WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – May#18-21

  • SORROW-VOMIT – Radio Arcane: Dead of Night                                                                                                             

Courtesy of the weekly mix channel Synthumental, Louisville, Kentucky based Sorrow-Vomit, a part of local Louisville collective Radio Arcane, unleashes a powerful and adrenalized EBM-infused dark set of raw physicality,  between passages of hypnotic, painful throbbing minimalism and tectonic slabs of bodily distortion.

  • German acid /techno /rave /trance producer NARCISS “Ludmilla” from the upcoming EP “Dear Diary” on Lobster Theremin

A trip down memory lane of impossibly tranced-out euphoric bliss that connects your mind, your ears and your legs in uninhibited dancing under the summer sky, brimming with the visionary pulsating power of taking your mind places. The way freedom imaginatively sounded like.

  • Brazilian experimental /EBM /industrial /post-punk /techno producer Edvan Marques Ferreira, aka MVQX “Break Your Bones” from “Lost Files Collection Vol. 1” EP (Self Released)

Experimental Brazilian independent dark electronic artist delivers four claustrophobic and sinister Ballardian post-industrial nightmares, mixing raw, hypnotic EBM low ends, subterranean rasping proto-techno, uncanny murky electro with crackling industrial clatterings cloaked in edgy post-punk vibes. Ominous tight electro basslines weave treacherous throbbing frequencies along with mechanical and crashing beats and sinister dazzling synth dissonances, layering an eerie surge and sprawl of dangerous dimensions, while howling distorted vocals echo and drone nefarious attitudes of doom into the hypnotic spirals of hellish dominion.

  • London, UK experimental /drone /techno /dream pop /electronic multi-instrumentalist and composer Amanda Butterworth, aka MUCHA “Glacier” from the EP “Correspondence 2: 4 Impulses” on Broken20

Elusive London-based composer Amanda Butterworth returns, losing the dieresis on the ‘U’, with equally warm and cold, as it is soothing and restless, chill out 4-tracker rife with oneiric, subtly shadowy, Seefel vocal vibes, delving into floating and iridescent wide physical and mental spaces, interspersed by mesmeric minimal techno reiterations, crispy, droning glitchy, humming and sizzling frequencies, diaphanous synth modulations, deep aquatic pads, sparse hypnotic beats and dry percussive inserts over 4-AD-echoing ethereal, impalpable and sensual vocalizations, amidst lingering dreamy, and restive introspections and expanding sensorial aural incantations. Eerily sublime.

