WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – MAY #21-23

Madrid’s Torres Blancas by Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiz, 1964-1968


  • SARADELICA  – DJ set                                                                                                                                         

Hailing from Santuario, Colombia, up-and-coming young artist Saradelica unravels a compelling set of Cold Wave, Electro, Body Music, Minimal Synth and all-in-between electronic sounds from the darkest edges of dance music.

  • Bucharest-based psychedelic /cosmic /krautrock /electronic Romanian duo Khidja “M&M” from “Transmissions Pt.1″ LP 2×12” [Malka Tuti]

Sensorial, organic and imaginative downtempo escapism led by the tantalizing and sinuously driving allure of relentless, prowling and rubbery bassline chugs, to open dull blocked pathways in search of a renewed awareness, through a mercurial unwinding universe cast in asymmetric drones, off-kilter frequencies, buzzy brass-like flutters, and warped, unbalanced yet stirring synth melodies to expand headily into a groovy, tripped-out immersion of unforeseen visions.

  • Mexican dark disco /acid /psych /indie dance artist and Roam alumni, Roliva – “Imagina (Justin Robertson‘s Deadstock 33s Remix)” off ” Megacorp” EP [Roam Recordings]

Dark and acid-flecked trippy rework by legendary longstanding groovy sound-bending alchemist Justin Robertson, lurching through pumping droning basslines, stacked crisp percussions, hypnotic intoxicating synth swirls and atmospheric vocal repetitions, to open hidden doorways of heady dancing bliss.

  • San Sebastian, Spain EBM /dark electro /indie dance /dark disco duo of Jaime Sagastibeltza & Borja Campión, aka Two Mamarrachos “The Sound From Hell” from upcoming EP “Let’s Find Another After” [Nein Records]

A hypnotic and high-energy Dark Disco number sizzles into the enveloping twilight with hissing flickers, sonorous undulating bass grooves, steady marching beats, and jolting synth strains to surround suggestive, disjointed breathy moans and repetitive, angsty chants with swaying magnetic ritual vibes.

