WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – May#21-21

Erwin Blumenfeld photography

  • Sonidos Subterraneos | Episode 081 | BAZ REZNIK                                                                                          
Courtesy of Medellin, Colombia‘s Sonidos Subterraneos label, The Hague based, Dutch DJ/producer and DYFR label head, Baz Reznik, explores the multifaced boundaries of a gripping and vibrating electro/techno sound with disco and house leanings, darkened over here to mark the occasion.                                              
  • Brussels/Marseille ambient /dub /tribal /psychedelic /ritual /electronic performative project of Léo Campbell (Techno Thriller) and Alban Mercier (Officium), Ended – “Sunrise (ft. Catherine Danger)” from the new album “CIRCADIAN” on Demord Enregistrements

Brussels/Marseille duo unveils an intoxicating and riveting glimpse of their sultry, lush, and vibrant “mushrooms sunset-party”, rife with ancestral tribal suggestions, mystical obscure fascinations and modern trance, teetering between synthetic and organic, to create droning and trance-inducing phantasmagoric atmospheric soundscapes. A trippy oneiric and lysergic jam that captures an insect dawn in the jungle, flickering to life with chirping, fluttering, droning primal gasps for sunlight, amid slow seductive esoteric female whispers and cunning echoes, while enigmatic crisp ritual beats, piercing reverberated shimmers and throbbing bass line’s crawl and take time to scatter the reflective rays through a poignant edge of rhythmic vibrations.

  • Dublin-based, Kent-born IDM /techno /electro producer CIGNOL “Echus Chasma” off upcoming “Future State” EP on Unknown To The Unknown

Dublin-based producer explores, with his distinctive electro prowess, emotive, melodic and atmospheric stellar dimensions that pulse, zip, and sprawl along with icy shimmering sinister synth swathes, dry hypnotic rhythms, robotic vocals, and squiggly acidic bass tones to rise and fall in enshrouding tinkly surges of chill-out aloof dancing inclinations.

  • Berlin-based techno /electro producer Alpha Visitor “Astromata” from “Interdimensional Doorway” EP on Larmes

Berlin-based producer delivers four atmospheric sci-fi dark technoid electro cuts, both hypnotising and glittering, laced with eerie flat and icy bright sinister synth strains, ominously pulsing buzzing bassline and mechanical off-tempo beats to create rolling and chiming swirls of motion building layers of tension and fear into expanding sparkling sidereal dimensions of prowling uncanny menace and chilling, nocturnal spatial dance grooves.

  • Buenos Aires-based industrial /EBM /post-punk /dark techno DJ and producer and Of Dolls And Murder label head Damian Visgard, aka Anti-Yo “Advertencia” off V/A “Estado De Golpe” on Sonidos Subterraneos

Fundraising compilation that unites many artists from all over the world to raise a stark voice of protest against the police abuse of the Colombian people.

