WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips // MAY #21-24

by Clemens Gritl 


  • Sirens Podcast 023: RIGOPOLAR

Miami-based Mexican electronic music producer and Tour de Infinite label head honcho, Rigopolar is celebrated for his unique blend of analog synths arpeggios, and cosmic imagery, crafting an immersive auditory experience that prompts deep reflections on the existence and the universe—through a heady brew of Italo Disco and Techno with analog storytelling, leading listeners on a mental odyssey through time and space.                         

  • French ambient /chillrave /world /folk /psych /electronica /percussive /downtempo production duo Da Iguana & Walass “Miercoles” from upcoming “La Semana” LP [Cosmovision Records]

Aboard a boat, in search of the different moods that cross us according to the days of the week, the two visionary French artist artists imagine an entrancing immersion in a surreal, vivid and sensorial ambience through a lax, organic and droning wave of subtly crisp ritual percussions, arcane acoustic guitar arpeggios, warm bass pulses, exotic fluting gristles, sultry brassy blows, a slew of primal shamanic frequencies, that envelop and fascinate with an otherworldly boundless cosmic breath.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina new beat /synthpop /electro /techno artist Ivan Olson “SALTÓ LA FICHA” from “RITMO DE ESCAPE” EP [GNC RECORDS]

Pulling from the intoxicating sharp classic sound of the late 80s/early 90s New Beat/Techno flecked with Synth-Pop elements, the Argentinian electronic artist’s debut EP, with the production assistance from Bikatronika, fuels driving and steadily increasing straightforward yet effective, dance-floor buildups, through hard, tightening and driving programmed drum beats, sludgy and swollen buzzy undulating bassline, and fidgety angsty swirling synths, succeeding at paying respect to their beloved past sonic heritage with an adequate energizing fresh aptitude.

  • Colombian Italo /Synthwave /Electroclash /Techno /Body Music producer Disco Radical “Ravers” single

Colombian producer deftly combines menacing murky EBM low ends and driving Techno rhythms, to unleash rousing undulating bassline grooves that inject overpowering droning energy, punctuated by ceaselessly thumping beats, fueled by alienating screechy swirling frequencies and teasing vocalizations, to challenge eager ravers with unwavering obscure dancefloor hypnosis.

