WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – JUNE #24-22

  • ‘No Weapon is Absolute’ by COSMO VITELLI (NTS 2 Radio – June 1st 2022)                                                       

Be assured to expect the unexpected on the monthly awe-inspiring Radio shows by French artists Cosmo Vitelli & Dj Sundae through an extensive exploration into boundless trippy realms of electronic music by unearthing new flavours and exotic blends to expand and stir the listener’s imagination.     

  • Austrian experimental /ambient /IDM /downtempo /electronic musician and Toytronic Records / Tonträger Tapes labels founder, Martin Haidinger, aka GIMMIK “Sonic Poetry” title track from the upcoming LP on n5MD

For those who had explored the, mainly British, Ambient /Leftfield / Downtempo /IDM / Drum & Bass experimental electronic scene of the ’90s, at the time bewildering and absolutely intriguing for the incredible multiplicity of sonic elements inside of it and for their constant renewal and amalgamation, may have come across the name Gimmik, one of the many aliases of the Austrian producer Martin Haidinger, already active since the beginning of the decade through his labels. Personally, I met him through the London label Worm Interface (Tom Jenkinson, Gescom, Fort Lauderdale, the late Mira Calyx etc.), thus I can only be intrigued by the absolutely rhythmically crispy and melodically stunning Gimmik’s first preview track from the upcoming LP. It’s an utterly refined and deeply emotional-ridden “Sonic Poetry” that stacks skipping, rolling beats, stark crisp percussive hits, with wistfully brittle resonant chimes and hypnotic swelling droning synth swirls to awaken dormant daydreams into a bright blooming imaginarium of hope-filled bliss. Once it aroused and satisfied our curiosity, we are anxiously waiting for more.

  • Italian esoteric /Giallo horror /acid /dark synth electronic artist Alessandro Parisi AKA Hesperius Draco “Memories of Sex Desire” from the upcoming 12″ vinyl EP “Directive V” on Frigio Records

Pordenone-native dark electronic artist and producer Alessandro Parisi returns for the first time since the 2016 album “Actus Tragicus”, once again via Frigio Records, with his Esoteric-Disco and Italo-Horror alter ego Hesperius Draco. Slow, spooky and dangerous grooves ignite creeping droning bassline throbs, steadfast dragging rhythms, bursts of flaming synth swathes and eerie warped and sinister swirling sirens into a lonesome elation swept in “Memories of Sex Desire.”

  • Paris-based electronic /dark disco /Balearic /trance /new beat /dark electro producer La Mverte ‘Ashram Temple (The Populists Remix)” from the upcoming “Ashram Temple’ EP [Les Enfers]

While keeping the esoteric and trippy Balearic vibes from the original fellow Parisian producer Yan Wagner (AKA The Populist) weaves 80s-tinged vibrant disco exuberance, winding and sprawling dark bass vibrations and angsty synth brilliance, into a phantasmagoric and rousing shape-shifting dancefloor belter.

