WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips // MAY #19-24

Photo by Ulrich Wüst, stadtbilder-nachlass, 1979-1983


  • Italorator w/ MARSMAN [Episode 8] – ‘The Neo Disco Files’

From Horror Disco to Electrofunk back to modern Italo…you can’t go wrong with Rotterdam‘s Pinkman Records boss, simply electrifying body moving electronic music from start to finish.

  • Vancouver‘s ambient /IDM /dungeon synth /hauntology /lo-fi electro musician Jonathan Orr, aka MIDI Janitor “Far Speak” from the cassette album “Holy To Dogs” [HOTHAM SOUND RECORDINGS]

With the use of a scavenged MIDI keyboard and sounds plundered from a wide swath of archaic media, Vancouverite imaginative sound craftsman delivers an equally heady and haunting intriguing alchemy of crisp, tight percussive loops and alien icy bright chimed swirls, persistently stumbling and swaying along drifting hypnotizing arcane mindscapes, permeated by a subdued restlessness, amid sparse jarring frequencies, indiscernible whispers and vocal distortions, to lastly dissolve, leaving its echo reverberating into a final silence.

  • Derry, Northern Ireland industrial /steppers /post-punk /dub wave /’Dyslexia Sound’ producer Autumns “Inside The Bins” from upcoming “Dyslexia Sound Source” LP 12″ [Touch Sensitive]

In his fourth release via Touch Sensitive under the ‘Dyslexia Sound’ banner, Derry‘s finest strips it right down to the bone and takes it back to the Source. The first teaser ignites an obsessive rousing sweep of ringing and clattering steel percussive patterns and pumping dubwise bass grooves, to provoke woozy and sultry sensorial spirals of full-bodied dancing hypnosis.

  • Valencia, Spain Industrial /EBM /Working Class Electronic Music project of Ana Spammer & David Spammer, aka Spammerheads “Human hysteria” from upcoming LP “Disclaimer” [Soil Records]

The Valencian Working Class Electronic Music squad is back on track with relentless hard menacing industrial grime, fueling a frantic swirl of thumping drum programming, buzzing see-saw bass grooves, and rugged synth strains to carry rough guttural vocals and agonized cries through a carnal human experience of hedonism and hysteria.

