WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips –  JUNE #22-23

photo by Eva Stenram – ‘Oblique’ series


  • Comme Des Larmes invite Blasfêmea                                                                                                                             

Luísa Leão is a Brazilian artist, psychoanalyst and cultural activist based in São Paulo, who performs under the name of Blasfemea. Since 2018 she has had the opportunity to create multicultural experiences through the d.i.y label Darq Distro. Her intention behind her research is to rescue and update musical memory by mixing different genres and rhythms from different periods, especially within the spectrum of Punk, Techno, EBM and Industrial, among others.

  • London-based ambient /Italo /kraut /sci-fi /analog synth DJ-producer Timothy J. Fairplay “Hot Night For Slum Lord” from upcoming “Hot Night For Slum Lord” EP 12″ [Italo Moderni]

A surreal and reinvigorating trance-inducing Italo-tinged heady ride that sucks you into deep, unknown dizzying cosmic domains, propelled by steady crashing beats, and fidgety pulsing acidic bass lines, topped by warbling liquid strains and swirling icy bright eerie layers of spacey synths, to catapult the listener into the dancefloor for an intoxicating dose of staggering space Disco bliss.

  • Lille, France dark disco /Arabic /wave /techno /EBM DJ-producer Zaatar “Disappearance Attempts” off upcoming V/A “5 Years 5OIL Records” 5xCD 5th-anniversary compilation [SOIL]

First tantalizing previews to celebrate the highly respectable Spanish label SOIL, for what is shaping up to be one of the richest and most intriguing compilations of the season. French producer unleashes a gritty and ominous Middle Eastern-infused EBM/techno stomper that triggers heavy crushing beats, hypnotic crisp rolling percussions, acid-flecked rumbling undulating bass line menace, and eerie synth strains, to surround distorted malevolent vocals with dangerous and filthy Industrial-tinged late-night dread.

  • Berlin-based, Melbourne-bred acid /leftfield techno /house producer Reflex Blue “Low End Freqz” off “Gotham” EP [Craigie Knowes]

Melbourne-bred producer’s first teaser sways and crackles through disassociative and imaginative dancing vibes, fueled by a minimal harmonious cacophony of asymmetric bouncy beats, slow oscillating bass burbles, off-kilter flittering frequencies, distant blurred voices, and tons of glitchy and acidic effects to lure all willing participants into a groovy cerebral dancefloor statement.

