WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #24


  • MACHINEGEWEHR – Vol. 181 Something Special                                                                                                     

This week let’s take a ‘trippy wormhole ride with Rotterdam‘s favorite Dutch space commander’ through dark disco, synth-wave, Italo disco, and synth-electro uncharted galactic realms.

  • German enigmatic experimental /minimal /EBM /wave /synthpop /electro /dark electronic project EN DIRECT “Rare Earth Material” from upcoming second 12″ vinyl EP “A Shattered Frame” EP on Leipzig‘s Lunatic Records

Crunchy glacial electronics, punchy kicks along with hissing and bouncing mechanical beats, sinister buzzing bassline, and swirling sinister frozen synth chords create a startingly hypnotic and grippingly challenging, both minimalistic and industrialized, dark techno meets electro listening experience, making you eager for more.

  • Paris-based techno/EBM/electronic producer MIND | MATTER “Infectious Game” from the upcoming V/A “ASM-II” compilation on FORKHA

The Parisian producer doesn’t change his bad habits, we lost count this year, to deliver, seductive yet brutal, breathtaking EBM-charged industrial techno bangers that will make you rave don’t stop till you drop.

  • Argentina-born, Berlin-based EBM /acid /dark techno producer NGLY – “Au-X (Mick Wills Cut)” off “Ecdisis Vol. 3 (Vinilette, Juanpablo & Mick Wills edits/cuts)” EP 12″ on Frigio Records

Dangerous tight syncopated rhythms, ominously throbbing bass menace mowed down by icy stabbing synth expansions over distant deadened intermittent spoken vocals, in a tremendously insane cut by German producer