  • Buenos Aires-based ambient /electronic producer Vedia Bakia, aka KOMAROVO “тусо́вка (feat. Valkiriä)”
  • Oslo-based Norwegian/Mexican ambient /electronic songwriter-producer Maria Hillestad aka Carmen Villain “A Year Ago” from “CV x Actress” EP on Smalltown Supersound
  • Ambient /Dub /Breaks /Downtempo /Psych /Electronic music producer from Philadelphia, Pontiac Streator “Picture Of The Woods” from “Sone Glo” LP (OUEST088) on West Mineral Ltd.
  • Copenhagen based experimental electronic collaborative project between Russian born singer Oqbqbo and Lust For Youth‘s musician Malthe Fischer, oqbqbo & Scandinavian Star “Dandelions” from the single “Dandelions / Sleep Lines” on Posh Isolation
  • New York‘s ambient /deep organic house / electronic duo Frank & Tony “Stretch Out Like The World (Timmy Regisford Vocal Mix)” from the new “Dream Vibration” EP on Scissor and Thread
  • Italian ethnical/downtempo /acid /tribal electronic DJ-producer based in Rome, A-Tweed “Kuranto (Lucas Croon Remix)” from the upcoming EP “Rendezvous in Tangier” on Inside Out Records
  • Nantes-born/Bruxelles-based cold wave /psych /dark disco /queer slow techno producer, STRAPONTIN “Angry” from the upcoming “Male Tears” EP on Higher Hopes Records
  • ’70s/’80s Zorna-player folk musician, Zadik Zecharia (Legowelt Remix)” from “Remixed Kurdish Melodies” EP on Israel’s Confused Machines
  • Toronto-based industrial /techno /experimental electronics Iraqi-born producer Rita Mikhael, aka E-Saggila “Seecure” from the upcoming “Blaze” LP on Northern Electronics
  • German electro /synth-pop /synth wave/new wave musician Philipp R. Münch, AKA The Rorschach Garden ” Is Hope An Energy (Houschyar Drum Edit)” [originally on the 1991 album “Second Tape’ on Fich Art Munich]
  • French techno duo SRAMAANA “Downloading Consciousness” from “Endless Levitation” EP on French label Skryptöm                                                                                                                                                 
  • Tilburg, Netherlands experimental acid dark techno producer Vincent Koreman a.k.a. DRVG CVLTVRE “The Gorge Will Eat You Alive” from “This Is A Pattern” single on his own label New York Haunted
  • Birmingham, UK industrial techno moniker of Justin K Broadrick (also Jesu, Godflesh, Final and Techno Animal) aka JK FLESH “Veneer Of Tolerance” from “Veneer of Tolerance” EP on KR3
  • Berlin-based EBM /industrial techno duo Daniel Myer & Clément Perez (aufnahme + wiedergabe, Fleisch and Body Theory), aka RENDERED – “HIDEINTHEDARK (Years Of Denial Remix)” from upcoming “The Instinct Series 005” EP series [House of Reptile Records]
  • Italian experimental /industrial /proto EBM /techno /dark electronic project of Francesco Baudazzi (Obtane, Zooloft Records), VIOLET POISON “Relitto (Unhuman Remix)” from “Albatros” EP 12″ on e s p e r p e n t o
  • Thessaloniki-based EBM /Industrial /dark electronics producer Alpha Sect “Le Feu Depuis Le Ciel” from V/A “GOTT01 – VA#01” upcoming cassette album on WIE EIN GOTT
  • Vienna based experimental /industrial /techno British producer Mahk Rumbae (a.k.a. Antechamber, Konstruktivists, Ghost Actor, Oppenheimer MKII, Mitra Mitra), aka CODEX EMPIRE “Hagane” from V/A ” GEGEN003″ EP 12″ [Gegen Records]
  • Brest, France EBM /industrial techno producer Tugdual C. AKA Random Virtual Reality – “Dirty Nose” from V/A “Azimut Prayer” EP [ARMVA004] on Armen Crew
  • Industrial mechanised techno act Demilitarized World – “WorldWideWeapon” from CD album “Martial Arts Army” on Italy‘s Crestfallen label
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia dark electro project (AKA Ohota), AKA Uzor “Power Order”
  • Norway industrial /trip-hop /darkwave /dark techno artist Melt Motif – “Mine (äbvsd Remix)” original track taken from the LP “A White Horse Will Take You Home”
  • Depeche Mode – “Never Let Me Down Again (Andrew Red Hand ‘Electro’ Remix)” [Remixes from Romanian producer and Lobster Theremin / M>O>S affiliated, Andrew Red Hand]
  • Paris-based Italo /dark disco /wave /synthpop DJ & producer, Belaria – “Esteem (Original Mix)” from upcoming “Boost & Doubts” EP 12″ on Friendsome Records
  • Barcelona‘s new beat /techno /dark electronics new project of label heads Marcos López and Ricard de Dios (AKA Anbau), AKA Florida Cancer – “Green Book” title track from the upcoming 12″ EP [Aspecto Humano]
