WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #19

Peaks Of The Week:

  • Mysterious proto-techno/ dark-wave /electroclash Dutch collective of musicians, artist and performer Venderstrooik – “Acid vs Keta” from the debut LP “Crustacean” on Rotterdam’s Electronic Emergencies.

An euphoric, imaginative and enticing array of acid techno, avant electroclash and luscious pulsing electro, spiced by sharp yet ironic lyrics, from an enigmatic Dutch collective, via the ever brilliant Electronic Emergencies label.

  • Belgian dark electronic/electro /noise /industrial/techno producer Hundred Crusades “Comfort Zone” from upcoming V/A “Guadaña” via Aperitif de la Mort

Unmissable debut tape compilation from a new Quebecois label featuring a very talented crop of producers from the international electronic underground scene seamlessly blending hard techno, experimental, noise, EBM and industrial, one is surely the Belgian Hundred Crusades with an EBM-tinged industrial techno burner, don’t miss out!

  • Japanese experimental/ambient/dark techno producer & DJ based in Tokyo, C-Kay  “Under The Dark Blue” from Various/Artists “Hush Residence” EP 12″ on Mirae Arts.

New 4-track V/A EP, filled with amazingly intricate and intense experimental industrial-charged techno, through the ‘Japan-affiliated’, strictly DIY, Californian label Mirae Arts. Equally atmospheric, dense, hypnotic and menacing with a deft percussive work, the track from the co-founder of the Tokyo-based collective Space Baghdad and experimental producer/DJ C-Kay.