  • Seoul, Korea dark ambient/ethereal/abstract/electronic producer Unjin ‘Northern Atmosphere ᓴᓐᓇ’ from ‘Northern Atmosphere’ upcoming album on Kizen Records
  • New Orleans‘ industrial/dark ambient/drone project of Kelby L Clark, aka DIVORCE RING “Visions Of A Field” from the cassette album “The Stains Of Azaleas” on Moscow’s Perfect Aesthetics
  • Swedish experimental/electronic producer Jonas Rönnberg, aka Varg2™ “600 Lives To Become Nothing But A Memory (ft. Soho Rezanejad)” from the cassette album “Wings Of Desire (I can take anything that’s painful, but I can’t take a lie)” on Janushoved
  • London-based electronic collaboration between producers Paul Byrne and Franco-Canadian Chloé Raunet, Apiento & C.A.R. – “Life In The Skyline” from V/A “Ransom Note presents Pen Pals Vol. 2” compilation on Ransom Note Records
  • Athens-based ’80s pioneer of the Greek electronic music scene Lena Platonos “Liqueur Ruby (Red Axes Remix)” from the new EP “Red Axes Remixes” on Dark Entries
  • Bristol, UK experimental/breakbeat/industrial/tribal/dub/noise-pop producer duo Sunun and Robin Stewart (half of Giant Swan), SRS “Spit Fossil” from “Data Fossil” EP 12″ on Bokeh Versions
  • Peruvian bassmusic/tribal/afrofuturism/dub/electronic psychedelic side-project of Lima‘s duo Dengue Dengue Dengue, aka DNGDNGDNG “Lemuria” from the upcoming EP “Continentes Perdidos” on On The Corner
  • Tokyo, Japan downtempo/slow house/electronic producer Akira Arasawa “Yunnan with KUN and FRANKY-CH” from “Hou thou men men Ⅱ” EP on Chill Mountain Rec
  • Strasbourg, French experimental/EBM/space/acid electro/techno producer ITAKO “The Destroyer of Worlds” title track from “The Destroyer of Worlds” EP 12″ on Bella Ursa Recordings
  • Munich, Germany ambient/hypnotic techno/deep electronic art project by Audio Engineer and Sound designer Lukas Weinlein, aka MTRL “Guts Of Wind” from the album “Ancient Voices” on io
  • Tel Aviv dark disco/deep house/electronic duo Kadosh & Nariz – “Nightmares (Echonomist Remix)” upcoming on Engrave Ltd                                                                                                                                        
  • Australian experimental/indie dance/trip-hop/psychedelic/electronic producer DREEMS “Shark Water (Die Orangen Remix)” off “Shark Water” EP on Le Temps Perdu
  • Vienna‘s electro/psych/electronic producer and Neubau label co-founder, Heap “Trip/bal” off upcoming V/A “Parallel Routes” compilation on Random Numbers                                                                                                      
  • London, UK veteran synthpop/Italo disco/electronic producer Roland Sebastian Faber (aka Kinky Roland), aka RSF – “Loeffelkinder (Benedikt Frey Acid Rain RMX)” upcoming on Closing The Circle
  • Stafford, UK proto-house/funk/disco/psych/electro producer Andrew Meecham (Sir Drew, Bizarre Inc and one-half of Chicken Lips), aka The Emperor Machine “Stiff Poly”                                                                       
  • Parisian IDM/Old School Electro project of synthesist and modularist, Human Koala “What’s Your Email ?” from the new cassette EP “The Big Decay” on ERR REC
  • Dallas-based electro producer Gerard Hanson (aka Convexion), aka E.R.P. “Sensory Process (Plant43 Remix)” from ‘Evoked Potentials (3/3)’ single on Semantica
  • Santiago, Chile experimental electronic/psych/techno trio Érebo Project – “Cerbero” from the album “Hydra” on Panal Records
  • French ambient/noise/industrial/techno producer and Larmes label owner/founder CLARENCE PARK “A Straight Child Ft. Dreadmaul” from the upcoming cassette album “Hands Underwater” on INSTINKT
  • Manchester, UK ambient/acid/synth/deep techno producer, Your Silent Face “I Am Not What You Seem” from the upcoming EP “Fukanzen’na Ongaku” on Tethys Records
  • Italian techno/noise/industrial/experimental artist Exome “Shredded Apart (feat. Dolgener)” off the upcoming cassette EP “Rats Dungeon” on Istigkeit Records
  • Chicago-based industrial/EBM/electro musician Beau Wanzer “Munted Americana” off V/A “Pedestal Arts Estate” cassette compilation via Altered States Tapes
  • Seattle-based international industrial/EBM/dark electro 4-piece CHROME CORPSE “Ein Bisschen Krieg” (DAF cover)                                                                                                                                                                         
  • Auckland, New Zealand dark/new beat/techno/wave/electronic producer October – “Decline Of Western Civilization” from V./A. – “Il Lupo della Steppa” compilation on Elena Colombi’s Osàre! Editions
  • Italian EBM/industrial/electro/dark electronics aficionados, Alessandro Adriani & Cosimo Damiano – “Riot Surfers” off upcoming debut collaborative EP “Neurodreamers” on Pinkman
  • London-based rave/post-punk/industrial/dark electronics French DJ and producer Jerome Tcherneyan and Czech performance artist and DJ, Barkosina Hanusova, aka Years Of Denial – “Life Is A Theater” off upcoming “Human Tragedy” mini-LP 12″ on Modular Mind                                                                                     
  • Berlin-based, Montreal Industrial/EBM Artist “The Marquis” and the French Experimental Electronic project “BLACK EGG“, The Marquis and BLACK EGG – “Poison Mask (89s† Remix)” from the upcoming EP “In The Glory of Idols” [PHY 444] on sub-label of Diffuse Reality Records, Periphylla 
  • Detroit-born/New York-based electro/synthwave/electronic/new beat project of Nico Nightingale, aka Neud Photo “Area-X” off V/A “DMC009” compilation on Dionysian Mysteries                                                   
  • Italian rave/acid/industrial/hard techno production duo Heiden X WZX_O – “Uncontrolled Actions” on INSANE INDUSTRY RECORDINGS
  • Berlin-based, Italian experimental/breakbeat/two steps project of techno/industrial producer Matteo Chisari aka Dj Nephil (head of Gravitational Waves label), aka System Disorder “Jungle Of Junkies” from the cassette album “Dj Nephil presents System Disorder – “That is not Dead” on Phormix
  • Tel Aviv based Italo House/Electro/Techno artist and Chateau Royal label head, PRZ “Triple Message” from the new EP “Fantazia” on Eudemonia
  • Stockholm, Sweden dark disco/new wave/space disco duo SEX KINO – ‘Don’t Look Back’ off the EP ‘Scream In The City’ on HEARec                                                                                                                                       
  • Italian synthpop/Italo disco artist Francesca Gastaldi – “What’s In The Night (Radio Edit)” off “What’s In The Night – Endless Possibilities” new single 12″ (produced and mixed by Fred Ventura and Paolo Gozzetti) on Disco Modernism
  • German synthpop/Balearic/Italo disco producer/DJ, SHAN “Nordring Trance” from the new EP “Nordring” on Live At Robert Johnson
  • UK electronic/dark disco/electroclash Producer/Remixer/DJ and Nein Records label boss Neil Parnell aka TRONIK YOUTH “Sarcastic Lazers” title track from the upcoming new EP on NEIN Records
  • Parisian electronic duo (part of L’ordre Collectif), ELSE “Views” new single                                                           
  • Danish electronic producer Kasper Bjørke – “Dreamers (A Tribute to Laurie) (Perel Remix)” off “Nothing Gold Can Stay Remixes (Part B)” EP 12″ on hfn music                                                                                         
  • Helsinki, Finland IDM/electronic producer Nik Racine, aka 4T Thieves “Canyon Voices” from “Cities of the Future” on Rednetic
  • French experimental/dub/electroacoustic composer and producer Thomas Pujols, aka Nebulo “Vif Argent” from the upcoming album “Parallaxes”, the second installment of Le Cabanon label’s Albe series
  • Brooklyn, New York ambient/minimal/synth/electronic musician Faten Kanaan – “Night Tide / Anteros” (unreleased) from V/A “The Auteur Limits” on Fire Records
  • Ukraine-based ethereal/ambient/drone artist Ross Khmil “Sleeping Foxy” from the album “Felino De La Diablo” on London’s Dream Catalogue
  • Southend-on-Sea, UK Painter, Visual Artist and Producer Of Neo-Classical/Ambient Music, ADRIAN LANE “Useful Disclosures” from “Home Diaries 023” album on Whitelabrecs
  • Indianapolis ambient/drone/ethereal/soundscape/electronic collaboration project by Marc Ertel, Zach Frizzell (from post-rock band, Pillars) and Damien Duque, aka Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea “Alpha” title track from the album “Alpha” on Past Inside the Present