  • Hyogo, Japan-based ambient /field recordings /piano solo Masakatsu Takagi “Marginalia #131”
  • US-based ambient /cosmic music producer Phillip Wilkerson “A Sculpture of Air” from the album “Paz Infinita”
  • England, UK dark ambient /drone field recordings /soundscapes sound artist Petteril “DIRIVVV” from the cassette album “The Leems Boyste” [Puremagnetik]
  • Japanese ambient /field recordings /experimental sound artist Sachi Kobayashi “Prism” from the album “Melodies in the Garden” [Stereoscenic Records]
  • Manchester, UK ambient psych blues duo Celestial “Brother Sun, Sister Moon feat Romance” from the second LP “Listen To The Sky” [Ecstatic]
  • French ambient /drone /ethereal /space music multi-faceted sound artist G.Teixeira, aka Almøst Silent “Mvmt 6 [Dotlights rework]” off the album ‘Undisclosed Fields Vol.1’ [Healing Sound Propagandist]
  • Boston-area ambient /field recordings /experimental /electro-acoustic / synth sound artist (one half of Cognition Delay, The Hive Project, and Asshole Galaxy), Abdicant “I Am Not Sure How This Makes Me Feel” from the album “I Am Not Sure How This Makes Me Feel” [Mahorka]
  • Swedish ambient /experimental /techno /electronic producer Jonas Rönnberg, aka Varg2™ “I en o​ä​ndlig sorg / J​ö​rn” from the cassette album “10 år av skog, natt & stjärnor” [Northern Electronics]
  • Quito, Ecuador ambient /downtempo /dub /electronic producer Joaquín Cornejo “The Self Of Every I (Joaquín Cornejo Version)” from the LP “Joaquín Cornejo meets Markandeya – Vision Versions” reimagining of Colombia-based, Swedish artist Markandeya‘s dub album ‘Vision Dubs’ [Earthly Measures]
  • Hanover, German digidub studio only pioneer project of Felix Wolter (of the band The Vision) aka Trance Vision Steppers “ReAction Dub” from “Dubplate #7 + #8 : Timeless” compilation of the earlier recordings 19951999 [Mysticisms]
  • Bucharest, Romania dub techno /microhouse production duo Priku & Dinu – “Stereo Eyes” from V/A “Get — Together” compilation [Get-Traum]
  • Czech ambient /progressive house /leftfield /slow techno /breakbeat /psych /downtempo project of Martin Kuška, aka Goodbye Mirage – “Taken To Varanasi (Tassilo Vanhöfen Pleasure Of Tension Remix)” from upcoming album “Turning Point Observer” [Electric Shapes]
  • London based electronica /breaks /techno /house producer Seb Wildblood “Don’t see this (ft. Lawrence)” single [all my thoughts]
  • Oxford, UK ambient /glitch /leftfield /electronic solo project of Theo Monnington, aka OrageOrange “Shipwrecker” from the album “An Isle Full of Noises” [Shimmering Moods Records]
  • Brighton, UK ambient /IDM /decayed reels /analog electronic project of Ian Hawgood (aka folk reels), aka Koen Park “Isle of Sheppey (Early Tapes Mix)”
  • Antwerp, Belgian ambient /field recordings /art pop /pastoral folk composer and multi-instrumentalist Jonas De Houwer, aka Jonas Shepherd “Eaott” off the debut album “Magdalena” [Avian]
  • Brussels-based ambient /field recordings /electro-acoustic /experimental project of Ugnė Vyliaudaitė and Marija Rasa Kudabaitė, aka ugne&maria “healing” from upcoming cassette album “Healing” [Futura Resistenza]
  • UK experimental /radiophonic /library music /electronic /hauntronica from the heart of the English Lake District, The Heartwood Institute “Malkin Tower” from the cassette album “Mist Over Pendle”
  • UK ’60s inspired ambient /electronic /instrumental synth project of Gavin Brick (The Metamorph) and Phil Heeks (The British Stereo Collective/The New Electric Frontier), aka Ardala “The Men of Mystery from the debut album “Halls of Antiquity”
  • Marseille, France electro-pop /synth music producer and songwriter, French 79 “FOIX” from the new album “Teenagers”
  • Sevilla, Spain cinematic /synthwave producer Encarta “Testarossa Drive”
  • Scottish house /Italo /dark disco trance /wave /synth /electronic duo from Glasgow, Ubre Blanca “Pacific Palisades” from upcoming cassette LP “Rhizome” [Archaic Future Sounds]
  • Greek experimental industrial minimal electronics band Millions Of Dead Tourists – “Κόκκαλο (Bone)” from the third 12″ vinyl LP “Υγιείς (Healthy)” [Won Ton Records]
