WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – MAY #20-23

photo by Ikko Narahara


  • BLOODY MARY // @ CRSSD Festival I 04.03.2023                                                                                                           

French-born, Berlin-based vinyl DJ, producer, and Dame-Music label head provides a gripping vinyl-only 2-hour live set of vigorous and uncompromising Acid-strewn funked-up Techno vibes.

  • Spanish EBM /Cyberpunk /Synthwave /Darksynth /Electronic music producer Nightcrawler “Multitasker” single

Spanish dominates the dance floor with a bass-heavy, industrial/EBM-inflected, dark electro frenzy introduced by cold ominous and obsessive anticipation that sets fire to treacherous droning bass oscillations, rattling percussive echoes, mercurial eerie synth strains, marching slashing beats, and minimal vocal intoxications, into an insanely hypnotic, murky and high-energy dancing blaze.

  • Paris/Lisbonne nu-disco /indie dance /dark disco duo ANTIDOT “Flesh Back” off upcoming s/t EP [NEIN Records]

French/Portuguese duo bring us back to ‘an era of innocence and decadence’ through nostalgic, sleazy and groovy 80s vibes teased by alluring sassy vocal attitudes, stomping clapping beats, clinking cow bells, bouncy disco bass undulations, and spooky cinematic synth swirls, driven by seductive lingering recollections of easygoing dancefloor thrills.

  • Milan, Italy EBM /industrial /techno /synthwave producer Human Error feat. The 3rd Man – “Sadhi Tahjiria” from the compilation “Die Erlösung: Kapitel 2” [Crave Tapes]

Milan/Vienna collaborative effort manifests an esoteric ritual domain of heavily crushing drum beats, bouncing along with tight rolling kicks and relentless jerky basslines, topped by sinister, buzzing and swarming synth excruciations, to engulf breathless Arabic chants and distant hurried voice clips, with mystery, danger, and an alluring heady dancefloor uproar.