  • Irish dark ambient/soundtrack/synthwave composer and electronic musician Steve Nolan “Meeker” from the cassette album “From Water” on Spun Out Of Control Label
  • French experimental/coldwave/synth/electronic project of Luna Maria Cedron, Fiesta En El Vacio – “Le Pourceau” forthcoming on TeenageMenopause Records                                                                                         
  • Russian IDM/techno/electro/ambient producer August Feeding “Mangroves Under A Thick Layer Of Concrete” from the EP “Snowy Kalms” on Russia’s Massa Netto.
  • Detroit-bred, Berlin-based deep techno producer Altstadt Echo “And Then I Want It To Be Over” from the cassette album “This Work Contains Lead.” on Semantica Records.
  • Copenhagen based psych electronic producer/DJ, KONSISTENT “Paranoid Humanoid” from upcoming V/A “Human Abstracts – Volume One” a collaborative compilation between Endless Illusion & Brokntoys               
  • Copenhagen, Denmark electronic musician Trentemøller “Sleeper” new single                                                        
  • UK electronic /dark disco Producer/Remixer/DJ and NEIN Records label head, Neil Parnell aka Tronik Youth “Counternance” from new EP “E=Me Squared” on NEIN Records.                                                                         
  • Dutch electro/no wave/post-punk/industrial collaboration between Red Light Radio co-founder Hugo van Heijningen (Malkovich / White Slice) and Identified Patient, STALLION’S STUD “Bad Breath” from upcoming “I Am Drama Man” EP on Pinkman.                                                                                                                         
  • Berlin-based dark house/techno producer, Florian Kupfer “Goin Down” title track from upcoming EP on Hot Mix Records                                                                                                                                                             
  • London-based Greek ambient /drone/electronic producer Tsampikos Fronas (also half of Manie Sans Délire and June Label co-owner), aka JUNE “The Master Of Electricity Part 1″ from new 7” single on June                     
  • Berlin-based Experimental /Dark Ambient /EBM /Industrial /Electronic duo Sons Of Traders “St martin” from the cassette EP “The Scapegoat” via Rengaine
  • Berlin-based industrial dark power electronics project of Greek producer and Liber Null Berlin founder Manos Simotas aka UNHUMAN “Seuche ft. Petra Flurr” from the new EP “Nylon Speech” on Bite                     
  • Italian lo-fi/industrial/dark techno producer and owner of underground label Eufemia, Religius Order “A Ritual For Your Gods” (Unreleased)                                                                                                                                     
  • Savannah, Georgia-born/Western Massachusetts-based dark industrial electronic synth wave duo, Boy Harsher “Tears (Silent Servant Remix)” from upcoming 12″ EP “Careful Remixes, etc.”                                         
  • Swedish industrial /dark techno/EBM /minimal electronic duo ALVAR “Reset (demo recording)”
  • Collaborative industrial / techno project of Berlin-based producers SARIN & Unhuman, aka NOSTROMO “Ritual Abuse” from the upcoming EP “Extreme Manifestations” on Aufnahme + Wiedergabe
  • French hard techno producer Fred Terror, ILLNURSE – “Android Chase” from V/A “Voight-Kampff 01” compilation on Glasgow’s Voight-Kampff
  • Madison, WI industrial/dark techno/noise producer DJ SPEEDSICK “situations change”                                                             
  • Greek raw industrial dark electronic techno producer DJ LOSER “acid pattern 12_”                                                      
  • Paris based kraut /post-punk /electronic /pop producer and I’m A Cliche label head Benjamin Boguet, aka Cosmo Vitelli Feat. Fantastic Twins – “A Brand New City” from upcoming EP “Holiday in Panikstrasse Part 1” on Malka Tuti                                                                                                                                                           
  • Italian electronic / synth-pop trio band formed in 2001 in Rome, HALO EFFECT “I Never Meant To Hurt (SVM Remix)” off od upcoming 3xCds albums ”SHOUT remixes 1, 2, 3” 
  • French ambient industrial techno producer and Messe Noire Records Owner Etienne Thomas aka ANIMAL HOLOCAUST “Hymn Of Despair” from “Various Artists 02” on Carcères Records.
  • Berlin-based/Santander-born Cantabrian electronic producer (former one half of the techno duo Agony Forces and founder of the label Falling Ethics), P.E.A.R.L. ”Fears & Knowledge” from the new EP “Life of Pleasures” on Mord
  • Colombian industrial techno/EBM duo Alpha & Necromante “Anarchy Romantics” from the album “PSYOPS” on Lille’s Instinkt
  • Russian industrial techno producer DRAAG “Ballast”                                                                                                   
  • Los Angeles industrial/dark techno/noise producer Julien Andreas “Trust In Dust” forthcoming “Felony” CDR on D.N.A.                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Greek dark techno electronic producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “Rains Of Castamere (Disappointment Remix) Get Burned”                                                                                                                              
  • London-based, American/Australian experimental analog electronic music project of Penelope Trappes & Stephen Hindman, The Golden Filter “Autonomy” title track from forthcoming album on their own 4GN3S label.
  • Berlin-based New Yorker electronic/dark Italo/new wave/post-punk/coldwave/dark techno producer Luca Venezia aka CURSES “Insomnia” off of upcoming “Carcassonne” mini-LP on Höga Nord Rekords
  • German dark electronic/witch house collaboration FLESH X PEAKi – “Remission”
  • Scandinavian industrial/experimental/electronic/techno trio of Posh Isolation‘s Christian Stadgaard (Damien Dubrovnik, Vanity Productions), Jonas Rönnberg (Varg), and Isak Hansen (Iron Sight) featuring Japan’s Masami Akita, THE EMPIRE LINE feat. MERZBOW “Nothing is Forgotten, Nothing is Forgiven” benefit single on Posh Isolation
  • US dark experimental psych electronic project GRANITE MASK «SIAKAM 323» from the cassette EP «ĒLĒKITIRONĪKISIZ» 1 on Nostilevo
  •  Rubi, Barcelona dark raw electro project of Rafael M. Espinosa (aka Geistform), aka UNIVAC – “Lektro City” from “Chernobyl tracks” EP on Moustache Records
  • Mexican ambient/IDM multi-instrumentalist and producer Jóse A. Rodriguez, aka SHAX “Wabi Sabi” from the new album “Snacks” on Hole Records.
  • Munich, Germany ambient/hypnotic techno producers Kaf & MTRL “Sanctuary” from the new album “Caldera” on Skopje’s Alexandar
  • Paris-born ambient/deep/experimental techno producer KANTHOR “En Immanence” from V/A “Acts of Intimacy” on Ōtium
  • Turkish lo-fi folk, ambient, electronica female artist (one half of Proudpilot) from Istanbul, Ekin Üzeltüzenci aka Ekin Fil “Other Others” from upcoming album ”You, Only” on Vaknar.