WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips // APRIL #15-24



  • Aprikose 2024 by DJ REMASURI                                                                                                                                         

Leipzig-based DJ Remasuri, active since the second half of the 1990s, with a deftly balanced kaleidoscopic soulful retro-modern mix of captivating timeless dance-floor fillers.

  • French ambient /acid /psych /deep techno /experimental producer Sub Accent – “Spiral IV” from upcoming V/A “ACCENTVA008” compilation series [Accents Records

An atmospheric and immersive new rich opus of the ACCENTVA compilation series for an intense and engaging dizzy trip through a polyhedric electric sound spectrum of tones, colours and textures.

  • Brussels, Belgium acid house /wave /breakbeat /cosmic /techno DJ-producer and co-founder of Magma Collective, Julien Gathy, aka Umbra “Late Night Fairytales (Barbara Boeing remix)” from “Tints of UFOria” EP [Hard Fist]

Up-and-coming soulful Brazilian DJ-producer Barbara Boeing insinuates electrifying both groovy and trippy mazes of crisp’n’dry bouncing broken beats, amid sparse tribal percussions, acidic rippling bass-grime, enveloping emotive synth pads and an exotic entrancing vocal swoon, to create a dizzying and free-fallin’ cosmic dancing escapism.

  • Helsinki-based, Finnish dub /deep /psychedelic /techno /downtempo maestro Kaspiann “Tuiskussa Langennut” from “Mantis 13″ EP 12” [Delsin Records]

Finnish deep techno ace Kaspiann reverberates contemplative dance visions in which to immerse and lose yourself abandoned to a reflective breath, gliding on the sinuous lilt of crisp rolling percussion patterns, hypnotic snare beats, and mystical atmospheric pads in an enveloping emotional journey, lost in heady realms of imagination that fade into the horizon.

