WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – APRIL #16-23

Man Ray – Le Baiser, 1930


  • 鬼面 : GWI MYEON PODCAST 018 // ALEN SKANNER                                                                                           

Courtesy of Seoul‘s Gwi Myeon Records Podcast, vibrant and groovy killer selection by Spanish producer influenced by EBM, Trance, Dark Techno and old Sci-Fi movies.

  • Tel Aviv-bred, Berlin-based acid /psych /indie dance /slow techno /dark disco electronic producer (AKA Lott), Yotam Russo “Twilight Zone Disko” from upcoming “Twilight Zone Disko” EP 12″ [Iptamenos Discos]

First teaser from Tel Aviv‘s soulful ‘Disko Punk’ storyteller bursts with a rich, sultry and vibrant mash-up of pumping, bouncy beats laced and rolling crisp percussions along with acid-strewn groovy pulsing basslines and distorted up-lifting vocals, adding full-bodied, driving, punk urgency and glittering psychedelic synth glimmers to the mix, to free your mind, body and soul into a state of euphoria and bliss, dancing into the twilight zone disko.

  • Zurich, Switzerland electro /post-punk /indie dance /wave /dark electronic producer and Relish label boss, Robi Insinna, a.k.a. Headman feat Vongold – “Sometimes (New Hook Remix)” off upcoming “SOMETIMES” E.P. [Relish]

Dark, Groovy, and deadly danceable rework by the Leipzig trio, equally retro and modern, featuring a steady edgy drum programming, piercing psychedelic guitar textures, sneakingly funky and bold stuttering basslines fueled by seductive provocative and aloof vocal delivery, to create a hypnotic, stark and sultry atmosphere, which exudes heady energy to relentless captivate with its unyielding and infectious beat.

  • Oxford, UK bass music /140 bpm /breaks /grime /dubstep producer Hamdi “Immortal” from “Selecta” EP [DUPLOC]

Equally chilly and groovy, wobbling through an intoxicating minimalistic old-school dubstep vibe infused with a deep alienating atmospheric touch, painstakingly built on spine-tingling sharp 808 beats, icy bright synth-washed desolation, and insanely vibrating sub-bass tones to tantalize and bewitch your senses.

