WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – April #17-21

Philipp Weinmann Photography, Zurich

  • KHIDJA | Noods Radio | 26.04.21                                                                                                                             

Courtesy of Berlin-based Gareth Psaltis, AKA Barking, this week’s set comes from Bucharest‘s longstanding eclectic Romanian electronic production and DJ duo Khidja. An ongoing mutation of groovy and immersive sonic vibes with a seamless visionary intersection of house, techno, wave, and industrial with ethnic, prog, funk, classical, and jazz flavors.

  • Berlin-based, Tel Aviv-bred wave /psych /Middle East/ dark disco producer M Love – “Atme Aus” title track from the EP “Atme Aus” on Oberwave

Trippy inebriating and sensual dark disco dancing pulsations from Tel Aviv‘s producer, M Love, infused with spicy Middle Eastern vibes, through loud droning bass tones and flashing airy hisses layer sinuously syncopated rhythms and quick crispy alluring percussive intersections, through organic oriental-themed vibrations and serpentine string melodies of exotic pleasure, to fire neural synapses from electric frequencies, while intense whispers and synthetic bright swirls of arcane scents elicit primal desires and intoxicating bliss.

  • Prague ambient /trance /synth electronic duo Kontrajas “TRI TON 1 (Exhausted Modern Remix)” from “TRI TON” EP on Invisible Industry                                                                            

Fellow Czech Endless Illusion label head and synth wizard Ladislav Zensor, aka EXHAUSTED MODERN, increasingly injects creeping tension and thick anxiety extended over the peaks of a restless emotional tide of droning low ends, desolately bleak modulated pads, and obsessively glittering and swirling ominous synth lines, underpinned by a ritual thumping and scattered drum machine, relentlessly interact, building a dense, piercing, and surging sonic tide with swelling foreboding trance-inducing energy, punctuated by striking, resonant drops and sinister electrical interferences, to form an imposing crashing wave (of Poseidon) that will wash over your dark soul.

  • Moscow, Russian leftfield electronic duo of brothers Sasha & Sergey Lipsky aka Simple Symmetry “Out Of Body Experience” from the upcoming album “Sorry! We Did Something Wrong” on their own New Ears Records                                                                                                                                                           

A seamlessly dizzying and swirling contamination between 60s/70s kraut and psychedelic rock, acidic trippy 90s electronica, and sinuous dub-charged syncopated rhythms for the imaginative Moscow-bred brother duo. A charming hallucinatory orator guides the listener through a sonic adventure of hypnotic invigorating dub-infused punchy breakbeat rhythms with pulsing outer space bass oscillations, creating new horizons of vibrating buzzing frequencies, while sonar synth stabs bubble mesmerically amid chiming clinking chords, mesmeric sparkling guitar flourishes, and airy vocal hoots wound by electrifying stringed tweaks and reverberations that prowl, with purpose and distinction, toward new aural revelatory emissions.      