  • London-based ambient /folk /electronic producer and musician from Yokohama, Hinako Omori “in full bloom” single [Houndstooth]
  • Swedish ambient /trance /electronic project Quit Life – “Absent Feat. Merely” from the upcoming album “Ama Nesciri” [High Heal]
  • Chinese ambient /IDM /psych /tribal /trance /electronic producer-DJ Mei Yuxin, aka Temple Rat – “Rooted in the Soil of your Heritage (Ft. Meta_)” from “The Composition of Air” EP [Siamese Twins Records]
  • Santiago, Chile experimental ambient jazz instrumental and improvisational duo of keyboardist-DJ Lorena Álvarez and multi-instrumentalist Alejandro Palacios, Lorena Alvarez & Alejandro Palacios “Paisajes Para Torcer al Reloj” the title track of the upcoming cassette album [Not Not Fun Records]
  • Amsterdam-based ambient /jazz /guitar /folktronica /electronic sound artist and Melody As Truth records head, Jonny Nash “Ditto” from the upcoming LP “Point Of Entry” [Melody As Truth]
  • UK ambient /experimental /field recordings /neo-classical /electro-acoustic sound artist Joel Nathaniel Pike, aka Tiny Leaves “With the Hollow at My Feet” from the upcoming album “Mynd”
  • Indianapolis/Chicago ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /meditative music collaboration, zakè & Tyresta “Reason to Believe” from the album “Drift” [Zakè Drone Recordings/Dunk!Records]
  • Ostrava, Czech Republic-based ambient /drone /tape /field recordings /electro-acoustic artist Blochemy “Teine” from the upcoming album “Sen” [Whitelabrecs]
  • UK ambient /drone /space /electronic music producer and Deep Space Recordings co-owner Simon Huxtable (Aural Imbalance), Inhmost “Calming Influence” from the upcoming album “The Feeling Of…..” [re:st]
  • London UK lo-fi /drone /soundtrack /psych /jazzy /post-rock /electronica duo of long-time musical collaborators Oscar Ball and Dan Carney aka Lyndhurst “Swimming” from upcoming EP “Platforms”
  • Elgin, TX-based ambient /experimental /drone /kosmische /psychedelic /electronic producer Neil Lord (Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Single Lash), aka Future Museums “Miniature Coconut Shell” from the new vinyl 12″ album “Dorsal Fin” [SFI Recordings]
  • Glasgow, Scotland ambient /minimalism /concrete music /avant-garde /jazz /techno production moniker of 12th Isle co-founder Stewart Brown, aka Material Things “How’s Life (Vague Imaginaires Version) [Digital Only Bonus]” from the vinyl LP “2015-2020” part debut album part compendium of musical collaborations spanning from 2015-2020 [12th Isle]
  • Bangkok, Thailand ambient /IDM /chug /psych /tribal /downtempo /electronic producer Sunju Hargun “Pigeon Attack (Shjva ॐ dub)” from the upcoming remix EP “Mooping Cuts #1 (Re-Meows)”
  • London, UK ambient /techno /tribal /downtempo collaborative experimental project of electroacoustic composer Lucie Štěpánková and sound artist Christian Duka, aka Vādin “Sungazing” from the EP “Juegro”
  • Copenhagen ambient /polyrhythms /free jazz /improvisation /electro-acoustic /experimental band, Selvhenter “Anker” from the upcoming album “Mesmerizer” [Hands In The Dark]
  • Athens, OH ambient /electro-acoustic /shoegaze /minimal dub /post-rock /experimental electronic project of Ryan S Chamberlain, aka ARROWOUNDS “Metal on Mineral (from TBA)” from “Therianthrope Series” EP sampler from the 4 album “Therianthrope Series” [Lost Tribe Sound]
  • US ambient /drone /techno /experimental /electronic producer Rrose “Spore” from the upcoming second LP ”Please Touch” [Eaux]
  • Vancouver, Canada ambient /dub techno producer Jordan Sauer, aka Segue “Deep Green Dub” from “Harbour Cove Dubs” EP 12″ [Huinali Recordings-HNP001]
  • Denver, Colorado lo-fi /ambient /techno /house producer Andrew Dahabrah aka FOANS “Indebted To The Simulation” from “Selected Classics” collection album [100% Silk]
  • German veteran ambient /techno DJ-producer Dominik Eulberg “Grauspecht (Acid Pauli Remix)” from “Avichrom Remixes” EP [!K7 Music]
  • Achen, Germany ambient /techno /dub producer Daniel[i] – “Brandzeichen” from V/A “Confluence 02” compilation 2xLP 12” [Lowless]
  • Paris-based ambient /breaks /bass /deep techno producer and Virtual Forest Records label co-founder, Solma “Encoded Dreams” from “Mindless Being” EP [Virtual Forest Records]
