WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – June # 24-21

  • SCHWABE [Disco Not Disco Takeover] [12.06.2021- Rinse FM]                                                                                                                                                                    
One-half of Belgrade-based experimental electronic production duo, Tapan, along with Goran Simonoski, and resident at 20/44 club, Nebojša Bogdanović aka Schwabe entwines an equally murky and esoteric as well as narcotic and pulsating flow brimming with changing electronic carpets of arcane melodies and dissonant reverberations, conjugated to winding slow and hypnotic percussive patterns, laced with mysterious charm and intense evocative energy, capable of capturing and enveloping into a mind-bending relentless motion of ecstatic atmospheric drone and enthralling mesmeric subdued rhythmic incantations.
  • Italian electro-disco producer, musician, DJ and co-owner of Raibano Records, Alberto Melloni – “Red Siren (Local Suicide Remix)” off 2-tracker single on Paradise Palms Records                                                                 

Berlin-based prismatic electronic production/DJ pair, Local Suicide, re-imagine the original triggering a prowling bass line that crawls and bounces through the ‘Red Siren”s spinning high pitched obsessive alarming drone to hypnotically wind punchy mechanical snare beats, and energetic stuttering and tinkling percussive strains into a rapturous Afro vocal-dusted ritual, mind-blowing summer sunset dance-floor euphoria.

  • Rennes techno /industrial /EBM duo The Black Anther – “Metal Break” off V/A “First meet with Lise London” first volume of a compilation series via new Rennes’ label Hertzel records                                              

Brand new label, Hertzel Records, as well as a new musical project, The Black Anther, from the ever fervent multifaceted Rennais music scene dropping their first killer EBM-embedded industrial techno storm through pulverizing rhythms that march hypnotically through a whirlwind of primal metallic creaks and sinister bass lines flickering treacherous dominions to rise and fall in explosive ritual intensity, while eerie exotic synth strains pierce the ominous vibrations with high-energy squeaks, to ignite and scorch the dancefloor.

  • New York minimal electronics /minimal wave /synth /electro project by Sean McBride (one half ofXeno And Oaklander), aka MARTIAL CANTEREL “Windharp” [KRAFTJERKZ 057]

Second KRAFTJERKZ excursion for minimal electronic maestro, Sean McBride, mixing swirling melodic synth ambience and jarring and throbbing rhythmic dissonance through high-energy pulsating and flashing layers of airy bright synth stabs to interlock relentlessly with tinkling mutable percussive patterns and oscillating bass tones, that bounce, roll and wander along steady mechanical snare beats to form a heady whimsical symphony of equally inexorably groovy yet fascinatingly esoteric, electro dancefloor dimensions.