  • Hamburg, Germany industrial /EBM /electro producer L.F.T. “Hashima” from forthcoming “Radiosick” EP 12″ on Return To Disorder                                                                                                                                                      
  • Florence, Italy Dark Analog Techno producer Silent Souls “Fluxus Incostans” from – 鬼面 : 영혼의 사슬 – EP on GWI MYEON RECORDS
  • The Prodigy – “Firestarter (CLTX Edit)”                                                                                                               
  • Danish breakbeat /electro duo from Copenhagen, Krypton 81 “Kein Weg Zurück” from “Das Unbekannte” EP on Mars Frequency Records
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands acid /breakbeat /electro producer GAMMA INTEL “Papenthin” from V/A “The Orbitants 3″ EP 12” [FU.ME rec]
  • Detroit, Mi sci-fi /acid /techno /electro producer and co-founder of the Detroit Grand Pubahs, Andy Toth “Temporal Distortion” from “Subspace” EP on Interdimensional Transmissions
  • Hamburg bred techno /breaks /electro DJ-producer and Zement label head, Mike Van Olphen, aka  KLUENTAH – “Inner City Life” from upcoming V/A “Dionysian Rapture” compilation EP on Dionysian Mysteries                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Slovenian producer breaks /acid /electro producer (aka UMEK), Zeta Reticula “Host Star” from “C.L.O.N.E.” EP 12″ on Mechatronica
  • Brest, France experimental /IDM /techno /noise /synthpop /electronic project Bravo Béton ! “C’est inutile” from “Barde de Jour” EP on Harpies Records                                                                                                          
  • Catalunia based Italo disco /synth-pop /retro synth wave production duo Undo & Casiowaves “Our World” from “10.000 Pieces Of Metal” EP on Factor City
  • Lithuanian electronic /dark disco/ psych /techno producer from Vilnius, Zakmina ft. EGOMAŠINA – “Dykuma” from V/A “Sekta” EP on Good Skills
  • Swedish space /dark disco /indie dance duo Surfface – “Polaris (Original Mix)” from “Nova Astra” EP on Soulfooled
  • Berlin-based ambient /Balearic /downtempo /nu-disco /house /techno producer Stephanos Pantelas, aka El Nino Diablo “Vaugahyde (Aurum Miles Remix)” from “Vaugahyde (Remixes)” EP [El Nino Diablo Music]
  • German cosmic disco DJ-production duo Markus Schneider and Stefan Maurer, The Robot Scientists – “Don’t Walk Edit”                                                                                                                                                           
  • Spanish indie dance /dark disco DJs and producers, Silicodisco & DPAZ – “Mad Max (Vongold Remix)” from the upcoming “INFINITY ROADS” EP on Quixotical Records
  • Paris-based acid /dark disco /indie dance /downtempo producer Zaratustra – New Dawn (Iba Boo Remix)” from the EP “A new dawn” upcoming on Rituel Recordings
  • L.A. based wave /indie dance /techno /electronic production-DJ duo Ray Barragan and Lionel Rifkin, aka Club Tularosa “A Postcard From Israel” from V/A “NDE Compilation 003” on New Day Everyday
  • Catalan indie dance /electronic DJ-producer and founder of Suara Records, Coyu, AKA Esprit Divers “Neophobia (Original Mix)” from “Neophobia” EP on Duro label
  • Berlin-based EBM /Italo /dark disco duo Crille & Tamalt “Demon (Cate Hortl Remix)” from the “Demon” [HEAR0055] on HEARec
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee ambient /tape loops /electronic musician Amanda Haswell, aka SNOW BLINK “Stairs To Somewhere Else” from “The Place” EP on Hard Return
  • Russian ambient sound artist and Chitra Records head, Dionis Afonichev AKA Dionisaf “The High Line” from the upcoming album “New York Environments” on Élan Vital
  • Berlin-based ambient /IDM /glitch /techno /breaks /electronic producer EXAEL “Composure” from the EP “Ice That Melts The Tips” on 3XL
  • Honley, UK ambient /drone /electronic composer (AKA Ffion and Rooms), Thomas Ragsdale, AKA Two Way Mirrors “The Stopped Clock Tells The Right Time” from the first EP “Statues” originally on Light At The End label
  • Montreal, Québec classical /analog synth /orchestral project of composer Mathieu David Gagnon AKA Flore Laurentienne “Navigation IV” from the upcoming album “Volume II” on RVNG Intl.
  • Californian ambient pianist and composer Nico Georis “Gone” from “Desert Mirror” EP on Leaving Records
  • Hyogo, Japan based ambient /field recordings /piano solo Masakatsu Takagi “Marginalia #111”

‘Dementia’ directed by John Parker Dementia (1955 )