WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – June #22-21

  • MARIJANA CROON – Phase Group Mix                                                                                                                   

Belgrade-bred, Cologne-based, molecular biologist as well as a vibrant member of her local electronic scene, Marijana Croon, steadily djing at Salon des Amateurs and Acephale and hosting her radio show ‘Deflections’ on Retreat Radio. Courtesy of Glasgow record label Phase Group, Marijana immersive mind-bending DJ-set ‘fuses otherworldly sound designs with echoing percussion pieces and slow dark club music for the twilight hours, futuristic synthesised environments dripping with reverb and long echoes inducing trance states and transcendence’.

  • Besançon, France spacey disco /indie dance electronic musician, producer and remixer GUYD – “Year Zero” from V/A “Compilado Maleante Vol.4” on Maleante Records

French producer with a trippy and spacey dance number set up by hypnotic kicks and steady pulsing acidic, aquatic bass tones droning over airy, cutting beats, clicking whips and mechanical, swooshing hisses to pull the obsessive urgency of flashing circular synth chords into a 3D orbit around low buzzing frequencies, that push heady groovy expansions to the brink of subliminal dancing insanity.

  • Berlin-based Italo disco /synthwave /electronic producer Micropacer – “Hedgehog’s Dilemma” from upcoming V/A “Liquid Sky” EP on Ritmo Fatale

Toulouse‘s Ritmo Fatale imprint previews the upcoming sampler replete with its refreshing and thrilling distinctive blend of synthwave, Italo-disco and spacey tones. Berlin-producer, Micropacer, deploys his sweeping, arpeggiated synth-driven sound through energetic waves of bouncing bass disco grooves swaying ceaselessly along droning, hypnotic beats, sparse tinkling cowbells, and anxious epic pulses of swirling bright synth chords, building striking 80s nuanced dimensions of dizzying bygone dancefloor nostalgia rife with addictive uplifting melodies.

  • Berlin-based dark disco /dark electronic /wave collaboration between DJ/producers duo Vamparela & Brax Moody and Buenos Aires-native Damian, Local Suicide & Skelesys – “Faster Faster” from V/A ” Curses presents Next Wave Acid Punx” compilation [Eskimo Recordings]

The magnificent 38-track compilation ‘Next Wave Acid Punx’, curated by Berlin ace Curses, on double vinyl 12″ and 3xCD edition, has finally been released via Eskimo Recordings. Don’t miss out!