  • Berlin, Germany ambient /industrial /electro producer Privacy – “Western Lands” off “Dossier 1” EP on Arcana
  • Berlin-based experimental /bass /no-wave /techno artist and DJ, Misantrop – “Body Control” from the upcoming cassette album “Reproaching the Absurd” on Opal Tapes                                                                     
  • Kyoto Based IDM /breakbeat /industrial /leftfield /electro producer and Dj, Sintaro Fujita “Your Bird Can Sing” off upcoming V/A “8 Years of Whypeopledance” compilation [Whypeopledance]                                                           
  • Pittsburgh rhythmic noise /broken /industrial /techno modular-based project of Greg VanEck [Prometheus Burning, Four Pi Movement], DISHEVELED– “Call of the Void” from “Disheveled/Spednar” Split EP on Thac0 Records
  • Madrid-born ambient /techno producer Enrique Mena, aka SVRECA “Utero (Regis Remix)” from “Obscur.” EP [SEMANTICA 18]
  • New Zealand based experimental trance /techno /industrial /sci-fi goth duo of Lucy Reid and Emily Berryman, aka CRONE “Crush” from the sophomore EP “Second Skin”
  • Corfu-based, Greek industrial experimental dark electronic project of Dimitris Doukas, Restive Plaggona “Ask And It Will Be Given” from upcoming S/T album on Fleisch Records
  • Moscow based electro /EBM /dark techno Dj/producer Alexander Lomakin, aka GEGEN MANN “Take Control Over Mind” from “Tear Machine” EP on Voltage Tension
  • UK based electro /rave /industrial /post-punk /EBM project of French musician/DJ and producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist and DJ, Barkosina Hanusova, aka Years Of Denial “Resonance” off V/A “Deviate VA003” EP on DEVIATE rec                                                                                                                
  • Italian EBM /industrial /synthpunk /noise live project of the photographer and visual artist Jacopo Benassi, and Dj producer post-punk musician Lady Maru, Brutal Casual “Empty Body” from upcoming “Brutal Casuality” album+zine on Industrial Complexx                                                                                           
  • Russian new beat /EBM /industrial /techno production duo Namesis & Corvad – “World On Fire” taken from “World On Fire” EP, forthcoming on Soma                                                                                                                 
  • Seoul, South Korea industrial techno producer UNREALNUMBERS – “Unseen” from “Unseen” EP on Maison Close
  • Paris, France EBM /industrial /techno /cyberpunk producer [Primitive Tribe], aka NN “The Rise Of The Conquered” from “N1N” EP on his own NXN
  • Berlin-based, EBM / industrial / techno French producer Thomas Chalandon of Imperial Black Unit, aka Templər “A True Terror Corporation feat. Incendie (Orphx Remix)” from the LP “Myths And Consequences” on HANDS
  • Italian experimental /industrial /noise /techno punk producer Andrea Natale, aka ANNA FUNK DAMAGE – “Youssef” off upcoming Split 12″ EP “DDS04” with Dutch Courage on Dalmata Daniel
  • Frankfurt am Main-based Italian EBM/electro/industrial/raw dark electronics project of Antonio Barbetta (aka Antonio), aka Raw Ambassador “Solutions” from “Die Zukunft” tape album on Idlestates
  • Hamburg, Germany Industrial, Dark Electro, EBM, Synthpop solo project MACHINE KAPUTT “Geschäftiges Treiben” from the LP “Die Qualität des Lebens”
  • Gent, Belgium EBM /techno /electronic solo project Shift Space “Subservience” (demo)                                                                                           
  • Rome, Italy synthwave-anarcho-electro-punk duo Fivequestionmarks & Produkkt “La Scorta (Disco Mix)” from the album “DISCO DISCO” on Electronic Emergencies
  • Synthetic project MOYA81 “Action of Love” from the LP Hexatomos” on ScentAir Records
  • Paris, French goth disco /post-punk/wave/electro solo project (Order89/BAGARRE PERDUE), FLVN “Yule” from upcoming V/A “Pals Vol. 5” compilation on Play Pal Music                                                                                                                                                    
  • Spanish Indie Dance /EBM /Electro /Punk duo Howard Mind & CMIX, aka CMIND – “Decadence” from upcoming “Confuse” EP [Golden Soul]                                                                                                                                    
  • Mid-80s/early-90s Texas industrial dance trio from Dallas, Lesson Seven “andthe (Adrian Sherwood Doug Wimbish Big Bass ReMix)” part of eMERGENCY heARTS Sherwood digital remix singles series
  • Lyon-based Russian experimental techno producer Izbegaya Sveta “Predator’s Whisper (Vel Remix)” off the new EP “The forest, magic and dangerous” on Lyon’s Unusual Records.
  • UK “psychedelic space pop” band Magic Mushroom Band – “Squatter In The House” from V/A “DJ Athome presents Spaced Out!” 2xLP on Mental Groove Records / Musique Pour La Danse
  • Berlin-based experimental /techno /trance /leftfield production duo of D. Tiffany and Vani-T, aka Pillow Queen Ft. Ruin “Calling Me” from the EP “Calling Me” on ISLA
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia deep /acid /synth electro producer Pavel Korzhensky, aka KSKY “Patchouly Indonesiano” off V/A «Plastinka» EP on Soviett Records                                                                                                           
  • Macedonian Italo /electro /dark disco act Mirko Popov Quartet – “Neboder (Vocal Epic)” off upcoming “Neboder” EP [PMG Tanz Digital]                                                                                                                             