  • Hyogo, Japan-based ambient /field recordings /piano artist Masakatsu Takagi “Marginalia #160”
  • Dublin, Ireland veteran ambient /drone /meditative /improv /piano /modern classical /electronica producer since the mid-90s (half of Autumn Of Communion with Lee Norris), Mick Chillage “Between Moments Pt.4″ from “Between Moments” LP (re-arranged and edited CD edition of the 2018 album “Between The Endless Silence” on Carpe Sonum Novum) [Before & After Silence Recordings]
  • Brighton, UK ambient /drone /field recordings /experimental sound artist Ian Hawgood and Home Normal label co-founder (aka Apocomeno), I NO I “Quiet reverence to the spirit of timeless interactions and unintended consequences” [Home Normal]
  • Copenhagen, Danish ambient /drone /chillout /electronica project by Kalle Christensen and Henrik Laugesen, aka Lauge & Baba Gnohm “Dawnshimmer” title track of “Dawnshimmer” EP
  • Japanese ambient music artist based in Tokyo, Sachi Kobayashi “Clouds in the Sky I” from the cassette album “Clouds in the Sky” [enmossed]
  • Hong Kong-based ambient /piano /electronica musician and composer Olivier Cong “They Don’t Sleep on the Beach Anymore” from their upcoming album “Tropical Church” [Room40]
  • Ambient field drone project of Naarm/Melbourne bassist and producer Karl Willebrant, aka Willebrant “Sands X (Distance)” from “Desert Songs” LP [Neotantra]
  • US ambient /field recordings /meditation /electronic music project of Vermont-based producer Andrew Shaffer, aka Go Outside “Inkling” single
  • UK ambient /soundscape producer Nik Davies, aka Stillness Sanctuary “Celestial” from the EP “Grace” [Ambient Soundscapes]
  • Swedish ethereal and meditative music project of Ludvig Cimbrelius, based in Höör, ETERNELL “Palms” from “Sonora” LP [LILA लीला]
  • New Jersey ambient /drone /electro-acoustic sound artist Lofield “Suspended in silence” from the digital album “Drifiting” [eRecords series / Whitelabrec]
  • Warsaw, Poland ambient /IDM /experimental /electronica producer (aka Earth Trax), Bartosz Kruczyński “Dream I” from the upcoming album “Dreams & Whispers” 12″ [Balmat]
  • Valencia, Spain ambient /drone /new age /soundscape side project of the sound artist known as Warmth, SVLBRD “In The Deep Ocean (Slowed)” from the LP “How To Disappear (Slowed)” [Faint]
  • Ambient /drone /cinematic collaboration between Hong Kong-based producer Ben Tatlow and Minneapolis‘ producer/multi-instrumentalist Mike Graf, aka Antarctic Wastelands & Dear Gravity “Immersion” from “Immersion” LP [slow echo]
  • Berlin-based ambient /drone /electronic artist Spherical Aberration – “Valley Of Dreams” from V/A “Spaces” compilation cassette album [Dustopian Frequencies]
  • Valencia, Spain ambient /dark drone /electronic sound artist Agustín Mena, aka Warmth “Coma Cluster” from the CD album “Claroscuro” [ARCHIVES]
  • Amsterdam-based ambient /field recording /fourth world /psychedelic /experimental electronic producer with Taipei-based Ryan J Raffa, Luke Elliott and Ryan J Raffa – “Shelter In Western Regions” collaborative track from forthcoming Luke Elliott‘s solo album “Every Somewhere” [AKP Recordings]
  • Berlin-based experimental ambient trio of Camilla Padgitt-Coles (Ivy Meadows, Energy Star, Future Shuttle), Maïa Ibar (Dual Split, TEEN, Malentendu), and Boshra AlSaadi (Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang, TEEN, SAADI), aka Lighter “Oxygen” first teaser from “Massage” cassette EP [Crash Symbols]
  • Icelandic IDM /ambient /experimental /drone project of Gunnar Torfi Jóhannsson, aka Xylic “Puck” from “Kresdemóna” Mini-Album [Móatún 7]
  • Glasgow‘s ambient /IDM /minimal /techno /electronic producer (AKA Lucky & Easy), PUB “Hearts Conduct” from the album “Process The Wise” 12” [ampoule records]
  • Runcorn, UK ambient /coldwave /folk /experimental /electronic /synth project of musician Gordon Chapman-Fox, AKA Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan “Rapid Transport Links” from the vinyl 12″ LP “Your Community Hub” [Castles In Space]
  • UK ambient /dub /deep techno producer Joe Pettersen, aka Ark Prose “All that is Solid” from “Suburban Missive” EP [Sanghyang Dedari/Lempuyang]
  • Marsalforn, Malta-based psych /trance / deep hypnotic techno Hungarian producer Zoltan Vajda (aka Ork Monk aka Trevor McGregor aka Arboraetum aka Tiger Punch), aka Kalumet “Diamond Scent” from “Kronosphere” EP [Oslated]
  • Berlin-based leftfield techno /dark hypnotic electro producer David Koch, aka Shokh “Pepper” from “Pur EP” 12″ [Omnidisc]
