WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – MAY #18-23

Photo: #nadjasveir


  • Play Pal Mix 063: A-TWEED (Multi Culti / IT)                                                                                                                   

I personally hardly miss a track from the mind-bending melange of Psych /Leftfield /Tribal /Acid /Downtempo /Trance /World Music /Space Electronica by A-Tweed, the alias of the Italian DJ/producer based in Rome, Ant De Oto, along with his other couple of side projects such as Oblako Maranta (Tribal Techno) with Russian producer Andrey Redkov (of Radial Gaze) and  Oltrefuturo (Slo-Mo Acid Techno) with fellow  Italian producer and sound engineer Valerio Ebert. Here is a striking and mesmerizing downtempo trip to stir the mind and the body, courtesy of Madrid’s Play Pal Music imprint.

  • Basel, Switzerland psych /slo-mo /downtempo /electronic production duo Twerking Class Heroes – “24CriticalBands” from upcoming “Bark Scale” EP [Oro Negro]

A trance-inducing, esoteric, whimsical downtempo cognitive exploration unfurls through a heady concoction of seemingly chaotic and anxious secretive fluctuations of distorted jiggly acidic vibrations, hypnotic wavy pulsing drops, high whistling and airy zipping whirls, to sway and bounce over both shuffling and rolling, as well thudding and crisp percussive groove drives,  searching for the meaning of harmony underneath the disarray.

  • Göttingen, Germany dub deep techno DJ-producer Kosta Athanassiadis aka XDB – “C.O.N.” off “XDB vs. Kryptic Universe” EP 12″ [Lockertmatik]

 “C.O.N.” dives headfirst into Basic Channel/Chain Reaction-inflected, deep flushing and shuffling percussive-driven mesmeric washes of a circular, reverberating, dubbed-out techno heater.

  • Rijeka/Zagreb dark ambient /techno /breaks /electro duo Samo Tako & Ivna Ji – “Flashlights”

“Flashlights” warps time and space in a dark mystifying whirlwind where undulating bass line obsessions, stacked crisp marching beats, and lonesome piercing synth echoes and hollow chimes arouse seductive whispered vocal longings with a vibrant hypnotic vortex of icy bright dreams.