  • Brussels downtempo /Balearic /kraut /psychedelic /electronic project Psychedelic Digestion Therapy “Palmtree Calling” from S/T album on Strangelove
  • Rome-based tribal /psych /acid /techno producer Cosimo Damiano ‘Algol’ from 8-track LP ‘Hypnos’ on DJ Inner Lakes’ Survive label.
  • Nantes-born/Bruxelles-based coldwave /psych /dark disco /queer slow techno producer, STRAPONTIN “Sasnal Park (A Strange Wedding Remix)” from upcoming “Sasnal Park” EP on Abstrack Records
  • Brussels/Marseille ambient /dub /tribal /psychedelic /ritual /electronic performative project of Léo Campbell (Techno Thriller) and Alban Mercier (Officium), Ended – “Daylight (ft. Rose Mary)” from the new album “CIRCADIAN” on Demord Enregistrements
  • Croatian electronic artist Tomislav Simovic – “Welcome To The Planet Earth (Credit 00 Remix)” from upcoming 2 x LP Vinyl album “Visitors From The Galaxy /Gosti iz galaksije – Original Soundtrack Revisited” Dusan Vukotic‘s 1981 Yugo sci-fi extravaganza remixed via Fox & His Friends                                                           
  • Florence, Italy drone /noise /bass /dark ambient /post-industrial /electronic project by production duo Pietro Michi and Marco Squillace, aka Nekyia & FossaDelRumore “Transient Sense (Grebenstein Remix)” from the EP “Facing The Absurd” on Voidance Records
  • Amsterdam harsh noise/experimental/industrial/techno producer HELLDEGÅRD “SÜDKREUZ” from “REALMS” LP on PUBLIC SEX REGIME
  • Minneapolis-based industrial dark electronics project KPT “Obliterate” title track from the upcoming album “Obliterate” on GIVE/TAKE
  • French electro musician DR.ORGANIC “I’m Doctor Organic” from “Early Days” EP on IDIO[T]PHONE RECORDS
  • Swiss experimental /NDW /coldwave /psychedelic /minimal wave /synthpunk /electronic project of Carlo Onda, Karl Kave “Gester Simmer Tot Gsi (ACD)” from “Down Town” EP
  • Italian experimental /industrial /noise /techno punk producer Andrea Natale, aka ANNA FUNK DAMAGE – “48 Hours Death” off upcoming Split 12″ EP with Dutch Courage [Dalmata Daniel]
  • Australian dark electro collaboration Jensen Interceptor & Kris Baha – “Out there on the Ice” off V/A ” Interzone” on ZONE MUSIC
  • Medellín, Colombia experimental electronic /EBM /darkwave /electro /raw techno producer Crimental – ‘Burning Patrol’ off V/A ‘Estado De Golpe’ fundraising compilation on Sonidos Subterraneos
  • Frankfurt am Main-based Italian EBM/electro/industrial/raw dark electronics project of Antonio Barbetta (aka Antonio), aka Raw Ambassador “Ira” from the upcoming “Die Zukunft” tape album on Idlestates                                  
  • Medellín, Colombia industrial /techno /dark electro producer Alex Restrepo, aka SADXMAFIOSO – “TRUST NO FLESH” from V/A “TU ALFA Y TU OMEGA VOL V – COLOMBIA” on CLICKA CLAN DESTINE
  • Dallas, TX minimal synth /leftfield /electro producer Vectorvision “Ghost Nebula” from V/A “Endless Decay – Volume One” tape compilation on Dead Channel Records
  • Spanish EBM /acid /industrial /techno duo Cavalry Stone – “Lost in Space (Rambal Cochet Goa Remix)” from “Valeria´s Dream” EP on SOIL
  • Greek experimental /industrial /wave /dark techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “Astral Hunter 05″                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Russian EBM /acid /synthwave /breaks /techno producer Sanyanameste “Arrange Yourself” title track from upcoming EP on Sonidos Subterraneos
  • Detroit, Michigan EBM /deep /hard techno producer Polyimide “Eye”
  • Zürich, Switzerland experimental /kraut /cosmic /wave /electronic producer Angelo Repetto “Alpha Omega (BC Bonus)” from upcoming “Sundown Explosion” EP on Subject To Restrictions Discs
  • Toronto 90’s inspired cyberpunk/ electro-industrial producer (aka Holon), SYLAC “Self Replicating Synthetic Organism”                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Portland-based, Los Angeles-born ambient /industrial techno /Electronic Death Musician Colin Cameron Allrich AKA Slighter “Controller” from “V O I D” on Confusion Inc.
  • Brazilian techno /acid /electro producer Betek – “Sold Out” off “Two Sides of Beauty” EP [FERMA005]
  • Berlin-based experimental electro producer PΛЯΛПD – “Laboratory Program” off upcoming EP “PATIENT-X” [Specimen Records]
  • West Yorkshire/Tel Aviv acid /electro collaboration Cybereign V Nastia Y – “Do You Feel The Force” off  upcoming EP [Diffuse Reality Records]
  • Prague, Czech Endless Illusion label head and electro synth wizard Ladislav Zensor, aka EXHAUSTED MODERN “Black Well”                                                                                                                                                      