  • 70s Italian progressive rock project born in Rome, made up by Giacomo ‘Mino’ Di Martino and Terra Di Benedetto, Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale – “Sideree Isole (Tagliabue ‘Poesia’ Rework)” [Серенады / Serenades Edit #20]                                                                                                                                                     
  • Turin, Italian trance /industrial /techno /experimental DJ/producer and Details Sound curator Giuseppe Magistro, aka A Hand – “Modern Cage” from V/A – “The Spirit Of The Age Vol.1” on Details Sound
  • New Zealand based ambient/drone/ethereal/electronic/experimental artist Alicia Merz, aka Birds of Passage “It’s Too Late Now” off upcoming album “xxo”                                                                                                         
  • Spanish lo-fi /ambient /synth /wave /minimal electronics project Amor Eterno – “Unicornio” off S/T album on Eclectic Reactions Records
  • Athens, Greece Ambient /Industrial / EBM / Dark Techno producer ANFS “Nena” off V/A “Celestial Electronics vol.1 Rozselini” on Phormix
  • UK acid /techno /breaks /electro producer Dez Williams “Erroneous Conception” from the new EP “Misinterpreted Perception of a Sensory Experience”
  • Medellín, Colombia darkwave /minimal synth /acid /industrial /techno solo project Ofelia Ortodoxa “Magic Flesh”                                                                                                                                                                         
  • French experimental /ambient /noise /techno singer, songwriter and producer, 7V – “Une Lueur Lancinante feat DJ Varsovie” off the new 2-tracker “Amour Virtuel”
  • Tbilisi, Georgia industrial /techno producer 667 Fatal – “Taste Forced Hurt” from the cassette album “Heavily Sinful Genesis” on OSM tapes
  • UK dark techno /EBM producer Oliver – “Leathered Storm Ft XTR HUMAN” from V/A “Metanoia” a spiritual compilation [Khoinix]
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental /electro /EBM /techno /dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Beyond Frontiers” from V/A “Palestine” on Al Gharib
  • Berlin-based post-industrial /EBM /techno Italian producer Andrea Riberti, UNCONSCIOUS “The Darkness Will Find You” from upcoming EP “Forced Isolation” on KINDCRIME
  • Experimental industrial group from New York, Warcrimes “яpость/rage” (produced by Russell914 ) from the new LP “KEL-TEK 223”
  • Rochester, NY synthpop /darkwave /minimal synth /techno /electro producer Jordan Lieb, aka Black Light Smoke “Lines (The Hacker Remix)” off “Death Decay Magic Remixes Vol. 1” on Death Decay Magic                                   
  • French trance /dark techno /electro DJ/producer from Marseille, Mila Dietrich “I Only Pray For Your Sins (feat. Denuit)” upcoming on Egoist records                                                                                                                    
  • Dutch wave /post-punk /electro /analog synth wizard Pascal Pinkert a.k.a. Dollkraut “Have I Told You (Borusiade Remix)” off upcoming V/A “Intermezzo Due” compilation series on Dischi Autunno
  • Italo Body Music project by Kendal & Pablo Bozzi, aka INFRAVISION “Illegal Future” off upcoming “Illegal Future” EP out May 31 on Fleisch
  • New Mexico born, New York-based EBM /electro /industrial /techno artist Santiago Leyba (aka Western Versions and U.S. Hard), aka SANTIAGO “Cartoons and Flags” from V/A “Accidental Business” cassette compilation on Unknown Precept
  • Berlin-based New Yorker electronic /Italo disco /new wave /post-punk /coldwave /dark techno producer Luca Venezia aka CURSES “Gina Lollobrigida Feat. Cici” from upcoming V/A ‘Intermezzo Uno’ compilation album series on Dischi Autunno                                                                                                                                           
  • Zurich, Switzerland dark electronic producer and Relish label boss Robi Insinna, a.k.a. Headman “Dechainee (Version)” from the album “15-18” on Relish
  • Russian no wave/ synth duo The Bleak Engineers – “Unconscious” title track from the new 12″ vinyl EP “Unconscious” on Rotation Mécanique
  • Moscow based experimental /industrial /breakbeat /techno /acid producer (aka DJ VST ), Stas Zavyalov “JSR 30/04“                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Montevideo, Uruguay hardcore techno producer Agustin G – “Subliminal Messaging” from upcoming V/A “Schematic – 004” charity compilation on Glasgow’s Schematic
  • Swiss breaks /acid /bass /electro DJ /producer (part of Statement Crew, Female:Pressure and co-running the Big Science label), NVST – “Stop Violence Motivate Violence (Benedikt Frey Remix)” off upcoming EP [Serious Trouble]                                                                                                                                                                              
  • French hip-hop /bass /booty /punk /electro producer from the Simple Music Experience gang (part of Violent Quand On Aime, Haydee, and Radiante Pourpre), 96 SCREAM – ‘SOUTHMEMPHISGANGSTAS “PRINCE” MIXX’ (edit of the track “All I Have” by South Memphis Gangstas) from the Split vinyl 122 EP “G-SLANG” 96 Scream & Colt – on Demord Enregistrements