  • Aberdeenshire, Scotland ambient /drone /electro-acoustic sound artist Samuel Death, aka T 1 D 3 S “Wading Through” from the album “With Bated Breath” [Shimmering Moods Records]
  • Lorient, France experimental /ambient /minimal /modular synth /electronic producer Rollier “Écran” from the album “Interaction Of Colors” [Oreille Gardée]
  • Albanian ambient /drone /electroacoustic /neo-classical musicians and artists, Bledi Boraku & Mardit B. Lleshi “Mija 1” from the album “Saggio” [Whitelabrecs]
  • Paris-based Australian experimental /atmospheric /drone /ambient project of vocalist and musician, one half of dream-pop duo Heligoland, Karen Vogt “Stranded by the Spring Tide (Lucy Adlington Remix)” from the new cassette remix album “Losing the Sea Remixes”
  • San Francisco‘s ambient /ethereal /drone /minimal techno /space music electronic veteran producer Brock Van Wey (AKA Earth House Hold, East Of Oceans), AKA bvdub “Days Inside of Love” from the album “Days of Gold” [quiet details]
  • US/Australian ambient /ethereal /cinematic /downtempo /neo-classical dream pop /electronic collaboration of producers Seattle-based producer Christian Gunning and Melbourne-based musician, vocalist, and sound healer Phoebe Dubar, Shelf Nunny x IKSRE “Falling” from the forthcoming album “An Open Book” [Hush Hush Records]
  • Mysterious Belgian IDM /glitch /experimental electronics duo Suumhow “KRIMINEILZAT” off the third album “Years Failed Successfully” [n5MD]
  • Philadelphia‘s experimental minimal electronic solo electronic project of musician & Writhing Squares bassist Daniel Provenzano, aka Induced Geometry “Org Pos” from upcoming LP “Induced Geometry” [Trouble In Mind Records]
  • UK ambient /experimental /foundsounds /folk collaboration between Xqui and Carl Knott (boycalledcrow, Spacelab), aka Wonderful Beasts “My Mate, The Druid” off the second album “Magic & Myth” [Subexotic Records]
  • German ambient /breaks /rave /house /Detroit techno sound artist Dusa “Black Knight Satellite” from s/t EP 12″ [TURNLAND]
  • Runcorn, UK ambient /coldwave /experimental /electronic /synth project of musician Gordon Chapman-Fox, AKA Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan “Daresbury Laboratory” from the CD of unreleased cuts included in Colin Morrison’s Castles In Space label magazine “Moonbuilding Sprung 2023” [Castles In Space]
  • New York based house /indie dance /synthpop /electronic duo Mike Simonetti (Italians Do It Better) and Elizabeth Wight (Silver Hands), Pale Blue “Spells (ft. Pier Bucci)” from the album “Maria” [Crosstown Rebels]
  • South Korean ambient /trance /house /breakbeat /techno DJ and Producer Oxymosoon – “Omen” from “Sight” EP [Of Dolls And Murder]
  • Nantes, France drama techno /electronic producer (1/3 of Depht Mod), Mimmo – “Dans l’autre monde” from “Boot Camp Simo Cell 2023” EP [Trempo]
  • Indian/German downtempo /raga /world music /electronic / folktronica collaboration between Bangalore‘s singer-actress-filmmaker and Hamburg‘s composer-cellist-DJ, MD Pallavi & Andi Otto “Puglisi” from the album “Songs for Broken Ships” [Pingipung]
  • UK ambient /experimental /field recordings /avant-garde /leftfield electronic musician, Xqui – “Left Side Hearing (Veryan Mix)” from the collaborative Veryan/Xqui remix single “Double Anonymous” [Wormhole World]
  • Zürich, Switzerland post-punk /experimental /minimal electronics producer Don Kashew “Reiter” off the first album “Reibung” [Subject To Restrictions Discs]
  • Los Angeles-based, UK industrial techno DJ-producer (former Sandwell District), Silent Servant – “Recurrent Sleepwalk” from upcoming V/A “Farewell Notes” cassette compilation [UNDER MY FEET.]
  • Italian experimental /industrial /metal /noise /techno /synth-punk DJ-producer Andrea Natale, aka ANNA FUNK DAMAGE – ”L’odore Del Mare” off upcoming cassette album “Il Corpo Che Si Rompe” [Osàre! Editions]
  • Kraków, Poland-based EBM /industrial /Italo /acid /techno multi-disciplinary artist CHINO “Spomenik” off upcoming V/A “SHADOW TERMINAL” cassette compilation [SYNTETYK]
  • Tribal /EBM /ritualistic /industrial /techno /electro moniker of Brooklyn-based producer, DJ and Lost Soul Enterprises founder, Richard Gamble aka Drakkar Noir – “All Fours” from the upcoming vinyl album “Means of Control” [FU.ME Rec]
