WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #19


  • ITAKO says YES.                                                                                                                                                          

Strasbourg‘s DJ/producer and co-founder of Bande Magnétique label, ITAKO with a boundaryless slow-burning, bass-driven, hypnotic and trippy set to get lost in. 

  • Lithuanian experimental/psych/kraut/electronic producer Gediminas Jakubka, aka Patricia Kokett “Soi Soi” from the new “Bizarr” album on Knekelhuis

An immersive, vibrant and cathartic ritualistic sonic journey brimful of transcendental energy and exotic allure with a constant sense of deep emotional and sensory participation that exudes from the listening in an unstoppable flow of rhythmic pulsations and dizzying synth swirls along a path full of nuances, that needs to be relished in its entirety, re-emerging absolutely ecstatic and reinvigorated for one of the most emotionally charged electronic LP you’re likely to hear this year.                                                                                                                           

  • Beijing, China experimental/acid /techno/electronic musicians Li Chao and Aisin-Gioro Yuanjin, aka Zaliva-D “Long Journey” from upcoming EP “Immorality” on Knekelhuis

Enveloping, magnetic yet also deeply sensorial, amidst thunderous and delirious rhythms and vibrant trance-inducing chants make the notion of categories and genres seem superfluous, bewitching for sheer beauty and expressive depth.

  • Melbourne-based experimental/bass-heavy/deep atmospheric electronic duo Sam Brickel & Dashiell – “Run Out Groove” from V/A “Animalia One” via Melbourne new label Animalia

First stylish and minimalistic foray with a 4-track sampler from local producers for the new Melbourne imprint Animalia. An emotionally charged winding trip interwoven with dub-infused crispy rhythms, subtle acidic flourishes, flowing deep synth harmonies and righteously dense rolling bassline. A brand new label to follow closely.