  • Danish ambient /drone /minimal /electronic collage artist and musician øjeRum “En Sten For Solen” title track from the CD album “En Sten For Solen” [quiet details]
  • Valencia, Spain ambient /drone /new age /soundscape side project of sound artist known as Warmth, SVLBRD “Dive” from the EP “Illuminate” [Faint]
  • Swedish ambient /drone /electroacoustic composer and sound artist,  Tobias Hellkvist “Patience from the album “Evolutions” [Home Normal]
  • Beirut-based, Lebanese ambient /drone /noise /soundscapes /tape loops musician, producer, sound engineer and guitarist Fadi Tabbal “When We Swam Together” from the album “I Recognize You from my sketches”
  • Tokyo-based US ambient /drone /minimal /electronic producer and Two Acorns label head Will Long, aka Celer “Ultra-terrestrial Yearning” from “Perfectly Beneath Us” LP 12″ [Field Records]
  • British-born ambient /electroacoustic /folk /experimental musician and composer Will Samson “For Rubi from the album “Harp Swells” [12K]
  • Portuguese ambient /4th world /new age /meditation /electronic artist, funcionário “Esperança” off the album “Momento Claro” [Glossy Mistakes]
  • Ambient /drone /industrial /experimental /electronic collaboration between Berlin-based Dutch-Italian composer and sound designer Aimée Portiol and veteran Italian producer Guido Zen, aka Grand River and Abul Mogard “In uno spazio immenso” off upcoming album “Dissolvi” [light-years]
  • Tokyo-based ambient /drone /improv /experimental /electronica composer and sound artist, Yama Yuki – “Ordinary Detour” from V/A “Music for Resorts” LP 12″ [Kankyō Records]
  • Frankfurt am Main, Germany dark ambient /drone /deep techno producer (aka Pyrmont), Tunist Dasa “Open The Valve” from “Sanatorium” album [Pragmat]
  • German krautrock /electronic pioneer Conrad Schnitzler (Kluster, Tangerine Dream), Conrad Schnitzler “Slow Motion 11″ from the vinyl 12” reissue of the 2010 album “Slow Motion” [Bureau B]
  • Berlin-based ambient /dub techno duo of Basic Channel dubwise vocalist and Rhythm & Sound legend Tikiman, and René Löwe of Chain Reaction‘s Vainqueur fame, Paul St. Hilaire & René Löwe “Faith (No Vox Mix)” from the reissue of the 2003 classic “Faith” EP 12″ [Kynant Records]
  • UK ambient /chillout /drone /dub /techno veteran electronic producer/musician (one half of The Grid and Beyond The Wizards Sleeve), Richard Norris “Inner Communication” from upcoming “Oracle Sound Volume Three” LP 12”
  • Sheffield, UK ambient /IDM /experimental techno outfit The Black Dog “Isolation” from the forthcoming “Isolation” EP 12″ [Dust Science Recordings]
  • Scottish ambient /minimal /deep house /dub techno producer Alex Cowles (aka DFRNT), Stillhead “Iden” from “Planetary” EP 12″ [Primary Colours Music]
  • Runcorn, UK ambient /coldwave /folk /experimental /electronic /synth project of musician Gordon Chapman-Fox, AKA Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan “A Shared Sense of Purpose” from the vinyl 12″ LP “A Shared Sense of Purpose” [Castles In Space]
  • UK ambient /electro-acoustic /experimental electronic duo Paul Jones and Stephen Black, aka Group Listening “Hills End” from the album “Walks” 12″/CD [PRAH Recordings]
  • Milan, Italy ambient /acid /psych /cosmic /dub /downtempo /electronic producer nICo – “The Red Sun” from “Unexplored Earths” EP [Estuary Tapes]
  • Krasnodar-based ambient /techno /psy /trance electronic DJ-producer Volta Cab/Rambal Cochet “Dark Caravan (Vox Mix)” vocal edit of the first Rambal’s ever track released
  • Koh Chang, Thailand downtempo /tribal acid /slow trance /psych /ethnic /electronic producer The Dude Of Stratosphear – “Distante Temple Ritual”  from V/A “Unreleased Territory vol. 5: Low Voltage” compilation [Electric Shapes]
  • German ambient /Balearic /chillout /psych /electronic producer (aka Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge, one half of AngstLust), Niklas Wandt “Forellental (Simas Slabačiauskas remix)” [SOLRESOL]
  • German Balearic /chillout /downtempo /electronic collaboration between Nuremberg‘s artist Patrick Jahn and Hamburg‘s International Pony member Carsten Meyer, aka Patrick Jahn & Erobique – “Moonlight Shuffle” from V/A “Basso presents: Sitting In Trees” LP 12″ [International Feel]