  • Barcelona-based ambient /drone /electro-acoustic /dream pop Iraqi-born musician and Paralaxe Editions label head Dania Shihab, AKA Dania “Last Song” from the album “Foreign Body” [ECSTATIC]
  • Turin/Vienna ambient /classical /experimental electronic collaboration, OZMOTIC | FENNESZ “Floating Time” from “Senzatempo” album [Touch]
  • Boston-based musician, graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker (of Damon & Naomi and Galaxie 500), Naomi Yang “East Boston Is Not An Airport” from the album “Never Be A Punching Bag for Nobody” (Original Soundtrack)
  • Japanese electronica /electro-acoustic /minimal /field recordings /ambient composer Morimoto Naoki “kuukan no oto” single
  • London based experimental electronic producer and ambient composer, Paul Cousins “Assemblage” from the album “Vanishing Artefacts” [Castles In Space]
  • Austin, TX ambient /IDM /hauntology /psychedelic synth project of Elijah Franks AKA PBS73 “Antennas In Air” from the EP “Technicolor Dreamer” [Magic Square Records]
  • Brighton, UK experimental /ambient /drone /Berlin school /space /synth musician, Correlations “New Beginnings” from the album “PA-99-N2”                                                                                                             
  • Italian experimental /downtempo /psychedelic /electronic production duo Donato Dozzy & Sabla – “Flusso III” from upcoming “Crono” EP on Gang Of Ducks
  • Yorkshire, UK experimental /ambient /kosmische /modular synth musician Craven Faults – “Sun Vein Strings” from the upcoming sophomore double LP “Standers” [The Leaf Label]
  • Turin-based Italian experimental electronic musician Matteo Viani, aka BLACK SEED “Benkar” single
  • London based experimental /noise /bass music /techno /electronic producer and sound designer Metrist “Bullet Time (feat. Older Brother)” from upcoming “Pollen. Pt. III” EP series 12″ [Timedance]
  • Karlsruhe/Frankfurt, German synth pop /electro-kraut duo Fred und Luna “Aurum C” from the 4th album “Im Fünfminutentakt” on Compost Records
  • French industrial /trip-hop /electronic /experimental composer and multi-instrumentist Officium “lazybones (ft Catherine Danger)” from the debut album “Lazybones” [Teenage Menopause Rds]
  • Bay Area house /funk /Balearic /synth-pop producer Sorcerer “Irie Ites” from the cassette album “Bubble Funk” [Dream Chimney]
  • Italian Ambient /Leftfield /Trip-Hop /Abstract /Krautrock /Electronic brother duo behind Two Monkeys and Spettro club in Brescia, Michele & Simone Bornati, aka TWOONKY “Dream is Impossible” from the upcoming second album “Ottico” LP 12″ [Macadam Mambo]                                                                                       
  • UK dub /house /electronic producer Coral D “One Day” EP [TEARS]                                                             
  • Los Angeles-based dub /downtempo /electronic trio Damon Eliza Palermo, John Jones, and Phil Cho, aka PULI “Mr. Steinberger Upstairs” from “Puli” EP [Constant Delay]
  • Montreal‘s ambient /downtempo /breaks /chillout /drum&bass /electronica producer Maara “Nothing Sacred” from the debut  LP “The Ancient Truth” [Step Ball Chain]
  • Russian Esoteric /Cosmic /Psych /Acid /Downtempo /Minimal Electronic producer Zhenya Lavrinov (aka LVRIN), aka Golden Axe – “Linguistic Mystic” from “Gamma” EP [Elephant Gait Music]
  • Toulouse, France ambient /experimental /industrial /dungeon synth /dark wave /dark electronics producer Alison Flora (Abyssal, Sun Dogs, AFB, Blind Delon), AKA Sopoorific – “Invocation” from V/A “Feu Follet” cassette album compilation on Grande Rousse Disques
  • Ariège, France Electro /Acid /New Beat /Post-Punk duo JM Vasse & Delphine Rivals AKA Brigade Apache “Blizzard Sur Dunkerke” from the upcoming first album “Firefly” on Records Ruin the Landscape (LH)
  • Polish dark ambient /experimental /noise /dark electronics project Pleśń “Stalowy Jeż” cassette single [Inferior Press Productions]
  • Kyiv, Ukraine experimental /industrial /noise /techno DJ-producer and founder of the independent label NecroMechanica, Mara Angmas – “Tharandur” from upcoming V/A “Psychostasia Vol 1 & 2” compilation [Brutal Forms]