  • New York City-based electronic/experimental folk artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist Alexandra Drewchin, aka EARTHEATER “Below the Clavicle” new single on PAN
  • London-based, Australian experimental ambient/kraut/psychedelic/electronic/ ‘Krautback’ duo of Kris Baha and Dreems, aka Die Orangen “Burnt Bay [Feat Eva Geist]” from upcoming EP “Ride”
  • Hamburg-based experimental electronic duo comprising of Baltimore-born Sophia Kennedy and Helena Ratka, aka Shari Vari – “New York City (Benedikt Frey Remix)” from upcoming “Now Remixes” EP 12″ on Malka Tuti                                                                                                                                                                          
  • US ambient/experimental/industrial/electronic producer duet LORN & DOLOR “Ripley” from “Zero Bounce” EP
  • Berlin-based dark ambient/cinematic/dub/bass/post-industrial/electronic solo project Shortwave Research Group “Perpetual Midnight” from the album “Fabryka” on Social Proof
  • Lisbon based experimental/dark ambient/industrial/electronic project of drummer and producer João Vairinhos “Vénia” title track from the new EP
  • Russian electronic DJ/composer/producer Oleg Xaler from Moscow, XLR:840 – “Follow Me” from the upcoming V/A “OBERWAVE VOL. 1” compilation on Oberwave Records
  • Ukrainian techno producer from Odessa, Alex Schultz – “Movement (Original Mix)” from the EP “Movement” on Temple 
  • Paris, France rave/industrial/dark techno producer Kévin Chagnon aka KLAMER “Quest For Love”                   
  • Finnish experimental /industrial techno producer and DJ from Helsinki, Tuomas Gröndahl “Viscerale” from the EP “Somatic Habits” on Berlin’s Corresponding Positions
  • Indiana‘s EBM/dark/acid techno moniker of Ariel Motto (Club Music, Death Valley), Rottweiler “Hangar” from the cassette “Haight” on Chicago Research
  • Portuguese techno/industrial/experimental electronic musician and DJ residing in The Hague (aka Lake Haze), Gonçalo Salgado “Mistério e Fogo” title track from the upcoming cassette EP on his own Lisbon’s label Eye For An Eye Recordings
  • Antioquia, Colombia experimental/electro/EBM/techno producer BLACK PROPAGANDA “Red Law” off of V/A “SUBSISTIR” Raw Quarter label’s side of two compilations in co-op with Pildoras Tapes
  • Bogota, Colombia industrial/EBM/techno/electro producer duo of Gaël (Vltra Delta Drive) & Invalid User (Felina Spank), Panama Papers – “Rezare, Pedirás, Reiré” off of V/A “SUBSISTIR” Pildoras Tapes label’s side of two compilations in co-op with Raw Quarter label
  • Russian industrial/EBM/dark electronic/techno noise producer Vladimir Cherepanov from Moscow, T_ERROR 404 “Higher Source” from the upcoming cassette album “Holographic Skull” on X-IMG
  • Greek EBM/industrial techno/acid/dark electronic producer from Athens, MORAH “Wanda” from the upcoming cassette EP “Disco XXX”
  • Italian industrial/EBM/techno producer NGHTLY “I Swear, I Won’ T Hurt You” off V/A “Mystic Smokes” cassette compilation on VASTECHOSES
  • Rubi, Barcelona experimental/industrial/techno project of Rafael M. Espinosa (aka Univac), aka Geistform – “Gravitón*” from V/A “DIVIDE & RULE” compilation on Pi Electronics [π]
  • Brussels, Belgium industrial techno producer 2+2=5 – “Surrounded By Drones” off of upcoming “Surrounded By Drones” EP on Level 32
  • Hamburg, Germany industrial/EBM/electro producer L.F.T. “Die Geldmaschine” from the upcoming album “Blood In The Grass” on Osàre! Editions
  • French electro composer, producer, remixer and Black Strobe member Arnaud Rebotini “Choloroquine (Jensen Interceptor & Kris Baha Remix)” from “To (Wo)Men On The Assembly Line (This Is a Quarantine EP8)” on Blackstrobe Records
  • Sweden/France Italy-based experimental industrial techno producer [ex Black Bug], SVEZIA INFERNO ‘S.H.A.’       
  • Paris, France post-punk/dark electro/dark disco/techno artist DJ Varsovie “Last Love Words…” [K016]                 
  • Argentina‘s producer NGLY – “Au-X (Mick Wills cut)” from the EP “Ecdisis Vol. 3” (Vinilette, Juanpablo & Mick Wills edits/cuts) on Frigio Records
  • Kraków, Poland based EBM/electro/acid/techno multi-disciplinary artist CHINO – “Forbidden Voices” off of upcoming V/A “Purple” EP 12″ on Uncanny Valley
  • Rotterdam‘s Danny Bosten experimental electro synth project DAS DING – “Billionaire Space Tourist” from V/A “Electronic Emergencies selected by I-RobotsItalian producer/DJ/Opilec Music label owner I-Robots‘ selection from Dutch label Electronic Emergencies catalogue