  • Berlin-based experimental /ambient /psychedelic electronic DJ and producer (aka Grand Optimist), Philipp Otterbach – “Causation In Fact” off “Waiting Room” Limited lathe cut 7″ out now on brokntoys
  • Paris, France industrial /electronic /techno /experimental producer, DECEMBER – “SLOW DENIAL“ from V/A “FRIENDLY CSA COMPILATION PART 2” two parts fundraising compilation on PSYCHIC LIBERATION                                                                                                                                                              
  • Greek experimental /industrial /wave /dark techno producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “Default Position” bonus track of CD-R via Magdalena’s Apathy [M.A.007 CD-R]                                        
  • German industrial dark electronic/EBM producer Hendrick Grothe from Leipzig, Blac Kolor “Firemade Flesh” title track from upcoming 2xLP “Times Of Upheaval” on aufnahme+wiedergabe
  • Berlin-based industrial techno project from Joey Blush (BLUSH_RESPONSE) and Jagoda Nagel, HAKAI “INVADING EXECUTIONER [INHALT DER NACHT REMIX]” from upcoming EP “FLESH RECONSTRUCT” on  Megastructure_
  • Berlin-based EBM /industrial techno /electronic music project of Thomas Ricard, co-founder of Area Z Records, aka Foreign Policy – “Would You Just Let Go” from V/A “SHARPVA002” on Sharped records
  • Berlin, Germany EBM /industrial /electronic duo SCHWEFELGELB “Wie Viel Haut” from the upcoming EP “Der Rest Der Nacht” on N-Plex
  • Naples, Italian industrial /EBM /new beat /techno /synth producer Francesco Tella, aka NGHTLY “The Slave of Myself” from the album “Il Preludio Della Fine” on X-IMG [X-IMG24]
  • Berlin-based post-industrial /EBM /techno Italian producer Andrea Riberti, UNCONSCIOUS “Forced Isolation” title track from upcoming EP “Forced Isolation” [KDC236] on KINDCRIME                                               
  • Stockholm-based new beat /industrial /EBM /techno duo of Martin Thomasson and Johan Skugge, aka Harlem “Spastic Puppy” from the upcoming album “Bait” on VEYL
  • Amsterdam experimental /new beat /blackwave /noise /industrial /techno producer Black Pyramid – “Manipulation” from cassette EP “The Fuk Tapes” on OMS tapes
  • Italian experimental /industrial /proto EBM /techno /dark electronic project of Francesco Baudazzi (Obtane, Zooloft Records), VIOLET POISON “ Disarticolazione Cranica” off upcoming “Archives (2013 -2014)” EP on Concrete Records                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Revolting Cocks – “Beers, Steers + Queers” (WLDV Edit)
  • US industrial /EBM duo Carbon 14 “Injury II#” from the album “Hvmani Corporis” (CD reissue of the cassette released in 1989) on Phage Tapes
  • Nashville, TN experimental /new beat /cold electro producer Daniel Holt – “Traveler (Man 2.0 Remix)” off V/A “Death Decay Magic Remixes Vol. 1” on Death Decay Magic
  • Dutch electro /minimal synthwave project by Willem Stinissen from Amsterdam, Raderkraft “Atomic Warfare” from “Dust & Debris” EP 12″ on Wave Tension Records
  • French experimental /synthwave /electro producer from Bordeaux, Jauzas The Shining “Inbetween Days (Quadratschulz Remix)” from cassette mini-album “Inbetween Days” via Label In Disarray
  • Berlin-based NewYorker electronic /Italo disco /new wave /post-punk /coldwave /dark techno producer Luca Venezia aka CURSES – “Discipline” from upcoming V/A “Next Wave Acid Punx” a journey across nearly 40 years of dark club music compiled and curated by Curses himself on Eskimo Recordings
  • Washington, D.C. industrial /techno /electronic musician David B, aka MADURO “In The Cold”
  • Seoul-based, Argentinian experimental /EBM /industrial /noise electronic producer SWORDSMITH “Videorealidad” from the upcoming self-released album “Ilusion”
  • Dallas, TX cosmic /horror /acid /synth /techno /electro renegade Gavin Guthrie, aka TX Connect “Where Do I Fit In” off the EP “Jerusalem’s Lot” on Dead Channel Records
  • Mexican electro /techno /indie dance artist Carlos Mendez aka Ademarr “Sonos Italic (Ricardo Ruben Remix)” off upcoming “Control” EP on Barcelona-based Side UP Works                                                                 
  • Swiss breaks /acid /bass /electro DJ /producer (part of Statement Crew, Female:Pressure and co-running the Big Science label), NVST – “Breakos Blancos(Falling Callmesnoop DJ Interpretation)” off upcoming EP “Stop Violence Motivate Violence” [Serious Trouble]                                                                                                                
  • Croatian electronic artist Tomislav Simovic – “Main Theme (Drvg Cvltvre Dark Hole Remix)” from upcoming 2 x LP Vinyl album “Visitors From The Galaxy /Gosti iz galaksije – Original Soundtrack Revisited” Dusan Vukotic‘s 1981 Yugo sci-fi extravaganza remixed via Fox & His Friends
  • Chicago, IL experimental /acid /house /techno electronic producer Jason Letkiewicz (aka Death Commando and Alan Hurst, part of Mutant Beat Dance), aka Steve Summers “Who Knows” from the upcoming “Generation Loss” 2xLP on L.I.E.S.                                                                                                                    
  • Philadelphia psych /acid /electro duo Thomas Roland and James Weissinger (aka Girls Chat Room and Peyton Farquhar), aka Zillas On Acid “You You You You (Black Merlin Remix)” from the EP “A Wonderful Time in a Terrible Club” on Inside Out Records
  • Berlin-based nu beat /chug /disco /psych /techno Italian DJ and producer TRENT “Touch Me” from “Transition 35” EP on Bouquet. Records
  • Frankfurt am Main electro /wave /trance /electronic producer Tassilo Vanhöfen “Laterna Magica (Itako Mix)” from the upcoming album “Arcadia Ego” on Samo Records
  • Dutch ambient /techno /electronic /spoken word collaboration Dwaalgast feat Shari Klein – “Dwaal” from upcoming “Pad” EP on Something Happening Somewhere [SoHaSo]
  • Copenhagen, Denmark experimental /ambient /electronic producer Schacke – ”Protect Me From What I Want” from upcoming cassette ”Moments Forever Fading” on Posh Isolation
  • Belgrade, Serbia dark ambient /drone /experimental /techno /electronic producer Anđelina Mićić aka Zhe Pechorin “Upon a Scar” off V/A “The Birth of Tragedy” cassette compilation on Amulet of Tears
  • Danish experimental /ambient /electronic collaboration Genoasejlet, O. Vaupel & Paw Grabowski “Untitled 7” from “Gennem Mindernes Tåge” album on Janushoved
  • Oakland, Ca dream-fi /ambient /minimalist /library music /electronic project The Balmer Series “Sirius” from the album “Sublimatum” on Cherub Dream Records
  • Odense, Denmark experimental /ambient /classical project Forankring” Novemberstille” from the cassette album “Fredsliljer” on Janushoved
  • L.A.-based ambient musician James Bernard “Seasons” from the album “Matrices” on A Strangely Isolated Place
  • New Zealand ambient /drone /cinematic /soundtrack artist Winterwood “Part 3” from the album “Sketches in Monochrome” on East Cape Calling
  • Ambient /electronic project KFred “Never Mind”