WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – MAY #19-22

  • Galactic Funk Podcast 085 // PASTRAM                                                                                                                

Courtesy of Amsterdam‘s Galactic Funk Podcast, Geneva-based, Italian-born DJ and resident of Motel Campo Pastram unrelenting whips up killer all vinyl sets spanning electro, EBM, Italo, and industrial through a cutting-edge and uncompromising selection of banging body music.

  • Russian experimental /dub /new age /psych /ambient producer Alexander Sirenko, AKA Coral Club “High Temple” from the upcoming album “Lost Cities” on Moon Glyph

Moscow based electribalist Alexander Sirenko’s equally idyllic and disturbing third wandering under his Coral Club moniker, ventures deep into the fog-laden ruins of “Lost Cities”. The first preview unfurls eerie, serene engaging atmospheric textures rattle, tweet, and chime in a shamanic wonderland of sights and sounds, to flourish into melancholic keyboard melodies, ritual smoothly tapping tinny percussions, and off-kilter flute-like transfixions below soaring swirls and flights of fancy, to expand in vast, depth-defying dimensions of hallucinatory thought-forms invoking latent wisdom and insight from the vast well of collective celestial consciousness.

  • UK lo-fi /EBM /acid /dark electro /techno producer Mike Smith (aka Crossover Network) aka E.L.I. – “Shattered Nerves” from the upcoming 10″ vinyl EP “Malicious Content” on Glasgow‘s label Lifeforms     

UK producer walks the dizzying tightrope between EBM, Acid and Electro employing his humble trickery-free hardware setup to ignite urgent, groovy, hypnotic dancing pounding rhythms to drive relentless energy and excitement through a thick, squelchy, undulating tunnel of bass boom bounces and buzzing looping synth swirls and acidic FX, whilst excruciating distorted screams invoke pain and doom from the dark dank regions of lit dancefloor dungeons.

  • Irish electro producer Robert Stapleton AKA High Fidelity – “Chaser” from the upcoming V/A “Hot Seat Vol.3” EP on Hotseat Recordings                                                                                                                                      

Irish producer unleashes an electrifying, raw and throbbing electro hit, that bounces through a vibrant flurry of ominously heavy buzzing bassline, mercilessly slashed by crisp slicing percussions and punchy kicks, surrounded with bracing echoing vocal snippets along glacial, fluctuating, and crushing synth swirls to instigate a heady ejection of toxic dancefloor moods.