  • Toronto, Canada industrial techno/noise/breakbeat/drum&bass/ambient producer, and Summer Isle Records honcho, E-Saggila ‘Blue Amps’ off of upcoming Northern Electronics‘ V/A ‘Scandinavian Swords IIII: Atlas of Visions’ two-part compilation due 29th May                                                                                                                       
  • UK analog synth electronic producer Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio “Weather The Storm” from the upcoming “Where Things Are Hollow 2” EP on Lapsus Records
  • Melbourne based experimental/analog/drone/kraut/cosmic/electronic producer Andy Donnelly, aka Colours Of Infinity “Ekeu” title track from the new LP “Ekeu” on Hidden Waves
  • Thessaloniki, Greece ambient electronics producer DimDJ, aka Skynet 75 – “Similar” off of transparent 7″ lathe cut vinyl single on Anopolis Records
  • Berlin-based experimental electronic project by synthesist Nat Fowler aka NOVO LINE “The Queen Of Sonnenallee” from the album “Autobahn Zwei” (a Post-Apocalyptic Driving Music homage to Kraftwerk) on ECSTATIC
  • Melbourne‘s experimental/ambient/electro/electronic producer James Annesley aka WARM STRANGER ”Menthols” from the new album “You Know Me Better Than You Think”
  • Italian deep space electro duo (aka CEM3340), GALAXY87 “Square Wave” off of new EP “Landing on Mars” on SolarOneMusic’s sublabel Between Places
  • Sweden synthesizers & drum machines live project of Daniel Wendler, aka Five O’clock Traffic – Cruise Control (towLie Crusing SthLm Version) from upcoming “Domestic Discord” 12″ EP on CAF?
  • Italian experimental/breaks/ambient/electronic collaboration Kreggo + Train To Eltanin – ‘3008 Night’ Surfin from upcoming V/A ‘enter:protopost’ compilation on Art-Aud
  • Melbourne, Australia experimental electronic duo Conrad Standish and Sam Karmel, aka CS + Kreme – “Crushed Cream” from split 10″ EP with Blazer Sound System on Efficient Space
  • Greek experimental/folk/psychedelic/electronic producer Aggelos Baltas (aka Dream Weapons and Fantastikoi Hxoi), Anatolian Weapons “Dying” from “Spiritual Music Vol.9 – Reality Values” EP (rare tracks, edits and re-works)
  • Berlin-based Australian psych/breakbeat/downbeat/electronic artist BARKING “Khasma” from the upcoming EP “Moirai” on Openthenext label
  • Belgium-based psych/power drone project of Venezuelan artist Ernesto González (part of Silvester Anfang), Bear Bones, Lay Low “Oruguero” from  forthcoming V/A “Bamboo Shows Tapes 002” compilation on Lyon‘s label Bamboo Shows                                                                                                                                       
  • UK experimental/dub techno duo of Simian Mobile Disco’s Jas Shaw and newcomer Bas Grossfeldt, aka Shaw & Grossfeldt “Klavier p” from the upcoming EP “Klavier” on Richard Fearless’ Drone label
  • Milan, Italy ambient/minimal techno producer duo Orion – “Lie (Luigi Tozzi Remix)” on Orion                             
  • Russian experimental/ambient/abstract/electronic young producer Nikolay Kozlov aka ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ ‘Swoeks’ from ‘High School Blues’ cassette on Motion Ward
  • Texas experimental/kosmische/psych/guitar/synth/drums musician Michael C. Sharp “Refuge” from upcoming cassette album “Psychic Fugitive” on Somatic
  • Bradford, UK electronica/post-rock/ambient project of Gavin Miller (former member of Johnny Poindexter), worriedaboutsatan “Twin” from the album “Time Lapse” on n5MD
  • Italian ambient/glitch/IDM/hip hop/electronic producer M I K R O “Saturno” from debut “Flatlandia” EP
  • Russian ambient/drone/experimental project of electronic musician Nick Zavriev from Moscow, Ambidextrous – “Close Call” from “Tensegrity – Vol.2” compilation on TXT Recordings
  • Swedish ambient /IDM /ethereal electronic artist Ludvig Cimbrelius, aka PURL “Melicent” off of upcoming album on Archives                                                                                                                                                   
  • Austin, TX long-running ambient/drone project of composer/multi-instrumentalist Mari Maurice, aka MORE EAZE “Negentropy” from the upcoming album “Towards a Plane” on Aural Canyon
  • Guelph, Canada ambient/drone/experimental project of former Epigram member and co-founder of the Aural Tethers cassette label, Jamie Jones, aka Fossil Hunting Collective “Warmth” from “Home Diaries 009” on Whitelabrecs
  • Brooklyn, NY based ambient drone multi-instrumentalist, co-founder of Tarentel and the Root Strata record label, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma “Door With No Sign” on Looking Glass