  • Belgrade, Serbia leftfield /psych /breakbeat /techno /dancehall /downtempo /electronic producer Milf Magnet – “Upsetter” from “Moanin” EP [YES]
  • Belfast’s psychedelic dub disco group Black Bones “All In Good Time” from the upcoming “All In Good Time” EP [Optimo Music]
  • Ukrainian EBM /experimental /dark industrial /noise /techno /electronic producer RENNST “Ballardian Dystopia Score”
  • Texas industrial /dark electronics /EBM solo project of Keaton Khonsari (Razorbumps, Narrow Head), Semantix – “Delinquent” off upcoming V/A “Die Erlösung” compilation [Crave Tapes]
  • US bi-coastal industrial /EBM /electro project between Andi (NYC) and Machino (LA), aka Andi + Machino “Softly, Softly” from upcoming “Parafernales” EP 12″ [Mannequin Records]
  • 1987 Industrial-EBM classic Nitzer Ebb “Let Your Body Learn (MAN2.0’s Positive Education Rework)” off X-PRESSINGS’ edit series [XPRESS Records]
  • Russian industrial /acid /techno /EBM duo Namesis & Yansyet  “Better” off upcoming V/A “5 Years 5OIL Records” 5xCD 5th-anniversary compilation [SOIL]
  • Portland, OR industrial /EBM /synthpunk duo PUERTA NEGRA “Control” from upcoming “Playa Sola” EP 12″ via Synthicide                                                                                                                                               
  • Detroit, MI electronic /techno /EBM project led by Tyler Baker, Comfort Cure “Last Thing” from upcoming cassette EP “Design International” [DKA Records]
  • Barcelona, Spain EBM /synth wave /techno /electro producer Gonzalo Sendón, aka Asymetric 80 – “Agora” from upcoming EP “Meraki” [Sharped Records]
  • Prague-based acid /techno /breaks /EBM duo Fractions “Rush Zone (feat. Blame The Mono)” from upcoming “Dimension X” EP [NRG TRAX]
  • Swedish EBM /electro /techno /synth producer from Stockholm, E:R “Pigs” from the EP “Entzug”
  • Parisian dark disco /new wave /Italo house enigmatic songwriter and producer Bozart ft. Jennifer Cardini – “The Dark, The Light (edit)” [CORRESPONDANT / COR106]
  • Hamburg, Germany industrial /EBM /breakbeat /techno /electro producer and one half of Schulverweis, Johannes Haas aka L.F.T. “I Want To Be A Witch” off upcoming 6-track EP “Hollow Head” 12″[Mannequin Records]
  • Paris, France cinematic /trance /Italo /EBM /techno artist and Intervision label head Félix Bergeret aka DJ Varsovie “Nostalgia 2032” off “Nostalgia 2032” EP [Intervision ]                                                             
  • Ukrainian industrial /electro/ techno producer STKD:999 – “Paranoi” off upcoming cassette album “Borders of the Mind” [X-IMG]
  • London, UK EBM /industrial /techno producer EVIL DUST “Nausea” single
  • Barcelona, Spain industrial /dark techno production-DJ duo NX1 “Intuition” from “What You Should know About Yourself” LP [nexerecords]
  • Berlin based industrial techno DJ-producer and Kreatur label head, Lukas Meunier – “Die Energie” from V/A “SEKTION 3” compilation [R Label Group]
  • London-based acid /rave /industrial /techno producer Ali Wells aka PERC “Resistor (Jensen Interceptor‘s TNG Borg Mix)” from the remix EP ”Resistor Remixed” [Perc Trax]
  • Prague-based synth-wave /techno /electro DJ-producer and co-founder of Endless Illusion label, Ladislav Zensor, aka Exhausted Modern – “Crash Test Dummies” off V/A “Shadow Terminal” compilation [Syntetyk]
  • Berlin-based acid /electro /leftfield /disco /wave /psychedelic funk /electronic trio Blotter Trax “Octopii” from the debut album “Superconductor” [Optimo Music]
  • VI100 – Inertia Creeps (Massive Attack Edit) [Obscuur Records]
  • Italo /EBM /electro /synthetic project MOYA81 “The Dream Maker” from “The Gift” (EP)
  • German dark synth /synth-wave /electronic producer Keith Vilnus “The Chosen”
  • Strasbourg, France bass /breaks /techno /electro producer Vondkreistan ‘Machine Stop’ single
  • Méxican acid /psych /leftfield techno /indie dance producer Alfredo Cardenas, aka Montessori “Handplant” from upcoming “Smelling a New Flavor” EP [Why People Dance]
  • London Balearic /chug /psych /dub /downtempo electronic collective Rude Audio & Dan Wainwright – “Fire On The Mountain” from the album “Psychedelic Science”