  • Paris based avant-garde /experimental /synth /electro-acoustic /electronic duo of brothers and multi-instrumentalists Patrick Müller and Thierry Müller (aka Ruth, Dildo, Crash), ILITCH “Les cauchemars de nos choix” from the upcoming album “PTM Works 2” on ilitchmusic
  • UK experimental /hypno-beat electronic producer George Thompson aka Black Merlin “NZZER” from “DOTEDK” EP
  • Berlin-based ambient /glitch /abstract /minimal house /electronic musician Jan Jelinek AKA Farben “Beautone (Remaster 2022)” from the double vinyl album “textstar+” remastered collection of the 4 EPs CMYK series [1999/2002] on Faitiche
  • Weimar based IDM /acid /downtempo /electro producer XY0815 – “Gates Need Inputs” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Gates Need Inputs Vol. I” on brokntoys
  • Belgrade experimental /ambient /tribal /psych /acid /downtempo /electronic duo Nebojša Bogdanović and Goran Simonoski, aka TAPAN “Twenty One (DJ Oil rmx)” from “TWENTY ONE” EP
  • Amsterdam‘s ambient /breakbeat /bass /electronic producer Luigi Vittorio Jansen (Fka Beesmunt Soundsystem) aka BSS “Het Stenen Hoofd” from upcoming EP “Bredius” on Hivern Discs
  • Amsterdam‘s techno /drum & bass producer Tammo Hesselink “Former Tool” from “Borrowed Wheels” EP on his new imprint Rear View Memory
  • Mysterious ambient /dark /drum & bass producer Ikiryō “Katana’s Edge” from “The Stranger” EP on UK label Kurnugû
  • Melbourne‘s experimental /ambient /electronic producer James Annesley aka WARM STRANGER ”Empty Frame” from the new EP “Good Intentions”.
  • Manchester, UK electronic /new wave /synthpop solo project KRAFTman “Kometenmelodie 2″ (Kraftwerk cover) from the new EP “Riding Through The Alps”
  • Dutch experimental /industrial /wave /psych /techno longstanding pivotal Amsterdam radio show host and producer Richard Zeilstra A.K.A. Genetic Factor “The Lizard King, Empty Highways” from upcoming full archival 2xLP compilation “In Deadly Wet Dreams” on Artificial Dance
  • Belgium-based industrial/anti-techno producer (part of the global anti-music conspiracy networkTM since 1992), HYPNOSKULL “TMKF” on Antibody label
  • Swedish EBM /dark techno /electronic /minimal synth project Kinder Aus Asbest “Another world” from CDr album “NATUROM DEMONTO” (tracks originally created for the live gig at EBM United Festival Stockholm, April 16th 2022)
  • Paris-based industrial /techno /electronic producer MIND | MATTER “Les Brumes de l’Abandon” from the EP “Les Brumes de l’Abandon [Persephonic Sirens 016]
  • Front Line Assembly – “Black March (WLDV Edit)”
  • Death In Vegas – “Hands Around My Throat (Alpha Sect On – Speed Edit)”
  • Buenos Aires-based industrial /EBM /post-punk /dark techno DJ and producer and Of Dolls And Murder label head Damian Visgard, aka Anti-Yo “Loc Nar Logic” from V/A “Unification of Harsh Realities Vol.2” cassette compilation on N.I.M Tapes
  • Chiapas, Mexico industrial /techno /EBM duo Red Deviil “Pentagrama Invertido” from the cassette EP “Monster Reborn” on Detriti Records
  • Berlin-based EBM /industrial /techno /post-punk /experimental electronics Rome‘s producer Lady Maru “Mind Battle (Angel Karel Remix)” from the album “Spiritual Psychosis” on Revok Records
  • French industrial /no-wave /post-punk /dark electronic producer and Body Theory label boss Sebastien Michel (aka Daxyl, Elements of Joy and UVB), aka Die Ecke “The BB Disko Band” from the new 12″ EP “Jukebox Politics” on Persephonic Sirens                                                                                                                           
  • New York-based industrial /EBM /wave /electro DJ-artist R GAMBLE “Strict Guidance” from the upcoming cassette album “The One With the Eyes” on Marguerite Records
  • Berlin based post-punk /electro /dark disco /technodisco collaboration between Greco/German DJs/producers duo Vamparela & Brax Moody and New York native Luca Venezia, Local Suicide & Curses – “Whispering” from upcoming Local Suicide’s debut LP “Eros Anikate [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Divine – “Native Love (Facets Step by Step Edit)” 1982 Hi NRG Disco classic
  • Berlin based French electronic music duo H.L.M “Architecture Compliquée (Curses Dub)” from upcoming EP “Architecture Compliquée” on MILK ME                                                                                                                 
  • Italian experimental /acid /ethnic /cinematic /electronic music project by RBMA alumnus Marco Segato and photographer/video-maker Alessio Costantino (aka Askmeaboutdogs), aka NARVALOS “ In Hoc Signo Vinces” from the cassette album “PoP (La Fuga)” on Sons Of Traders Records                                                                 
  • Chile-based industrial /EBM /broken beats /distorted techno /mutant electro producer CCCICLO “Contra Indicaciones”                                                                                                                                                             
  • London, UK based acid /techno /house /electro Texan producer (AKA Chupacabras) AKA Acid Freq. “Speed Trap” from the EP “Envelope Modulation” on Draconian Steps
  • Melbourne acid /psytrance / electronic producer Cooper James Fraser, AKA Reflex Blue – “Camel Ride” from the EP “Twin Waters” [Common Ancestors]