  • Hyogo, Japan-based ambient /field recordings /piano artist Masakatsu Takagi “Marginalia #152”
  • Barcelona‘s ambient /drone /atmospheric /space music artist, Max Corbacho “Primordial Flower” from “The Delicate Essence of Solitude” LP
  • Minneapolis-based ambient /drone /field recordings /electro-acoustic /soundscape /electronic musician, Pete Kvidera “Amber” from the album “Wind Shapes” [Shimmering Moods Records]
  • Gloucestershire, UK ambient /drone /minimal /electro-acoustic /modern classical artist Andrew Heath “An Occurrence of Automatic Writing” from “The Cloud Machine” LP [Whitelabrecs]
  • British Columbia ambient /modern classical /electroacoustic classically trained violist, composer/producer, and artist, Isabel Pine “Crescent” from the album “Where the Flowers Grow”
  • US sadly passed away ambient /drone /chillout /soundscapes /synth /electronic sound artist David Michael Matuch “Lost at Shore” off “Brain Storm: Adventures in Hypoxia” LP [Carpe Sonum Records]
  • Manchester, UK dark ambient /drone /electronica sound engineer and producer Colin Dunkerley (aka negativeneutron), aka Lapsed Pacifist “Tragic” from the debut LP “Hypatia” [A Strangely Isolated Place]
  • Carrboro, NC ambient /drone /ritual /experimental music artist Angela Winter “time-slip” from the album “staring at the sun”
  • London, UK ambient /drone /soundscapes music artist Slowly Drifting “Rotherhithe” from the upcoming album “A Tremendous River” [Carpe Sonum Records]
  • Mount Wilson, CA ambient /cinematic /experimental electronic project of independent film director and musician Julian L. Goldberger (guitarist of the psych/prog band Vitskär Süden), aka Eulipion Corps “Many Dreams Ago” from the album “Megaliths & the Tides” [Wormhole World]
  • Italy/UK ambient /chillout /experimental electronic collaboration Pietro Zollo & D York “Sundowner” from V/A “Discharge The Material of an Idea – Part 2” album
  • Warsaw, Poland ambient /IDM /soundscapes /field recordings /electronic sound artist Michał Milczarek “Chasing Shadows” from “Disorienting Music 1” EP
  • Sacramento-based ambient /kosmische /drone /experimental electronic duo VVD WNDWS [vivid windows] “One” from “… an interior song” LP [Glowing Dagger]
  • Australian ambient /drone /glitch /soundscapes /electronic sound artist Floating Shrine “Empty (feat. Wayd)” from upcoming cassette “Connecting” LP [Decaying Spheres]
  • US ambient /drone /field recordings /dub /techno /soundscape producer Sebby Kowal “Shibuya Stream” from upcoming “Everything Beautiful” LP [Lᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴏ Series / Rohs! Records]
  • Italian ambient dub collaboration Ocralab & Massimo Amato “Atavika” from upcoming “Magnetika” LP [rohs! records]
  • French ambient /deep /breaks /dub techno producer Javier Salazar “Tides” from “Tides” EP 12″ [rdg tribe]
  • Fribourg based Swiss ambient /melodic house /dreamy electronic producer Fels – “Disguise” from V/A “Dancing Birds Vol. 1” EP [Wise Bird/Mirlaqi]
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina atmospheric /drone /experimental /minimal /deep techno electronic producer and Danza Nativa label co-founder, Kyntral – “Yuco” from V/A “5 Years Of Danza Nativa” album [Danza Nativa]
  • Amsterdam/Tallinn-based psych /funk /experimental leftfield electronics Estonian musician Ruutu Poiss “Patapan” off the second album “II” 2×12″ [Wake Dream]
  • England, UK ambient /IDM /acid /experimental /electronic project of Lee Norris (AKA Norken, and Nacht Plank and part of Ishqamatics, Autumn of Communion, Moss Garden, Memex,2xirtam, The Angling Loser), aka Metamatics “Blue Water” from the remastered CD reissue of the album “A Metamatics Production (Remastered)” (originally released in 1997 on Clear Records)
  • Barcelona-based ambient /IDM /glitch /breaks /electro producer Marc Soler, aka Not On Earth “Planetes” from the album “Esperança” [Sin Hilo Records]
  • Manchester, UK ambient /UK garage /bass /dubstep /breakbeat /drum & bass producer Jonny Woods, WDDS “Migration (Orginal Mix)” from “Migration EP [Hectare Discs]