  • Philadelphia‘s ambient trio Michael Tasselmyer, Andrew Tasselmyer, and Steven Kemner, aka Hotel Neon – “Shadowed” from V/A “These Clouds…” Ltd. CDr compilation in celebration of the Sound In Silence label’s 100th release.
  • Paris-based, Australian ambient experimental vocalist and musician (one half of dream-pop duo Heligoland), Karen Vogt “Losing the Sea (France Jobin Remix)” from the forthcoming album “Losing the Sea Remixes”
  • Sidney, British Columbia ambient /drone /electronic guitarist, sound designer and DJ, Roderick Shoolbraid “Perfumed Letter” from the upcoming album “Ambient Garden One” [Neotantra]
  • Santiago De Compostela, Spain based ambient /drone /field recordings /electro-acoustic /electronic /modular synth sound artist Heine Christensen aka ghost and tape “Jito” from the album “Freeform” [Home Normal]
  • Copenhagen, Danish experimental /ambient /drone /electronic solo project of Posh Isolation co-founder & one-half of Damien Dubrovnik, Christian Stadsgaard, aka Vanity Productions “Shadows of Sleep (feat. Emma Acs)” [Posh Isolation]
  • UK ambient /jazz /cosmic /kosmische /folk group Arboria “Cumulonimbus” from the remastered ltd. vinyl 12″ reissue of the 2019 debut album “Arboria” [UP IN HER ROOM]
  • Polish ambient /hip-hop /house /avant pop /experimental electronic producer and ANWO label head, Flaty “Tree” from the double LP “Intuitive Word” 2×12″ [Gost Zvuk]
  • Osaka, Japan ambient /folk /folktronica music composer (member of FANCLUB), Noda Yûki “Rono” single
  • Asheville, NC based Lebanese experimental modular synthesist and electronic music composer, Bana Haffar “Elemental” from the album “intimaa’ إنتماء” [Touch]
  • Danish ambient /drone /cosmic synth /kosmische /electronic trio Fodboldklub “Part. III” from the cassette album “Utopi 75” [Mondes Sonores]
  • Melbourne/London based dark ambient /dub /psych /kraut /breaks /techno /experimental Australian duo Sam Gill and Wes Holland aka KXB – “Breach (Richard Fearless Remix)” from ” Areas Of Uncertainty” [R.i.O. Label]
  • UK r&b /funk /soul /disco /electronic duo James Bright and Tom Findlay (Soul Machine), Brigth & Findlay “When I Look into the World” 2nd single from Bright & Findlay’s up-and-coming summer LP “Everything Is Slow” [ Athens Of The North]
  • Montreal, Quebec chillout /trip-hop /ethno-acid /dream pop /ambient exotica project of Multi Culti co-founder Dreems and Jacoby, ANGELO CRUZMAN & JACOBY “All Your Time” from the 7″ vinyl EP “In Your Mind” [Multi Culti]
  • London-based jazz /cinematic /cosmic /Balearic /psych /folktronica /electronic project of brothers Clive and Mark Ives, aka Woo – “Cadenza D’Innocenza (Tagliabue Evasione Totale Remix)” off “Paradise In Pimlico Rmxs” EP 12″ [Altrimenti/Quindi]
  • Italian ambient /experimental /sci-fi /cosmic /space jazz /techno /electronic collaboration between musicians, MA SPAVENTI/ENRICO DEMURO “Punto di Fusione” from the ltd. vinyl LP “La Molecola del Tempo”(original motion picture soundtrack) [New Interplanetary Melodies]
  • Berlin-based ambient /wave /cosmic /acid /downtempo /slomo /psych /’analog poetry’ enigmatic collaborative project between Juri Corrado and Nathan Dawidowicz, aka JUNA “Il Teatro” off “Archetipo” EP [Apresonal records/Serenades]
  • French IDM /Breaks /Electro producer Youl Dirlès, aka R325 “GRG” limited lathe cut 10″ [brokntoys]
  • German leftfield /psych /tribal /industrial  /dark electronics collaboration project of Benedikt Frey, Dino Schanze and Nadia D’Alo, AKA Dolphins “Auftauchen” off of the upcoming “40G” 12″ [Pinkman]
  • Detroit-based experimental /dark techno /electro producer Francois Dillinger “Votrax” from the upcoming EP “Votrax” [PPRZ]
  • UK dark ambient /drone /sound recording /noise /experimental collaborative project, Sara Ohm & Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood “Hollow” from the CDr EP “Behind Windows”
  • South Korean ambient /trance /house /EBM /techno DJ and Producer Oxymosoon – “Isolation” from upcoming “Sight” EP [Of Dolls And Murder]