  • Leipzig-based industrial /EBM /techno /electro artist (Architect, Rendered, Haujobb and Liebknecht), Daniel Myer “Atomic Overkill” from the album “Hingabe” [Sonic Groove]
  • French industrial /techno /EBM producer Nasdrowie – “Hard Boiled (Termination 800 Remix)” off upcoming “Hardlines” EP [VIVES]
  • Detroit, MI electronic /techno /EBM project led by Tyler Baker, Comfort Cure “Fight and Steal” from upcoming cassette EP “Design International” [DKA Records]
  • EBM /techno /wave /80s analog dark electronic project of Pittsburgh‘s pioneer Shawn Rudiman, aka Sequence 87 – “I Am Sequence” title track of upcoming album “I Am Sequence” [Braid Records]
  • Italian EBM /techno producer Gionata Bettini, aka Jørgen Thorvald – “Sacred The Relics” from V/A ” Miseria Bodywork Selections Vol 3″ tape compilation [Miseria]
  • Iranian noise /techno /post-industrial /dark electronic artist GARNU DEPOT “Nocturnal Grief” single
  • Los Angeles’ industrial /EBM /wave /synthpop duo FUEDAL “Movin” from upcoming cassette EP “Unit 1” [DKA Records]
  • Paris based EBM /industrial /techno DJ-producer CECIL OZARA “BIS ZUM ERSTICKEN” debut single
  • EBM /acid /electro /wave collaboration between Italo Moderni label boss Adrian Marth and Italian EBM master Diana Berti (Violet Poison), Adrian Marth feat Diana Berti “Panoramix Forest” from “Crystal Ball Visions” EP [KRI]
  • Electro dark synth-wave moniker of Italian producer Francesco Baudazzi (Violet Poison, Bakunin Commando, Diana Berti, Red Lodge), Be Dellow “True Friend” off upcoming V/A “Ombra INTL 026: Reckoning Reality” EP series [Ombra International]
  • Rotterdam-based anarchic queer electro-wave project of Mima and Spacemaker, aka Macho Diva – “Fetishista Kommunista (Rude 66 Remix)” off forthcoming mini-LP “Fetishista Kommunista” [Electronic Emergencies]
  • Recife, Brazil funk /acid /ghetto /electro /techno /breakbeat electronic music project by DJ-producer Pedro Mota, aka Holandês – “Fuga” off upcoming “Poder Paralelo” EP [XXIII]  
  • Buenos Aires based experimental /industrial techno producer ARTIOM “Spirits Are Here (Grandchaos Remix)” off upcoming “Spirits Are Here” EP [Nu Body Records]
  • Polish industrial techno producer and Lethal Curse label head, Violent “Hellscape” off “Fragments Of Decay” EP [Askorn Records]
  • Russian industrial acid techno producer Платтенбау “Serpantine” off “Atonal Music For Schizophrenics” album
  • Sion, Switzerland dark techno producer Unconformist – “Baalbek” from V/A “We Are Techno” EP 12″ [Mätäsism]
  • Italian industrial techno producer Raho – “Overloaded” from forthcoming “Overloaded” EP [OFF Recordings]
  • Japanese ambient /techno composer and producer Maiko Okimoto aka Lemna “N19” from “Nodes” EP [KHIDI]
  • Russian EBM /acid house Dj/producer and Mosaique Records head Alexander Moralez, AKA Moralez “Climax (Etcher Remix)” off “Twilight” EP 12″ [Snuff Trax]
  • Charleroi, Belgium industrial /IDM /acid /breakbeat /experimental electro duo CERCLE FUTUR “Cantique du Soleil Noir” from the upcoming album “La Guerre Comme Expérience Intérieure” [Roulette Rekordz]                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Polish techno /electro DJ-producer Somnolent Works ‘Inner Source’ from the V/A “FIREPROOF [vol.1]” compilation [Your Character]
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina ambient /acid /electro producer Faca “Siempre es Igual (User_Delusion bass tool)” from the upcoming “For Faith” EP [JADE]
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK IDM /ambient /techno /electro producer Daniel Pringle, aka The Jaffa Kid “In The Morning” from “Polysynthesis pt. 2” EP [030303]
  • Melbourne-based techno /house /acid /dance electronic producer Eden Burns “Free Your Mind” off “Big Beat Manifesto Vol. VII” EP 12″ series [Public Possession]
  • Tel Aviv breakbeat /acid /progressive /trance producer MYKI – “Vermountia” from Olsvangér & MYKI‘s split EP “Hallways” [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
  • Cairo-based Egyptian bass /drums /breaks /experimental producer 3Phaz “Drum Track (OMAAR remix)” from “DrumTraTrax” EP [TraTraTrax]
  • German house /breakbeat /synthpop /electronic collaboration, Ubahnrider & Quimbie “Crimson and Clover” from “Monden” EP 12″ [Janx Records]
