcoming V/A “Die Erlösung: Kapitel 2” compilation [Crave Tapes]
  • Swedish industrial /dark electronics /EBM solo project of Anders Karlsson (Severe Illusion o The Pain Machinery), Celldöd “Vargen Kommer” (Live)
  • Hamburg, Germany industrial /EBM /electro producer L.F.T. “Panzer Tanz (The Hacker Remix)” from forthcoming “Hollow Head” EP 12″ [Mannequin Records]
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico industrial /EBM /synthpop /electronic solo project, Dot Wall “Nuorish” from summer demo tape “Body Tape”
  • French darkwave /acid /techno duo Marina Fernandez (Lux La Croix) & Mathias Gomez (Acide Mat), aka La Croix et La Bannière “Ritual (NNHMN Remix)” [Jarring Effects]
  • Barcelona‘s new beat/ EBM /trance /wave /synthpop duo, SDH (Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms) – ”Balance” from the upcoming album “Fake Is Real” [AVANT! Records]
  • Barcelona, Spain EBM /industrial /dark techno production-DJ duo NX1 “SL1″ from V/A “5 Years 5OIL Records” 5xCD 5th-anniversary SOIL label compilation [SOIL]
  • Berlin-based, Italian EBM /Industrial /Techno producer Velvet May – “The Fancies You Profess M” off upcoming V/A “KEYI MAGAZINE Charity Compilation 2023” [KEYI MAGAZINE]
  • Greek EBM /industrial /techno /dark electronics project of Stavros Tilkeridis aka SECOND TENSION “Pilgrims” off the debut LP “Phryktoria” [Persephonic Sirens]
  • Barcelona, Spain EBM /synth wave /techno /electro producer Gonzalo Sendón, aka Asymetric 80 – “Meraki (Extase Urbaine Remix)” from upcoming EP “Meraki” [Sharped Records]
  • Berlin-based 5-piece anonymous techno /wave /cold analog synth collective Various Positions “Witch​´​s Mirror” from “Irrational Flashbacks” EP 12” [Gravitational Waves]
  • Vancouver based cinematic electro /new beat producer Andre E-R (aka R-oderick), Ricardo Laine “Temple Of Hera” off the upcoming cassette album “Asleep In Their Myst” [Pinkman]
  • Brussels-based, French IDM /Techno /electronic music producer UFO95 “Granite Rose” off “ARC01” EP [Archive]
  • Vienna based brutalist leftfield techno duo of Alexander Arpeggio (spAceLex) and Cid Hohner (aka Otto), aka AUFGANG B – “Demo 7” off “AB WERK” EP [Neubau]                                                                         
  • Bristol, UK industrial /EBM /techno producer Yokel – “TKO” off “Grockle Vision” EP 12″ [Dummy Hand]
  • Belgian old-school rave techno /EBM DJ-producer, Ethan Fawkes “Belgium Is Back (Interactive Early 90s Remix)” off “Belgium Is Back” EP [Number Nine Multimedia Lab./n9]
  • Dutch acid /breaks /electro /techno producer Remco Beekwilder “Mechanix” from “Stronger Than Fiction” EP [EMERALD]
  • Bristol, UK-based industrial techno producer Edetto – “Step 7” title track from the upcoming EP [Kneaded Pains]
  • Czech hypnotic dreamy-progressive trance electronic project of Martin Kuška, aka Goodbye Mirage “Black Slate Density (Feel Fly Notte Trance Remix)” off the new EP “Turning Point Observer” [Electric Shapes]
  • New York EBM /darkwave /dark electro producer R Gamble aka Drakkar Noir “Calibrator” from the cassette “Means Of Control” [Fu.me. rec.]