  • Manchester, UK experimental/hypno-beat/techno /psych /synth electronic producer George Thompson aka Black Merlin “Scape One” title track from the new EP on Artificial Dance
  • Glaswegian leftfield /psych /cosmic slow techno DJ/producer and Phase Group label head, MR TC “Phosphorus” from V/A “Second Wave” soon on Random Numbers
  • Rotterdam based Dutch electronic music pioneer Danny Bosten, aka DAS DING “Dream Decay” off upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Tear Apart Tapes – The 7-inches” (originally released by Danny Bosten‘s label Tear Apart Tapes in the mid 1980s) [Futura Resistenza]                                                                                                             
  • North-West of England underground house /electro producer and owner/founder of L&T Recordings & Non Stop Rhythm, Tom Carruthers “Dark Side”
  • Paris-based dark electro /downtempo /cosmic synth producer Hadi Zeidan “Friend Request (KGBK Remix)” from “Friend Request” EP
  • Bay Area-based, Belgian avant exotica /coldwave /dark electronics /cabaret electronica producer, YNV “Estuary of Light” from the upcoming album “Golden Hour Ritual” [Lurid Music]
  • German electronic /kraut /folktronica /experimental multidisciplinary artist Viktoria Wehrmeister (half of renowned duo Toresch alongside fellow Düsseldorfian Tolouse Low Trax), aka DECHA ‘Icconuvatu’ off the sophomore LP ‘La Vida Te Busca’ on Malka Tuti
  • Edinburgh, Scottish electronic dub /leftfield pop solo project of John Bryden aka Eyes of Others “Turn Out a Light” off debut EP “Elevensis” on Global Warming Records
  • Greek experimental/industrial/wave/dark techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “Idolizing The Wrong Figures” (bonus track) from M.A.007 CD-R                                                                                                                                                            
  • Chicago, IL/Bristol, UK industrial /IDM /breakbeat /drum & bass /techno collaboration between Jonathan “Stave” Krohn and Tom Cooper, Stave & Karim Maas – “False Architecture” from V/A – “Bats In Pool (Vol.I)” on Dystant Recordings
  • Berlin-based experimental /EBM /industrial techno producers Hayden Payne and Manos Simotas, aka PHASE FATALE + UNHUMAN – “Fünf Euro Bitte” off upcoming V/A “DREAM BABY DREAM Volume One” fundraising compilation for Berlin’s DREAM BABY DREAM
  • Argentinian experimental/ EBM/ breaks/ acid /techno producer and founder of the Knife collective, Santiago Lachaise, aka Unknown “Freewill” from V/A “The Denial” on Patch Records
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental /electro /EBM /techno /dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Counterspell (GAËL Remix)” from cassette EP “Counterspell” [HMX005] via Home Mort
  • Industrial /dark electronic /electro /EBM solo project Urban Matrix “Men Will Die” from V/A “3 Years Compilation” on SOIL
  • Oakland, Ca EBM /Industrial /acid /techno solo project Amusement Machine “Understand” (Single)
  • Germany acid techno /dark techno /darkwave /dungeon synth /electronic solo project MACHINEPRINZ “Principles of Control” from the album “Teilen und Herrschen” on Demouide Products
  • Barcelona-based ambient /EBM /electro /industrial /techno producer by way of Venezuela, Cardopusher “Escape From Reality” off upcoming “Curses presents: Next Wave Acid Punx – Chapter 3″ [Eskimo Recordings  
  • Toronto based EBM /industrial /minimal wave /technopop duo, !Bang Elektronika “Aktivierung! (Randolph & Mortimer Remix)” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ EP “Aktivierung!” on mecanica                                                                      
  • EBM /Darkwave /Electro duo from Canada, Visit0r “Viscera” from V/A – “Los Insurgentes Tienen Razón part.III” on OSM Tapes
  • Montpellier new beat /electronic artist and co-founder of dadaist label Linge Records, Lucien Dall’Aglio, aka Gerard Jugno 106 “Ass Station (Corridor)” from upcoming “Grand Korg Malade” LP 12″ on Le Turc Mecanique
  • Bogotà, Colombia cyberpunk /industrial /electro /dark techno producer ULISSES “Slasher” (Single)
  • Sidney, Australia industrial /body music /techno /EBM artist Dirge “Bodyforce” from the single “Bodyforce / Area” on Burning Rose
  • Berlin-based Italian industrial techno producer Francesco Visconti aka VSK “Don’t” from V/A ” SOS Colombia V/A Part II – In Absence and Violence of the State. People unite and self organize” on Inherencia
  • Frankfurt am Main-based Italian EBM /electro /industrial /raw dark electronics project of Antonio Barbetta (aka Antonio) aka Raw Ambassador “Die Zukunft” title track from the upcoming cassette album on Idlestates Recordings
  • Italian experimental /industrial /noise /techno punk producer Andrea Natale, aka Anna Funk Damage “The Fuck” from upcoming Tripalium Corp‘s Digital Mutant Series’ ‘All Right’ EP                                                             
  • Tel Aviv based electro /disco /dark electronic producer Naor Dayen, aka E-bony “Stray Cats” title track from the upcoming first EP “Stray Cats” on Wrong Era/Slow Motion Records
  • San Diego, Ca based Mexican house /techno /disco electronic producer (Nortec Collective, Tijuana Sound Machine, Fussible and Latinsizer), Pepe Mogt – “Plastic Beach (Zombies In Miami Remix)” from “Tandem 001” Split EP series with Ramón Amezcua on Born In Mexico Label