  • Ambient /experimental /techno project Expro – “Tarintio” from ltd. cassette “Property Sampler” [HOMVA017] on HOMVA
  • Lyon, France industrial /electronic /synthwave project of pioneer musician Laurent Prot, In Æternam Vale “Systems” title track from the new EP “Systems”
  • CharleroiBelgium electro /coldwave producer/DJ (Roulette Rekordz head honcho and half of Cercle Futur), Poladroïd “Uyoku”                                                                                                                                                    
  • Finnish Analog Techno /Acid /Electro producer Kirill Junolainen, aka Konerytmi – “Trilleri” title track off “Trilleri” EP on Space Factory Records                                                                                                                    
  • Russian electro producer EEBONE – “PLAYBACKONTHEFLOW (Jensen Interceptor Remix)” off “Mad” EP on ECHO Recordings
  • German experimental dark electro project FOTOAPPARAT “Hades In Love” from V/A “WHAT WE DO IS SECRET” on Applied Research
  • Germany based, Latvian experimental /minimal synth /electro producer Gatis Druvaskalns, aka S t a r p l i k t u v e “Trilemma”                                                                                                                                                             
  • Berlin-based techno /electro project SOD-90 “Abe Sada (Assembler Code Remix)” from “No Flight Zone” EP on Bipolar Disorder Rec.
  • Berlin-based EBM / disco /electronic / techno French producer (aka Lapse Of Reason and half of Imperial Black Unit), Pablo Bozzi “Born Toulouse” from V/A “Le Debut de la Fin” on Toulouse Gouffre Club
  • London based ethnic disco /house /electronic DJ/production duo Running Hot – “Pungi” from upcoming V/A “Driving Blind (Vol.2)” on Les Yeux Orange
  • Mark Tower – “You Aren’t Fall In Love (Flemming Dalum Remix)” [originally released in 1983 on Discomagic label]                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • French dark disco /post-punk producer, DJ and label owner Idir Abermil aka Id!r – “Dry Lips (Original Mix)” from “Rainbow Maquína” EP [Fucanglong Files]
  • Mexican dark disco/indie Hypno-dance electronic duo Zombies in Miami – “Frodo – Lauer Remix” from “2712 Remixes” EP
  • UK EBM /new beat /dark disco Producer-Remixer-DJ and Nein Records label boss, Neil Parnell aka Tronik Youth “Sands of Time (Technobeton Remix)” off the EP ‘Inhuman Nature’ on Paradiso Records,                                         
  • Moscow, Russia dark disco /wave /indie dance /space disco /electronic Dj-producer Yasha F – “Revenge Of The Fallen (Mufti Remix)” off “Revenge Of The Fallen” EP on Rotten City Records
  • Brussels experimental /trance /ambient /deep techno /downtempo /electronic project of Tristan Boltz aka OLORUN “Instability Of Opacity (Estrato Aurora Remix)” from the EP “Indirect Image (Remixes)” on Danza Nativa
  • Berlin-based French experimental /techno /electronic music producer David Letellier, a.k.a. Kangding Ray “Salt and Iron” from the upcoming album “Branches” on Figure
  • Italy-born London-based, Nervous Horizon head, dancehall /techno /psych /electronic producer Guglielmo Barzacchini (aka Anunaku), aka TSVI “Sospiro Sospirando” from “Sogno” EP on Nervous Horizon
  • Liverpool, UK experimental /krautrock /kosmische /electronic septet (Loka and The Rotary Fifth), Harmonische-23 “Empathetic Eliza” b-side from “Hoofing The Oboe” ltd. 7″ single on Polytechnic Youth label
  • Brussels ambient /dub techno producer Clément Davout aka Adhémar “The Name Of Clouds (Inhmost Cloudy Day Dub Mix)” from the upcoming EP “The Name Of Things” on Huinali Recordings
  • Prague, Czechia ambient /chill-out /analogue /synth /electronic producer Binaural Space “First Summer Rain (long version)” from the LP collection “Album Made of Singles”
  • Newcastle, Australia-based ambient /dub /minimal techno producer Oscar Parkes, aka THE ZONE “The Ecstasy Of Communication” from the upcoming cassette album “Dredge” on ALTERED STATES TAPES
  • South Korea ambient music line of Seoul Magic Club, Black Magic Club – “Aqua”
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan ambient /drone /acoustic /experimental artist Sean Curtis Patrick “If Laughter is the Best Medicine Then Where is My Yacht in San Tropez Asked Dave Attell” from the album “Oh! The Horror & The Fury!”
  • English ambient /neo-classical /instrumental composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer based in London, Ben Moore aka BPMOORE “Paid Respects” from the upcoming second double LP “If I Don’t See You Again” on Rhodium
  • Ambient /neo-classical /electronic project of filmmaker and music maker from the Pacific Northwest, MELODYSHEEP “The Wandering Dream” from the album “The Sounds of Space”
  • Bulgarian experimental /ambient /drone /IDM /breakbeat /electronic producer Etien Slavchev, aka Evitceles – “Feather Care” from the album “Naive Slumber” on Amek Collective
  • Belarus ambient /piano artist from Minsk, Kaivo “Rannikko” debut single
  • Greece based UK experimental /ambient /field recordings artist (member of Mysterians; Casual Nun; Krause; Black Water), Alex Vagenas “Estuary” from the cassette album “I Saw Water” on Bloxham Tapes
  • New York experimental ambient electronic audio-visual project by Joan Pope, Temple Ov Saturn “Celestial Mechanics” from “Meditations II” album
  • North American electronic composer, recording and performing artist based in Chicago, Brett Naucke “Arctic Watch” on Longform Editions