  • Spanish EBM /dark electro /techno DJ /horror disco DJ-producer from Bilbao, WLDV “Are They Shadows” from “Bloodlust Dominion” EP
  • London, UK experimental /industrial /broken techno Polish producer Polanski “Muted Attraction” from “Survival Instinct” EP 10″ [House of Reptile Records]
  • Paris-based EBM /industrial /techno DJ-producer MIND | MATTER “Iconostasis” off V/A “Shedding Skin” compilation [BITE]                                                                                                                                                       
  • Amsterdam-based, EBM /industrial /dark techno Scottish DJ and producer Swærm – “Pain and Lies” from V/A “The Pact” compilation [PUBLIC SEX REGIME]
  • Paris based industrial /hard techno DJ-producer Caravel – Echoes Of You” off upcoming V/A “EXHALE VA004” compilation [EXHALE Records]
  • Ukrainian EBM /Acid /Noise /Industrial /Techno producer EXTENSIVE INFARCTION “Not Found In The Future”
  • Kombinat Lebensfreude – “Bewegt Euch (Facets Edit)” (1989)
  • Argentinian EBM /Industrial /Post-punk /Techno duo KRSSV “No Mientas Tu Inocencia” off “Disco Bandido” EP cassette [Pildoras Tapes]
  • Athens, Greece / Odessa, Ukraine industrial /techno /synthpunk /darkwave /EBM collaboration, The Hanged Man X Extensive Infarction – “Flesh and Blood” from V/A “Miseria Bodywork Selections Vol 3” tape compilation [Miseria]
  • French EBM /Dark Synth /Techno /Electro DJ-Producer from Lille (aka NƵM 99), Transgression ‘Erreur’ from the forthcoming EP “Phobophobia” [Enlace Records]
  • Polish post-industrial /new beat /post-EBM /techno /electronic producer (aka Black Sun Dreamer), AKA Trauma Phase “Sharpness” from “III” EP
  • Bogotà, Colombia Italo Body Music / Pagan Dance project Disco Radical – “Sextacy”                                     
  • Athens, Greece Dark Electro /Cyber Industrial band SIVA SIX “Fight The Machine (ΦΩΝόΠΤΙΚOΝ remix)” off “Fight The Machine” EP on Alfa Matrix
  • German industrial /dark electronic /electro /EBM solo project Urban Matrix “You’re On Our Controls” from the album “Das Objekt”
  • Los Angeles based EBM /industrial /minimal Synth Pop duo Spike Hellis “Teardrops (Moon 17 Remix)”
  • Argentina acid /techno /electro /EBM producer Saigg “Singularity” from the upcoming “Luminescence Spectroscopy” EP [Mosaique Records]
  • Italian experimental /industrial /metal /noise /techno /synth-punk DJ-producer Andrea Natale, aka ANNA FUNK DAMAGE – “Tom You Was A Good Player” from the upcoming cassette album “Il Corpo Che Si Rompe” [Osàre! Editions]
  • Amsterdam‘s industrial /techno /EBM /acid /electro duo of musician-producer Ruud Lekx and his wife Shaunna Lekx, RUDE 66 “If You Could Read My Mind” from “Fragmented Living” EP 12″ [Pinkman]
  • German industrial /cinematic dark heavy electronics project of Marco Haas (t.raumschmiere) and St.John Mantle, aka St.Raumen feat. Local Suicide – “Lost” off upcoming “Hexenmotte” EP lathe cut 10″ [straumenmusic]
  • UK acid /machine funk /electro producer Alex Jann – “Kill Disk” off upcoming “Data Breach” EP 12″ [Mechatronica]
  • Swedish/Danish electro production duo Luke Eargoggle / Tetraphish – “Sealand Into The Sound” off “Across the Sound” EP [STILLEBEN-RECORDS]
  • Colorado-based Synth-Pop /Electro Funk /Electro devotee producer-DJ and Dark Science Electro curator Johan Sebastian Bot aka DVS NME “Skeleton Crews” from the upcoming 20-track album “A Love Letter To Synthesis”
  • Slovenian breaks /acid /electro producer (aka UMEK), Zeta Reticula “Chemical Signatures” from Isolate” EP [Science Cult]
  • German Electro /Cosmic /Italo Disco producer Martin Matiske – “Dimension Phantasy (Oh Lord! Remix By Play Paul)” from forthcoming “Dimension Phantasy” EP 12″ [Bordello A Parigi]
  • Jakarta, Indonesia indie dance /psych /dark disco musician and producer Bernardus Fritz – “Girls Of Salem” title track of upcoming EP “Girls Of Salem” [Nein Records]
  • Belarus indie dance /Italo body DJ-producer VUTA – “Crystal Hero (Neurotiker Remix)” off “Crystal Hero” EP [Mélopée Records]