  • Berlin-based experimental slow techno /deep house producer Johannes Klingebiel “” off „Scream!“ EP [Feines Tier]
  • Leipzig-based ambient /Balearic /kraut /soundtrack /electronic music DJ-producer and Riotvan label co-founder, Panthera Krause – “Liliths Berceuse” from “Aside The Aeons” LP 12″ [KANN]
  • UK ambient /chillwave /slowcore /nostalgia-tinged electronica producer Peter Cooper, aka Stumbleine “Cinderhaze” from the upcoming 8th studio album “Deleted Scene” via Monotreme Records
  • Dublin, Ireland dark disco /techno /chug /psych /downtempo /electronic producer Eric Whelan, aka Steady State “Voices Of Krypton”
  • UK-born, Netherlands-based acid /EBM /bass /techno /wave /electro musical project of DJ Katie Wilkinson, aka Birds “Home” from the upcoming “FTV 004: Home” LP
  • Berlin-based slow wave / downtempo duo Benedikt Frey & Nadia D’Alò, INIT “Sugar Overload” (Sugababes Cover)
  • Amsterdam-based ambient /post-industrial /breaks /downtempo /techno /acid /psych /tribal Italian sonic explorer, producer and live performer Marco Segato (aka MS, and Narvalo), aka La Serpiente “You Are Dreaming! (Original mix)” from upcoming “You Are Dreaming!” EP 12″ [Random Numbers]
  • Mexico City-based indie dance /trance /psych /acid house Argentinian alien DJ-producer, Thomass Jackson – “Space For Love” from “UFO House Vol II” EP [Multi Culti]
  • Italian acid /psych /ethnic /leftfield /downtempo /trance /space electronica artist A-Tweed “Trenta Formiche” from upcoming “Rave The Cave” EP [Playground Records]
  • Tokyo, Japanese ambient /leftfield /techno /wave /house /cosmic disco /psych /experimental electronica production duo Que Sakamoto+NT “第3の目 Daisan No Me (Original)” from “プッシィン押忍” EP [HEARec]
  • Berlin-based acid /house /breaks /downtempo /electronic DJ-producer Nicolai Toma “Silent Depth” from “Phase Binder feat. Zorimira” EP [Subject To Restrictions Disc]
  • 1991 UK rave classic Mental Cube – “Q [Rich Lane Acid Barons Cotton Dub]”
  • Previous acid house incarnation of London‘s Luke & Liam May (members of Decius & also in-house producers & owners of Trashmouth Records), Medicine 8 “Monkey With U” from “Triple Blends” EP [Trashmouth Records]
  • Cluj-Napoca, Romania ambient /minimal /dub house/psych /techno producer Cim Pian “Losing Sense Of Time And Space” title track of the album “Losing Sense Of Time And Space” LP [Chippy Chasers]
  • Berlin-based acid house collaboration project of Philadelphia‘s duo Julian Grefe (Pink Skull, Clean Plate) & James Weissinger (Zillas on Acid, Girls Chat Room), aka Jules et Jim “Smarter Child (feat. Babystar)” [100 Years of Solid Dudes]
  • Brooklyn, NY-based ambient IDM /techno /electro producer Drew Lustman aka FaltyDL “Minds Protection” from upcoming “In The Wake of Wolves” LP 12″ [Central Processing Unit]
  • Toronto-based, Canadian ambient /acid /electro /electronic music veteran (of late 80s cult EBM act Digital Poodle), Heiki Sillaste, aka HEIKI “Valley Beyond” the title track of “Valley Beyond” EP [Suction Records]
  • Rotterdam‘s experimental /bass /techno /electro producer (aka Conforce, Hexagon, Silent Harbour), Versalife “Intrusion ” from the forthcoming “Technofeudalism” EP 12″ [TRUST]
  • Spanish Elektro /Breakz DJ-producer Calagad 13 “Moksha” off of the EP “Moksha” [Cosmic Tribe]
  • Krakow-based EBM /mutant industrial /acid electro producer (1/2 of Radiation 30376), Chino “VNTBLK (Marco Segato Remix)” off “Oddity Remixes” EP 12″ [Mindri/Pinkman]
  • Italian acid /leftfield /experimental /techno /electro duo Marco Segato and TLXCO, aka Machinete “Pelle” from the cassette album “Schei e Paura” [Feral Colony]
  • Charleroi, Belgium experimental industrial /IDM /coldwave /electro producer and Roulette Rekordz head, Poladroïd “Mon Pays Me Fait Mal” from upcoming “Danse Macabre” EP [META MOTO]
  • Stockholm-based new beat /no wave /electro-funk duo Johan Skugge & Martin Thomasson, aka Harlem Electronics “Slovak Casinos” from the cassette EP “Cagey” [Marguerite Records]
  • Belgian industrial /dark electro /technopop duo, aka METROLAND “Baukultur (the Davos declaration)” from the album “Forum” via Alfa Matrix
  • Russian minimal synth /synth-pop project ITALLIKA “I’ll Be Your Favorite Game” single
  • Early 80s German experimental electronic collaborative side project by Liaisons Dangereuses founders Beate Bartel and Chris Haas, aka CHBB “Voyage Au Bout De La Nuit” from the self-titled LP (12″ vinyl contains all the tracks from their 1981 run of four limited cassettes, know as the CHBB tapes) [Soulsheriff Records]