  • Bristol, UK industrial /leftfield /noise electronics /avant-garde DJ-storyteller (part of Bad Tracking, and Salac), KELAN “Bind My Wrists” from “The Strip” EP cassette [Dead Channel Records]
  • Paris-based doom techno /post-industrial /noise music project by DJ-producer Substencia and mysterious noisemaker Ypaul de Quarse, AKA Kabocha “Human Exceptionalism” title track of debut 12″ EP “Human Exceptionalism”
  • Detroit-based EBM /acid /industrial /techno DJ-producer Nick Burgess “Bitter (Memory Clap Acid Industrial Military Complex Mix)” from “Bitter & Jaded” remix album [Apocalypse Rave Culture]
  • Valladolid, Spain techno /industrial /EBM producer Veiled Venus “Cenizas De Su Propia Sangre” single
  • Barcelona-based dark electronic/ EBM /New Beat Dj-producer, Asymetric80 “Dance Machines (Unconscious Remix)” from “Dance Machines” EP
  • Colombian experimental /wave /electro /EBM /techno Dj-producer Faunes Efes, AKA Filmmaker “Disputed Usage” from upcoming “Code Breakers” EP 12” [Disidencia Records]
  • Berlin-based industrial /techno collaboration, New Frames & Phase Fatale – “Inferno” off V/A “Shedding Skin” 2xLP 5th-anniversary compilation [BITE]
  • Toronto, Canadian experimental industrial techno duo ORPHX – “Bare Life (Reduced Version)” from V/A “FORMS OF HANDS 22” CD compilation [HANDS]
  • Barcelona-based dark electronic/ EBM /New Beat Dj-producer Asymetric80 “Dance Machines (Alen Skanner Remix)” from “Dance Machines” EP
  • Croatian/Slovenian EBM /electro /synth electronic music producer duo Le Chocolat Noir and Christian Kroupa (Alleged Witches), AKA Black Dot “Black Dot (Version X)” off “Structure Without Tomorrow” EP 12″ [Mechatronica]
  • Berlin-based French indie dance /wave /synth-pop /electronic music duo H.L.M (Haute Lévitation Mutée) – “Grenoble (Pablo Bozzi Remix)” from upcoming EP “Grenoble” [MILK ME]
  • Electronic /new wave /post-punk trans-media artist, composer and vocalist based between Vienna and Berlin, Rosa Anschütz – “Peak (Dollkraut Remix)” from “Goldener Strom Remixes 3” EP [BPitch Berlin]
  • Strasbourg, France ambient /house /electroclash /synthpop duo Sophie Laronde and Moldav, AKA Dur Chaton “Dur Chaton” from “Douce Vie Dure” EP [Bella Ursa Recordings]
  • Wiltshire, UK disco noir /psych /synthpop story writer-interpreter, Miss Zagato – “Lone Wolf ( James Rod Remix )” off “Lone Wolf” EP [Golden Soul Records]
  • French rave /industrial /techno /acid /electro DJ-producer (owner of New Flesh and Rave Or Die labels) from Lyon, UMWELT “Celestial Mechanics” off V/A “20 years PuZZling records” 12″
  • Budapest-based electro DJ & producer (aka Das Model), CT Kidobo – “Death Of Postmodernism” off upcoming V/A “Buone Vacanze Vol. 2” EP 12″ [Bordello Travels]
  • Dutch electro producer and LDI Records founder, Lloyd Stellar “First Symptoms” [Unreleased]
  • UK ambient /house /breaks /techno /techno producer Paul Blackford ‘Weekend Warrior’ off of ‘Weekend Warrior’ EP [Superlux]
  • Belgian experimental electro producer Vadim Samoluk (half of Cercle Futur and Roulette Rekordz head honcho), aka Poladroïd “DANSE MACABRE (live version)”
  • Bristol, UK acid /breaks /electro producer Jon Chmielewski, aka ZOBOL “Astronomical Significance” from “Reality Testing” EP 12” [Who Is Paula]
  • UK acid /Balearic /techno /cosmic production disco duo Andy Bainbridge & Serious Hots, aka LATREC “Kutika (Remotif Remix)” off “Kutika” EP [Viscera Transmissions]
  • Paris-based leftfield /house /acid /electro DJ-producer and Godot Lab Records head (AKA Arminj), Sourd – “Walk Around” upcoming single [Godot Lab Records]
  • Berlin-based dub /acid house /organ loops /psych /experimental electronic project of French musician Manuel Jesus AKA World Wild Web “Colony” from the upcoming album “Transmutation” [Enter Planet Dust]
  • Brooklyn-based wave /psych /indie dance /avant-pop /electronic production duo of Vito Roccoforte & Gabriel Andruzzi (former rhythm section of The Rapture), Mother Of Mars – “Harmonium Detector” off “Harmonium Detector” EP [Ransom Note Records]
  • Palestinian Italo /ethnic /body music /disco /’Deviousco’ artist Sameer AKA Sarv سارڤ – “Semsem Fields” off the “Semsem Fields” EP [NEIN Records]