  • Copenhagen, Denmark dark ambient /death /industrial /noise producer Son of Seth – “Brutalized By Reality” from upcoming V/A “Midnight Grave Diggers” cassette compilation [S H I S H I]
  • Naples-based experimental /industrial /noise /techno live & production duo, 11xxx27 & Mystics – “Ice, Crying Eyes” from upcoming “BLOOD PACT” EP [Zhark Recordings]
  • Tampere, Finland cold analog EBM /tekno /synthpop act Toinen Luonto “Tartunta (feat. Absolute Key)” from the debut EP “Hiljainen kevät”
  • Berlin-based EBM /techno/ darkwave /dark electronics DJ-producer, Lorenzo Mancino – “September (Meshes Remix)” from V/A “Die Erlösung: Kapitel 2” cassette compilation soon on Crave Tapes
  • Berlin-based techno /electro /electroclash /no wave project of Mach Welle collective affiliated Werner Soyeaux (aka Bläck Dävil), Uwe Locati (aka DJ Locati), Dave Senan aka Senator and Hanni Kusch (member of Pisse), aka Wellen.Brecher – “Tierisch Verboten (21 Downbeat Cover Version)” off upcoming “Hitmaschine” EP 12″ [KILLEKILL027]
  • Spanish EBM /industrial /darkwave /techno DJ-Producer and co-founder of Bruto Industries label, xKukum ‘Ghost Spirit’ from his forthcoming “Dry Tears” EP 12″ [Bruto Industries // BRT006]
  • French synth wave /electro /indie dance /Italo disco producer Fred Rodrigues-Carreira aka Back From The Wave “Psychic (David Carretta Remix)” off “Psychic” EP [Space Factory]
  • Hamburg, Germany industrial /EBM /breakbeat /techno /electro producer and one half of Schulverweis, Johannes Haas aka L.F.T. “I Want To Be A Witch (feat. Rosaceae)” from “Hollow Head (The Hacker Remix)” EP 12″ [Mannequin Records]
  • Belo Horizonte, Brazil EBM /Industrial Techno project KugelBlitz “Der Untoten” first single
  • Berlin-based rave /hard techno duo Echoes Of October & Tham – “Das Leben Deiner Augen” from upcoming V/A “DRL03″ compilation 12” [DRILLER]
  • The Prodigy – “Voodoo People (Mr.Machine Edit)” [NO MERCY RECORDS]
  • The Future Sound Of London “Escape To Papua New Guinea” [RIKO Edit]
  • Joan Jett – “I Hate Myself For Loving You (Zaratustra & Pol Sibil Edit)” [Epicure Records]
  • Robotiko Rejekto – “Rejekto (Amarcord Edit)” \ Edits for Romagna Pt.1
  • London based Balearic /house /acid disco /electronic project of members of Trashmouth Records, Fat White Family & Paranoid London, aka DECIUS “Russian Salad” from upcoming “Decius Trax” EP [Trashmouth Records]
  • Paris‘ dark cosmic disco /EBM /electronic producer and Biologic Label head Harold Boué, aka ABSTRAXION “Love Pain feat. Curses & Borusiade” single [Dischi Autunno]
  • Valencian Dark Disco /Italo Body music /Indie Dance producer Mundo D “Royal Flush (Original Mix)” off upcoming EP “Royal Flush” [HEARec]
  • Spanish indie dance /italo body music /dark disco producers Parissior & Silicodisco “You Are The Reason” from V/A “Ombra INTL 026: Reckoning Reality” EP [Ombra International]
  • Leipzig-based acid /techno /synth wave /electro funk duo Anna Ersatz & Ole Cassette, aka Das A&O – “The Rainbow Sponge” from the 2-track EP 7″ “Les Hommes Boivent” [Rat Life Records]
  • Berlin-based, French acid /techno /electro producer Unklevon “San Telmo (Feat. Augustina)” from “PARIS75” EP [Boysnoize Records]
  • Rome, Italy electro DJ-producer and co-founder of MinimalRome label, Teslasonic – “The Frequency” from the forthcoming mini LP “Foundation” [MinimalRome]
  • Glasgow based acid /breaks /electro /techno DJ/Producer Fear-E – “Midnight Shuffle” from “The Pursuit Of All Wisdom” EP [Posh End Music]
  • Swedish-born, London-based producer ambient /rave /breaks /techno producer Hans Berg “Elevate” from “Elevate” EP [UFO Station Recordings]
  • Dutch ambient /house /electro /techno producer from Utrecht, Quince ” Ghost In The Machines” from “Anthology of Interest” EP 12″ [Something Happening Somewhere]
  • Düsseldorf, Germany cinematic /kosmische /breaks /Balearic /psych /trance /percussion /house /techno DJ-producer (half of Bar, Stabil Elite), Lucas Croon “Hals und Kopf” title track of the upcoming 2xLP album “Hals und Kopf” [Ediciones Villasonora]