  • UK ambient /Balearic /chug /psych /downtempo /electronic production duo Marshall Watson & Cole Odin “Just A Daydream Away (Hardway Bros. Remix)” from “Just A Daydream Away” EP [Shades Of Sound Recordings]
  • Australia/Israel downtempo /acid /psych /tribal /slow techno electronic collaboration Funboys & AckerMan – “Maggot Monday” title track from the upcoming EP [Belly Dance Services]
  • Bangles – “Walk Like An Egyptian (Rich Lane Acid Barons Cotton Dub)” [Acid chugging remix produced by Rich Lane to play at The Evil Acid Barons Weekender in Devon, late May Bank Holiday 2023]
  • Russian leftfield indie dance punk electronic duo of brothers Sasha & Sergey Lipsky aka Simple Symmetry “Problem (Red Axes Remix)” from upcoming “Problem” EP 12” [Multi Culti]
  • Spain indie dance /punk-funk /techno /dark disco DJ-production duo Gameboyz “ Chicken N’ Drugs (Shkema Remix)” from “Chicken & Drugs” EP [NEIN Records]                                                                                      
  • Würzburg, Germany acid /psych /techno producer DJ Paradiso “Night Bass” off upcoming”Pulse” EP [Epicure Records]
  • Catalunia-based Italo disco /synth-pop /retro synth wave production duo Undo & Casiowaves “Here We Are” from “Moviment” EP [Darkroom Dubs]
  • Oslo, Norway house /Italo disco producer Perkules – “Smek Sommerdag” off “Show Me Right” EP [Boring Crew Records]
  • São Paulo, Brazilian EBM /new beat /indie dance /Italo disco /synth wave artist Tjor – “Corsa Romantica” off “Turbo Lover” EP [Wrong Era]
  • Cannes, France ’90s /cosmic synth /Italo disco /indie dance producer Panthera – “Clarion” off upcoming “Superchampion” EP [Melopee]
  • Chelsea Wolfe – “The Warden (Lessie Zmorr Synthedit)”
  • Mexican Indie Dance /Space Dark Disco Dj-producer Globemaster – “Un Alien me llevo de rave” off V/A “Oddness Vol. IV” EP [Bonkers]
  • Stockholm, Sweden Italo Body Music /Space /Dark Disco /Synthwave producer and Club Mackan label co-head, Marcus Christiansen – “Strange Worlds” off upcoming EP [Club Mackan]
  • Italian/German Italo /nu-disco /synth-pop production duo of Slow Motion label owner Fabrizio Mammarella and Frankfurt Am Main‘s Philipp Lauer (aka Lauer), Black Spuma – “Giro D’Italia” off the album “No No No” [Permanent Vacation]
  • Kylie Minogue – “Get My Trance (Fausto & Undefined Pattern EDIT)”
  • Stuttgart based dark disco /indie dance DJ-producer Banali – “Call Into The Void (Zombies In Miami Remix)” off “Call Into The Void” EP [Nothing Is Real]
  • Psych /house /disco /tech producer Unknown Artist “The Place To Biffle” off “MILF03” EP [Milf Recordings]
  • Mexico City-based dark disco /psych /house /techno tribal/ eclectic electronic musician-producer and remixer /DJ from Argentina, Thomass Jackson “Fantomas (Thomass Jackson Re-mix)”
  • French trance /Eurodance producer Panteros666  – “Ultra Ray (feat. Zorza)” single [DopamineWIFI]
  • Naarm, Australia ambient /breaks /techno /psytrance /electronic producer MABEL “Lady Bug” from upcoming “Hybrid” EP [Nehza Records]
  • Israel acid /house /breakbeat /leftfield /electronic producer and Tofistock label head (aka DJ Headshot), Olsvangèr – “Blue On Blue” from V/A – “Hyper Love Vol.2″ EP 12” [Tofistock]
  • Brooklyn, NY based acid /electro /house producer Greg Droggitis, aka Gee Dee “Rem Cycle” from “Dream in Colour” EP [Klasse Wrecks]
  • Brooklyn, NY experimental /chamber /art pop cellist, singer and producer Laura Wolf ” off second cassette EP ‘Shelf Life’ on Whatever’s Clever
  • Cádiz, Spain ambient /experimental /drone /minimal /electro-acoustic sound artist Ánicoc “Yuki” off the third album “TEKU” [Élan Vital]
  • Ambient /neo-classical /electronica collaboration between Dutch musician/sound artist and graphic designer Rutger Zuydervelt and Polish clarinetist Monika Bugajny, Machinefabriek with Monika Bugajny “IV (after Horovitz)” from the album “Recytle”
  • US dark ambient /experimental /ritual /drone project of T.G. Olson & Caleb R.K. Williams, aka Owldaemon “Sun Of Quartz” off the album “Ice Boulder” [The Eagle Stone Collective]

photo by Eva Stenram – ‘Oblique’ series