  • Adelaide, Australia ambient /Balearic /deep house /downtempo /electronica producer and Isle Of Jura label boss, Jura Soundsystem “Carafe Denim (Quiet Village Remix)” from “Remix Special” EP 12″ [Isle Of Jura]
  • London‘s ambient /grime /psych /dub /techno /experimental producer Leeway “Rushcutter” from V/A “Dear Ghod” compilation [lost domain]
  • Brazilian world /breaks /leftfield esoterica electronica producer Musuama ‘Ajetreo’ from ‘Bailes Mudos’ EP [NHS/Nostro Hood System]
  • San Francisco-based ambient /loops /samples /drum & bass /breakbeat /deep house /experimental veteran producer Brock Van Wey (aka bvdub, Earth House Hold), aka East Of Oceans “Deep Waters” from “Tsunami” LP
  • Barcelona-based, ambient /experimental /leftfield /electronic Greek Anatolian singer-songwriter Daphne X “Hands are Flowers” from the upcoming cassette album “An Echo Of Something I Don’t Remember [Paralaxe Editions]
  • Brussels-based ambient /cinematic /ethnic /dub /tribal /post-punk /wave /trip-hop /experimental pop /folk duo of producer Enir Da (co-founder of Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm) and multi-instrumentalist Charles Lmx, aka Temir Alcy “Per Quanto” from the debut album “Temir Alcy” LP [STROOM.tv]
  • Paris/Barcelona ambient /dub /experimental electronic joint mixed-media project created by Cedric Pilooski and Marc Nguyen Tan (aka Colder), .300 Whisper “Inhumanity & Justice feat. Mutado Pintado (Extended Edit)” from the cassette album “Inhumanity & Justice” [Offen Music]
  • London ambient /drum & bass /jungle producer Refreshers “The Infinite Dub” off “The Infinite” EP
  • San Diego-based, UK experimental /ambient /techno /breaks /drum & bass /electronic film composer, recording artist, Auxiliary label owner, James Clements aka ASC “Things Left Unsaid” from “Moving Through Dreams” EP 12” [Auxiliary]
  • London-based ambient /cinematic /breaks /halftime dnb /drum & bass DJ and producer Justin Dolby, aka Biorhythm “Inside” off New Life” EP [Modern Conveniences]
  • New York-based experimental/psych /techno /breaks /ethnic /jackbeat /electro Bay Area-bred American/Iranian DJ-producer and live act Sepehr “Genesis Domain” from the “Genesis Domain” EP 12″ [Dekmantel]
  • Massachusetts-based breakbeat /electro /mutant techno DJ & producer Chris Leamy, aka Xen Chron “Return of The Drone Face” from “A Fireside Chat” EP [Fever AM]   
  • France-based techno /electro producer Unklevon “Bag Secured ft. Maral” from “UN1C” 2xLP [Boysnoize Record]
  • London-based ambient /IDM /acid house /psych /electro /techno /experimental DJ-producer Timothy J. Fairplay “SOS Concord” from V/A “Unreleased Territory vol. 5: Low Voltage” compilation [Electric Shapes]
  • Enigmatic French techno /machine funk /electro producer KafkaCtrl “Hadron cascade” from upcoming “Collider Complex” EP 12″ [Another Perspective]
  • London new beat /techno /analog dark electro French producer Mascarpone “Code Injection” from the forthcoming “Chronology Of The Universe” EP [Nocturbulous Records]
  • Venice, Italy acid /breakbeat /electro producer TLXCO  “THE HARSH” from V/A “Survivors vol.1” compilation LP [FLOWTAPE]
  • Berlin-based industrial /power electronics /techno /electro /breaks Ukrainian producer Constance Heleda, aka Costa “Ritual Mechanic” from the cassette album “Souls Redemption” [Natural Sciences]
  • Berlin-based dark ambient /drone /noise /industrial live recording side project of techno artist Eve Schwarz, LIIneas “Fieber 03” from “FIEBER” mini-LP [SUBVERTED]
  • Washington D.C. goth /post-punk /dark synth /EBM /dark electro artist, Maduro “Lips Like Venom” single via Re:Mission Entertainment
  • Brussels/Montreal dark ambient /industrial /EBM /techno collaboration Ottoman Grüw & Inside Blur – “Endless Desert” title track of “Endless Desert” LP [Khoinix]
  • Vienna-based dark industrial techno British producer Mahk Rumbae a.k.a. Codex Empire “Praeburn” off upcoming V/A “Pitch Dark” EP 12″ [Pure Hate Trax]
  • Mexican EBM /noise /industrial techno DJ-producer Datura Inoxia “Lonely Soul”
  • Berlin, German new beat /techno /coldwave /EBM project of Wie Ein Gott label head Johannes Stabel, aka XTR HUMAN – “SCHRANK” title track of the upcoming LP “SCHRANK” [Negative Gain Productions / Wie Ein Gott]