  • Toulouse, France indie dance /psych /downtempo /electronic DJ-producer Akrav – “Beliciste” off V/A “Proton Waves 001” compilation [Nubians of Plutonia Records]
  • Israeli psychedelic /dub /house /dark disco /electronic project created by Tel- Aviv DJ-production duo Dori Sadovnik & Niv Arzi, aka RED AXIS “Relax Shiva” title track of the “Relax Shiva” EP 12″ [Crosstown Rebels]
  • Medicine Drum – “Water (Treasure Island Trance-A-Lento Edit)” [Serenades Edit #27]
  • French acid /house /nu-disco electronic music producer ACIDULÉ “Acidisco” from “Extended Plays Volume 1” EP [Avenfuture Musique]
  • Marseille, France indie dance /wave /dark disco producer Danse Alice – “Higher” off “Seagull & Horses” EP [Lumière Noire]
  • Greek analog synth electronics production duo and Inside Out Records founders, Stavros Potamitis and Constantinos Parisinos, aka Stevie R & Parisinos “Flying Horseman” off upcoming “Flying Horseman” EP [Sinchi]
  • Berlin-based, Santiago de Chile native dark cosmic Italo disco producer Manuel Ortúzar (1/2 of Random Atlas), aka Aural Trace “Soft Lips (Chinaski Remix)” off upcoming “Midnight Thoughts” EP [Melodize]
  • Athens, Greece ambient /tribal /experimental /electronic /Greek folk music project of Anna Papaioannou, aka Anna Vs June “I Can See (Anatolian Weapons Remix)” (Digital Only) from “Ersi” EP [Subject To Restrictions Discs ]
  • Ural, Russia tribal /organic house /folktronica /downtempo artist Lilova “Who are You ? (Original Mix)” from “Who are You ?” EP [Ohxala Records]
  • Haifa based, Palestinian folk /electronic /Arabian pop duo Zenobia زنّوبيا ft. Sama Shuhhok “Part 2 – Ya Yuma – Joy and Love – يا يما” from “Warriors Never Die” EP on Crammed Discs
  • Mexican experimental /dark disco /chug /tribal /psych /electronic DJ, Producer and Visual Artist from Guadalajara, ALF CHAMPION “Drástico – Spazio (Bryan Kessler Remix)” from “Sour & Sweet Remixes 1” EP [Fucanglong Files]
  • Cordoba, Argentina techno /house /indie dance production-DJ duo She Teiks – “De Ronda Voy (Original Mix)” from V/A “Oddness Vol. IV” compilation [Bonkers]
  • Marseille/Berlin Dark Disco /Indie Dance duo Bonnie Spacey & Franz Matthews – “Out Of Control” off “Trust, Process, Control” EP [HIFI/LOFI Records]
  • Russian leftfield indie dance punk electronic duo of brothers Sasha & Sergey Lipsky aka Simple Symmetry “Problem (feat. Hugo Van Heijningen)” from upcoming “Problem” EP 12” [Multi Culti]
  • Cannes, France ’90s /cosmic synth /Italo disco /indie dance producer Panthera – “Superchampion (Original Mix)” off upcoming “Superchampion” EP [Mélopée Records] https://soundcloud.com/user-82209270/panthera-superchampion-original-mix-melopee-records
  • Swedish Italo disco /synth wave /indie dance producer Marcus Christiansen “The Adventurer” from the upcoming “Strange Worlds” EP [CLUB MACKAN]
  • Cannes, France indie dance /progressive house /trance /Italo disco DJ-producer (1/2 of Neowise), Vaälha – “A2”
  • Stuttgart-based HiNRG /Italo-House DJ and music producer Jakob Mäder – “Morning Sun” off V/A “Musik zum Tanzen” EP [MISTER T]
  • Russian progressive house electronic artist Chernov “Olimpiya” off debut EP “Olimpiya” [One of Those Days]
  • Baltimore, Maryland ambient /field recordings /drone /experimental electronic /modular synths project of Carolyn Snow, aka Tangent Universes “Delicate Feedbacks”
  • Podgorica, Montenegro ambient /drone /experimental electronic artist Murkok “Wasteland I” from the album “Wasteland”
  • Israel ambient /tape /drone /psychedelic sound artist Skopje “Quaum” from the album “Nightworks” [Mahorka]
  • Belgium/UK dark ambient /drone /ritualistic /psych /haunted folk collective The Black Swan Triad “Gaia” from the second album “Maelstrom” on Reverb Worship (CDr)
  • Brussels, Belgium-based ambient /electro-acoustic project since 2011 by Philippe Wauman, aka Anantakara “Flooding The Mind” from the album “Calm Intent”
  • Rosa Brook, Australia ambient /drone /loops /radiowaves /electronic /synth musician, Solar Cell Kid “Hypnotic Geometry” from the upcoming album “Power Of The Sun” [Neotantra]

Madrid’s Torres Blancas by Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiz, 1964-1968