  • Mexican EBM /Wave /Disco /Acid Electronic producer Diaz Tech – “Rhetoricizing (Disco Mortale Rave Mix)” off upcoming “Red Light” EP on Oberwave
  • Electronic disco rave collaboration between Milan-based duo YTM and Amsterdam‘s Insult to Injury boss TC, Younger Than Me & Timothy Clerkin – “Raid The Rail” soon on 90s Wax                                                            
  • Toulouse, France Italo disco /synthwave /acid /electro producer Austher – “Hybrid Humans” title track from “Hybrid Humans” EP (ULLA002) on his co-founded ulla records
  • Greek dark /tribal /ethnic /downtempo /psych / electronic duo, Stevie R & Parisinos – “Tekes (Khidja Remix)” from “Tekes” EP [Playground Records]                                                                                                                            
  • Southern Germany disco /wave /techno producer and Freeride Millenium co-founder, Jorkes “Dancer In The Dark (Curses Remix)” off upcoming EP “Dancer In The Dark” [Freeride Millenium]                                                 
  • Rotterdam‘s electro cosmic disco noir producer Silas Schletterer, aka Machinegewehr “The Maze” from V/A “Lost tapes Vol.4“ on AEON
  • Vienna based cosmic disco /indie dance Austro-Turkish DJ/Producer duo and heads of Belly Dance Services label, Hanzo & Yaman – “Die Neue Welt (The Juan Maclean Remix)” on Duro label                                                         
  • Moscow-based dark disco /Indie dance /techno producer NELLI – “Do 4 U” from upcoming “Vostok” EP on NEIN Records                                                                                                                                                             
  • Italian house /disco DJ-production duo Musumeci & Lehar – “Bells Of Freedom” from Musumeci‘s “Discoteca Italiana” EP on Diynamic Music                                                                                                                                      
  • Mexican indie dance /dark disco producer and Bonkers label head Luis Fernando Hernández (aka Ludviq), aka LFB – “Synesthesia (Mad Slow Remix)” from “Synesthesia (Remixes)” EP on Bonkers                                                             
  • Mexican indie dance/dark disco /slow techno producer (aka Mahkina), Alex Aguayo – “Intuitive Confusion” from upcoming EP “Stuck in a Timeline” on NEIN Records
  • Germany’s ambient /house /techno /electronic producer Schnitthart “Die Blume” off V/A “8 Years of Whypeopledance” compilation soon on Whypeopledance
  • Anonymous lo-fi /ambient /industrial /techno /experimental music duo GROUP “200503_0454” from the upcoming album “La Brise Des Machines” on Fill-Lex Records
  • UK ambient /cinematic /techno dub duo from Manchester, Space Afrika “Version 1” from “Untitled (To Describe You) [OST]” 10″ EP (soundtrack of a short film from Manchester-born visual artist, poet and filmmaker Tibyan Mahawah Sanoh) on Sferic
  • London, UK ambient /experimental /downtempo / electronic producer Casha Mour “Team” from the album “Form”
  • Berlin-based, St. Petersburg-bred experimental /ambient /minimal /synth electronic musician and singer, Galina Ozeran aka CHIKISS “Тема дома” from upcoming cassette album “Something Natural” on Crash Symbol
  • Melbourne, Australia experimental /ambient /IDM /electronic project Yunzero & Body Clock “Entropic Spectre” off forthcoming cassette “Wall of Junk” on Lillerne Tapes                                                                                  
  • English ambient /drone /field recordings acoustic guitarist & multi-instrumentalist Andy Cartwright, aka Seabuckthorn “Emerge” from the upcoming album “And Spark And Singe”
  • Canada/UK experimental /ambient /drone /classical /minimal /electronic collaboration between Toronto‘s Brad Deschamps (Anthéne) and British cellist and composer Simon McCorry, Anthéne & Simon Mccorry “Drift of Stars” from the album “The Equation of Time” on Whitelabrecs
  • Los Angeles ambient /drone /electronic musician Margot Blue “A New Routine” from the cassette album “(re)currents” on i u we records
  • Seattle/Chicago ambient /drone /synth long-distance music project of social workers and friends Nick Turner and Hang Ruan, aka Tyresta & Ruan “Most Intimate” from upcoming second cassette album “Already Complete” on Texas’ Aural Canyon
  • Australian native industrial /ambient /drone artist J. Campbell “Memorial Drive Tunnel” from the vinyl 12″ album “The Cormorant” on VAAGNER