  • German early ’80s formed NDW /synth-pop /kraut electronica act of Tom Dokoupil (Siluetes 61, The Wirtschaftswunder) and Walter Dahn (Die Hornissen), aka Die Partei “Süd-Nord-Fahrt” from the new “Celaviemachinery” LP 12″ [Bureau B]
  • North-West of England‘s Library / Production Music Composer and sound designer (aka The Heartwood Institute), Jonathan Sharp “White Plains in the Rain” from the album “Divided Time ’79” [Castles In Space]
  • Lyon, France ambient /dubstep /psych /bass /techno /breaks electronic DJ-producer Vardae – “Captivate” off forthcoming, “Dance with the spirits” EP 12″ [Konstrukt Records]
  • UK ambient /drone /dub /chillout /experimental /veteran electronic producer/musician (one half of The Grid, and Beyond The Wizards Sleeve), Richard Norris “Conqueror Dub” from “Oracle Sound Volume Three” EP 12″/CD
  • Dutch cinematic /trip-hop /wave /breaks /electronic artist Laurier – “Youth” off debut “Blue” EP [VIAVIA ]
  • Italian ambient /experimental /trance /kraut /psych /downtempo producer Tagliabue – “Śāntra” from upcoming “Abisso” EP 12″ [Subject To Restrictions Discs]
  • Mexican indie dance /psych /exotic /dark disco producer and Kyma Komplex label honcho, Veltrán “Dismorfia Extrema (A-Tweed Remix)” from “Extrema y Exuberante” EP [Belly Dance Services]
  • Chornobyl, Ukraine techno /acid /electro producer Lectromagnetique – “exhale” off of “Simulation” EP [Lectromagnetique Records]
  • Antwerp, Belgium electro jazz & electronics musician and live coder Dago Sondervan “Taffy’s Objection” from “Skinjobs At The Algorave” EP [Censor Records]
  • Vilnius-based, Lithuanian acid /wave /breakbeat /techno /electro producer 5ZYL “Drama Pause” from V/A “2 YEARS Compilation” LP [JADE]
  • French synthwave /trance /breaks /acid electro /electronic producer from Reims, BRUIT FANTÔME “Egypte (A-Sim Remix)” from “Egypte Pyramide” EP [Ethos Records]
  • Dutch EBM /dark /acid /bass /techno /electro DJ-producer Wessel Janssen, aka The Spy “Hacking Mind” from the upcoming “Halt and Hack” EP 12″ [KRI]
  • London/Bristol, UK hardcore /dub /electro /UKG /breaks techno collaboration, Ambient Babestation Meltdown & Borai – “My Heart My Motherboard” off “Human Material” EP 12″ [Optimo Music]
  • Parisian house /techno solo project (aka Filthy French), KAF & KA “Less Is More” from upcoming “Lost” EP [LA DAME NOIR]
  • Stockholm, Swedish experimental techno DJ-producer Peder Mannerfelt “Big Ball (Roman Flügel Remix)” from “Big Ball Variations” EP [Peder Mannerfelt Prod.]
  • Berlin-based US ambient /electro /techno producer, DJ, and Surgeon co-conspirator Colleen Martin, aka Lady Starlight “Mass” from the upcoming “Capricorn Rising” EP [Tresor Records]
  • Berlin based new beat /body music /dark disco /Italo producer Zee Mon “Why It Lasts” from the upcoming cassette EP “Kisses In The Dark” [Crave Tapes]
  • Parisian industrial techno producer Mind I Matter “La Complainte des Damnés” title track of upcoming “La Complainte des Damnés” EP 12″ [Forbidden Teachings]
  • Montreal, Quebec darkwave-tinged noise /industrial /electronic artist Renonce “Scie circulaire” from the new album “Nuisance sonore” 12″ [Verboden / Negative Gain]
  • Thessaloniki-based EBM /Industrial /electro /dark electronics producer Alpha Sect “Vortex Astralis” [New School Ravers]
  • Tbilisi, Georgia EBM /Rave /Post-Punk /Dark Techno DJ and producer Ćyan ID “Impulsive Terror” from the upcoming EP “Pawn Before King” [Persephonic Sirens]
  •  German Electro Industrial Noise project from Hamburg, STAHLSCHLAG – “Gayatri Mantra” 4th single from the upcoming album “Amrita”
  • Belgian Industrial /Post-punk /EBM /Techno producer and Nu Body Records co-founder, Ethan Fawkes “Dancefloor EBM (Delectro Remix)” [Still Distant Records]
  • Montpellier, France industrial/EBM /dark electro producer Hugo Bussiere, aka Mascarpone – “Combustion (Vondkreistan Remix)” from the EP “Combustion (Remixes)”
  • Lyon based industrial /EBM /Electro / Dark Wave /Electronic producer NZM 99 – “Brutalist” off upcoming cassette “Crowning Oppression” EP [Soil Records]
  • Lille-based techno /electro /EBM Chilean artist Vesten Vanis “Me encuentras” from “Me Encuentras” EP [Dark Disco]