  • Detroit-based industrial /acid /electro /techno producer and Soiree Records founder, Derrick Thompson, aka God of the Machine “The Design” from the EP “Human Exfiltration” [Specimen Records]
  • Italian electro-funk /techno /electro producer and ANTIZER0 label head, Aliensextoy “Antizer0 Reversal PRG (part 2)” off V/A “Modern Visions.03” EP [Urban Distortions]
  • US retro-futuristic /breaks /electro DJ-producer PTHGN “Cybernetik” off upcoming debut EP “Binary Operation” [Fides Records]
  • French ambient /bass /breaks /house producer rRoxymore “Beyond The Sun” off upcoming EP “At Dawn” [AUSMUSIC]
  • Toronto dubstep /psych /techno /bass /house /breaks drummer-producer-film-composer-DJ Kieran Adams, aka Vibrant Matter – “Flint” off “Syncrete” EP [Parallel Minds]
  • Swedish-born, London-based acid /house /breaks /techno producer Hans Berg “Skinn” from the album “Extacy” [UFO Station Recordings]
  • Paris-based new beat /Italo /trippy /indie dance /post-punk /wave /dark disco artist Eric Labbé, a.k.a Poison Gauchiste – “Judith Pancake (La Mverte Slowly Baked Remix)” from “Musique Pour Monter En Haut” EP [Paradise Children Records]                                                                                                                              
  • Australia/Israel downtempo /acid /psych /tribal /slow techno electronic collaboration Funboys & AckerMan – “Maggot Monday (ALF CHAMPION & MDHNTR Raw Mix)” from “Maggot Monday” EP [Belly Dance Services]
  • Mexican trance /indie dance producer and Rotten City Records founder, Alvaro Cabana (feat. Fargo Devianti & Mijo) – “Ritual De Lo Habitual” off Alvaro Cabana’s collaborative EP “Latinos Psicoactivos” EP [Kaputt.wav]
  • Berlin-based L.A./Mexico City acid /techno /dark disco electronic dance collaboration, Moderna & Theus Mago – “Give Chance A Trance (Original Mix)” off “Give Chance a Trance” EP [Duro]
  • Berlin-based Italo disco /electro /electronic producer Italo Brutalo – “Into a Sampler (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)” from “Heartware (Remixes)” EP [Italo Brutalo]
  • Amsterdam-based Italo /trance /Eurodance DJ-producer Miguel de Bois – “It’s Not That Complex” off upcoming V/A “Overdrive Fatality” compilation [Ritmo Fatale]
  • Cannes, France ’90s /Italo disco /indie dance /cosmic synth producer Panthera – “Stunt” off upcoming “Synthesizer Hits II” EP [Bordello A Parigi]
  • Rennes, France cosmic /trance /Italo body music duo Plexi Glass – “Dust On The Road” off upcoming “Echoes From Space” EP [Ulla Records]
  • Grenoble, French indie dance /space /synth disco producer Endrik Schroeder – “Infinity” off upcoming V.A. – “Disco Biscuits #3” EP [Luv Shack Records]
  • Venice-based artist and producer Bottin and his band team up with the FrenchItalian electro duo, Cristalli Liquidi + Deux Control “Rosso Carnale (Italo Version)” from “Rosso Carnale” EP
  • Tokyo, Japan ambient /IDM /drum & bass /ethereal /shoegaze /electronic artist Dreamweaver “Winter Wing” from the album “Blue Garden”
  • Swedish/US ambient /techno /steel drum /experimental collaboration, Olof Dreijer & Mount Sims “Hybrid Fruit” off the album “Souvenir” [Rabid Records]
  • Sidney, Australia ambient /drone /experimental /electroacoustic composer Maddy Briggs “Late Night Swim I” from “Late Night Swim” album [Stereoscenic Records]
  • Düsseldorf, Germany based minimalism /microsound /experimental electronic /modular synth artist and composer from Japan, MIKI YUI “Strom 2” from the forthcoming album “Strömen” [LINE]
  • Tehran-based ambient /drone /composer Shahin Souri “Afterlife” from the album “This Is What We Were Building Yesterday” [Neotantra]
  • Japanese ambient /drone /guitar/noise /soundtrack /sound artist Kukan Effect “Life is beautiful – mastering ver.”
  • Dayflower & AJH “Nimbus” a longform collection of unheard Leicester‘s dream pop band Dayflower music reworked and woven into a gleaming, expansive technoscape by fellow UK audiovisual artist Andy Harper aka AJH. [Communion Slush]
  • French experimental /ambient /cinematic /fieldpop /improvisation/ electroacoustic /synth sound artist Melanie Velarde “Alley Soup” [Longform Editions]

Klaus Frahm. Hamburg St. Pauli 1981-82