  • Moscow electro-wave/synth-heavy experimental live electronics duo REKK&KUTOBOY “Snake Bush” off the S/T EP [Attention Management]
  • Berlin-based hardgroove techno duo Disguised “Toothbreaker” from the debut album ”Out of Office” [INHERIT]
  • Polish industrial techno hardware producer and live act, Organik Fanatik “Prey For Me” from “Sexperienced” EP
  • Berlin-based Acid /Techno /Elektro /Dark Disco artist Moderna – “DIE4U” from the debut LP “The Future Is Among Us” [Brave New Rave]
  • Depeche Mode – “Enjoy The Silence (Raul Parra Remix)”
  • Toulouse, France goth /electronic /dark folk quartet Lisieux “Deluge (Ancient Methods Remix)” from “Abide! Remixes!” EP
  • Indie dance /leftfield house /psych /space disco collaboration between London-based Greek artists, Inside Out Records bosses, and Swiss singer-songwriter, Stevie R & Parisinos Ft. Ellivia – “Egal (Radio Mix)” [Sum Over Histories]
  • Barcelona, Spain acid /breakbeat /downbeat /slow trance /slo-mo /”Slow Rave” DJ-producer UMO ”Analog (JG Outsider Remix)” from “As Below So Above” EP [OPENTHENEXT]
  • Lisbon/Amsterdam-based acid indie dance /tribal dark disco collaboration, Anastasia Zems & Mike Sacchetti – “The World’s a Dream (Radial Gaze Remix)” off “Enter The Wild” EP [Ghosting Corporation]
  • Leeds, UK Italo /indie dance /house /cosmic disco /psych /chug /electronic production duo Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe, aka PBR Streetgang – “Gamma Ray (Massey Remix)” off “Trans Pennine Express II” EP [Sprechen]
  • Hebden Bridge, UK acid /deep house /disco /psych /slo-mo chug /cosmic poetry /electronic producer Flash Atkins “Who Am I? feat Sirius Rush” from upcoming “F.B.O.” EP [Paper Recordings]
  • Mexican Italo /wave /cosmic disco /electronic producer Ulises Arrieta “Dimension (Velax Remix)”
  • Mexico-based dark disco /indie dance collaboration between Chilean DJ-producer duo and Mexico City artist, Roswell Brothers & Sabina Odone “Cuarto Rojo feat. L.U.W.” [J Records]
  • Croatian/Slovenian melodic house /techno /indie dance /Italo duo Vanillaz – “Let’s Get Lost (Freudenthal Remix)” [Raving Society]
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland Italo disco /house /indie dance DJ-producer Jordan Nocturne feat. Coco Cole – “Thrill of Desire” from V/A “Gudu & Friends Vol. 2” LP tape [Gudu Records]
  • La Plata, Argentina indie dance /dark disco DJ-producer Cosmosolar – “Immaginazione” title track of the upcoming “Immaginazione” EP [Espacio CIELO]
  • Electro disco collaboration between Brazilian born come Berlin resident Joyce Muniz and Algerian born come Rome resident DJ producer Sara Bluma, Joyce Muniz – “Beats & Lines Feat. Sara Bluma (Extended Mix)” from the split 12″ with Hardt Antoine “Beats & Lines / I Will” EP [Kompakt]
  • Milan, Italian ’80s /Italo Body Music /indie dance /Italo disco duo Cisky & Soncini, aka Dog.Ma “Restart” off V/A “A Retro Futuristic Collage Vol. 2” compilation LP [Club Mackan]
  • Dutch indie dance /trance /house DJ-producer Budakid – “Infinity” from 2-track EP [Exploited]
  • Glasgow, Scottish house /dubbed-out disco duo James ‘Harri’ Harrigan and Max Raskin, aka manakinz “Blootaboyz” from “WHIM!” EP
  • UK tribal /African percussions /minimal techno producer Richard Wolfhouse “Untitled” from “Percussion Edits Vol” LP 12″ [TRULE]
  • Los Angeles minimalistic /experimental sound artist and composer (aka Pinkcourtesyphone), Richard Chartier “variance.1” from the upcoming album “On Leaving” [Touch]
  • Californian ambient /drone /sax /electronic /experimental collaboration, Kenneth James Gibson & Paul Carman “Finding New Language” from the upcoming cassette album “Murals For Immersion”
  • Japan ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /experimental /electronic producer Nobuya Uchida, aka Uchida Sound Labo+Mathew Antony+Kosuke Miyashita “Dawn #02” from the long-form CD LP “Dawn” [Slow Tone Collages]
  • Nederland, CO ambient /electroacoustic /experimental sound artist Darren Harper – “A seasonal reflection in four movements” from the split album “Generational Drift / The Celestial Sphere” by Darren Harper / Ümlaut [Handstitched*]

Photo by Ulrich Wüst


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