  • Los Angeles-based techno /indie dance Irish-born musician, DJ, and visual artist, Sian – “The Abyss” off “The Abyss” EP [Octopus Recordings]
  • Colombian EBM /electro /disco producer Vito u.s. “Kodek Elektrik ( Cute Heels Klub Remix )” from “Kode Elektrik” EP [Black Leather Records]
  • Berlin-based EBM /indie dance DJ-producer Ceremonial Rite, aka ANBU – “She Said You Wanna Dance” off split single “She Said You Wanna Dance / Records, Mixer, Turntables & Speakers” by ANBU / Veltrán [Kyma Komplex]
  • EBM /indie dance /wave /dark disco collaboration between Berlin-based GrecoGerman DJ duo and Russian producer Alex Twitchy, aka Local Suicide & Velax “Keep Driving” off upcoming “Unorthodox Orthodox” EP [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Brooklyn, NY-based acid /trance /new beat /EBM /electronic  Serbia-born producer and Samo Records head, Facets “Raw” off sophomore EP, “Raw” [Dischi Autunno]
  • Athens-based, Greek Italo /indie dance /dark disco DJ-production duo of Vangelis (formerly of LAGASTA) and electronic recording artist Tareq, aka Boys’ Shorts – “Something To Forget” off upcoming “Something To Forget” EP 12″ [Iptamenos Discos]
  • Parisian acid /ethnic /Arabic /techno /house /electronic producer KasbaH “Blédard.es de France” single [Nowadays Records]
  • Barcelona-based Colombian house electronic DJ-Producer, Sano “Nuevas Emociones” from “Latino Body Music Vol. IV” LP 12″ [Public Possession]
  • UK-based ambient /acid /tropical /house /breaks /electronic duo Kassian “Yena (Extended Version)” from “Supercontinent” EP 12″ [!K7 Records]
  • Amsterdam-based Electro /Psych /World /Baile Funk /Afro /Acid /Downtempo Brazilian producer and Frente Bolivarista label honcho Daniel Lucas, aka Pigmalião  – “Tchão” off upcoming “Cassino Bangoo” EP [dsrptv rec]
  • Nantes, France dub /techno /house /acid /trance /hardware electronic producer Krostif “Survival” from “Druid” EP [Golden Forest]
  • Tel Aviv-based dance electronic duo of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi, Red Axes ft. Justin Strauss “All Over Again (Paranoid London Remix)” [fabric Originals]
  • bulbous bass-slime
  • Moscow experimental psych leftfield techno electronic duo of brothers Sasha & Sergey Lipsky aka Simple Symmetry “Che Che (The Horsemen of Housing and Commercial Services Rework)” off the upcoming remix EP “Sorry! We Did Something Different!” [Calypso Records]             
  • Berlin-based indie dance /dark disco /house /Italo trance electronic producer Semodi – “Ritual (feat. La Grandiosa) (Bizzarro Universe Remix)” off “Ritual” EP [Heimlich Musik]
  • Mexico-based acid house /trance /psych /indie dance Argentinian DJ-producer, Thomass Jackson – “Atomo (Original Mix)” off upcoming “The Trance Of Bird Watching” EP [Playground Records]
  • Spanish Italo disco /synth-pop /retro synth wave production duo, Undo & Casiowaves “Astralia” from Undo /Casiowaves /Vicknoise‘s “Ciudad Futura” EP [Factor City]
  • Mexican/Italian acid /electro /techno /Italo disco duo Rodion & Mammarella “Accelerazione” from the upcoming album ‘’Musica E Computer’’ [Slow Motion Records]
  • Mexican ambient /drone /noise /experimental artist Javier Lara “Greda” from “Semillas” LP [Midira Records]
  • Pound Ridge, New York ambient /minimal /electro-acoustic /electronic artist and 12k Label founder, Taylor Deupree “Temper (For Clarinets & Shaker)” from “Sti.ll” LP (acoustic re-imagining of Taylor Deupree’s seminal 2002 album through a multi-year collaboration with arranger-producer Joseph Branciforte) [Nettwerk]
  • Italian ambient /electronic sonic-alchemist Marco Billi, aka Jarguna “Hanami (428Hz)” from the album “HANAMI” [Projekt Records]
  • Warsaw-based experimental musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer Piotr Kurek “The night we slept under an overhanging cliff” [Longform Editions]
  • Charlotte, NC modular ambient drone soundscapes project, D York “Caswell” from upcoming long-form album “Southport” [Neotantra]
  • Omaha, Nebraska dark ambient /drone /noise /vocal ambient /experimental sound artist Giselle “Music for ballet p. I” from the album “Starburst damage patterns”
  • “Home Normal Mixtape” by Osamu Matsumoto [Home Normal]

Lucien Hervé fotografa Le Corbusier