  • Austin, TX experimental /industrial /noise /techno producer, JT WHITFIELD “KS12″ from the cassette album “Birth of Compulsion” [Strange Therapy]
  • Berlin based experimental /noise /post-industrial /techno /electronic Japanese sound and performance artist Tommi Tokyo (formerly of group A), Tot Onyx “Sasena” off upcoming solo album “Satire of Desire” [Antibody label]
  • Rome-based Italian industrial hardcore techno producer 00100 – “Downward Progression” from V/A “Initiatives Studio Various Artists III: Achluophobia (Original Soundtrack)” 2xLP12″ [Initiatives Studio]
  • Moscow‘s industrial /dark electronics /techno noise producer, T_ERROR 404 “Indra Beat” from “Distortion Totem” EP [Brutal Forms]
  • London-based hard groove techno producer Fred Asquith – “Step Free” from “No Longer Gentle” EP [Homemort]
  • German hard groove /old school techno DJ-producer from Berlin, Lars Huismann “Portal” from “Catharsis” EP [Mutual Rytm]
  • Dark industrial techno producer and Destroy To Rebuild Records head, 7CIRCLE – “Sevastra” off upcoming V/A “Pitch Dark” EP 12″ [Pure Hate Trax]
  • Berlin-based Ukrainian experimental industrial techno DJ-producer GAEL “Frozen White Horse” title track of “Frozen White Horse” EP [BITE Records]
  • Collaborative project between Mexican EBM/techno noisemaker and French vocal master, Datura Inoxia & VALANAÏS – “Frenetic Waves” from upcoming “Lueurs Noires” EP [Sonidos Subterraneos]
  • Belgian industrial / EBM masterminds FRONT 242 “Take One” remastered reissue of the 1983 classic “Endless Riddance (Remastered)” EP 12″ [Alfa Matrix]
  • Barcelona-based Majorca-native industrial /dark techno producers Samot & Surit, aka NX1 “NS1″ from upcoming V/A “Natural Selection: Selected Works Vol. 1” LP [Natural Selection]
  • Athens, Greece EBM /industrial /darkwave /synthpop /poetry project Πύργος Αθηνών “Ιπποδάμεια Θλίψης” single
  • Faithless – “God is DJ [INDEPTH Hard Techno Edit]”
  • Texas-based EBM /Italo /dreampop /synth-pop artist LLORA “Clock” from cassette S/T album [SYNTHICIDE]
  • Romanian Nu Italo /Dark Disco /Wave icon Alexandrina – “Animal Power (Local Suicide & Radondo Remix)” off “Sirin Remixes” EP [Feinstoff]
  • Leeds, UK synth-pop duo formed in 1979 of Josephine Warden & Brian Moss, aka Vicious Pink “So You Want To Love Me?” from the unreleased album “Unexpected” LP 12″ [Minimal Wave]
  • Paris/Lille, French Balearic /psych /house /indie dance /dark disco duo Tepat Huleux and Giac Di Falco, aka You Man “Birdcage (Rigopolar Version)” from the remix EP “Restless (Versions)” [Eskimo Recordings]
  • Mexican EBM /techmex /indie dance artist, Ives Barceló “Distrito” single [Bonkers]
  • Estonian new beat /dark disco /Italo /synth wave /electronic producer Sugar Rody Feat Local Suicide – “Jean Claude (Mufti Remix)” from “Disco Knife” EP [Nothing Is Real]
  • Berlin-based nu-disco/dark disco /breakbeat /electronica DJ-producer and Distant Gaze label head, Clouzer ft. Valentin Henning – “Stalactites (Zakmina Remix)” off “Call of the Abyss” [Distant Gaze]
  • Madrid‘s dark disco /indie dance DJ-producers, Pumuki & Ivan De La Rouch – “Escalofrios” from upcoming Pumuki‘s “Ansiedad” EP [Logical Records]
  • France-based acid /dark space disco /indie dance Mexican DJ-producer Leonor – “ Time (Gameboyz Remix)” off “Time” EP [Melomana Records]
  • Athens, Greece Dark Disco/ Italo Body Music /Synth Wave producer with Stockholm‘s Club Mackan label boss, Kay-Chi & Marcus Christiansen – “Life In A Loop feat. Kally Voo“ from upcoming Kay-Chi‘s “Back To 83” EP [Club Mackan]
  • UK Italo disco /house DJ-producer Alex Pickering, aka Alex Virgo – “Event Horizon” upcoming EP 12″ [Bordello A Parigi]
  • Turin-based, Italian electro disco /Italo /house producer Hey Cabrera! “Go Down” off V/A “Raibano Records Numero Uno” LP [Raibano Records]
  • 1985 Italo disco classic Salentino – “You’ll Be In Paradise (Casionova Edit)” off “You’ll Be In Paradise” EP 12″ reissue + remixes [Giorgio Records / Bordello A Parigi]
  • Liverpool, UK percussive house producer North 90 “Isabell” from “Euro Trash” EP 12″ [M.A.D RECORDS]
  • Dark ambient /drone /soundscape /experimental sound artist ARK ZEAD “Båken Nunatak” from the CD album “Niptaktuk” [Glacial Movements Records]
  • Brighton, UK ambient /drone /field recordings /experimental sound artists Ian Hawgood and Ben Jones, I NO I “past | earth” long-form release [Home Normal]
  • Ambient /drone sound artist from Wien, Fabio Keiner “yggdrasil” [Kalamine Records]

by Clemens Gritl

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