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands acid /breakbeat /electro producer GAMMA INTEL “Fluid Theory” from “Effortless Imagination” EP on Mechatronica
  • Helsinki based electro producer SANSIBAR “Mind’s Eye”
  • Dublin‘s IDM /acid / braindance producer Splitradix “Empty Sea 1000” from the upcoming EP “Philatelic Diethylamide” on 030303 Records
  • London-based electro producer Emile Facey, aka PLANT43 “Interlinked” title track from the upcoming EP on his own Plant43 Recordings.
  • Mexico-based experimental /acid /psych /minimal /electronic artist Jeronimo Jimenez, aka Ñaka Ñaka “Cartwheels” from “Acid For Babies” LP on Psychic Liberation
  • Tel Aviv experimental /breakbeat /acid /psych /electronic producer, one half of Red Axes, Niv Arzi, aka Nic Arizona “Floating The Flood (Lena Willikens Remix)” off the forthcoming album “Shavua Tov” on Malka Tuti    
  • Berlin-based Toronto-bred leftfield house /techno artist (one half of Slumber), Öona Dahl “Remember” off the upcoming sophomore album “Morph” [Hallucienda]
  • Belgian cosmic disco /dark electro producers Dimitri Andreas and Spacid, aka Marching Machines – “Leash (feat. Jaroška)” from EP “Basement 0011” on whypeopledance
  • Frankfurt am Main electro /wave /trance /electronic producer Tassilo Vanhöfen “Wild Magic Dance” from the upcoming album “Arcadia Ego” on Samo Records
  • Berlin-based nu beat /chug /disco /psych /techno Italian DJ and producer TRENT “This is a Trip” from “Transition 35” EP on Bouquet. Records
  • NYC cosmic psychedelic electronic producer AIMES “On Board” from the second LP “Let’s Melt” on his own Wonder Stories Records
  • Italian/Mexican cosmic /psych /nu-disco /electronic collaboration, Rodion & Eddie Mercury feat. Alejando Paz – “Pero Voy Igual” off “Pero Voy Igual” EP on KE//ER                                                                   
  • Brussels based electro /disco electronic DJ/production duo Mirror Minds X DC Salas, aka Los Niños Del Parque – “Portamento” from V/A – “La Danse #2” [HRDF13] compilation on HARD FIST
  • Torreón based deviant house /indie dance /tech-mex producer Macualay “A Gozar” off upcoming “Latinon” EP [Duro Label]                                                                                                                                                                         
  • France/US dark disco electronic collaboration Bonnie Spacey & Tony Y Not – “Bonne Sommer” off the EP “Chapter 7” [Critical Monday]
  • Dutch ambient /dub /Balearic /breaks /techno /house DJ/producer based in Amsterdam (aka Moiety), aka LOVE APE – “Come With Me” off upcoming debut album “ZEN” on Rugged Society Records                                                                 
  • Frankfurt am Main electro /downtempo /wave /trance /ambient /electronic producer Tassilo Vanhöfen “Soft Cotton” from new 2-track EP “Soft Cotton”
  • Italian experimental /IDM /breaks /ambient /electronic producer Kreggo “In Memory Of A Common Feeling” from “Immaginario” EP digital edition on art-aud
  • UK ambient /IDM /breaks /electronic producer (aka ASC), James Clements, aka COMIT “Aurora” from his second full-length album “An Ocean Of Thoughts” on A Strangely Isolated Place
  • Tokyo native ambient techno producer Kyoko Wakai ‘agnus’ off ‘area-β’ album on Forgot Imprint
  • Edinburgh, UK ambient /noise /drone project Fordell Research Unit “Song for Dee See” from “Vignettes” EP
  • UK former Throbbing Gristle electronic musician Chris Carter “Solidit” from upcoming “Electronic Ambient Remixes One” album on Mute
  • German experimental /ambient /drone /psych /electronic Music Project by Nico Seel, aka The Space Spectrum “9:45” off the album “Und Texturen”
  • Italian ambient /field recordings /electronic producer and composer based in Turin, Sara Berts “Anoche” from “Ayni” EP on Gang of Ducks
  • St. Petersburg-based ambient noise /drone duo FOARM “Sensual” from the album “Traitor” on Ezhevika
  • UK ambient /drone producer David Newlyn “Radiance” from the debut 12″ vinyl album “Tapes and Ghosts” on Somewherecold Records
  • Newcastle, Australia ambient /field recording /electronic duo Amelia Besseny and Cooper Bowman aka Troth “Attar of Roses” from the cassette album “Small Movements In Radiance” on Not Not Fun Records
  • Spanish ambient producer born and living in Valladolid, Nacho Román “Vimos Los Campos Desde La Cima” from “Gris Tierra” on EL Muelle Records
  • Copenhagen, Denmark ambient /classical /experimental duo Vanessa Amara “Piano, Bells & Two Reversed Tape Loops” from the upcoming album “Music for Acoustic Instruments & Feedback” (live recordings from 2016-2020) on Posh Isolation
  • L.A. experimental /ambient /noise project of longtime Xiu Xiu member Angela Seo, aka Hyunhye Seo “Strands I (Excerpt)” from ‘Strands’ debut album on Lawrence English’s Room40 label
  • London, UK ambient /drone /field recordings /experimental artist Pete Woodhead “Hidden Behind A Wall – Sculpted By The Wind”(zoviet*france‘s Hidden by a Wall Open Remix project)