  • Belgrade‘s disco /techno /electronic DJ-producer Lüle aka Bojan Gajić, aka Kompleks “Novi Život”
  • Bogota, Colombia new rave /wave /dungeon techno duo Nuclear Digital Transistor “Hypnotic Rave” off sophomore “Subtempo” LP [Kaputt.wav]
  • Berlin-based English Balearic /cosmic /nu-disco /funk electronic producer David Sanderson aka, David Harks ‘Sunshine Cowboy’ from the new ‘Mega-City Cowboy’ EP
  • San Jose, CA indie dance /disco /house /retrowave /synthwave collaboration, Johnatron feat. Simone Vignola – “Collapse (Instrumental)” off “Collapse” EP [Girlfriend Records]
  • Berlin-based, Belgian trip-hop /electro-pop duo Yoy Adegoke and Wim Janssens, aka Joy Wellboy “Time Will Tell – De La Phoenix Remix” from “Pegasi Lake Reworks” EP [Siamese Twin Records]
  • Margate-based Arabic /synthpop /Italo disco project of Gabriel Stebbing (Metronomy & Christine and the Queens collaborator), Night Works – “Sweep It Out Your Hair (Moving Still Remix)”
  • Nigeria-born folk /Afro /electronic project of Tunde Obazee, aka Betty & The Code Red “Wishful Desire” (1987) title track of the upcoming vinyl reissue of the EP “Wishful Desire” [Emotional Rescue]
  • 1980 classic Lipps Inc. – “Funky Town (Shlomi Hazan & AckerMan 2023 Remix)”
  • East London-based house /indie disco DJ and producer Farloh “Distant View (Original Mix)” from the upcoming “Distant View” EP [Karakter]
  • London, UK experimental /Arabic /ethnic /electronic multi-disciplinary project from the minds of Sepehr and Kasra V., aka Flower Storm “Sage’s prophecy” from the upcoming “Yek” EP
  • Berlin-based, Asunción/Istanbul cosmic folk electronic live duo Santi & Tugce – “Madrugada (YoSoyMatt Remix)” [KYBELE]
  • Brooklyn, NY-based nu-disco /Bossanova /soul jazz /electronic project from Mattie Safer (The Rapture/Poolside), Lovetempo “The One (Reznik & Mikesh Remix)”
  • Berlin-based ambient /wave /downtempo /cosmic disco /house /techno producer Stephanos Pantelas, aka El Nino Diablo “House Of JuJu (original mix)” from “The House Of JuJu” EP 
  • Italo/Russian downtempo /psych /slow trance /tribal techno production duo A-Tweed + Andrey (of Radial Gaze), AKA Oblako Maranta – “Mongol Triol (Original Mix)” from “Maranta Kicks” EP [Duro]
  • Australia/Israel downtempo /acid /psych /tribal /slow techno electronic collaboration Funboys & AckerMan – “Duro Direzzi” from the upcoming “Maggot Monday” EP [Belly Dance Services]
  • French electroclash /synth wave /electro /indie dance /Italo disco producer Fred Rodrigues-Carreira aka Back From The Wave – “Corrosives Influences (Panthera Remix)” off “Psychic” EP [Space Factory]
  • Offenbach-based Brazilian techno /dark disco /indie dance /electronic producer Jefferson Celestino, aka CELESTINO “R.I.D. (Endrik Schroeder Pump Remix)” from “R.I.D.” EP [Espacio CIELO]
  • Helsinki, Finland breakbeat /acid progressive house Dj-producer, Jeku “Astral Dream” from “Surreality” EP 12″ [Craigie Knowes]
  • Perm, Russia experimental /leftfield /techno /house producer KIKOK “Hot Pink (Gnoomes Remix)” from “HOT PINK REMIXES” EP [TESTFM]
  • Tbilisi, Georgia experimental /techno /IDM /breakbeat /electronic producer Gacha Bakradze “Form” from “Forget” EP [Oath]
  • Rotterdam‘s experimental-braindance-dub-electro-techno producer Boris Bunnik (aka Versalife, Hexagon, Silent Harbour), Conforce “Parallax” from upcoming “Sins of Synthesis” EP [Delsin Records]
  • Sheffield, UK ambient /breaks /minimal techno /deep house producer and Simpler Times label co-founder, David – “Full Circle” off upcoming EP “Moments” [Simpler Times]
  • UK ambient /cinematic /downtempo /electronic multidisciplinary artist R.Cleveland Aaron, aka See Blue Audio “Mantra” from the album “Clinical Trials” [f5point6]
  • Portland, Maine ambient /experimental /avant-garde /electronic project of Spencer Clark (Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Typhonian Highlife, and The Skaters), FOURTH WORLD MAGAZINE III “Motion of A.L.C.” from “Neoplatonic Aquatic Symposiums” album + 12-page magazine [Poole Music]
  • New Hampshire ambient /electronic sound artist Tom Eaton “Into The Blue” from the album “Collected Ambient Works Volume 1” [Neotantra]
  • Indianapolis ambient/ drone/ ethereal/ electronic artist Zakè “¹Bracken” from the album “B⁴” [Zakè Drone Recordings]


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