  •  Istanbul based Dark Disco /Indie Dance project of DJ/Producer Ortac Genc, aka Fat&Bald “Pigneto” off V/A “Brutalist Disco” on Nein Records
  • French tribal /psych /ethnic /electronic musician, producer and Dj from Lille, Kubebe – “Candiru (Hanzo & Yaman Remix)” from “Candiru” EP on Belly Dance Services
  • Zürich, Switzerland dark disco /indie dance /electronic producer John Parsley “My Own Owl (Martin Noise & Kuunde Remix)” from the EP “My Own Owl” on Tronik Youth’s Nein Records                                                             
  • 2010‘s NYC disco classic Midnight Magic – “Beam Me Up (Each Other Remix)” off upcoming “Beam Me Up Remixed” EP 12″ on Razor-N-Tape                                                                                                         
  • Spanish Italo disco /wave /electronic artist Moo Moonster “Hera” off “Consort of Zeus” EP [Ya Hala Ya Hala Records]                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Amsterdam based Italo disco/psych/cosmic disco Italian producer Daniele Labbate (aka Disco Mortale), aka Daniel Monaco “Tu Sei Pazza” off “Tu Sei Pazza w/ Whodamanny Reinterpretation” 7″ single on Bordello A Parigi
  • Retro /funk /disco project of Argentinian DJ and Producer from Buenos Aires, Jonathan Douglas Braverman, aka Ladies On Mars “Young Guns” (Wham! Cover) new single
  • L.A. Balearic /disco /electronic producer POOLSIDE “Losing Control – Satin Jackets Remix” (Single)
  • Copenhagen cosmic /dub /house /electronic /pop artist UFFE – “Not Around” from upcoming “Not All The Stars” EP [On The Corner Records]
  • Marseille-based French electro /house producer (aka DJ Steef), Fred Berthet “Than” off “Lost & Sound” EP on Cologne’s Feines Tier label
  • Berlin-based Italian electro /house /Italo /cosmic disco producer and Panorama Bar/Robert Johnson resident, Massimiliano Pagliara “Forgotten Secrets” from “Connection Lost Pt. 3” EP on Uncanny Valley
  • Brazilian indie dance /acid /cosmic synth sound wizard ROTCIV – “The Morning After” from upcoming “Elev8tion” EP on Luv Shack Records                                                                                                                                       
  • Veteran German Electro DJ, producer and composer Martin Matiske – “Transmission” from his upcoming EP “Melodic Motion” on Bordello A Parigi.                                                                                                                 
  • Irish electro DJ /Producer from Dublin (Nixer, Clutterhead), PEGGS “Right Guard” from the EP “Hot Seat Vol.2” on Hotseat Recordings                                                                                                                                           
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands acid /breakbeat /electro producer GAMMA INTEL “Magnetic Practice” from upcoming “Effortless Imagination” EP on Mechatronica                                                                                         
  • US/The Netherlands Techno /Electro production duo of Detroit-based “Francois Dillinger” and Dutch new label LDI Records head “Lloyd Stellar“, Francois Dillinger + Lloyd Stellar ‘Antimachinism’ from their forthcoming EP “Machine Men” on Dutch label LDI Records.                                                                                                           
  • Kent, UK ambient /electro musician Stuart Flower aka Dexterous Numerics “Empathy Cache”
  • French deep electronic producer from Nimes, DEAF “Stellar Flash In A Deep Coma”                                                                                         
  • Budapest-born, Brooklyn-based electronic producer g͏u͏i͏næ͏p͏i͏g͏ ‘A Flagrant Disregard For Social Decorum’
  • Bulgarian experimental /ambient /drone /IDM /breakbeat /electronic producer Etien Slavchev, aka Evitceles – “Son Of The Moon” from upcoming V/A – “Bats In Pool (Vol.II)” tape compilation on Dystant Recordings         
  • Rome-bred Italian ambient /minimal /deep techno /electronic producer, Enisslab Studio, Spazio Disponibile label co-founder and one-half of Voices from the Lake, Giuseppe Tillieci aka NEEL “Onde & Catene” from V/A “Invitation” 12″ EP on International Day Off
  • Bruxelles ambient /dungeon synth project ARKANAR “Et on recommence à zéro” from upcoming cassette album “Les cris de melusine” on Le Syndicat des Scorpions                                                                              
  • Adelaide, Australia lo-fi /ambient /comfy synth project Museum of Natural History – “Day of Departure” from the album “Drifts Tape” on Rotten Device
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland experimental /ambient /new age project Alpha Chrome Yayo “Gestures” from the album “Open House”
  • Portland, Oregon ambient electronic artist (one half of Mint Julep), Hollie Kenniff “Sunset Chant” from the upcoming album “The Quiet Drift” on Western Vinyl
  • Soviet experimental /ambient /kraut /analogue synthesizer musician Vladimir Karpov, aka X.Y.R “Jeunesse Vague” from the album “Waves Tapes” on Constellation Tatsu
  • Copenhagen, Denmark ambient /classical /experimental duo Vanessa Amara “Piano & Accordion I” from the album “Music for Acoustic Instruments & Feedback” on Posh isolation
  • Bordeaux, France ambient /drone /electronic producer ゆPlateformeゆ “The Moon & Stars” from the album “Onsen Arcana” on NO PROBLEMA | DIGITAL

Erwin Blumenfeld photography