  • Paris-based indie dance /dark disco /cosmic Italo DJ-producer Zaratustra feat. Stolt – “Uprising (Lauer Remix)” from “Uprising Vol.1” EP [SKYLAX]
  • French indie dance /Italo disco production duo Back From The Wave & Umatik – “Endless Crossing” from V/A “Buone Vacanze Vol. 2″ EP 12” [Bordello A Parigi]
  • Budapest, Hungarian indie rock collective Mayberian Sanskülotts – “Akarat (Normal Tamas Remix)” from V/A “Akarat Remixes” album [Dalmata Daniel]
  • Fatima – “Hassan (Freudenthal Edit)” [Freudenthal Musik]
  • Pasqua Pancrazi – “Wrong Speed Edit#3” [Rotten City Records]
  • Greek ambient /experimental /industrial /breakbeat /trance /techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance – “Not Much Left To Give” from V/A “Synthetic Pleasures II” cassette compilation [SYNTHETIC PLEASURES]
  • Rennes, France goa /techno /hard trance DJ-producer DICA – “Devil Deal” off V/A “Wormholes Part.3” EP [Union Trance Mission]
  • Copenhagen, Denmark-based psy /trance /techno Bulgarian Dj- producer, VIXEN “Alkaline Daydream” from V/A “SACRED INTERFACE 001” EP [Sacred Interface]
  • Krasnodar-based eclectic electro /post-punk /synth wave /electronic DJ-producer Konstantin Isayev (AKA Rambal Cochet), AKA Volta Cab “Cottbus Theme” from the EP “Alphabet of Humanity” [THISBE Recordings]
  • Lithuanian psych /acid /breakbeat /techno /electronica artist Liudas Lazauskas, aka Roe Deers “Walking Down The Streets feat. Aquarius Heaven (Chez De Milo Remix)” from “SALT TOWN BOY REMIXES PT. 2” EP [Good Skills]
  • Rome-based, Italian ambient /psych /kraut /tribal /ethnic /acid /techno Dj-producer A-Tweed – “Unbekannter Fotograf (Original Mix)” from upcoming self-released EP “Unbekannter Fotograf (Vol.1)”
  • Toulouse, France Italo /Trance /Synthpop /Indie Dance producers and Ulla Records founders, Austher & Naranja “Opposite Forces” from V/A – “Shifted Frequencies” EP [Ulla Records]
  • South West of France ambient /acid /downtempo /bass /chug /psych /organic /electronic producer and Reptilian Business Records co-founder, Da Iguana – “Almusiqaa Hi Hayati” from “Present of Future Pasts” Mini-LP [Hard Fist]
  • Russian Acid /Minimal /Esoteric /Cosmic /Psych /Electronic producer Zhenya Lavrinov (aka LVRIN), Golden Axe – “Manther” off “Gamma” EP [Elephant Gait]
  • Montréal-based Québecois tribal /techno /house DJ-producers, Maara & Priori – “C’mon” from V/A “The Chants Of The Holy Oyster” six-year anniversary 5xLP Boxset compilation [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
  • UK sci-fi /radiophonic /cosmic /acid /minimal techno /analog synth electronic producer Martin Jenkins AKA Pye Corner Audio “Mayday Acid” single
  • Barcelona, Spain downtempo /tribal / techno /house /electronic producer oma totem “ER – 2” from “Exercicis Rítmics” EP 12″ [Hivern Discs]
  • Italian melodic deep techno producer from Turin, Claudio Gasparini ─ “Melodrama (Original Mix)” [Neele Records]
  • Munich, Germany-based ambient /experimental /breakbeat /house /techno /electronic DJ-producer Robin Wang aka SAM GOKU “b-nova” from “Glistening Club Music Vol. 2” EP
  • Italo Balearic /jazzy house project by Hungarian DJ-production duo Attila Lukács Jr. & Szilard Prech, aka Summer Voyage “Ambraskin” from “Azzurro” EP 12″ [Quattro Bambole Music]
  • UK experimental /IDM /ambient /techno producer Lee Anthony Norris (AKA Norken, Moss Garden and Nacht Plank), Metamatics “Eara 2” from V/A “TUNtastic” CD [Móatún 7]
  • L.A. ambient /drone /neo-classical /electronic musician Matt Richter (half of the experimental ambient folk-pop duo Lanfair Field), aka Autodealer “Persephone” from upcoming album “Circumstances” on Somewherecold Records
  • London-based minimal /neo-impressionism /electro-acoustic /electronica project of experimental musician Katie English, aka Isnaj Dui “Curves Towards” from the album “Cereus”
  • Experimental /drone /noise long-standing project of North American/Estonian field recordist and composer Patrick Mcginley aka Murmer “Teevast” from the 2-track album “Tether” [Helen Scarsdale]

Photo: #nadjasveir