  • Greek psychedelic /ethnic /kraut /trance /electro /acid /techno /electronic producer Aggelos Baltas (aka Dream Weapons and Fantastikoi Hxoi), Anatolian Weapons “Acid Research 20 (Hard Edit)” from “Selected Acid Tracks” LP 12″ vinyl on Byrd Out
  • Paris-based, Moscow‘s electroclash /electro producer Egor Zakharov (AKA Retrouvaille), aka ARPATRONIC “BRUIT DE RAYONNEMENT” from the EP “SIGNAUX VOLENT VERS NOUS”
  • Netherlands electro producer and LDI Records head, Lloyd Stellar “Lucid Dreams” from the “Cosmic Vultures” EP tape on the Leipzig based label Cyber Domain.
  • UK ambient /breakbeat /electro act (a member of Heuristic Audio), Clone Theory – “Cell Reprogramming” from upcoming V/A “Almost Everywhere” EP on Tensor Norm
  • Polish Electro producer Szymon Zawadka aka (PL_anet), AKA Urban 209 “Silent Hunter” from the upcoming EP “Cold World” on Urban Distortions
  • Colombian/French Cumbia psychedelic electronic collaboration of producers, Dani Boom x Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Raï – “Transatlantic (La France c’est pas Paris)” from V/A album “Atlantic Stereo (By Nuits sonores)” on Lyon’s Nuits sonores
  • Men Nabaaoh Eskina (Lau Tropico Edit) [SINCHI EDITS 14]                                                                                     
  • Italian Indie Dance /Acid /Dark Disco /Breakbeat /Disco Punk producer CSK “Vintage” from the upcoming “Acid Rhythms” EP [Espacio Cielo]                                                                                                                           
  • Italian Synthwave /Italo Disco duo from Milan, Modular Project Feat. Hard Ton – “Get Me High” on Nothing Is Real
  • Amsterdam‘s Italo disco /house /trance /Eurodance /electronic producer Niels Docter, aka DOCTR Feat. PYN – “Kisses In The Dark (Tjade Remix)” new single from the upcoming summer LP on Music For Dreams               
  • FrenchHong Kong Italo Disco /Dream House /Electronic DJ and producer Romain FX “Le Sucre D’Adam (Lauer Fun Remix)” from “Le Sucre d’Adam” EP via Parisian label Cracki Records.                                                 
  • Detroit, MI house /boogie /techno soul singer Shawn Pittman “I’m Losing Control” reissue of 1989 EP “Dreams” produced and written by Art Forest (Originally released in 1989 on Wildboy Records) on Dark Entries
  • Albany, NY soft rock disco alter ego of legendary synthesis wizard Steve Moore, AKA Lovelock “End Of Time” from the new album “Someone” via Italians Do It Better
  • Catania, Italy Balearic /Nu-Disco /Acid House /Jazz Funk / Electronic producer My Friend Dario “Old But Gold” from “Sonica Jonica” EP on Hell Yeah Recordings
  • Russian eclectic psych trance /cosmic /nu-jazz /electronic DJ-producer Konstantin Isayev (aka Volta Cab), Rambal Cochet “Easy Living” from upcoming V/A “Nebula Scarabea #01” cassette compilation on Bella Ursa Recordings
  • New York‘s ambient /dub /drum&bass /electronic musician and Cypher 7 co-founder, Alex Haas “Sphinx” from the LP “String Of Pieces”
  • Hungarian ambient /IDM /techno /electronic producer Alley Catss – “με σφυρί” from V/A “Classics” EP on Exiles
  • St. Petersburg based ambient synth savant Vladimir Karpov aka X.Y.R. “The Signals From The Abyss” from the upcoming tenth cassette album “Aquarealm” on Not Not Fun Records
  • North American ambient /IDM /modern classical /deep techno /electronic producer Brock Van Wey | bvdub “Hearts of Stone” title track from the album “Hearts of Stone”
  • UK ambient /psych /guitar loops, piano and violin project of Rob Glover (epic45, Field Harmonics, July Skies) AKA The Toy Library “The Overgrown Garden” from the upcoming album “Vignettes For May” on Wayside & Woodland Recordings
  • Las Vegas, NV one-man drone /experimental project of guitarist Blake Conley, AKA Droneroom “All The Lamposts Are Crucifixes” from the upcoming album “Last Seen In Barstow”
  • New Zealand ambient /drone /cinematic /soundtrack husband & wife duo Winterwood “Part 2″ from the album “Exploratory Guitar: Falling Tide”
  • Mysterious experimental /minimal /drone /click & cut /ambient electronic producer UAN0012 “03_07_KS_RTT” from the album “UAN0012” via London‘s Unrequested Artist / band name*
  • New Zealand‘s ambient /cinematic /soundtrack new project of Adam Casey AKA Adam Casey & the Liminal Choir (formerly of The Boy Who Spoke Clouds /Trappist Afterland /Seascapes of the Interior), photo(sphere) “The Flower Shakes (the bird is gone)” from the s/t album on East Cape Calling
  • German experimental /ambient /drone /noise artist Nils Quak “Letting Go” from the upcoming cassette album “Magnum Opus 2” on Oxtail recordings
  • UK/Belgium ambient /drone /field recording /modular electronic duo Ian Hawgood (Rosales, half of Slow Reels, Observatories, member of Monogoto) and Stijn Hüwels (Silent Vigils), AKA Modular Sleep Patterns “pattern 5” from s/t album on Home Normal
  • Leipzig based ambient /abstract /IDM /electronic producer TIBSLC [The International Billionaire’s Secret Love Child] “Hypertranslucent” from the album “Hypertranslucent” on Sferic
  • US ambient /drone /ethereal /soundscape /electronic collaboration of M Cody McPhail (ATOP) and Damien Duque (City of Dawn), ATOP & City of Dawn “Nebulae Coalescing” from the upcoming album “Starwind” on El Gran E Records
  • Amsterdam-based ambient artist Origin ST “History Repeats” from the upcoming cassette album ”Dark Nights are Setting In’’ on Ambientologist