  • Trance /Italo disco edit of 2004 Starsailor classic by Toulouse‘s producer and Ulla Records co-founder, Austher – “Fatale Recall 10 (4 To The Floor)” [Ritmo Fatale]
  • Cannes, France cosmic synth /Italo disco producer Panthera “Crise” off upcoming “Crise” EP [Polaris]
  • 2015 Mexican Italo Disco /Hi-Nrg /Synthwave / Space Disco act Dreamline – “Love Is A Hunter (Franz Scala Slow Dance Edit)”
  • Berlin-based indie rave moniker of Luca Venezia (Curses), Venice Arms – “Dancing Is A Stranger (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix)” off “Dancing Is A Stranger” EP [Permanent Vacation]
  • London, UK-based acid /electro /techno /dark disco producer JOBE – “Gate Fold” from the EP “Saturate” [NEIN Records]
  • Sweden acid /techno /indie dance /dark disco producer Mindbender Feat. Justin Bond “Inspector Smith (The Machine Soul Remix)” (Bonus Track) from “Inspector Smith” EP [When Disco Goes Wrong]
  • Lithuanian acid wave /indie dance /electronic DJ-producer Cosman – “Zumbi (Yotam Russo Zumbis in Tel Aviv Remix)” from “Phrygian Trance” EP [ODD Pleasures]
  • Madrid-based dark disco /trance /indie dance Chilean/Spanish DJ-producers, JGR & Yahaira – “Fechorias Feat W.O.L.F” from “Fechorías” EP [Melómana Records]
  • Berlin-based Italo /Cosmic /Nu-Disco /Synthwave /Electronica DJ-producer and resident of The Disco Express, Soundsmith “San Remo (Ft. Bustin’ Loose)” from “New Energy” EP [The Disco Express]
  • MF “Tausendmal Du (J.A. Edit)” rework of the 1986 MF classic [Frank Music]
  • Austrian/Italian indie dance /wave /psych /cosmic disco /electronica production duo Nick Hanzo and A-Tweed “Khwan” off  upcoming V/A “Pals Vol. 7” compilation [Play Pal Music]
  • London-based ambient /Italo /kraut /sci-fi /analog synth DJ-producer Timothy J. Fairplay – “Race to the Antenna” from V/A “For Huwara” fundraising compilation [Confused Machines]
  • Toulouse, France Italo /Trance /Synthpop /Indie Dance producers and Ulla Records founders, Austher & Naranja “Opposite Forces (Original Mix)” off V/A “Shifted Frequencies” EP 12″ [Ulla Records]
  • Catania, Italy Balearic /Nu-Disco /Acid House /Jazz Funk / Electronic producer Dario Aiello AKA My Friend Dario “Easy Sunday” from “Food for Woofers Vol 1” [Hell Yeah Recordings]
  • German ethnic /Afro /psych /tribal /indie dance /house /electronic artists Solidmind & Zenma “Ainuke feat. Sofiya Nzau” off “Oyowa” EP [MoBlack Records]
  • Brussels-based Tunisian experimental /world music /dance electronic producer Sofyann Ben Youssef AKA Ammar 808 feat. Belhassen Mihoub “Yarima (3phaz remix)” from “Super Stambeli” EP [Shouka]
  • Marseille/Morocco ethnic /Arabic /house /indie dance collaboration L’Amorosso feat Sahraaou – “Khamsa Baba” upcoming single [AZZUR]
  • Berlin-based jazz disco duo Delfonic & Kapote “Imparable Rejam” from “Illegal Jazz Vol. 7” EP [Toy Tonics]
  • Prague, Czechia ambient /chill-out /analogue synth /electronic producer Binaural Space “Come Closer” from the album “Spacetudes Free”
  • Berlin-based French dark ambient /ritualistic /cinematic /electronic artist Romain Frequency “Hypnose” from the album “Soundtrack of Time”
  • Bristol, UK ambient /shoegaze /post-rock /guitar /electronic project TREM 77 “Glister” from “Intertwine” EP
  • French ambient /IDM /cinematic /experimental /electronic producer C.Ysme – “Most are There”
  • Chicago, IL ambient /drone /classical /noise /experimental sound artist Mackenzie Chami (AKA God is War) AKA Crown of Cerberus “Bunnies Cry Before They Die” from double cassette album “Mating Dance and Chase” [No Rent]
  • Honley, UK ambient /drone /electronic composer (AKA Ffion and Rooms), Thomas Ragsdale, AKA Two Way Mirrors “Be My Valentine” from the cassette album “Relic” [Frosti]
  • Exeter, UK-based experimental /ambient /drone project of Greig Baird AKA Moss Covered Technology “Watching Waves From Windows” from the album “A Shared Place” [Polar Seas]
  • Gainesville, FL ambient /tropical /classical /soft acoustic jazz guitar solo project of multi-instrumentalist and composer Tristan Whitehill, AKA Euglossine “Strawberries In Rain” from upcoming LP “Strawberries In Rain” [sound as language]
  • UK ambient /drone /tape loops /electronic producer Dennis Huddleston, a.k.a. 36 “Full Spectrum Submission” long-form EP

Man Ray – Leebra, 1930